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The Delahunty Family History:
From Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland to Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
by Catherine Delahunty
Chapter 10: Visit to Ennis 1992 & Conclusion

In 1992 my brother, Peter and I visited Ennis. Peter originally commenced research into the family mystery in the late 1970’s and during 1979 visited Ennis where he spent many hours closeted in the office of the “Clare Champion” locating the newspaper reports which form much of this publication. He was informed that a plaque which previously marked the spot of the murder of John Doolaghty had earlier been removed probably for roadway reconstruction. No trace was found of the final resting place of John Doolaghty and inquiries made since have failed to reveal the location. Time was a limiting factor in our search. However we presume that the probable resting-place of John Doolaghty is likely to be Kilraghtis Cemetery if burial was from the Barefield Church nearby. In Ennis we were given information by the Librarian that a broadcast had been made over Radio Eireann on the Francis Hynes Execution. During our brief stay in Dublin we visited that station at Donnybrook where we first heard the tape which forms part of this history, and later a copy was received from the Producer.

With the documentation of the arrival of the Delahunty family in Dunedin in June 1883 another chapter in their history commenced. It is I feel appropriate for me to lay aside the saga at this point for my prime reason for undertaking research and writing this history was to solve our family mystery. This to some degree has been accomplished but questions will always remain unanswered. We know for the most part the events of that 1882 summer in Ennis were not spoken about, no doubt due to the natural reticence of folk living at that time, a wish to put the events of the past behind them and even some fear of reprisals from Ireland. My observation is that Elizabeth would not have wished this story told but her courage and determination (she was illiterate at her marriage in 1864) in the face of overwhelming odds should be a source of inspiration to her descendants. We should be justly proud of her personal attributes. Surely the story needed to be chronicled for this reason alone!
Perhaps at a later time one of today’s generation may wish to amend or add to this history and tell the story of their branch of the family as it relates to the overall picture of our Delahunty line. If so my wish is that you will find it as challenging and rewarding as I have done.

Finally to all who have helped in so many ways - the Dunedin Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, especially Jim Marshall who is also Co-Ordinator of the Latter Day Saints Family History Centre, John Perry Convenor of the Irish Group within the local Genealogy Branch, Lorraine Harris of LB’S Word Processing and Mike Hickling who generously allowed me use of computer and home, and to all Family Members without whose help and encouragement this history would not have been written - my sincere thanks.

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