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Lucas's Directory, 1788
A general Directory of the Kingdom of Ireland, 1788 by Richard Lucas

Ennis, County of Clare

Banks, Pierce, apothecary, Goal-st.
[Goal-street is an original misprint of Gaol-street.]
Boland, James, attorney at law, High-street.
Boland, Dennis, chandler and soap-boiler, Mill-street.
Bouchier, Thomas, attorney at law, Goal-st.
Brew, Thomas, attorney at law, Goal-st.
Burke, Richard, surgeon and M.M., Goal-st.
Butler, Pierce, watch-maker, Church-st.
Butler, Mrs., grocer, Gaol-st.

Carmody, Dennis, watch and clock-maker, Gaol-street.
Carrot, Edw., attorney at law, Goal-street.
Clancy, Richard, haberdasher, High-street.
Clary, John, sadler, Gaol-street.
Comyn, Laurence, attorney at law, Beechfield.

Daly, Francis, attorney at law, Bow-lane.
Danaher, Michael, commissioner for taking affidavits in the four Courts, Arthur-row.
Daxon, Giles, wine-merchant, Gaol-street.
Delahunty, Thomas, town-clerk, and commissioner for taking affidavits in the Exchequer, and Common Pleas, Church-st.
Doherty, J., dealer in earthen-ware, Gaol-st.
Donelan, Edmond, linen and woollen-draper, High-street.
Dwyer, Thomas, woollen-draper, Church-st.
Dwyer, Barbara, linen-draper, High-street.
Dwyer, Mrs., grocer, Church-street.

Edwards, Austin, grocer, Church-street.
England, Richard, linen and woollen-draper, Church-street.

Fenn, J., grocer, Church-street.
Finucane, Michael, M.D., Church-street.
Finucane, Francis, M.D., Bow-lane.
Finucane, Michael, grocer, Mill-street.
Fitzgerald, Wm., attorney at law, Mill-st.
Franklin, Francis, M.D., Bow-lane.

Green, Henry, attorney at law, Gaol-street.
Gregg, Jonathan, barrister at law, Hermitage.
Griffin, Richard, apothecary, Church-st.
Griffin, Wm., grocer, High-street.
Groman, Silvester, grocer, Church-street.

Hallaran, Dennis, spirit-dealer, carpenters Arms, Goal-street.
Hallinan, Thomas, grocer, dealer in hardware, and haberdasher, High-street.
Hassett, Michael, distiller, Church-street.
Hernan, Michael, surgeon, and M.M., Gaol-street.
Hickman, James, grocer and spirit-merchant, Kilrush.
Hickey, Michael, grocer and draper, Church-street.
Hogan, Hugh, distiller, Market-street.
Hogan, Thomas, grocer, Church-street.

Kennan, James, grocer, Church-street.
Kervin, Mich., boot and shoe-maker, High-st.
Knox, Thomas, printer and bookseller, Goal-street.

Lardner, T., boot and shoe-maker, Goal-st.
Leader, John, grocer, Church-street.
Loughnan, John, tobacconist, Church-st.
Lysaght, Thomas, chandler and soap-boiler, Mill-street.

M'Donagh, Charles, surgeon, and M.M., Goal-street.
M'Laughlin, Hugh, linen and woollen-draper, High-street.
M'Mahon, -, commissioner for taking affidavits in the King's Bench and Exchequer, Mill-street.
M'Nemara, John, attorney at law, Goal-st.
M'Nemara, John, grocer, Church-street.
M'Nemara, Frank, grocer, and proprietor of the Bleach-green, Church-street.
M'Nemara, Mrs., chandler, Church-street.
M'Nemara, Michael, grocer, Church-st.
M'Nemara, James, shoe and boot-maker, Church-street.
Mahon, Charles, M.D., Gaol-street.
Mallon, Edward, linen and woollen-draper, High-street.
Meade, James, linen and woollen-draper, High-street.

Nunan, M., grocer, Goal-street.

O'Brien, Dennis, distiller, Gaol-st.
O'Brien, Wm., apothecary, Gaol-street.
O'Dea, Gilbert, chandler and soap-boiler, Mill-street.
O'Dea, Joseph, sadler, Church-street.
O'Dea, Mrs., sadler, Church-street.
O'Loughlin, M., grocer, Mill-street.
O'Neal, -, tobacconist, Church-street.

Parsons, Forster, printer and bookseller, Gaol-street.
Pierce, John, apothecary, Arthur's-row.
Powell, Miss, grocer, Gaol-street.
Power, John, distiller and tanner, Mill-st.
Power, Mrs., wine-merchant, High-street.

Roche, James, linen and woollen-draper, High-street.
Roughan, Daniel, linen and woollen-draper, and distiller, Church-street.
Rowand, J., distiller, Church-street.
Ryand, Patrick, grocer and spirit-merchant, Kilrush.

Sheehan, Anthony, linen and woollen-draper, High-street.
Sitred, James, grocer, Mill-street.
Spillisey, Hugh, tanner, Mill-street.
Spillisey, John, M.D., Gaol-street
Spillisey, John, tanner, Meat-Market.
Stackpole, George, barrister at law, Church-street.
Stapleton, Bryan, attorney at law, Church-street.
Stammer, Henry, attorney at law, Gaol-st.

Thally, Thomas, apothecary, Gaol-street.

Wall, Richard, attorney at law, Gaol-st.
Walsh, Michael, boot and shoe-maker, Church-street.
Williams, Matthew, tanner, Gaol-street.
Wolfe, Robert, tanner, Gaol-street.

Lucas's Directory, 1788