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CBS Ennis School Registers, 1920 - 1930

Roll Books by Surname


Surname First name Date of Birth Address Occupation of Parent Last School pupil attended and Class there enrolled Reg. No. Date of Entrance Date struck off roll Destination
Anderson Joseph Jul-10 10 Linnane's Terrace Guard Ry Ennis N.S.   5 Oct-25 Sep-26  
Anderson Thomas Nov-13 Military Road Guard RY Ennis N.S. iv 61 Aug-25 Nov-28 Kilrush Road, Ennis N.S
Anderson John Dec-21 Parnell St Accountant     439 Sep-29    
Armstrong Michael Jun-17 39 Mill Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 170 Aug-25 Dec-31 Mount Mellory College
Arthur Joseph Mar-17 Lifford Labourer   Inf 171 Aug-25 Aug-31 Secondary School
Baker John   Killian, Barefield Farmer Barefield NS iii 444   Apr-31 At Home
Baker Thomas Jan-23 Lifford Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 472 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Barry Michael Oct-15 46 O'Connell Street Ex RIC Ennis N.S. i 24 Sep-22    
Barry John J Sep-12 Inch Farmer Inch 4 112 Sep-25 Sep-26  
Barry Francis Oct-17 Killnacally Keeper Shop   Inf 172 Aug-25 Aug-30 Secondary School
Barry Patrick Oct-17 46 O'Connell St Ex R.I.C.   Inf 173 Apr-24    
Barry John Jos Dec-20 Loughville, Fountain Farmer Convent N.S Inf 305 Aug-27 Jul-34  
Bentley Herbert Dec-16 Barrack Street Fr. Dead Wigan, Lancs v 291 May-27 Aug-30 Secondary School
Birch James May-14 64 Cathedral Place Dentist Blackburn 3 115 Aug-25 Sep-26 Mar-27
Blood Francis Apr-15 Drumcliff Labourer Convent N.S Inf 113      
Blood Michael           289 Apr-27 Jul-32  
Brennan Martin Oct-14 Clare Road Farmer Ennis N.S. iv 62 Aug-25    
Brennan Thomas Aug-15 Clare Road Farmer Ennis N.S NS iii 234 Aug-26 Aug-31 Secondary School
Broderick Joseph Oct-19 Old Mil Barracks Motor man Ennis N.S NS i 295 Aug-27 Jul-34 Secondary School
Brohan Michael Nov-15 Muckrush, Spancillhill Farmer Carahan v 376 Dec-28 Dec-28 na
Browne Michael Dec-13 Hermitage Road Carpenter   Inf 116 May-19 May-28 Hermitage Rd
Browne Francis Jan-17 Hermitage Road Carpenter N Inf 146 Apr-23    
Browne Kevin Leo   Market Butter Shopkeeper Ennis N.S NS ii 391 Jan-29 May-35  
Buckley (Tattan) Patrick           338 Apr-28 Sep-28 At Home
Burke Michael Nov-13 11 Market Street Shopkeeper Ennis N.S. iii 25 Oct-23    
Burns Christopher Dec-12 8 Market Street Engine Driver Ennis N.S. i 63 Jan-20    
Burns Francis   The Market Shopkeeper Ennis N.S NS v 434 Oct-29 Aug-31 Secondary School
Byrne Francis Feb-14 Market Street Labourer Liverpool i 26 Aug-22    
Byrne John Nov-17 Cabey's Lane Labourer Convent N.S Inf 174 Sep-25 Jun-31 Working
Cahill Patrick Feb-16 30 Parnell St Farmer Ennis N.S iv 69 Aug-25    
Callanan Francis Jul-18 Town Hall Plumber Ennis N.S NS ii 267 Jan-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Callinan Daniel Oct-12 Clare Road Shopkeeper Ennis N.S i 16 Aug-21    
Carey Patrick Jul-18 Bushy park Cler k Co C Convent N.S i 254 Sep-26 Aug-31 Secondary School
Carey Vincent Jan-21 Bushy Park Sec C Council     330 Apr-28   Secondary School
Carmody John Jun-19 Bohreen   Convent N.S S Inf 268 Jan-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Carroll John Nov-14 41 Parnell Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 28 Aug-22    
Carroll Joseph Feb-16 Abbey Club Caretaker Crusheen Inf 29 Aug-22 May-26 17.4.26
Carroll Richard Feb-16 42 Parnell Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S Inf 65 Aug-22    
Carroll Denis O'Beirne Mar-22 O'Connell Street Dentist Convent N.S S Inf 390 Feb-29    
Casey Bernard Sep-15 Clonroad Engine Driver Limerick NS iii 118 Aug-25    
Casey Gerard   Bushy Park Farmer Ennis N.S NS na 219 Aug-26 Aug-31 Secondary School
Casey Thomas   Bushy Park Farmer   na 220 Aug-26    
Casey William Mar-20 Clonroad Engine Driver Convent N.S Inf 298 Aug-27 Jul-34  
Casey Anthony Aug-22 Clonroad Engine Driver Convent N.S Inf 411 Aug-29 Aug-35 Secondary School
Cassidy Thomas Feb-16 Clonroad More Blk Smith Ennis N.S NS na 218 Aug-26 Sep-26  
Caulfield Patrick Jan-10 Borheen Labourer Ennis N.S. Inf 13 Aug-16 Sep-26  
Caulfield James Jul-17 Borheen Labourer Convent N.S Inf 178 Aug-25 Jul-32 Secondary School
Cillinan Patrick Apr-23 Drumbiggle Labourer Convent N.S Inf 465 Apr-23 Jul-35 Secondary School
Cleary Michael Feb-22 Post Office Lane Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 389 Feb-29    
Clohessy John Apr-17 Chapel Lane Stonecutter Convent N.S Inf 150 Aug-25    
Clohessy David Jul-19 Market Stonecutter Convent N.S Inf 277 Jan-27 Sep-30  
Clohessy David   The Market Stone Cutter Ennis N.S NS ii 441 Oct-29 Oct-34 Working
Clune John Dec-16 Hazelwood, Quin Farmer Quin NS iv 387 Jan-29 Aug-30 Secondary School
Coffey Martin Aug-14 Clareen Feather Dealer     30 Aug-22 Sep-26  
Coffey Thomas May-11 Clareen Featherman   Inf 31 May-19 Sep-26  
Coffey Francis Dec-15 Clareen Feather Dealer     68 Aug-22    
Coffey Michael Sep-14 Clareen Feather Merchant N Inf 147 Feb-23    
Coffey Patrick Jan-20 Clareen   Convent N.S S Inf 283 Jan-27 Jul-32  
Coffey Joseph   Clareen Feather Dealer Convent N.S Inf 319 Aug-27    
Coghlan James Oct-16 Borheen Engineman   Inf 152 Jan-22 Feb-31 Working
