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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall




  • ADD. MSS - Additional MSS. British Museum
  • C.S.P. - Calender, State Papers
  • G.O. - Genealogical Office, Dublin (formerly Ulster Office)
  • H.M.C. - Historical Manuscripts Commission
  • I.G.R.S. - Irish Genealogical Research Society
  • Ir. Gen - Irish Genealogist (Journal of I.G.R.S.)
  • P.R.O. - Formerly in Public Record Office, Dublin
  • S.P.Ire. - State Papers, Ireland
1. The chiefs of the house of Butler bore the title “the Butler of Ireland” simpliciter (cf. the Earls Marischal in Scotland) until Edmond, the 6th Butler, was given the name and honour of Earl of Carrick in 1315. His s. James was cr. Earl of Ormonde in 1328.

2. J. P. Prendergast, author of The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland.

3. These have since been acquired by Rev. W. Clare, F.I.G.R.S., who published wills and administrations ante 1800 in Butler Testamentary Records and has loaned his Chanc. Bills to the I.G.R.S. Library.

4. Ir. Gen. Vol. 2, Nos.3, 4, 5, 6.

5. Abbreviated to “barony by writ” or “barony by summons”.

6. Only dau. & heiress of William le Petyt, 6th Baron of Dunboyne.

7. J. H. Round, Ency. Britt.11th Ed. Vol 3, p. 422, article on “Baron”.

8. There were actually six generations of James Butlers, but as the last d.v.p unmar, the succession did not go through him, but through his bro. Henry, who succeeded their father, Cornet Butler. This James was B.A. (T.C.D.) and a barrister. He died 2 Sept, 1791.

9. Funeral Entr. Vol. VII, p. 224. Burke’s Peerage “Dunboyne”.

10. Four Masters, Vol. V, under year 1579. See also n. 160.

11. James, 9th Earl of Ormonde.

12. See Appendix I.

13. S.P.Ire. Vol. IV, Pt. III, Hen VIII. A Book of the kerne sent out of Ireland. Do Vol. XI, A Journal of Lord Russel’s march from Calais to the Duke of Norfolk’s camp in France, T.C.D. MSS F/1/20. Lansdowne MSS. King Hen. VIII’s Irish Army List by T. Blake Butler Ir. Gen. Vol. 1, No.1 et op.cit.

14. S.P. Ire. (D.S.) Vol, IV, Pt. II Hen. VIII - Lodge’s Peerage Ire. (Archd.) Vol. VI, p. 221.
[The location of this footnote is missing from the original text.]

15. See Appendix III (4).

16. Honora Fitzgerald, dau. of James, 10th Earl of Desmond, by Elinor, dau. of Robert Walsh of Castle Hoel, Co. Kilkenny. Carew MSS 625/36-7 and 635/166. Four Masters, year 1577. She was Piers Butler’s 2nd wife. He mar. 1st Elinor Grace, dau. Of Sir Oliver Grace, lord of Carney in Lower Ormond (M.P. for Co. Tipperary. 1559) by Mary, dau. of Sir John Fitzgerald, 3rd Lord Decies. She d.s.p. Lodge’s Peerage of Ire. (Archdall ed. 1784) Vol. VI, p. 221. Lodge confuses Piers with his gr. uncle Peter, who was slain by Thomas Tobin of the Compsey in 1502. A MS pedigree in T.C.D. Libr. (F4, 18, p. 180) also mentions the Grace marriage, but shows Piers as second son of his own brother.

17. Cal. S.P. Ire. Eliz. Vol. XIV. Desmond to Ld. Dep. Sidney, 3 Jan, 1566.

18. See Apendix III (1).

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21. Four Masters, vol. V., under year 1579.

22. Curtis, History of Ireland, p. 190. Falls, Elizabeth’s Irish Wars, p. 103. J.H. Round states that Carew’s claim was based on a fictious pedigree: Ency. Britt. 11th Ed., Vol. 10, p. 441 art. on “Fitzgerald”.

23. Thomas, 10th Earl, known as “Black Tom of Ormonde”. He stood high in favour with Elizabeth, whose grandmother was a dau. of 7th Earl of Ormonde. Rumour had it that the Virgin Queen was the mother of Black Tom’s natural son, Piers Butler. father of the 1st Viscount Galmoy. The descendants of the 9th Earl of Ormonde by W. F. Butler, Journal R.S.A.I., Vol. LIX, Pt. I, p. 41.

24. See Appendix II.

25. Fiants, Eliz., no. 1900.

26. Carew MSS. 601/89 Sidney to Walsingham 1 Mar. 1583. Four Masters, year 1582. Healy, History and Antiquities of Kilkenny. For an interesting account of the battle of Cnoc-Graffin see O’Daly, History of the Geraldines (1665). He refers to James Butler of Grallagh by his Irish name “MacPiers”.

27. Honora O’Dwyer was dau. of Philip O’Dwyer of Kilnamanagh, who was son of Owney O’Dwyer by More, his wife, dau. of Philip O’Dwyer of Kilnamanagh. Philip O’Dwyer (Honora’s father) mar. 1st Giles, widow of Richard Cantwell of Moycarkey, Co. Tipp., and dau. and heiress of Conor O’Dwyer, Chief of his nation, by Giles, dau. of Maurice Fitzgibbon, the White Knight. His 2nd wife Onora, dau. of John Butler of Ardmayle, Co. Tipp. Honora Butler nee O’Dwyer mar. 2nd Morough MacTiege McBrien of Ballytarsna, Co. Limerick (Orm. D. Vol. 5, p. 236). O’Dwyer, chief of his name, was created titular baron of Kilnamanagh by the 1st Earl of Ormonde temp. Edw. III. Five of the O’Dwyer chiefs married Butlers: The O’Dwyers of Kilnamanagh by Sir Michael O’Dwyer.

