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The Delahunty Family History:
From Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland to Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
by Catherine Delahunty
Chapter 11: Delahunty Family Tree

Earlier details of probable forebears contained in Chapter 2 “Report from Clare Heritage Centre, Corofin".

Note: Volume No’s refer to Irish Registration No Index Births, Marriages & Deaths, held Dublin, or NZ Index held Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

    Born c. 1838 probably Doora, Co Clare, Ireland
    Father: John DOOLAGHTY
    Died: 10.7.1882 Drumdoolaghty, Co Clare, Ireland
    Married: 23.6.1864 Barefield RC Church, Ennis
    To Whom Married: Elizabeth O’CONNOR
    Born: c. 1844 Co Clare, Ireland (Fr Peter O’CONNOR, Mthr: Margaret RYAN)
    Elizabeth Died: 25.7.1924 Dunedin V. 2709 Buried Southern Cemetery RC Portion
    Peter O’CONNOR Born: Abt 1804
    Died 3.2.1889 Workhouse, Ennis
    Margaret RYAN: Born: Abt 1808
    Died: 26.9.1867 Workhouse, Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland
  1. Michael DOOLAGHTY
    Baptised 8.7.1865
    Doora RC Parish Co Clare, Ireland
    Civil Registration shows name as “Michael DULOUGHNY”) V.14 P.245
    Died: 8.6.1947 Dunedin, V.2243 Buried Andersons Bay Cemetery
    Married: 27.6.1901 V.2749 St Josephs RC Cathedral, Dunedin
    To Whom Married: Catherine (Kate) HEALY
    Baptised 2.12.1866 Castlegar RC Parish, Co Galway, Ireland
    Died: 7.10.1938 Dunedin Buried Andersons Bay Cemetery
    Daughter of: Patrick HEALY and Ellen (LAWLESS), Menlo, Co Galway, Ireland, later Naseby and Dunedin, NZ

    1.1 Eileen Elizabeth DELAHUNTY
    Born: 22.12.1903 Dunedin V.1119 (1904)
    Married: 1932 Dunedin V. 6070
    Died: 21.12.2003 Oamaru Buried: 22.12.03 Oamaru Cemetery
    To Whom Married: James Henry HARRIS
    Born: 1903 Clinton V.1236
    Died: 10.4.1987 Oamaru Buried 13.4.1987 Oamaru Cemetery

    1.2 Violet Mary DELAHUNTY
    Born: 19.3.1905 Dunedin V.2533
    Died: 9.1.2005 Dunedin Buried 13.1.2005 Andersons Bay Cemetery

1.3 John James DELAHUNTY
Born: 23.9.1906 Dunedin V.5549
Died: 19.10.1968 Dunedin V.4/5682 Buried 22.10.1968 Andersons Bay Cemetery
Married: 31.10.1945 St Bernadettes RC Dunedin V.13825
To Whom Married: Margaret Alma CONNOR
Born: 13.5.1915 Dunedin V.3179
Died: 22.8.1994 Dunedin Buried 26.8.1994 Andersons Bay Cemetery

John James Delahunty
  1. Patrick DOOLAGHTY
    Baptised: March? 1867
    Doora RC Parish Co Clare, Ireland
    Civil Registration shows name as “Patrick DELOHUNTY” V.9 P.256
    Died: 3.8.1955 Dunedin Buried Andersons Bay Cemetery V.4270
    Married: 8.4.1901 St Josephs RC Cathedral Dunedin V.2736
    To Whom Married: Elizabeth KEENAN
    Born: 1877 Dunedin V2/1711
    Died: 16.3.1963 Christchurch Buried Andersons Bay Cemetery V.3/3409
Patrick Doolaghty
2.1 Margaret Helena DELAHUNTY
Born: 15.12.1901 Dunedin V.1013=1904
Died: 1984 Invercargill
Married: 27.4.1927 V.3376
To Whom Married: John Aloysius FEELEY
Born: 1891 Ballycastle, Ireland
Died: 1980 Invercargill V.23920
2.2 James Marcus DELAHUNTY
Born: 13.5.1903 Dunedin V.3633
Died: 6.1.1990 Sydney, Australia
Married: October 1939 St Mary’s RC Cathedral Sydney, Australia
To Whom Married: Marie Mona FARDELL
Born: 16.11.1915
Died: 27.1.2004 Sydney, Australia
2.3 Arthur John DELAHUNTY
Born: 6.1904 Dunedin V.3855
Died: 1978 Upper Hutt V.2/24054
Married: (1) 1929 Wellington V.3339
To Whom Married: (1) Mary Gladys MCLELLAN
Born: 1906 Waipawa V.2695
Died: 21.8.1983 Christchurch
Married (2) 1948 V.15064
To Whom Married: (2) Thora LINK