Coghlan Michael Aug-16 Borheen Carman   Inf 176 Aug-23    
Coghlan Thomas Apr-11 Drummcliffe Labourer Ennis N.S NS iii 215 Aug-26 Dec-28 left school
Collins Thomas Jan-15 Borheen Fr dead Convent N.S i 117 Oct-20    
Collins Bernard May-17 Borheen Fr Dead   Inf 175 Apr-23 Aug-31 Secondary School
Collins John Aug-20 75 O'Connell St Farmer Carrahane NS i 309 Aug-27    
Collins Benedict Sep-20 Cahircalla Fitter     333 Apr-28    
Commane Martin Oct-15 Ballyknock, Kilnamona Farmer Kilnamona v 379 Sep-28 Aug-30 At Home
Conlon James Apr-10 Dromadrehid Farmer Ballyea vi 1 Oct-25 May-25  
Connellan Francis Feb-14 Lifford Foreman     64 Sep-18    
Connellan John Feb-18 N Foreman N Inf 148 Apr-23    
Connellan Thomas Nov-16 Steele's Tce Foreman   Inf 177 Apr-23    
Connellan Vincent Mar-21 Lifford Foreman Convent N.S S Inf 355 Aug-28    
Connellan Reginald May-23 Steele's Tce Shop Assistant Convent N.S i 477 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Considine William Feb-13 Turnpike Shopkeeper Ennis N.S i 70 Jan-22    
Considine Thomas Feb-13 Clarecastle Fisherman Clarecastle NS vi 235 Aug-26 Sep-26 Secondary School
Considine Anthony Aug-16 St. Flannan's Tce Farmer Ennis N.S NS vi 484 Aug-30 Aug-31 Secondary School
Conway Patrick Feb-11 County Home Fr. Dead Industrial i 247 Sep-26 Jan-27 Limerick
Cooke Eugene May-22 Harmony Row Insurance Agt Private ii 492 Aug-30 Sep-31 Went to Limerick
Costello Michael Feb-12 Clarecastle Clerk Clarecastle vi 27 Aug-25 Sep-26  
Costelloe Robert Feb-16 29 Church St Plumber Convent N.S Inf 66 Aug-22    
Costelloe Martin   Lifford Parents Dead, boarded out Child Convent N.S Inf 415 Aug-29 Aug-30 cuard faoin dtuaith
Coughlan John Dec-11 Borheen Engineman     32 Jun-19    
Creagh John Nov-14 37 Clare Road Clerk Convent N.S Inf 67 Aug-21    
Crowe Thomas Jun-18 St. Anthony's Tce Fr Dead N Inf 149 Aug-25    
Cullinan Patrick Feb-15 Turn Pike Railway Ennis N.S NS iv 250 Sep-26    
Cullinan Michael   Doora Fr. Dead Knockaneen vi 253 Sep-26   na
Cullinan Patrick Jan-00 The Lodge, Herm   Convent N.S Inf 394 Jan-29    
Cullinan John Mar-16 Drumbiggle Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 402 Apr-29    
Daffy Thomas Nov-12 Cloughlea Labourer Ennis N.S 1si 76 1925    
Daffy Patrick Feb-11 Cloughlea Labourer Ennis N.S i 77   May-26  
Daly Joseph Feb-10 Dromadrehid Farmer Ballyea vi 2 Jan-26 Sep-26  
Daly John Jan-14 Drumadroichead, Darragh Farmer Ballyea NS v 292 Aug-27 Aug-27 Secondary School
Dargan Anthony Jun-16 Kilrush Road Linesman Ennis N.S i 151 Aug-25    
Dargan Michael Sep-19 Kilrush Road Linesman Ennis N.S NS i 263 Nov-26 Jul-32 Secondary School
Dargan Sean Jun-23 Kilrush Road Telephone Fitter Convent N.S i 478 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Davis Ambrose Jun-13 Turnpike Fr Dead Ennis N.S. iv 71 Aug-25 Oct-26 Army School of Music
Devine Joseph Oct-14 13 Abbey Street Grocer Convent N.S i 75 Aug-22    
Devins William May-17 Church St Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 153 Aug-25    
Dillon Joseph Apr-13 Mill Street Shopkeeper Ennis N.S NS v 255 Sep-26 Apr-28 America
Dillon George May-23 Clarecastle Painter Clarecastle NS   463 Jan-30    
Dinan John Jan-19 Mill Street Fr. Dead Ennis N.S NS i 256 Sep-26 Apr-27 Ennis N.S.
Donnellan Patrick Feb-14 Cloughlea Labourer   Inf 72 Jun-19 Jan-28  
Donovan Joseph Jan-16 Turnpike Caretaker Ennis N.S iii 119 Sep-25    
Downey John Jun-13 Market Street Plasterer Ennis N.S. iii 74 Sep-24 Jan-28  
Driscoll Francis Nov-12 Causeway Fr dead Pres Bros Cork i 78 Oct-23    
Duggan Francis Oct-13 10 O'Connell Street Draper Private S i 73 Oct-22    
Duggan John Apr-17 Corrovorrin Clerk Asy Convent N.S i 154 Apr-22    
Duggan Mich Fran Sep-20 Causeway Painter Convent N.S Inf 296 Aug-27 Jul-33 Secondary School
Duggan John May-22 Chaple Lane Painter Convent N.S i 437 Oct-29 Mar-35  
Duggan John Apr-23 Causeway Painter Convent N.S v 464 May-30 Jul-35 Secondary School
Duggan Anthony Jos Apr-23 Verdant Hill Storekeeper Convent N.S i 475 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Duignan Gerard Apr-11 64 Parnell Street Shopkeeper Ennis N.S. Inf 18 Aug-20    
Dynan Patrick Jul-13 Cornmarket Labourer Ennis N.S i 120 Oct-20    
Enright Patrick Aug-16 Craggalaska, Quin Farmer Quin NS vi 343 Aug-28 Aug-29 Secondary School
Enright John   Noughaville, Doora Farmer Quin NS v 368 Aug-28 Oct-39  
Faule John Jan-10 Ballymaculla Farmer Inch vi 9 Jan-22 Jun-26  
Ferris John   Lifford Mineral Water CBS Tralee iii 438 Aug-28    
Fitzgerlad William Jul-13 Clare Road Engineman Ennis N.S ii 155 Aug-25    
Fitzgerlad Gerard Aug-17 Clare Road Engine man Ennis N.S i 156 Aug-25    
Fitzpatrick Edward May-15 Drumcliffe Farmer Convent N.S i 121 Jan-22    
Fitzpatrick Michael Sep-17 Drumcliffe Labourer N Inf 157 Sep-23    
Fitzpatrick Bernard Aug-18 Drumcliffe Farmer   Inf 179 Sep-23 Aug-31 Secondary School
Fitzpatrick Martin Jos Jan-19 Clare Road Engine Man Ennis N.S NS Inf 243 Aug-26   Secondary School
Fitzpatrick Martin Jul-19 Craglea Farmer Convent N.S S Inf 272 Jan-27 Jul-32 Working
Fitzpatrick Thomas Aug-22 Clonroad Engine Driver Convent N.S Inf 412 Aug-29 Aug-36 Secondary School