28. Elinor Purcell brought the lands of Ballinrosse, Co.Tipp, as dower. She was probably dau. of Capt. Edmond Purcell, Ormonde’s Horse, ob. 4 Nov. 1549, bro. of Thomas Purcell, Baron of Loughmoe; but this is not fully established.

29. Carew MSS. 600/287, 620/1 and 21. Sir Geo. Carew to Privy Co. 30 Apr. and 25 Aug. 1600, Pacata Hibernia.

30. Carew MSS. 614/85, T.C.D. MSS. Abbott MSS. Catalogue 672/114 - MSS. F.3/14.

31. Inquis. 14 Aug. 1637, P.R.O. No. 355. See Appendix III (8).

32. See Appendix VI (3). Dorothy O’Carroll’s mother was dau. of Cormac O’Melaghlin of Rowe, co. Westmeath, chief of his name. Tiege O’Carroll was cr. Baron of Ely 1552.

33. This sobriquet dated from the marriage of Jas. 1st Earl of Ormonde to Eleanor de Bohun, dau. of Humphrey, Earl of Hereford, by Princess Elizabeth, dau. of Edward I. Curtis, Mediaevel Hist. of Ire., p. 252.

34. The Barons of Dunboyne held the barony of Middlethird direct from the King. Minutes in Council with the King’s command, 25 Sept, 1546, S.P. (D.S.) Ire. Henry VIII, Vol. III, Pt. LII. Notwithstanding this, the Ormonde earls continued to claim rights over the barony of Middlethird, which in the year 1600 contained 120 plowlands and was liable for 600 footmen and 8 horsemen. The Butlers of Boytonrath held 21 plowlands in the barony.

35. List of companies of Foot raised in the Barony of Middlethird in Co. Tipp. in Dec. 1641. Carte MSS. 64/432.

36. Oath of association of Confed. Catholics, 24 Oct. 1642. T.C.D. MSS. E., 3/24, p.13.

37. King James’ Army List, art. on Lord Galmoy.

38. An offer made by Charles I to repeal religious disabilities and penalties and confirm all land titles from 1628. It was accepted by most of the Old English, but rejected by the Nuncio’s party.

39. Proceedings of High Court of Justice at Clonmel 1652-3. T.C.D. MSS. F2-14. Depos. John Dan and Gilbert Johnson. Memorials of the War begun in Ireland 1641 by James Kearney, Carte MSS. LXIV, p. 432. Bodl. Libr. Hickson, Ireland in the 17th Century, Vol. II, p. 247. See also O’Dwyer op. cit p.161. The victim of this judicial murder was the writer’s maternal ancestor, cf. n.85 [infra].

40. The Act shut out any claim through a Nocent predecessor in title, but the issue of a tenant for life were held to claim not from their father but from the original donor. W. F. Butler, Confiscation in Irish History, p. 185.

41. Transpl. Certif. No. 267 of documents relative to the Commonwealth Ire. Orders A/5. 5 folio 70-71 P.R.O.

42. Abstracts of Decrees of Ct. of Claims for Trial of Innocents No. 637. 6 Aug. 1663. P.R.O.

43. One of the members was Sir Winston Churchill, ancestor of Rt. Hon. Sir Winston S. Churchill, K.G. Sir Winston spoke strongly against the injustice done to the Irish. Cal. S.P. 1663-65, pp. 248, 255-6.

44. See Appendix VII 4/6 for particulars of these grants.

45. Life of Ormonde, Vol. IV, pp. 393-422. Vol. V, p. 196. W. F. Butler is more critical of the Great Duke; op. cit. p. 172.

46. Mary Butler was dau. of James Butler of Kilmoyler (s. of Jas., gr. s. of 9th E. of Ormonde) by Lady Ellen Butler, dau. of Walter, 11th Earl of Ormonde. Regtd. Pedigree No. 715, G.O. MSS. 183 A, pp. 55-60. Butler MSS. ped. of Butler and O’Shaughnessy families by Cornet Butler & Peter Connell, 1784. Fines and Recoveries Co. Tipp, 1682, No.1.

47. Prendergast MSS. Vol. IV. p.522.

48. Ballyline MSS. The name is variously spelt Shranagoolen, Sranagalloon, Shraghnagallon, etc.

49. Ballyline MSS. See Appendix VII (7).

50. Hearth money Records, Co. Tipp. Par. of Boytonrath, 1668, P.R.O.

51. Petition in Ct. of Claims 21 June 1676 No. 178, P.R.O. Claims for land in Clare, Roscommon & Mayo 8th Rept. Dep. Keeper, 1816-20.

52. Exch. Bill Jas. Butler v. Roger Grady. 26 Jan., 1726. P.R.O.

53. Register of Trin. Col. Cambridge by J. Foster. He was b. 1648/9 : ADD. MSS 23696 fol. 63.

54. 22/23 Jan. 1674 and 22/23 Jan.1681. But on 22/23 Jan. 1702 Boytonrath was leased by the 2nd Duke of Ormonde to Andrew Roe.

55. Archbp. King. State of Protestants in Ireland under K. James II. List of K. James’ Parlt. of 1689, in Appendix thereto.

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58. Chichester House Claims 1700. Claim of Theobald Butler, counsellor at law, Lib. D. fol. 152-3. P.R.O.

59. Curtis, History of Ireland, p. 273.

60. James Butler mar. a dau. of Peter Kirwan of Ballyturin Castle. Co.Galway. Regtd. Ped. No. 715 G.O. 183 A, pp. 55-56. Betham Will peds. Vol. X, G.O. 212. Blake-Forster MSS. A pedigree in the Brit. Mus. (ADD. MSS. 23696, Fol. 63) gives his wife as Catherine Daly of Raford, Co. Galway, so he was probably mar. twice.

