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Deaths in the Liscannor Area 1864-1870

Taken from the Civil Registers transcribed by Sharron Vossoughi at the LDS Library, Salt Lake City, Feb 2000.  (Sharron says reading some of the film was difficult and errors may have occurred in her transcription.)

Liscannor Town

CRO - Chief Resident Officer
NMA - No medical assistance

April 2, 1870
BEAKY, Bridget  ae 50 Spinster.  Mendicant.  Fever 15 days. Certified.
    Partick Clancey CRO, Ennistymon Workhouse.

Jan 30, 1869
BEAKY, Norry  ae 80 Wife of labourer.  Bronchitis.  4 years. NMA.
    Partick Shannon present at death
    Died at Liscannor.

April 21, 1869
BEAKY, Patrick  ae 87 Labourer.  Married.  Brnochitis for 10 day.   Certified.
    Ellen Beaky present at death.
    Died at Liscannor

Jan 8, 1869
BLAKE, Peter  ae 55 Cart maker.  Married.  Chronic bronchitis.  10 y. Certified
    Mary Blake present at death.
    Died Main St., Ennistymon.

July 9, 1869
BURKE, Mary  ae 4 Dau of labourer.  Died from a scald.  Information rec'd from Coroner, John Cullinan.
    Died at Derreen

March 16, 1864
BYRNES, Thomas ae 65 Diabetes for 18 months.  Certified
    J.M. Higgins present at death

Aug. 10, 1870
CARMODY, Michael ae 63 Farmer.  Married.  Chronic bronchitis 10 days.  NMA.
    Thomas Carmody present at death.
    Died at Ballyfawdeen.

April 13, 1866
CARTHY, Patrick 13m  Son of farmer.  Bronchitis, 4 months.  NMA.
    22d. Bridget Parker in attendance during illness.
    Died Kilconnell, Union of Ennistymon.

Nov. 12, 1866
CONOLE, John 8mo Farmer's son Bronchitis/2days NMA
    Bridget Connole present at death.
    D. Ballycotton

Jan. 20, 1868
CONOLE, Margaret ae 38 Wife of farmer.  Phleymanan dalens. 3 weeks.  Certified
    Michael Conole present at death
    Died at Ballycotton

June 8, 1867
CONSIDINE, Biddy ae 36 Spinster. Tenant. Sirophahan 6 years - Apoplexy 9 days.
    DC signed by Dennis Kean CRO - Ennistymon Workhouse

Sept. 23, 1869
CONSIDINE, Bridget ae 45 Wife of farmer.  Perforated intestine and effusion into pentonenon.  Certified.
    Anthony Considine present at death
    Died at Liscannor

June 3, 1867
CONSIDINE, John 2 mo Son of teacher.  Convulsions 1 day.  Certified.
    Patrick Considine present at death.
    Died Liscannor.

June 1, 1870
CONSIDINE, John ae 60 Laborer. Married.  Heart disease 4 yr.  Anadarea 2m. Cert.
    Nancy Considine present at death.

Clare County Library wishes to thank Clare Local Studies Project for preparation of text for this publication.

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