Fitzpatrick Thomas 1922 Cragleigh Steward Convent N.S Inf 419 Aug-29    
Flanagan Joseph Jan-17 Mill St Labourer Convent N.S Inf 82 Apr-21    
Flanagan Patrick Mar-18 Markham's Lane Labourer Convent N.S Inf 180 Apr-24 Aug-32 Secondary School
Fleming Henry Feb-16 Borheen Labourer Convent N.S Inf 80 Sep-22    
Fleming Christopher Dec-20 Borheen Labourer Convent N.S i 313 Aug-27 Jul-33 Secondary School
Fleming John May-22 Borheen Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 401 May-29 Jul-35  
Fleming Michael Aug-23 Borheen Ex Soldier (Dead) Convent N.S S Inf 499 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Flynn Patrick Feb-12 Lifford Tailor Ennis N.S.   23 Sep-18    
Flynn Edward Mar-14 Lifford Tailor     86 Sep-21 Sep-28 Ennis N.S(Lifford)
Flynn Patrick Feb-15 The Market Labourer Ennis N.S NS ii 122 Apr-24    
Fogarty Kevin   Clarecastle Ex R.I.C. Clarecastle iv 79      
Foley Patrick Jos Mar-23 Parnell St Carpenter Convent N.S Inf 489 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Forde Patrick Eamon Jul-28
Caherbanna, Kilnamona Farmer Kilnamona iv 381 Sep-28 Aug-30 Secondary School
Frawley Thomas May-14 Carmody St Publican Ennis N.S. vi 81 Aug-25 Nov-26 Barefield NS
Frawley Anthony Sep-14 Derrydinine, Kilmurry Farmer Kilmurry McMahon vi ? 380 Sep-28 Nov-28 Invalided, LeabaSheeda
Gallagher Joseph Jun-11 Clare Road Fr dead Ennis N.S. i 17 Mar-22 Jun-26  
Gallagher John Jun-18 New Road Labourer   Inf 182 Aug-25   Home
Gallagher Mich Jas Jul-14 32 St. Flannan's Tce Fr. Dead Ennis N.S NS iv 266 Jan-27    
Garrahy John Feb-19 Brewery Lane Labourer Convent N.S Inf 183 Aug-23 Aug-31 Secondary School
Garrahy Matthew Nov-18 Causeway Carman Convent N.S Inf 184 Jan-25 Jul-32 Secondary School
Garrahy Denis Aug-16 Brewery Lane Labourer Adare v 307 Aug-27    
Garrahy Patrick Feb-22 Brewery Lane Labourer Convent N.S Inf 451 Feb-22 Jul-35 Secondary School
Gash Bernard Jun-20 New Road Railway Porter     367 Aug-28 Sep-31  
Gill John   Francis Street Detective Buncrana iii 326 Jan-28 Mar-28 Secondary School
Gilmore Hugh Apr-13 Lifford Dead Ennis N.S. ii 85   Oct-26  
Glynn Thos Joseph Mar-20 Knockaderra Farmer Knockaneven NS ii 351 Aug-28 Aug-33 na
Glynn John Jun-20 Knockaderra Farmer Knockanevin S Inf 365 Aug-28    
Glynn Anthony Jun-20 Knockaderra Farmer Knockanevin iii 366 Aug-28    
Glynn Christopher Dec-17 Knockaderra Farmer Knockanevin iv 378 Sep-28 Aug-31 Secondary School
Goodwin John Feb-18 Knockaderry, Corrovorrin Labourer Joyce's NS Limerick iii 429 Sep-29 Apr-32 Working
Grady Patrick Jul-18 Turnpike Labourer Ennis N.S NS iii 293 Aug-27 Jun-31 left school
Griffin John May-13 Market Street Carpenter Ennis N.S. ii 35 Sep-24 Sep-26  
Griffin Martin Nov-11         83 Aug-15    
Griffin Joseph Aug-16 Fergus Row Contractor Convent N.S Inf 84 Aug-22    
Griffin Bernard   Brewery Lane Contractor Convent N.S Inf 181   Jun-32 Working
Griffin Senan Apr-17 Turnpike Linesman Ennis N.S NS iii 244 Aug-26    
Griffin Liam Donald Aug-18 16 Church Street Draper Barefield NS i 260 Sep-26 Aug-32 Secondary School
Griffin Patrick Mar-16 Market Street Carpenter Ennis N.S NS vi 336 Sep-27    
Griffin Patrick Mar-21 Beechpark Farmer Convent N.S S Inf 360 Aug-28    
Guilfoyle Martin Oct-14 Market St Labourer Ennis N.S Inf 158 Aug-25    
Guilfoyle Aidan   Bothar na Píce   Ennis N.S NS ii 493 Aug-30 Jul-35 Secondary School
Guinnane John Jul-16 St. Joseph's Tce Clerk Convent N.S i 123 Sep-24    
Guinnane Liam Jan-20 St. Joseph's Tce Cenr Asylum Convent N.S i 325   Jul-32 Secondary School
Guy Richard Dec-13 18 Francis Street Plumber Convent N.S i 54 Jan-20 Sep-26  
Hallinan Michael   Ballaghboy, Doora Farmer Knockenea vi 281 Mar-27 Jun-28 Doora
Hallinan Thomas Jan-25 Ballyglass, Quin Farmer Quin NS vi 397 Nov-28 Jun-29 Secondary School
Hannon Patrick Aug-13 Craggalaska, Quin Farmer Quin NS v 344 Aug-28 Aug-29 Secondary School
Hanrahan James Nov-14 Lifford Fr dead   Inf 124 Oct-20    
Hanrahan Desmond Nov-17 St. Flannan's Tce Postman Ennis N.S NS i 248 Sep-26 Jul-32 Secondary School
Hanrahan Brendan May-22 St. Flannan's Tce Postman Convent N.S Inf 413 Aug-29 Aug-36 Secondary School
Hardy Michael Jul-12 Mill Road Labourer Convent N.S Inf 89 Oct-21    
Hardy John Apr-13 Mill Road Labourer Convent N.S Inf 90 Oct-21    
Hartnett Liam Jul-22 Lifford P.O. Clerk Convent N.S Inf 422 Aug-29 Sep-36 Secondary School
Hartney Thomas Dec-15 Clonroad Engine Driver Kilrush NS iii 259 Sep-26 Aug-31  
Hassett Johh J May-15 1 New Road Keeper Asylum     36 Sep-19    
Hassett Michael Jul-17 New Road Keeper Asy N Inf 159 Jan-23    
Haugh Michael Jun-22 Derrydinine, Kilmurry N Teacher Convent N.S Inf 408 Aug-29 Aug-34 Secondary School
Hayes Patrick Apr-21 O'Connell Street Photographer Convent N.S S Inf 358 Aug-28    
Healy Michael Jul-11 Ahearn's Terrace Carpenter Ennis N.S iii 8 Aug-24    
Healy Daniel Odron Feb-19 Clonroad More Agric Instructor Kilkee NS Inf 428 Sep-29 Jul-32 Secondary School
Heffernan John May-22 New Road Shop Assistant Convent N.S S Inf 406 Jun-29 Aug-30 Died
Hegarty John Jun-13 Kilcross Farmer Toonagh vi 60 Mar-26 Jan-28  
Hehir Patrick Aug-15 Borheen Labourer     87 Aug-20    
Hehir Michael Aug-13 Barefield Farmer Barefield NS v 240 Aug-26   Secondary School