61. Butler MSS. History of the Butler family by Anna Butler. Exch. Bill 26 Jan. 1726, James Butler v. Roger O’Grady, P.R.O. O’Callaghan, History of the Irish Brigades in France.

62. Mar. Settlmt. 27 Oct. 1729. Mary O’Shaughnessy was dau. and co-heir of Joseph O’Shaughnessy of Ardmilevan Caslte, Co. Galway, nephew of Roger O’Shaughnessy of Gort, ob. 1690. His ancestor, “Sir Dermot O’Sheghyn, Knt, captain of his nation”, had a grant from Henry VIII, which was later interpreted as making him owner of the whole territory of his clan, although in most cases, e.g., O’Brien of Thomond, the chief was granted only the demesne lands attached to his office, the rest being divided among those entitled under Brehon law. See W. F. Butler, The Policy of Surrender and Regrant.

63. She was fourth dau. of Murtagh O’Hogan (ob. 1746) of Cross and Carahan Co. Clare, the other daus. being Eleanor (eld.), Catherine and Margaret. Eleanor mar. 1757 Terence O’Brien (ancestor of the Ballynalacken family) to whom she brought Cross als. Elmvale. Catherine mar. Donat MacMahon of Ballyglass (nephew of Stanislaus MacMahon of Clenagh) and Margaret mar. John Ryan of Ballyvista, Co. Tipp.

64. Joseph O’Shaughnessy (d.s.p. 1783) was nephew of Joseph in note 62. An account of his coup-de-main will be found in Blake-Forster’s Irish Chieftains. It is also mentioned in Canon Fahy’s Diocese of Kilmacduagh.

65. Ann Blake (mar. 1 Jan. 1798) was dau. of Xaverius Blake of Oran Castle, Co. Galway, and Dunmacrina, Co. Mayo, by Isabella, dau. of John Knox, M.P., Castlerea, Co. Mayo, and Ann, his wife, dau. of Sir Henry King, 3rd Bart (a quo Earls of Kingston).

66. Clare Journal, 1831, re-printed in Clare Record, 19 Dec., 1914.

67. James Blake Butler married Julianna Selina, second dau. of George Comyn, J.P., of Holywell, Co. Clare, by Margaret, dau. of James Lysaght of Ballykeale, in same Co.

68. Regtd. ped. No. 715 G.O. 183A, Betham Wills peds. Vol. X G.O. 212, Blake-Forster MSS. Eq. Exch. Bills 25 May 1741 and 10 May 1755, P.R.O.

69. See Appendix VIII. (2), (3).

70. Cornet Peter Butler d. ante 1778. In a settlement of the Bunnahow estate of 4 Apr. 1778, William is described as “only son and heir apparent of the said Peter Butler”, i.e., Peter senr. (Regtd. 3 Feb 1779, Book 314, p 424) The settlement was made on the occasion of William’s marriage to Belinda Butler of Cregg, but as she was a Protestant, it was apparently deemed prudent not to disclose this. See n. 177 [infra].

71. See Appendix XIV.

72. An account of a “fine deer-chase with the hounds of William Butler of Bunahow” is given in the Clare Journal, March 2, 1815.

73. See Appendix XI (1).

74. Dublin Evening Post. 17 Mar. 1827. Dunboyne Collection, Nat. Libr., Dublin, years 1824-28.

75. See Bagehot, English Constitution (1867) for an interesting disquisition on this convention.

76. Neé Ann Blake-Forster, who mar. William Butler II in 1808 (mar. settlt. 3 May 1808). See n. 209.

77. Limerick Chronicle, 2 April, 1831.

78. Butler MSS, letter of Wm. Mahon to O’Gorman Mahon. Recollections of an Irish Magistrate.

79. Anna Butler, his daughter, and Anna Stapleton, a cousin, are my authorities for this episode.

80. The Lamberts are one of the comparatively few Cromwellian settlers among the Galway gentry. They descend from the Lamberts of Calton, Yorks, one of whom was Gen. John Lambert, the celebrated Commonwealth leader. Ellen Lambert’s mother was a dau. of Thos Seymour of Ballymore Castle, Co. Galway. The late Archdeacon St. John D. Seymour, the antiquary, was a member of this family. Ballymore is said to be the oldest inhabited castle in Galway. It was besieged by Ginkell in June, 1690 (Macaulay Hist. of Engl., chapter XVII).

81. Mary Anne Ryan. Her sister Margaret mar. Walter G. Strickland, Director of the National Gallery of Ireland, author of A Dictionary of Irish Artists. Mr. Strickland was a cousin-german of the 1st Lord Strickland of Sizergh.

82. Her sister, Mère Columba (Belinda) Butler, is my informant. See also a letter of Arthur Griffin in L. McManus, Memories of the Irish Literary Revival and the Anglo-Irish War. Mary Butler’s novel The Ring of Day is largely autobiographical.

83. Dau. of Cornet Richard Galwey, 14th Light Dragoons, of Fort Richard, Co. Cork, yr. s of John Galwey of Lota and gr. s. of Wm. Galwey, who mar. Mary, dau. of Col. John Butler of Westcourt, Co. Kilkenny, s. of Hon. Richard Butler of Kilcash (Appendix XV. See also n.n. 98, 147 [infra]).

84. “His numerous tenantry have lost in him a kind and indulgent landlord, and the public an impartial magistrate and one of the oldest grand jurors of this county”. Clare Journal, 30 Nov. 1871. He was High Sheriff in 1844.

