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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall


Appendix V: Survey of Ireland, 1574

(Carew MSS, Lambeth Palace Library, Vol. 621 p. 106)

There are also in the province of Munster other Countries accompted Counties, and the Butler’s Country viz. the County of Cross and the County of Tipperary wherein are towns of defence:- Cassile, Fethard, Clanwell.

Men of Name are:- Earl of Ormond, Count Palatine, Baron of Don Boyen, Sir Tobot Butler of Cayer, James Tobyn of the Compsey, Piers Butler of Grallo, O’Mulreans, O’Kennedy of Ormonde, Purcell, Baron Loughmaye, Cantwell.

Lords having Justice:- Earl of Ormond, Baron Don Boyen, Sir Tibot Butler, Piers Butler, etc.

Note: The MSS has the following head note in Sir George Carew’s handwriting. “A General Survey of Ireland written by some ignorant person, nevertheless in some things his report is good but his errors in misnamings are infinite and so are his omissions. It appears to have been written circum. 1574, but the additions may be supposed to have been inserted about 1597.”


Appendix IV:
Fines and Pardons


Appendix VI: Office
of Arms, Dublin Castle