Hehir Hugh Nov-19 Bohreen Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 270 Jan-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Hehir Patrick Mar-16 Gortmore Farmer Kilnamona v 407 Aug-29 Aug-30 Secondary School
Hehir Patrick Mar-16 Gortmore, Kilnamona Farmer Kilnamona vi 426 Aug-28    
Hehir John May-23 Home Barracks Labourer Convent N.S Inf 454 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Hickey John Jun-16 Tunassa, Inch Farmer Kilnamona v 348 Aug-28 Aug-30 Secondary School
Hogan Frances Jan-15 Corrovorrin Fr. Dead   Inf 214 Sep-19 Dec-28 na
Hogan William May-20 Corrovorrin Fr. Dead   Inf 290 May-27 Sep-34  
Hogan John Mar-12 Corrovorrin Fr Dead     88 Sep-19 Jun-28 Ennis N.S
Hogan Stephen Oct-12 Templemaley Farmer Barefield NS vi 91 Aug-25    
Houlihan Dominic   Lifford Farmer Corrofin ii 470      
Howard Thomas Jul-13 4 Kilrush Road Carpenter Ennis N.S. iii 33 Jun-24 Sep-26  
Howard Ambrose Dec-14 Lifford Shopkeeper     34 Apr-18    
Howard Patrick   Lifford Shopkeeper Convent N.S S Inf 269 Jan-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Howard James Aug-22 Lifford Shopkeeper Convent N.S Inf 424 Aug-29    
Hurley Patrick May-16 Mason's Hall Caretaker Kilmaley N.S. i 160 Sep-25 May-26 Oct-26
Hurley Michael Jun-20 Mill Street Carpenter Convent N.S Inf 323 Aug-27 Jul-33 Secondary School
Hurley John F May-21 Masonic Hall Caretaker Convent N.S S Inf 370 Aug-28    
Hurley Michael Desmond Dec-21 Masonic Hall Caretaker Convent N.S S Inf 393 Jan-29    
Hurley William Nov-21 Mill Road Car Convent N.S S Inf 396 Nov-28    
Hynes Patrick Jan-15 Clare Road Carpenter Convent N.S Inf 125 Aug-22 Jan-31 Home
Hynes Flannan Sep-21 St. Flannan's Tce Painter Convent N.S S Inf 356 Aug-28    
Jones Patrick Aug-16 Clare Road Artist Ennis N.S NS ii 249 Sep-26 May-27 England
Keane Patrick May-16 39 O'Connell Street Carpenter Ennis N.S NS i 186 Sep-24 Aug-31 Secondary School
Keane Michael Mar-20 39 O'Connell Street Feather Dealer Convent N.S S Inf 284 Apr-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Keane Michael Jun-12 Ahern's Tce Painter Ennis N.S. iii 14 Aug-24 Sep-26  
Keane John Sep-13 1 Ahern's Tce Painter Ennis N.S iii 39 Aug-22 Aug-26  
Kearney William   Lifford Labourer Convent N.S V 318 Aug-28    
Keating John   Work House       339 May-28 Jun-28  
Keavey John May-16 Chaple Lane Clerk Ennis N.S NS ii 93 Aug-24    
Kelly Patrick Sep-12 New Road Labourer Ennis N.S.   22 Aug-17 Oct-26  
Kelly Francis Nov-16 Clare Road Cattle Dealer Ennis N.S ii 161 Jan-26    
Kelly John Nov-17 11 Parnell St Shopkeeper Convent N.S Inf 187 Aug-25 Nov-31 Vocational school
Kelly Michael Sep-12 Drumcreen Farmer Kilnamona vi 225 Aug-26   Secondary School
Kelly Michael Sep-12 Kilnamona Farmer Kilnamona vi 231 Aug-26 Sep-26 Secondary School
Kelly James Christopher Dec-19 Drumcliffe Fr. Dead   i 262 Nov-26    
Kelly John Dec-19 Circular Road Carpenter Convent N.S S Inf 276 Jan-27 Aug-27  
Kelly Thomas Nov-17         282 Sep-26 Jul-32 Secondary School
Kelly Michael Mar-20 14 Parnell St Shopkeeper Convent N.S I 306 Aug-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Kelly Thomas Jan-21 New Road Labourer Convent N.S Inf 328 Jan-28    
Kelly Micheal Jul-28 Clonroad More Clerk Kilrush NS S Inf 371 Aug-28    
Kelly Gerard Jan-19 Cornmarket Horse Trainer CBS Athy iv 382 Aug-28 Aug-31 Secondary School
Kelly Thomas Apr-16 Spancill Hill Farmer Knockaneen vi 398 Jan-29 Aug-29 Secondary School
Kelly Edmond Aug-21 Cornmarket Horse Trainer Convent N.S Inf 410 Aug-29 Aug-35  
Kelly George Feb-23 New Road Labourer Convent N.S i 473 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Kelly Patrick Mar-23 Circular Road Carpenter Convent N.S i 485 Aug-30    
Kennealy Peter Jun-20 Lifford Labourer Convent N.S Inf 317 Aug-27 Sep-34 na
Kennedy Luke Aug-12 Kilrush Road Plasterer Ennis N.S. iv 20 Aug-23 29.6.26 America
Kennedy Brian Apr-14 Bank Place Draper Convent N.S i 37 Jun-21 Jun-26  
Kennedy Thomas Oct-14 Bank Place Draper Convent N.S i 38 Jun-21 Sep-26 Secondary School
Kennedy Matthew May-13 Causeway Labourer Convent N.S i 59 1925 Sep-26 Nov-26
Kennedy James Aug-15 Clonroad Gardener   Inf 126 Aug-20 Nov-26 Jan-27
Kennedy Michael Aug-17 Bank Place Draper   Inf 185 Oct-24   Secondary School
Kennedy James Sep-19 Turn Pike Plasterer Convent N.S S Inf 275 Jan-27 Jul-32  
Kennedy James Dec-21 Francis Street Farmer Gortbofarnagh ii 417 Aug-29    
Kenny Thomas   Cornmarket Shopkeeper Ennis N.S NS vi 232 Aug-26 Jun-28 Working
Kerin John Apr-19 Steele's Tce Labourer Convent N.S Inf 301 Aug-27 Apr-35 Working
Kerin Joseph   Lifford       374 Aug-28    
Kerin Christy Jun-22 7 Steele's Tce Labourer Convent N.S Inf 414 Aug-29 Aug-36 Working
Kerin Peter Jul-22 2 Steele's Tce Labourer Convent N.S Inf 427 na    
Kerin na   Lifford Publican Corrofin ii 469      
Kerins John 1921 15 Church Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S S Inf 352 Aug-28 Aug-33 Secondary School
Keville Bernard Feb-13 Turnpike Tailor Ennis N.S. i 43 Aug-22 Jan-28 Ennis
Kilkelly Christopher Jul-19 Corrovorrin Farmer Ballyvaughan i 217 Aug-26 Dec-27  
Kissane John Nov-15 Mill St Labourer Convent N.S Inf 92 Sep-24 Feb-28 Feb-28