2.4 Joseph DELAHUNTY
Born: 28.8.1906 Dunedin V.3/4133
Died: 12.8.1980 Timaru V.14864 Buried 14.8.1980 Waimairi Cemetery
Married: 2.4.1934 Dunedin V.3153
To Whom Married: Evelyn Margaret WRIGHT
Born: 1909 Dunedin V.2866
Died: 14.1.1979 Christchurch V.3/1430 Buried 15.1.1979 Waimairi Cemetery
2.5 Elizabeth DELAHUNTY
Born: 17.9.1909 Dunedin V.4/6039
Married: 13.12.1941 Dunedin V.11961
Died: 2006 Christchurch
To Whom Married: Edward James ROUGHAN
Born: 16.7.1911 Millers Flat V.4605
Edward Died: 31.5.1967 Christchurch V.3/1855
2.6 Kathleen DELAHUNTY
Born 8.10.1912 Dunedin V.6293
Died: 13.2.2003 Dunedin Buried 17.2.2003 Green Park Cemetery
Married: 1946 Dunedin V.18090
To Whom Married: William Alexander JOHNSTONE
Born: c.1911 Scotland
William Died: 1969 Dunedin V.4/4754

2.7 Mary Rosary DELAHUNTY
Born: 17.12.1917 Dunedin
Married: 6.1.1942 St Josephs RC Cathedral, Dunedin V.1641
Died: 1.10.2000 Dunedin Buried 3.10.2000 Green Park Cemetery
To Whom Married: Charles William COLLINS
Born: 1910 Kurow V.3/6069
Died: 9.5.1968 Dunedin V.4/2027 Buried: 11.5.1968 Andersons Bay Cemetery

  1. Margaret DELAHUNTY
    Baptised: 9.5.1869
    Doora RC Church Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland
    Died: 11.11.1893 Roslyn, Dunedin
    Buried 13.11.1893 Southern Cemetery R C Portion V.2169
    Cause of Death: (1) pneumonia, (2) mumps (3) anaemia
  1. Peter DELAHUNTY
    Baptised: 7.2.1872 Civil Reg “DULOUGHTY” V9. P.263
    Doora RC Church Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland
    Died: 1946 Auckland V.3744
    Married: 1913 Auckland V.6651
    To Whom Married: Mary Beatrice McDUFF
    Born: 1875 Shortland, Auckland V.2/586
    Mary Beatrice BUNTING
    Died: 1950 Auckland V.2842
Peter Delahunty

4.1 Madge Rosary DELAHUNTY
Born: 21.6.1914 Thames V.3/3882
Died: 28.5.1992 Auckland
Married: 6.9.1946 Auckland V.11700
To Whom Married: John Seymour HARPIN
Born: 29.9.1902 Birmingham, England
Died: 2.4.1988 Auckland

4.2 Albert Joseph DELAHUNTY
Born: 1916 Thames V.2/1916
Died: 1943 Auckland V.531

4.3 Female DELAHUNTY (Living) –

    Baptised 2.5.1875 Civil Reg “DOONAGHTY” V.9 P229
    Doora RC Church Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland
    Died: 8.10.1918 Clyde V.4/4481 Buried 10.1918 Southern Cemetery RC portion
    Baptised: 9.3.1877
    Doora RC Church Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland
    Died: 6.1.1965 Masterton V.765
    Married: 25.7.1906 St Josephs RC Cathedral, Dunedin V.5168
    To Whom Married: John Joseph FORD
    Born: 1873 Gabriels, Otago, NZ V.1/375
    Died: 18.9.1939 Dunedin V.3525 Buried Andersons Bay Cemetery

6.1 Margaret Mary FORD (Sister Margaret Mary, Dominican Order)
Born: 22.5.1907 Dunedin V.2/2722
Died: 17.8.1989 Lower Hutt

6.2 Kathleen Elizabeth FORD
Born: 22.7.1908, Dunedin V.3/4327
Died: 11.6.1997 Carterton
Buried: 17.6.1997 Masterton
Married: 7.9.1940 Dunedin V.11724
To Whom Married: Harold Edwin SKUDDER
Born: 16.11.1902 Tonga
Died: 6.7.1973 Masterton

6.3 Leonard John FORD
Born: 17.12.1912 Dunedin V.6350
Died: 24.4.1937 Dunedin V.1939 Buried: Andersons Bay Cemetery

6.4 Cyril James FORD
Born: 30.6.1915 Dunedin V.4849
Died: 31.7.1984 Dunedin Buried 3.8.1984 Green Park Cemetery, Dunedin
Married: 25.8.1951 Wellington V.9643
To Whom Married: Ellen Agnes Nancy MURPHY
Born: 1920 Wellington V.2/3008
Died: 4.6.2002 Mosgiel Buried: 10.6.2002 Green Park Cemetery

  1. Elizabeth DELAHUNTY
    Baptised: 27.7.1879
    Doora RC Church Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland
    Probably died young: 1879-pre August 1882 Co Clare, Ireland

  2. James DELAHUNTY
    Baptised: 11.8.1880
    Doora RC Church Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland
    Died: 7.1.1898 Dunedin Buried: 9.1.1898 Dunedin Southern Cemetery RC portion

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