85. Isabella Butler mar. Henry Blackall of Garden Hill, Co. Limerick, whose ancestor Thomas Blackall (als. Blackall) had a grant of 800 acres in that county under the Act of Settlement. In Grene-Barry’s Cromwelliam Settlement of the Co. Limerick the names of Thos. Blackall and J. Blackall are shown as grantees, but the later is incorrect. Thomas was the sole grantee, as appears from the Letters Patent 5 Apr. 1667 printed in Abstracts from Blackall Family Records. Ir. Gen. Vol I, No. 9, p. 265, Thomas Blackall’s bro. George settled in Dublin, of which he was Lord Mayor in 1694. The latter’s gr. son, Sir Thomas Blackall, was Lord Mayor in 1769.

86. Nicholas Butler mar. his cousin Anna, dau. of William Butler III of Bunnahow. See n.n. 216, 217 [infra] for his sisters’ marriages.

87. 51st Light Infantry (K.O.Y.L.I) 1878. Served in Afghan War 1878, S. African War 1899, and World War I. Died 1943.

88. Family papers and information. See also P. H. Daly, Story of the Heroes, Bk. II, pp. 194-216 (publ. in Brit Guiana).

89. Ballyline MSS. Prendergast pedigree. Treasurers Book, Inner Temple. See also Appendix IX (2).

90. Patent dated 26 July 1689 (J. 2 a. Para. 1 R. 23). He was removed from office 3 Nov. 1690 under the Privy Seal.

91. Archbp. King op. cit. In D’Alton op. cit. it is erroneously stated that he sat for Enniscorthy. In the list of M.Ps. for Ennis in Frost’s History of County Clare no mention is made of K. James Parliament; a curious omission for one of the author’s sentiments.

92. Analecta Hibernia No. 15 p. 112. Blake-Forster op. cit. p. 695.

93. The speech is printed in full in Blake-Forster, op. cit. p. 599.

94. H.M.C. Bath MSS. Vol. 3 p. 481. Flanagan, The Irish Bar.

95. His father’s estate of £2,000 p.a. was forfeited under the Cromwellian Settlement. Prendergast Crom. Settlt. pp. 165, 242. See also T.B. Butler’s The Pedigree of Sir Boyle Roche, Bart: Ir. Gen Vol. 2, No. 8, p. 240.

96. Historian Register Diary Vol. VI, p. 14, Boyer, Political State of England 1711-40, Vol. XXI p. 340.

97. Par. Register St. Nicholas Within, Dublin, 1709.

98. Ballyline MSS. Prendergast ped. James Butler mar. 1st, Mary, dau. of John Keating of Garranlea, Co. Tipp. (mar. sett. 26 Sept. 1760), by whom he had two daus. Alicia (who mar. John Galwey) and Jane; and 2nd, Mary, dau. of Richard Doherty of Suirbank, Co. Tipp. (mar. sett. 15 Jan 1772) by whom he had Theobald (his heir) Thomas and Andrew.

99. Theobald Butler mar. 1794 Elizabeth, dau. of Augustine Fitzgerald of Tureen, Co. Clare. John Lloyd in his Short Tour in Co. Clare (1780) has some verses about Tureen, where he was employed as a tutor. Augustine was s. of Charles of Castlekeale and g. s. of John Fitzgerald of Carrigoran. See also nn. 116, 179, 208 [infra].

100. Hon. Donough O’Brien, History of the O’Briens, p. 226.

101. Kate, dau. of Andrew Stacpoole of Ballyalla, Co. Clare, by Diana, dau. of Daniel Finucane of Stamer Park. Her bro. Andrew Stacpoole, was High Sheriff, Co. Clare, 1859.

102. She was a dau. of Conor O’Dwyer of Quilty, whose father Edmond was transported from Co. Tipp. and had a grant of lands in Clare under the Act of Settlement and Explan. dated 27 Nov. 1679.

103. Exchq. Bill, John Drew v. Wm. and Theo. Butler 3 June 1698. See Appendix IX (2). A document d. 13 Oct 1702 in which Sir Toby refers to “my cousin William Butler” is among the Cas. Crine MSS.

104. I was unable to trace this letter in a recent inspection of Cas. Crine papers, but I possess a copy given to me by the late Miss Henrietta Butler.

105. Cas. Crine MSS. Lease 1 Nov. 1715, Piers Butler “trustee for Hennry Butler of Christ Church College in Oxford Batchelor of Arts” to Teige O’Brien of Knockadurra, Co. Clare.

106. Redmond als Edmond McGrath obtained a dispensation from transplantation and an order made to have 800 acres of his estate restored to him, 11 March 1657/8. His son Redmond McGrath of Lecarrow, Capt. in Lord Clare’s Dragons, was attained 1691, and forfeited his estate 1695.

107. ADD. MSS. 23696.

108. Ency. Britt. Vol. 9, p. 18. He gradually got into his possession the lands of the Barrys, Lombards, Powers, Magners, MacCarthys and O’Dwyers. Egmont MSS. Vol I. He was also registrar of the Court of Wards from which his profits in 1640 were £7,000. When the Court was abolished in 1662 the Perceval family received £5,000 compensation. Smith, Present and Past State of Co. & City of Cork (1750).

109. Cas. Crine MSS.

110. They purchased this vast estate for only £2,500 from Keppel, Earl of Albemarle, to whom William III had granted it. For the history of this transaction see J.N.M.A.S. Vol. 2, No. 4, p. 219 and History of the O’Brien’s. p. 88.

111. It would seem that William Butler married twice, his other wife being a Miss Reddan. E. MacLysaght op. cit. p. 75. Chanc Bill, 9 Feb. 1698, D. England v. Wm. Lysaght and ors.

112. Dict. Nat. Biog. Cornhill Magazine June 1903, Two Gentlemen Commanders. See also Pepys’ Diary and Burnett’s History of his own Times.

113. Margaret Monck (mar. sett 3 March 1729) was dau. of George Monck by Hon. Mary Molesworth, dau. of 1st Viscount Molesworth. Geo. Monck’s yr. bro Charles was gr. father of the 1st Viscount Monck.