Kissane Patrick Feb-21 Parsons Quay Stoker Gas Convent N.S S Inf 361 Aug-28    
Leyden Martin Nov-11 Maghera, Inagh Farmer Kilnamona vi 212 Apr-26 Jun-28 Inagh
Leyden Joseph Jan-13 Maghera, Inagh Farmer Kilnamona v 213 Apr-26 Aug-29 Secondary School
Leyden Michael Jun-19 O'Connell Street Publican Convent N.S ii 297 Aug-28 Jul-32 Secondary School
Leyden Patrick Nov-14 Maghera, Inagh Farmer Kilnamona iv 337 Sep-27 Apr-29 At Home
Liddy Christopher Dec-15 Toureen, Spancilhill Farmer Knockaneen vi 418 Aug-29    
Loughnane Michael Oct-15 Ballygreen Farmer N.Market on Fergus iv 346 Aug-28 Aug-29 na
Lynch Michael Sep-18 Bindon Street Fr. Dead Convent N.S i 221 Aug-26 Aug-31 Secondary School
Lynch James Fran Sep-12 Kilrush Road Motor man Ennis N.S v 245 Aug-26    
Lynch Francis Apr-20 5 Bindon Street Fr. Dead Convent N.S Inf 304 Aug-27 Jul-33 Secondary School
Lynch Anthony Nov-20 Rose Cottage, Solicitors Asst Convent N.S i 349 Aug-28 Aug-33 Secondary School
Lynch Francis Oct-22 Steele's Tce Clerk at Cullinans Convent N.S Inf 399 Apr-29    
Lynch Kevin Jul-19 Bindon Street Dead (Father) Convent N.S Inf 409 Aug-29 Aug-35 Secondary School
Lynch Francis Jul-23 Steele's Tce Clerk in Attorney's Office Convent N.S Inf 455 Nov-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Lyons James Jun-14 Mill Street Fr Dead Dereen NS i 127 Aug-23 Sep-28 Ennis
Lyons Joseph Nov-18 8 High Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 251 Sep-26 Apr-28 America
Lyons Flannan Dec-19 Mill Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 324 Aug-27 Jul-33  
Lyons John Martin Aug-18 Ballyglass, Quin Farmer Doora NS v 342 Aug-28 Aug-29 Secondary School
Mackey Michael Jun-18 Carmody Street Shopkeeper Ennis N.S NS iii 315 Aug-27 Aug-31 Secondary School
MacMahon Patrick Aug-17 Ballyglass, Quin Farmer Quin NS v 388 Jan-29 May-31  
Mahony John May-18 Barretts Lane Tailor Convent N.S Inf 194 Jan-26    
Mahony Joseph Nov-13 St. Anthony's Tce Instructor Convent N.S Inf 208 Jan-22 Sep-30 Ennis
Malley John Jun-12 Kilbrickin Farmer Doora vi 55 Sep-25 Sep-26  
Mann James Ambrose   Turnpike Motor Prop Convent N.S i 311 Aug-27 Jul-34 St. Flannan's
Mann Maurice Jos Jul-19 Turnpike Motor Prop Convent N.S i 312 Aug-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Maurer Sean Mar-23 O'Connell Street Jeweller Convent N.S S Inf 500 Aug-30 Jul-35 Went to St. Flannan's
Maxwell Anthony Jun-16 Ardsolus, Quin Farmer     462 Apr-30    
McCarthy Cornelius Oct-13 Market Fr. Dead O L Mount NS vi 287 Apr-27 Aug-28 Secondary School
McCarthy Florence Jul-15 Market Fr. Dead OL Mt NS v 288 Apr-27 Aug-29 Secondary School
McCarthy Thomas Jan-22 Causeway       372 Aug-28   Clarecastle
McCarthy Christopher Dec-17 Hermitage Farmer Patrician NS iv 447 Jan-30 Aug-31 Secondary School
McCarthy Gerard Dec-18 Hermitage Farmer Patrician NS Galway v 448 Jan-30 Jul-33 Secondary School
McCarthy Vincent 1920 Hermitage Farmer Patrician NS   449 Jan-30 Jul-32 Went to Cora Caitlin
McCormack Matthew Feb-15 Barrack St Tailor Convent N.S inf 96 Apr-23    
McCormack Christop/r Nov-16 Barrack Street Tailor Ennis N.S i 129 Aug-23    
McCormack Thomas Jan-17 Corrovorrin Railwayman Knockaneen Inf 189 Sep-24 Aug-31 Secondary School
McCormack Danl Jun-19 Corrovorrin Painter Gaurus NS i 216 Aug-26    
McCormack Christopher May-19 Corrovorrin Painter Curcaneen i 224 Aug-26    
McCormack Michael Nov-19 Post Office Lane Fr. Dead Convent N.S S Inf 273 Jan-27 Apr-35 Working
McCormack Mich Aug-19 O'Connell Street Tailor Convent N.S i 299 Aug-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
McCormack John Sep-21 Corrovorrin Painter     363 Aug-28    
McCormack Joseph   Barrack Street Tailor Convent N.S S Inf 405 Jun-29    
McDonough Christopher       Ennis N.S NS iii 435 Oct-29 May-33 left school
McEnery Michael Feb-13 8 Kilrush road Fr Dead Ennis N.S i 128 Oct-23    
McFadden Hugh Sep-11 Quin Baker Quin vi 230 Aug-26 Sep-26 Secondary School
McGann Thomas Nov-09 Knock, Inch Farmer Inch vi 3 Jan-26    
McGillacuddy Fras Mar-11 Crusheen Ex R.I.C. Crusheen vi 233 Aug-26 Aug-31 Secondary School
McGillicuddy James Mar-14         111 Aug-24    
McHenry Michael Feb-18 Lifford       211 Apr-26   Working
McHugh Patrick Jun-15 Church St Butcher Convent N.S ii 94 Aug-22    
McHugh Vincent Feb-16 Church St Butcher Convent N.S ii 95 Aug-22    
McHugh John Nov-18 25 Church St Butcher   Inf 188 Apr-22 Aug-31 Secondary School
McInerney Michael Jun-16 New Road Ex RIC     41 Sep-21    
McKey Dermot Dec-11 Cragleigh Farmer Inch iii 42 Aug-25 Sep-26  
McMahon Thomas Dec-11 41 St. Flannan's Tce Boots     7 Apr-19    
McMahon Terence May-16 Steele's Tce Ex keeper   Inf 163 Feb-23    
McMahon Patrick Jan-13 Clarecastle Labourer Clarecastle NS vi 236 Aug-26 Sep-26 Secondary School
McMahon Martin Oct-12   Farmer Turlough NS vi 258 Sep-26 Jan-28  
McMahon Nicholas Apr-20 Fountain Farmer Convent N.S Inf 302 Aug-28 Jul-33 Secondary School
McMahon Edward Aug-16 Spancill Hill Farmer Clooney NS v 345 Aug-28 Aug-29 Secondary School
McMahon Michael Oct-21 Fountain Farmer Convent N.S S Inf 369 Aug-28    
McMahon John Apr-14 Ballytigue, Ruan Farmer Ruan NS ii 431 Aug-29 Aug-31 Secondary School
