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Pigot's Directory, 1824

Part 2: Killaloe: Gentry and Clergy

Arbuthnot, Right Rev. Alexander, Lord Bishop of Killaloe, Palace
Allen, Rev. Henry, Curate, classical academy
Bayly, the very Rev. John, Dean
Cromie, Rev. Wm., O'Gunnally
Garrett, Rev. Robert, L. L. D. and Vicar-general, Castletown-glebe
Grisson, Rev. Geo., O'Gunnally
Hastings, Mr. George, Proctor
Hastings, Stephen, esq., Fort Henry
Hawkins, Mr. Henry, Proctor
McCulloch, Rev. Thos., Treasurer
McCormack, Rev. Morris, P. P., Ballycournay
Martin, Mr. Michael, Proctor
Martin, Rev. Richard, Curate and Registrer
O'Brien, Daniel, esq., Ryninch
O'Brien, Timothy, esq., Killastry
Otway, Rev. Samuel I., Precentor
Parker, Anthony, esq., Castle-lough
Parker, Wm., esq., Ballyvally
Prettyhead, Michl., esq., Derry-castle
Price, the Venerable and Rev. Edw., Archdeacon
Purdon, Simon J., esq., Tinrana
Vesey, the Honourable and Rev. Arthur, Chancellor

Part 2: Killaloe: Post Office


Part 2: Killaloe: Merchants, Tradesmen, &c.