114. John Lysaght M.P. cr. Lord Lisle 1758, was related to the Butlers through his mother Grace Homes, dau. of Col. Thos. Homes of Kilmallock.

115. See Appendix IX (5).

116. Thomas Butler mar. 28 Oct 1722 Catherine Fitzgerald, dau. of John Fitzgerald of Carrigoran, Co. Clare, by Hon. Helen Butler, dau. of Pierce, 2nd Viscount Ikerrin.

117. William Butler mar. 1750 Anne Dalton, dau. of Edw. Dalton of Deerpark Co. Clare, by Jane, dau. of Very Rev. Giles Eyre of Eyrecourt, Co. Galway, Dean of Killaloe, and sister of John, 1st Lord Eyre.

118. James Butler mar. 1782 Mary Ievers, dau. of Robert Ievers of Mount Ievers, Co. Clare, by Mary Parsons of Cragbeg, Co. Limerick.

119. Henry Butler mar. 7 Apr. 1818 Ann Dawson, dau. of Charles Dawson of Charlesfort, Co. Wexford, bro. of the 1st Lord Cremorne.

120. James Butler mar. 20 Oct. 1852 Sophia Irvine, dau. of Major Geo. Irvine, yr. s. of Col. Wm. Irvine M.P. of Castle Irvine, Co. Fermanagh.

121. The Hon. Eric Brand Henderson of Faccombe Manor, Hants yr. s. of 1st Lord Faringdon.

122. Dunboyne MSS: D’Alton, K. James’ Army List under “Lord Galmoy”. – See also Appendix XII.

123. Funeral Entr. Vol. 5, p. 48 (G.O.).

124. Depos. Archibald Campbell. O’Dwyers of Kilnamanagh, p. 153.

125. Dunboyne MSS. She was dau. of Capt. John Cantwell of Moycarkey, Co. Tipp.

126. Dau. of Theobald Butler of Milford, Co. Tipp., descended from Theobald Butler, 3rd s. of 12/2 Lord Dunboyne. Dunboyne MSS: Burke’s Peerage and L.G. (Ire.) (under Butler-Kearney of Drom). Lady Dunboyne mar. 2nd, John Hubert Moore of Shannon Grove, King’s Co., and d. 1860 aet. 96.

127. The O’Briens of Bansha, Co. Tipp. are paternally O’Briens of the family of MacBrien Gonagh (Ui Cuanach). They acquired the Bansha estate through the marriage of Morgan O’Brien of Ballyphilip, Co. Limerick, with Catherine, dau. and co-heir of Capt. Edward Butler of Bansha, a descendant of Piers fitzThomas, natural s. of Thos., 10th Earl of Ormonde.

128. It was submitted that (i) the words nec aliquis eorum were not added as should be done, since other persons were joined in the writs of Exigeat; (ii) it did not appear by the return to the writ directed to the Sheriff of Kildare, in what year the five exactions mentioned therein were made; (iii) no name of the Sheriff was subscribed to the writ directed to the Sheriff of Cork; (iv) no judgement appeared by the return to the writ to have been rendered by the Coroner of Co. Cork. Dunboyne MSS.

129. It was further submitted that he had never any command in James II’s army; that he had not acted against the Govt. of Wm. and Mary; and that the outlawry was in the name of Peter, not Pierce. ibid.

130. Appendix XII.

131. ADD. MSS 23688 “Chaos”.

132. He had a grant of 50 acres I.P.M. 21 June, 1678, and further grant of 554 acres Statute, on 16 March, 1682.

133. William Hawkins, Ulster King at Arms, 1698-1722.

134. Orm. D. Vol. 2, p.23.

135. Orm. D. Vol. 3, p.156.

136. Orm. D. Vol. 4, p.303.

137. Orm. D. Vol. 5, pp. 154/166.

138. Prendergast MSS, King’s Inn Libr. Vol. IV. p.522.

139. He is described in Lodge’s Peerage of Ire. (Archdall ed. 1789) Vol. II, p.35 as “Sir Roger O’Shaughnessy of Gortinhegourah, Co. Galway, Bart.” This description is, however, a mistake for, though his father, gr.f. and were knights, he himself was neither a knight nor a baronet. He was Capt. in Clare’s Dragoons, and was attainted as “Esquire” in 1691. G.E.C’s Complete Baronetage, Vol. IV, 1665-1707, p.224. For the O’Shaughnessy pedigree see The Genealogies, Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachcrach, by O’Donovan (who made use of the pedigree complied by Peter O’Connell and Cornet Butler) and Blake-Forster, Ir. Chieftains, p.705. See also nn. 46 and 62 (supra).

140. History of Diocese of Kilmacduagh. See also Blake-Forster, ibid. p.436, note 20.

141. Edward Wakefield, author of Ireland, Statistical and Political (1812). Father of Edward Gibbon Wakefield (D.N.B.).

142. When O’Donovan visited the neighbourhood in 1839 the sentor representative of the once powerful chiefs was know locally as “Heynes the process-server” from his modest calling. He was fifth in descent from Martin O’Heyne, who was driven from Ardrahan Castle by Ireton. Survey Letters, Vol. 1, p.27.

143. Deed dated 15 Jan., 1737. The lands settled on Francis Butler were Ballygegan, Cregg, Creggboy, Drumbleane, Burra, Scariff, Knockobode, Knockgillereagh, Rathlough and Annagh, all in Co. Galway.

144. Cas. Crine Rental, 1720; denominations 2-5.

145. See Appendix III. (1).

146. Carrucate, i.e. an ancient measurement based on an estimate of what a single team could plough within a year. It varied according to the district. Boytonrath actually contained 20 acres “old measurement” equal to 605 acres, I.P.M., or 935 Statute acres. Garrancaninane (conveyed by the same deed) contained 7 a. O.M., 200a., I.P.M. or 310 a. Stat.