McMahon Vincent   Tulla Farmer Tulla NS vi 461 Apr-30 Jun-30 Secondary School
McMahon John May-14 Ballytigue, Ruan Farmer Moyrhee vi 467 Aug-29    
McMahon Michael Oct-14 St. Anne's, Clare Road District Manager Insurance St. Mary's CBS, Limerick vi 486 Aug-30 Jul-30 Secondary School
McMahon Thomas Jul-20 St. Anne's, Clare Road District Manager Insurance St. Mary's CBS, Limerick iv 487 Aug-30 Jul-33 Secondary School
McNamara Patrick May-15 Hazelwood, Quin Farmer Quin NS vi 386 Jan-29 Aug-29 Secondary School
McNeil Denis Jun-14 Bank Place Postmaster Convent N.S i 40 Oct-22 Jun-26 St. Flannan's
Meany Francis Jos May-20 Rockmount Clerk Blackweir i 294 Aug-27 Jun-30 Went to Cork
Millar John Apr-13 2 Bank Place Fr dead Ennis N.S N. S. vi 53 Aug-25 Sep-26  
Millar Bernard Nov-14 Cloughleigh Labourer Ennis N.S. Inf 196 Aug-23 Jan-31 Secondary School
Millar Sean Aug-23 Corcally Lane Labourer Convent N.S i 474 Aug-30 Jan-34 Went to Glin
Molloy Peter   Bohreen Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 271 Jan-27 Jul-32 Working
Molloy Vincent Apr-22 Fergus Row Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 403 Apr-29    
Moloney Joseph Jul-13 Turnpike Fr Dead Convent N.S i 97 Aug-21    
Moloney Gerard Apr-15 New Road Baker     98 May-19    
Moloney Michael Nov-16 Steele's Tce Clerk   Inf 130 Jan-22    
Moloney Patrick Mar-18 New Road Baker   Inf 190 Feb-23 Aug-31 Secondary School
Moloney Francis Jan-19 Circular Road Railway Convent N.S Inf 191 Jan-26 Jul-32 Secondary School
Moloney James May-17 Circular Road Railway Convent N.S Inf 192 Sep-24 Aug-31 Secondary School
Moloney James Dec-18 Turnpike Fr Dead Convent N.S Inf 193 Aug-25 Mar-31 Dublin
Moloney Martin Nov-19 Steele's Tce Clerk Convent N.S i 261 Nov-26 Jul-32 Secondary School
Moloney William Nicholas Apr-19 Turnpike Carpenter Ennis N.S NS V 316 Aug-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Moloney James Aug-16 Corahane, Quin   Clooney NS v 341 Aug-28 Aug-29 Secondary School
Moloney John Sep-21 4 Steele's Tce Clerk Convent N.S S Inf 362 Aug-28    
Moloney Francis Jun-23 Steele's Tce Accountant Convent N.S i 476 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Moloney Sean Aug-23 Circular Road Railway Worker Convent N.S S Inf 497 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Monahan Joseph Nov-13 Causeway Railwayman Convent N.S i 132 Aug-23 Sep-26  
Monahan Thomas Nov-14 Causeway Railwayman Convent N.S i 162 Aug-20    
Monahan Matthew Ant May-19 Mill Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 227 Aug-26 Aug-32 Secondary School
Monahan Patrick Aug-20 Causeway Labourer Convent N.S i 314 Aug-27 Jul-35 St. Flannan's
Moran Michael Sep-21 County Home Storekeeper Convent N.S i 350 Aug-28 Aug-34 Secondary School
Morgan Christopher Nov-11     Ennis N.S.   15 Jan-19 May-26  
Morgan Michael Jos May-23 26 St. Flannan's Tce Labourer Convent N.S i 471 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Moroney Stanislaus Nov-10 Francis St Tailor Convent N.S Inf 6 Aug-23 Apr-26  
Moroney Brendan Oct-13 66 Parnell Street Tailor Ennis N.S 5 114 Aug-25    
Moroney Michael Jun-12         131 May-23    
Moroney John Dec-15 Parnell St Tailor Ennis N.S NS iii 237 Aug-26 Aug-30 Secondary School
Moroney Gerard Jan-21 9 Market Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 320 Aug-27    
Moroney Gerard   The Market Shopkeeper     364 Aug-28    
Mulcahy George Feb-16 na       133 Apr-24    
Mulcahy Hubert Feb-20 Cloughleigh Farmer St. Peter's Worcester Mass USA iii 385 Oct-28 Aug-33 Secondary School
Murphy Christopher May-18         195 Aug-24 Aug-31 Secondary School
Murphy Francis Apr-21 Turnpike Clerk SH Convent N.S Haddington Road i 334 Aug-27    
Neville John Dec-15 Turnpike Tailor Ennis N.S i 99 Aug-22    
Neylon Vincent Dec-14 16 Parnell St Shopkeeper Ennis N.S NS iii 134 Aug-25    
Neylon Joseph Mar-16 16 Mill St Shopkeeper Ennis N.S i 164 Aug-25    
Neylon Frances Nov-18 16 Parnell St Shopkeeper Convent N.S Inf 197 Aug-25 Aug-31 Secondary School
Neylon Flannan Dec-20 Home Barracks Shopkeeper Convent N.S S Inf 353 Aug-28 Died Died
Nono Charles Aug-14 59 Parnell Street Grocer Convent N.S i 44 Aug-22    
Nono Bernard F Oct-15 59 Parnell Street Grocer Convent N.S inf 45 Sep-22    
Noonan George Dec-11 Reservoir Widow Ennis N.S vi 46 Aug-25 Sep-26  
Noonan Michael Oct-15 Tunassa, Inch Farmer Kilnamona iv 347 Aug-28 Aug-30 Secondary School
O'Barra Peadar Mairtin Oct-22 Kilnacally Farmer and Herdsman Convent N.S S Inf 450 Jan-30 Jul-35 na
O'Brien Albert Jan-11 Circular Road Fr. Dead Ennis N.S. ii 12 Aug-22    
O'Brien Michael   Turnpike Mail Car Driver Ennis N.S NS i 490 Aug-30 Jul-35 Secondary School
O'Connell Michael Jan-14 Borheen   Moneygall ii 47 Aug-25 Sep-26  
O'Connell Francis Jul-16 Harmony Row Clerk P.O. Private i 101 Aug-20    
O'Connell Gerard Aug-18 30 Harmony Row Clerk P.O.   Inf 198 Apr-23 Aug-31 Secondary School
O'Connell Michael Jul-12 19 Parnell Street Tailor Ennis N.S NS iv 229 Aug-26 Sep-26 left school
O'Connor John Jan-10 Barrack Street Shunter Ry Ennis N.S.   4 Sep-20 Apr-26  
O'Dea John   O'Connell Street Draper Private Miss Hegarty i 432 Sep-29 Aug-34 St. Flannan's
O'Donohue Laurence Jun-18 16 O'Connell St Shopkeeper Convent N.S Inf 199 Apr-24 Aug-31 Secondary School
