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List of Subscriptions to the new Diocesan College, 1881

Clare Freeman and Ennis Gazette, 10 December 1881

Transcription by Local Studies Centre, Clare County Library.

Family Name First Name Title Address Occupation
A Friend        
Ahern Jeremiah      
Bunton Timothy     Solicitor
Barrett John      
Barrett Joseph      
Blackwell Joseph      
Blanchfield   Mrs    
Bowles John      
Brennan   Miss    
Brennan Thomas      
Brooks Thomas      
Byrne John      
Caher John     T.C.
Cahir Thomas      
Cahill James      
Cahill James      
Cahir George     T.C.
Callinan Denis      
Cangley John      
Cannock & Co.        
Carey Michael      
Carmody John V.S.    
Carmody Michael      
Carmody Patrick      
Carmody Patt      
Carroll   Mr    
Casey Martin      
Cassidy   Mrs    
Christian Brothers        
Clancy Stephen      
Cleary John      
Clune Thomas      
Coffey Thomas      
Coghlan Michael      
Collins Michael      
Connellan Michael      
Considine John      
Considine Michael      
Considine Patt      
Corbett Patrick      
Costelloe James      
Cotter John      
Coughlan Michael      
Cronin James      
Crowe John      
Culligan Denis      
Cullinan   Miss    
Cullinan   Mrs    
Cullinan   Mrs   Doctor
Cullinan John      
Cullinan John     Solicitor
Cullinan Michael      
Cullinan Morty      
Cullinan Ralph      
Cullinan Thomas      
Cunningham John      
Curtin Michael      
Curtin Sinon      
Daffy Mrs      
Daffy Patt      
Daly James      
Daly Patrick      
Darcy Thomas      
D'Arcy       Sergeant Major
Davoren Michael      
Doolaghty John      
Dillon Martin      
Dillon Patrick      
Dillon & Co. P J      
Dillon P. W.     Doctor
Donnellan John      
Downes Thomas      
Duggan John      
Edwards John      
Enright George      
Enright       Doctor
Fahy Pat     Baker
Fahy Thomas     Baker
Finn Thomas      
Finucane   Miss Lifford House  
Finucane Edward      
Finucane Morgan      
Fitzgerald   Mrs    
Fitzpatrick   Mrs    
Flaherty Maria      
Floyd William      
Fogarty Daniel Reverend   Reverend
Foudy Patt      
Frost John     Solicitor
Flaherty Patt      
Foley   Miss    
Franciscan Fathers        
Frisby John      
Gallery David      
Garvey Patrick     T.C.
Galvin   Mrs    
Gilligan John      
Glynn Michael      
Greene M     Doctor
Greene Thomas     J.P.
Griffey Stephen      
Griffin Patt      
Hallinan John      
Hassett C. J.      
Hayes James      
Hayes James      
Healy   Miss    
Healy   Mrs    
Healy George      
Heaphy Michael      
Hickey Patrick      
Hickie Michael G.      
Higgins Mathew      
Hinchy James      
Hogan Miss      
Hogan Daniel      
Hogan John      
Hogan P     Painter
Hogan T Reverend   Reverend
Hyde William      
Keane   Miss    
Keane   Mrs    
Keane   Mrs    
Keane Daniel      
Keane M Mrs    
Keane Patt      
Kelly Charles     County Court Judge
Kennealy Batt      
Kennedy Miss      
Kennedy   Mrs    
Kennedy Eliza Mrs    
Kennedy Francis     V.S.
Kennedy James      
Kennedy J Mrs    
Kennedy John      
Kennedy Thomas      
Kenny M      
Kerin   Miss    
Kerin   Mrs    
Kerin F Miss    
Lally   Mrs    
Lally Martin      
Lalor Michael      
Leahy John      
Lenane James     Supervisor
Lynch Michael      
Lynch Thady      
Lynch Thomas     Solicitor
Loftus John      
Loftus Michael      
McHugh Michael      
McLoughlin F Reverend   Reverend
MacNamara   Mrs    
MacNamara Michael     Solicitor
MacNamara Patrick      
MacTiernan   Captain   Resident Magistrate
McDermott Joseph      
McGann John      
McNamara James      
McInerney John      
McInerney John      
McInerney John      
McInerney Patrick & Denis      
McMahon Andrew      
McParland       Sergeant
Madigan James      
Maguire Thomas      
Malone Michael      
Malone Patt      
Markham James      
Meehan Daniel      
Meehan John      
Miers John      
Miller Michael      
Miniken Albert     Manager N.B.
Moloney   Miss    
Molony John      
Molony John      
Molony Martin      
Molony Mary A. Mrs    
Molony Patrick      
Molony Thomas      
Molony William      
Monahan Mathew      
Monahan Timothy      
Moran Thomas      
Morony James      
Morony John      
Murdock M      
Mungovan Daniel      
Murry Mrs      
Nono Mona      
O'Brien Cornelius      
O'Brien Patrick      
O'Connell M      
O'Connor Francis     Architect
O'Dwyer John G.      
O'Flanagan Martin N.      
O'Grady   Mrs    
O'Halloran   Mrs    
O'Halloran John      
O'Hanlon Mrs      
O'Keeffe John      
O'Keeffe John      
O'Loughlen John      
O'Neill Daniel      
Power Francis      
Power Thomas      
Quin Michael      
Reddan John      
Reidy David      
Rickards William      
Roughan   Mrs    
Roughan Denis      
Roughan John      
Ryan   Mrs    
Ryan Daniel      
Ryan P.J.      
Rynne Michael      
Scully Thomas      
Shanahan Thomas      
Shank Daniel      
Shannon Michael      
Shaw John Esq   T.C.
Sheehan E Miss    
Sheridan Arthur      
Simms   Mrs    
  Clare Miltia Staff      
Spellissey John      
Spellissey Patt      
Stevens   Mrs    
Sullivan Cornelius      
Sullivan Michael      
Sullivan Patrick      
Tubridy David      
Tuohy Daniel      
Walton G.     Solicitor
Whelan   Miss    
Whelan   Mrs    
Whitty J      
Woodward       Major
Wright J.L.      
Smaller Subscriptions        



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