147. Richard O’Grady was father of Morough O’Grady, Ensign in Col. Charles O’Brien’s Regt. of Infantry, 1689-90, who mar. Elizabeth Butler, dau. of James Butler of Shranagollen. The O’Gradys were among the principal landowners in Inchicronan before the Cromwellian Settlement.

148. Mrs. C. Bennett, The Galweys of Lota. O’Hara, as usual, cites no authority.

149. Inquisition taken at Knockenegan, 22 Nov, 1577.

150. Frost, History of Clare. p.347.

151. Third s. of John Galwey of Lota, and bro. of Richard Galwey of Fort Richard. See nn. 83, 98 [supra].

152. See n. 98 [supra].

153. Sarah (Sally Moore, dau. of Edward Moore of Mooresfort, Co. Tipp. by Elizabeth dau. of Hon. and Rev. Maurice Crosbie, third s. of the 1st Lord Brandon.

154. Wm. Purefoy was M.P. for Limerick City and Kimallock in Cromwell’s Parliament. J. Grene-Barry, The Liberties of Limerick, Journal N.M.A.S., Vol. 11, No. 4 (Jan., 1913), p.235.

155. Cas. Crine Rental, 1720.

156. Second s. of Henry Butler of Cas. Crine. See n. 217 [infra].

157. Murrough. 1st Earl of Inchiquin (1614-74).

158. Ellen, dau. of William Butler III, of Bunnahow. She mar. 1st, Capt. Geo. O’Brien of Birchfield, son of the well-known ‘Corney’ O’Brien, M.P., for Clare, and 2nd. Charles Vyse.

159. The Return of 1876 describes the owner of the Clare estate as “reps. Wm. Butler. 27 South Ter., Cork”; of the Galway a “Wm. Butler Bunnahow Ho”; and of the Cork as “Margaret Butler, Dublin”. The compiler’s confusion was probably due to the fact that Wm. Butler IV died in Cork in 1867 and that in 1876 Bunnahow Ho. was unoccupied (see App. XV and his widow was living in Dublin. The Cork property formed part of her dowry and ultimately descended to the writer.

160. Sir Toby had a grant of 2,863 acres in Co. Tipp. from the 2nd Duke of Ormonde on 18 Aug., 1697. Lodge’s Register, Q. Anne, No. 383. He augmented his Clare property in 1711 by the purchase of 4,311 acres from his bro., James Butler. T. Blake Butler, The O’Shaughnesssy Woods, N.M.A. Journal, Vol. VI, No. 3. The estates were heavily mortgaged owing to litigation with the Prendergasts; and in 1775 James Butler, with a rent roll of £4,000 p.a., was described as “greatly distressed”. Anal. Hib. Vol. 12.

161. The 1364 acres held by the Millbrooke branch from the Butlers of Kilcommon are excluded, as their interest in the lands was purchased by the latter in 1808.

162. [The footnote for this reference is not given in the original text.]

163. Sir Cormac Mac Tiege MacCarthy, 14th lord of Murkerry, described by Ld. Dep. Sidney as ‘the rarest man that ever was born in the Irishry’. He marr. Joan, dau. of Piers Butler of Grallagh. In recording Sir Cormac’s death in 1583 the Four Masters refer to “the young sons of the deceased and their mother Joan, the dau. of Piers-na-Buille”. There was a dispute over Joan’s jointure, and the Council of Munster adjudged her to have the castle and lands of Darraghoid for life in lieu of the famous Blarney Castle, which Sir Cormac had left her. Harl. MSS. 697. W.F. Butler. Gleanings from Irish Hist. pp 251, 262. H. W. Gilman, art. Journal C.H.A.S. Vol. I No. 1 Q p. 103.

164. Margaret, dau. of O’Mulrian (anglice Ryan) of Annagh, Co. Limerick, chief of his name. She mar. John Butler, yr. s. of Piers of Grallagh.

165. The Funeral Certificates of Ireland (preserved in G.O.) cover the period 1588-1729, and contain the names, parentage, arms, marriages, issue, date and place of burial of those of the Irish nobility and landed gentry whose funerals were attended by the Ulster King or Arms of his deputy.

166. Née Hon. Eleanor Butler, eld. dau. of 2nd Viscount Mountgarret. She mar. Walter, 11th Earl of Ormonde.

167. Née Hon. Helen Barry, dau. of David, Viscount Buttevant, and third wife of Thomas, 10th Earl of Ormonde.

168. Edmond 13/3 Lord Dunboyne.

169. The Butlers of Polestown descended from Edmund Butler, third s. of 3rd Earl of Ormonde.

170. Edmond Butler of Boytonrath.

171. James Butler or Derryluscan, Co. Tipp., s. of Theobald of Derryluscan by Katherine, dau. of Sir Cormac Mac Carthy Reagh. See Derryclooney (supra).

172. The Butlers of Granttown and Kilmoyler descend from Piers Butler, seventh s. of 9th Earl of Ormonde. W.F. Butler, Descdts of 9 E. of Ormond, p.39.

173. Descended from Sir Rowland Plunkett s. of Sir Christopher Plunkett, lord of Killeen (a quo Earls of Fingal). His descendant Sir Chris. Plunkett of Dunshogly took a prominent part in Parliament in Chichester’s time. He mar. a dau. of Sir Nicholas Bagenal, Marshal of Ulster temp. Eliz. Her sisters were the wives of Lords Louth and Kingsland and the famous Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone. Sir Christopher’s gr. s., Col. Richard Plunkett, was one of the original conspirators in the rebellion of 1641, into which he was drawn by the celebrated Rory O’More, whose wife was Plunkett’s cousin-german. Plunkett’s role was to work upon the Old English of the Pale, in view of his family connections, but he did not succeed. Carte’s Ormonde Book III Vol. V p. 316 (1851 ed.).