O'Driscoll Thomas Jan-15 Causeway Fr. Dead Maradyke, Cork i 200 Feb-23 Jun-30 Working
O'Flanagan Clement   Newmarket Publican Newmarket ii 468      
O'Gorman Michael Jul-15 Kilrush Road Fitter Ry Ennis N.S NS Inf 135 Aug-23    
O'Grady John Dec-13 Turnpike Labourer Ennis N.S i 100 Aug-23 Jun-28 Ennis N.S
O'Grady John Jan-21 Ballycoree, Springfield Cott Ennis N.S Farmer Convent N.S S Inf 359 Aug-28 Feb-37 Vocational school
O'Grady Charles Jul-28 Cloughleigh Farmer Ballinruan ii 384 Oct-28 Aug-33 Secondary School
O'Grady Brendan 1922 The Market Publican Convent N.S Inf 423 Aug-29    
O'Grady Desmond Jun-22 Church Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S   430 Oct-29 Aug-35 St. Flannan's
O'Grady Edward   Ballyalla       456   Jul-35 Secondary School
O'Grady Sean Aug-21 Kilnaboy, Ruan Farmer Fr Dead   vi 457   Aug-30  
O'Grady John Chris           459 Feb-30    
O'Halloran Patrick Jun-13 Lifford Shopkeeper   Inf 136 Oct-20 28.11.30 Working
O'Halloran John   Causeway       458      
O'Kelly Eamonn Aug-21 Cornmarket Horse Trainer Convent N.S Inf 425 Aug-29 Look at 410  
O'Leary John Jan-16 Kilnamona, Shalloe Farmer Kilnamona v 420 Aug-29 Jun-30 Secondary School
O'Loughlin Michael   Market Street Labourer Ennis N.S. iv 21 Aug-23    
O'Loughlin Anthony Oct-12 23 Market Labourer Ennis N.S ii 102 Aug-23    
O'Loughlin Vincent Jul-12 Causeway Labourer Convent N.S i 103 Jun-19   Tylers Ennis N.S
O'Loughlin Patrick Feb-14 Causeway Gardener Convent N.S Inf 137 Jun-20    
O'Loughlin John Jan-17 Clareen Mason   inf 165 Feb-23    
O'Loughlin Patrick Feb-14 Doora Farmer Ennis N.S NS v 209 Apr-26 Aug-28 Secondary School
O'Loughlin James Feb-16 Doora Farmer Ennis N.S NS iii 210 Apr-26 Aug-28 Secondary School
O'Loughlin Mich Thos Dec-19 New Road Labourer Convent N.S i 265 Jan-27   Secondary School
O'Loughlin Patrick Mar-20 34 Mill Street Publican Inagh i 280 Mar-27 Jun-33 Secondary School
O'Loughlin Patrick Feb-22 Mental House Mill street Ploughman Convent N.S S Inf 373 Aug-28    
O'Loughlin Michael Jul-21 Mill Street Asylum Publican Convent N.S S Inf 383 Oct-28    
O'Loughlin John   Doora Publican Ennis N.S NS ii 433 Oct-29 Aug-32 Secondary School
O'Loughlin Brian Jan-22 34 Mill Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S Inf 452 Jan-22 Jul-35 Secondary School
O'Neill Michael   Fountain Cross Labourer Corofin NS i 491 Aug-30 Jul-34 Started working
O'Reidy Peter Paul   St. Flannan's Tce Carter Convent N.S iii 436 Oct-29 Jul-33 Secondary School
O'Riordan Florence May-22 Church Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S Inf 400 Feb-29    
O'Shaughnessy Pat Jos   Darragh P.O. Fr. Dead Ballyea NS vi 228 Aug-26 Sep-26 Secondary School
O'Sullivan Patrick Jos Apr-16 Lakefield, Corofin Farmer Corofin NS iv 377 Sep-28 Jun-30 Secondary School
O'Sullivan Michael Aug-23 Clonroad More Farmer Convent N.S S Inf 498 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Queally Patrick Dec-16 Drumcliffe Labourer   Inf 201 Apr-24 Jun-31 Working
Queally John Dec-17 Drumcliffe Labourer   Inf 202 Apr-24 Aug-31 Secondary School
Quin Patrick Jun-18 Mill Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 226 Aug-26 Aug-31 Secondary School
Quin John Sep-15 Drumbiggle Farmer Ennis N.S NS v 308 Aug-27    
Quinn Michael Apr-14 Turnpike Printer Convent N.S i 57 Aug-21    
Quinn Michael Mar-20 Mill Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S S Inf 300 Aug-27 Jul-32  
Quinn James   Brady's Lane Soldier Templmore i 329 Feb-28    
Quirke Timothy Jan-14 Clonroad Postman Ennis N.S NS vi 223 Aug-26 Sep-26 Secondary School
Reidy Patrick Sep-19 New Road Keeper Asy   Inf 166 Sep-23 Aug-30 Secondary School
Reidy John May-22 Ballycoree Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 404 May-22    
Reidy Sean Jun-23 New Road Asylum Attendant Convent N.S i 481 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Reynolds Edward Jul-18 Cloghleigh Clerk Convent N.S i 279 Feb-27    
Riordan John J Jul-15 Abbey St Shopkeeper Macroom 2 104 Jan-24    
Roberts Michael Oct-21 Clonroad Railway Porter Clonroad S Inf 375 Aug-28 Aug-34 St. Flannan's
Roberts Patrick Jul-23 Clonroad Railway Gd Convent N.S i 482 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Rogers John Oct-12 Durrow, Spancilhill Farmer Durra NS v 257 Sep-26    
Rogers Cornelius Mar-16 Spancill Hill Farmer   vi 335 Aug-27 Aug-28 Secondary School
Rosingrave Michael Jul-13 Ballyline Farmer Crusheen iii 145 Jan-26    
Roughan Cornelius Feb-13 Stamer park Shopkeeper Private i 50 Aug-21 Sep-26  
Roughan Vincent Apr-12 Bindon Street Shopkeeper   Inf 138 Aug-23    
Roughan John Jun-17 Causeway Shopkeeper   Inf 139 Aug-23    
Roughan Timothy Jan-19 Fountain Farmer Toonagh NS i 321 Aug-27 Aug-31 Secondary School
Roughan Gerard Feb-17 Fountain Farmer Toonagh NS ii 322 Aug-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Russell Francis Jan-12 Butter market Fr dead Ennis N.S. i 19 Apr-21 Sep-26  
Ryan John (a) Mar-14 Bindon Street Bank Clk Convent N.S i 48   Sep-26  
Ryan John (b) May-15         49 Nov-25    
Ryan Clement Jul-15 25 Parnell St Shopkeeper Ennis N.S NS Inf 140 Apr-21    
