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Census of Kilfenora and Kiltoraght Parishes, 1866

Census by Townland

Census by Surname


Fr. McCormack’s transcription has been transcribed for this website by Paddy Casey of Switzerland. Thank you Paddy.





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This census of Kilfenora and Kiltoraght Parishes was drawn up in November 1866 by Fr. John Kenny and is preserved in the Parish Archives in Kilfenora. This transcription is based on a 1984 typescript copy made of the original census by Fr. F. McCormack, whose notes are given here:

Fr. McCormack’s Introductory Notes:
“The original of this census is preserved in the parish archives of Kilfenora. It was drawn up by the curate, Fr. Kenny, in November 1866, according to townlands. At a later stage, Fr. Kenny, or some curate, crossed out names writing 'Dead' or 'Gone to America' beside the name. Where this happens in the manuscript, I type the words in capitals. We do not know the date of these insertions.
"When it comes to the listing of children, the Census is not meant to be exhaustive. Where children have already grown, and left home, they are not listed; at other times, the curate may not get all the names down, or may get a wrong name. We must remember also that children died easily in those days, and in a large family they were forgotten in time. Reference is made by Fr Kenny to a previous Census of 1840. This Census has been lost; the only reference to it that we have is that given here.

Abbreviations: H = Husband
W = Wife

Typescript copy made 25th July 1984. Fr. F. McCormack O.D.C.”

Some of the townland names used in the census are not current townland names. Where the current townland names for these areas can be identified, they have been added in the “O. S. Townland” field. The older townland area may differ from the current townland area.