174. Kian O’Carroll, son of Teige by Sarah O’Brien, s. of Donogh by dau. of O’Connor Faly, s. of John, s. of Mulrony O’Carroll “of the beard”. See n. 32 [supra].

175. Theobald (als. Tibbot) Butler was s. of Thomas, s. of Theobald, s. of John, s. of James, 9 Baron Dunboyne. Chanc. Bills 466 of 5 Nov. 1602 and 4381 of 31 Jan. 1620, P.R.O. Orm D. Vol. 6 p. 10.

176. Pierce Butler of Nodstown (als. Ballynoddagh) ob. 1626 was son of Walter of Nodstown, fourth s. of 9th Earl of Ormond. Pierce Butler mar. Elenor. dau of Thomas Purcell, Baron of Loughmore. His eld. son James, who mar. Elenor dau. of Sir John FitzGerald of Dromana, Co. Waterford, was father of Walter Butler, forfeiting proprietor 1641. Nodstown (800 acres) was granted to John Upton, who sold it to Giles Martin, who, being annoyed with his wife, left it to King’s Hospital, Dublin, Funeral Entr, Vol. V. p. 119. Falkner, Foundation of Hosp. of K. Charles II.

177. Son of John MacNamara of Cratloe, Lt.-Col. in Clare’s Dragoons, and M.P. for Co. Clare, 1689.

178. Née O’Shaughnessy. See n. 139 [supra].

179. Francis Butler of Ballygegan and Cregg. He mar. Belinda, dau. of Walter Lambert of Cregclare, Co. Galway, whose wife was a Martyn of Tulira, Co. Galway. Francis Butler’s dau. Belinda mar. William Butler I of Bunnahow.

180. Rt. Hon. Francis Burton of Buncraggy, M.P. Co. Clare, 1727-43. It is interesting to note that Burton, a Protestant, helped the Catholic Butlers to evade the Penal laws. There were several such instances. He was ancestor to the Marquis Conyngham (who is paternally a Burton) and the Burtons of Carrigaholt, Co. Clare. See also Appendix X (5).

181. Garret FitzGerald of Castlekeale, yr. son of John FitzGerald of Carrigoran. He mar. Margaret, dau. of Theobald Butler of Ballygegan.

182. John Maghan als. Maghlin (now Mahon) was son of Thomas Mahon of Ryndifin, Co. Galway, and bro-in-law of Peter Butler of Bunnahow. See n. 187 [infra].

183. Son of Robert McHugo by Joan, dau. of Pierce Butler of Ballygegan. The McHugos were noted duellists: Blake-Forster op.cit p. 578.

184. Ann, dau. of Peter of Bunnahow, mar. Stephen Molony of Ballinahinch, cousin-german of above-mentioned James Molony “ye elder” of Kiltanon.

185. This seems to have been a trumped-up claim. By Indenture of May 1662 “Wm. O’Carroll late of Carraghlowy, King’s Co. Esq,” in consideration of £500 sold to “James Butler of Shraghnagalon Esq” the lands of Dromenicknew in the Par. of Inchicronin& Bar. Bunratty.

186. John Drew had a grant under the Act of Settlement, 1 Dec 1677. His wife was a dau. of Pierce Butler of Ballygegan.

187. Bryan Maghan (Mahon) was son of Thomas of Ryndifin and Derrycourt, Co. Galway. His sister, Margaret, mar. Peter Butler of Bunnahow. The Mahons of Ryndifin were a collateral branch of the Mahon baronets of Castlegar.

188. Juliana, dau. of John Taylor, Co. Galway.

189. Walter Butler of Cregg.

190. Francis MacNamara of Moyriesk. See n. 177 [supra].

191. Among the family portraits formerly at Ballyline were those of John MacNamara of Moyriesk, his wife nee Margaret Butler, their son Francis and their dau. Maragret. These were purchased by the late Dr. G.U. MacNamara from the Butlers in the early years of the present century.

192. As Sir Theobald Butler’s knighthood was conferred by James II after his abdication, it was not officially recognised by the House of Hanover.

193. Ann Butler mar. 1718 (mar. arts 6 May 1718) St. John Bridgeman of Woodfield, Co. Clare, High Sheriff 1737.

194. Thady MacNamara of Ayle mar. 17 Feb. 1721. Mary, dau. of James Butler III of Doon.

195. Mary Butler nee O’Shaughnessy (n. 62 [supra]). She mar. 2nd Andrew Hickey of Drim, Co. Clare.

196. Theobald Butler mar. Mary Anne England dau. of David England, and relict of Henry MacMahon of Clenagh. She was sister of Patrick Richard England of Lifford, Co. Clare. High Sheriff 1747.

197. Son of James Forster of Fidane, who mar. 1766 Margaret Butler. He was s. of Simon, sixth s. of Capt. Francis Forster of Cloneen.

198. Anne Geagan, dau. of Matthew Geagan of Rathorpe, descended from Anthony Geagan ob. 1655, who mar. Sarah O’Shaughnessy of Rossane. His s. Daniel was transplanted to Co. Galway under Certific. 8 Sept. 1655. Anne was Peter Butler’s second wife, his first being Margaret, dau. of Thos, Mahon of Ryndifin (n. 187 [supra]).

199. Arthur Drew of Drumore mar. Helen. dau. of Fras. Butler of Cregg. He was gr. s. of John Drew (n. 186 [supra]).

200. James Butler of Ballyvannon, who succeeded the ex-Bishop as 23/13 Lord Dunboyne in 1800.

201. Edmond O’Callaghan of Kilgorey was killed in a duel at Spancilhill in 1791. In his obituary in the Ennis Chronicle it was stated that “his death has caused the extinction in the male line of his ancient and illustrious house”.