Ryan Charles May-17 4 Mill Street Shopkeeper Ennis N.S Inf 204 Apr-21 Nov-32 Working
Ryan Martin Sep-13 Vinegar Lane Weigh Master Ennis N.S NS iv 242 Aug-26    
Ryan Gerard Feb-17 Bindon Street Bank Clk Private ii 252 Sep-26 Mar-27 Portlarington
Ryan Patrick Mar-19 Buttermarket Railway Ennis N.S NS ii 303 Aug-27 Jul-32 Secondary School
Ryan Benjamin Michael Sep-15 Ballyduff, Barefield Farmer Barefield NS iv 331 Apr-28 Jun-30 Working
Ryan Patrick Flannan Dec-17 Ballyduff, Barefield Farmer Barefield NS iii 332 Apr-28 Aug-31 Secondary School
Ryan Daniel   St. Flannan's Tce Railway Miles Man Convent N.S Inf 440 Sep-28    
Ryan Joseph   Bindon Street Ex Soldier Ennis N.S NS ii 445   Jul-35 At Home
Ryan Thomas Aug-22 Bindon Street Ex Soldier Ennis N.S NS i 446 Jan-30 Jul-36 Went working
Ryan Edward Aug Ballyduff, Barefield Farmer Barefield NS iii 483 Aug-30 Jul-34 Secondary School
Ryan Michael Aug-20 Kilnamona Farmer Kilnamona iii 488 Aug-30 Jul-33 Secondary School
Scales Christopher Nov-14 Borheen Motor man   Inf 141 Aug-20    
Scanlan Francis Sep-15 The Asylum Engineman   Inf 142 Apr-21    
Scanlan Brendan May-17 The Asylum Engineman   Inf 167 Apr-21 Aug-30 Secondary School
Scanlan Michael   20 Market St Fr. Dead Ennis N.S NS iii 241 Aug-26 Sep-26  
Seery Christopher   Too young. Sent home.       443   Look at new book  
Shanahan Cornelius Nov-12 23 St. Flannan's Tce Painter Ennis N.S Inf 58 Jan-20    
Shanahan Harold Jun-21 Old Military Barracks   Convent N.S Inf 395 Jan-29    
Shannon John May-14 Brady's Lane Motor man   Inf 144      
Shannon Michael Oct-17 Mill Street Petrol Carman Convent N.S Inf 203 Sep-20 Jun-31 Working
Shannon Patrick Jul-17 Brady's Lane Carman Convent N.S Inf 205 Sep-20 Aug-30 Ennis
Shannon William Jan-20 Brady's Lane Labourer Convent N.S Inf 278 Jan-27 Jun-33 Secondary School
Shaw Brendan Oct-12 Abbeyview, Clarecastle Banker Tulla NS vi 285 Apr-27 Jan-28 Clarecastle
Shaw Reginald Dec-14 Abbeyview, Clarecastle Bank Tulla NS iv 286 Apr-27 Aug-29 Secondary School
Shaw William Nov-22 Abbeyview, Clarecastle Bank Manager -Dead na   460 Mar-30 Mar-31 Went to Clarecastle
Shiels Sean Flannan Jan-23 Lifford Garage     466 Jan-23 Aug-31 Secondary School
Skerritt Michael Oct-21 Borheen Ex Soldier Convent N.S S Inf 392 Jan-29    
Skerritt Joseph 1922 Borheen Ex Soldier (B) Convent N.S Inf 421 Aug-29 Look at 453  
Skerritt Joseph Feb-22 Borheen Labourer Convent N.S Inf 453 Aug-30 Jul-34 Working
Slattery Francis Apr-12 1 Parnell Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S inf 11 Mar-20 Sep-26  
Slattery Patrick Aug-16 Clonroad More Farmer Convent N.S Inf 143 Apr-23    
Slattery Kevin Leo Feb-21 Clonroad More Farmer Convent N.S S Inf 357 Aug-28    
Slattery Michael Aug-23 Clonroad More Farmer Convent N.S i 480 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
Slattery Michael Aug-23 Clonroad More Farmer Convent N.S S Inf 496 Aug-30    
Smith Patrick May-12 2 Carmody St Widow     56 Sep-17 Apr-28 Ennis N.S
Smith Michael R Sep-22 Steele's Tce Builder Convent N.S   442 Oct-29 Jul-35  
Spellissy Patrick Sep-17 83 O'Connell St Fr dead Convent N.S Inf 168   Aug-30 Secondary School
Spellissy Brendan Oct-20 73 O'Connell St Cattle Dealer Convent N.S i 310 Aug-28 Aug-34 n
Stack Garrett May-18 Lysaght's Lane Tailor Ennis N.S NS i 206 Aug-25 Aug-31 Secondary School
Stack Joseph   Lysaghts Lane   Ennis N.S NS ii 494 Aug-30 Jul-35 Secondary School
Stack Michael   Lysaghts Lane   Ennis N.S NS ii 495 Aug-30 Jul-35 Secondary School
Strand Charles Dec-14 Steele's Tce Butcher     105 May-20    
Strand Stephen Nov-17 Steele's Tce Butcher   Inf 169 Oct-21 Apr-32 left school, working
Strand John Jul-19 Steele's Tce Butcher Convent N.S i 222 Aug-26    
Strand Francis May-21 Steele's Tce Butcher Convent N.S S Inf 354 Aug-28    
Sullivan Cornelius Sep-11 Kilmaley Farmer Kilmaley vi 106 Aug-25    
Sullivan John Nov-17 Causeway Labourer Ennis N.S NS i 238 Aug-26   Left town
Sullivan Patrick Mar-19 Causeway Labourer Ennis N.S NS i 239 Aug-26   Left town
Thomas Kevin Leo   Drumcliffe       340 May-28    
Tierney Vincent Jul-17 66 O'Connell St Shopkeeper Castlebar NS ii 108 Sep-24    
Tierney Anthony Jan-00 Drumcliffe Farmer Convent N.S i 246 Sep-26    
Tierney Patrick Mar-22 Drumcliffe Farmer Convent N.S Inf 416 Aug-29    
Tuohy George Nov-13 20 Parnell Street Fr dead Convent N.S i 51 Feb-18 Sep-26  
Tuohy James Oct-12 19 Parnell Street Fr dead Convent N.S i 52 Feb-18 Sep-26  
Tuohy John Jun-16 19 Parnell St Fr Dead Convent N.S i 107 Aug-23    
Tuttle Henry Nov-11 Market Street Dead   iv 10 Aug-23 Sep-26  
Walsh Jeremiah Jun-15 66 O'Connell St Shopkeeper Castlebar NS ii 110 Jun-23    
Walsh John Jul-23 O'Connell Street Shopkeeper Convent N.S i 479 Aug-30 Jul-36 Secondary School
White John Apr-18 Post Office Lane Carman Convent N.S Inf 207 Apr-23    
White James Nov-19 Post Office Lane Labourer Convent N.S S Inf 274 Jan-27    
Woods Michael Sep-13 Enright's Yd, Mill St Labourer Ennis N.S iii 109 Apr-24    
Woods Thomas Dec-19 Francis Street Insurance Agt Convent N.S i 264 Jan-27 Aug-27  
Woods Joseph Feb-15 Corkscrew Hill, Ballyvaughan Farmer Cork Hill NS vi 327 Jan-28 Aug-29 Secondary School


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