202. Eliz. Butler mar. Michael Blake, Kiltullagh, Co. Galway, as his second wife; his first being Ann o.c. & hr. of Martin French of Frenchfort. M. J. Blake. Blake Family Records.

203. Theresa Blake mar. Walter Butler, s. of william Butler I. see Walterstown.

204. Theresa Butler mar. 1795 Edmond Hunt of Inchirourke, Co. Limerick, descended from Robt. H., yr. bro. of John Hunt, a quo De Vere baronets (whose original patronymic was Hunt).

205. Mother of John Butler Greene R.M. who mar. Ellis, dau. of Xaverius Blake of Oranmore, and relict of Thomas MacNevin, the Young Ireland writer.

206. R. P. Stoney of Portland, Co. Tipp. (mar. sett. 7 Feb. 1812). Their descendants assumed the name Butler-Stoney.

207. Mar. sett. 22 Feb. 1815. He was o.s. of Jones Stavelly “one of the Six Clerks of H.M’s High Court of Chancery,” a very lucrative office at that time.

208. Eliz. Butler mar. Rev. John Manusell, yr. s. of Geo. and gr. s. of Richd. Maunsell of Ballywilliam, Co. Limerick, who mar. a half-sister of 1st Earl of Norbury.

209. Rev. Wm. Butler mar. 1827 Ann, dau. of James Molony of Kiltanon, Co. Clare. Burke, L.G. Ire. (1904 ed.).

210. Eyre Butler, ensign 22nd Foot, 28 July 1814.

211. Eliz. Butler mar. 1798 John James Fitzgerald of Derry, Co. Clare, 2nd s. of Jas. Fitzgerald of Castlekeale and Shepperton.

212. Anne dau. of Robert Blake-Forster of Ashfield (als. Cloneen) Co. Galway (s. of Fras. Forster by Anastasia, o.c. and hr. of Sir Ulick Blake, 8th Bart of Menloe) by Ann, his wife, dau. of Col. Denis Daly of Raford (s. of Denis Daly by Lady Anne de Burgh, dau. of the 10th Earl of Clanrickarde).

213. Mary Butler mar. Anthony Colpoys of Ballycar (mar. sett. 25 July 1805). He d.s.p. 1848, when the Ballycar estate devolved on his sister, Mrs. O’Callaghan of Maryfort. Five Colpoys of Ballycar were High Sheriffs of Co. Clare: viz. in 1644, 1676, 1711, 1748 and 1771.

214. “Corney” O’Brien, M.P. See n. 158 [supra].

215. John O’Brien, M.P. for Limerick. Father of Lord O’Brien of Kilfenora, L.C.J.: popularly known as “Peter the Packer”.

216. Charles Eyre Butler, 69th Regt, of Foot, d.s.p. 1870.

217. Capt. Henry Butler, 90th Regt. mar Margt. dau. of Major Chas. Creagh, J.P. of Carrigery. She mar. 2nd. John N. Bonynge of Rathorpe, and had an o.c. Louisa.

218. Wm. Dawson Butler mar, 1872 Jane, dau. of Maurice Studdert Welsh of Newtown, Co. Clare and had an e.s. Lieut.-Col. Henry Maurice Butler, I.A. now of Mount Cashel.

219. Belinda Butler mar. Pierce Creagh of Bryan’s Cas. (s. of Simon, and nephew of Richd. Creagh of Dangan) and had issue (1) Simon Creagh J.P. (2) Walter Butler Creagh. Lt.-Col. 7th D.G. (3) Henrietta, mar. Lieut.-Gen. Sir Richd Sankey. K.C.B. (4) Belinda Creagh. mar. 1st. John Murphy of Mount Loftus, Co. Kilkenny (gr. n. and hr. of Sir Nicholas Loftus. 3rd Bart) by whom she had i.a. (a) Edw. Loftus D.L., whose dau. Bettina, now of Mt. Loftus, mar. T.H. Grattan-Bellew. yr. s. of Sir Hy. Grattan-Bellew, 3rd Bart. (b) Pierce Creagh Loftus, M.P., Suffolk, 1934-45, mar. Eileen, relict of Brig. Elkington, D.S.O. (c) Honora, mar. Robt. A. Gardiner of Sagtikos Manor, Long Is. N.Y. (4) Frances Creagh, mar. Edw. Rogerson, whose s. John mar. Lady L. Dundas, dau. of 2nd Marquis of Zetland. (5) Theresa Creagh, mar. Lieut-Gen. Wm. Mackesy. (6) Dora Creagh, who inherited Kiltullagh from her gr. uncle, Theobald Blake D.L.

220. Eld. s. of Francis Blake-Forster of Ashfield by Hon. Rose ffrench, dau. of Thos., 2nd Lord ffrench.

221. Second son of Henry Butler of Millbrooke. He mar. Mary A., dau. of Hy. Gabbett White of Limerick.

222. William Butler V.

223. There were twelve Butlers in all in King James’ Parliament of 1689 (known as “the Patriot Parliament”). Viscounts Mountgarrett, Ikerrin and Galmoy, and the Barons Dunboyne and Cahir sat in the House of Lords; while in the Commons the counties of Tipperary, Wicklow and Wexford and the boroughs of Ennis, Callan, Gowran and New Ross were represented by Butlers. The head of the house, the 2nd Duke of Ormonde adhered to William of Orange, and did not attend. He later became a Jacobite, and was attainted in 1715.

224. Date of appointment not known. He was commended by the Commissioners of the Revenue for his “very proper conduct as a magistrate” in April 1807 (Clare Journal) and his name appears as a magistrate in a Docquet for the Ennis Assizes, March 1808 (in the writer’s possession).

225. Fourth son of Sir Thomas Butler, 8th Bart.