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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

RC Baptism Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish, 1866-1870

Registers by Date

Source: Clondagad/Kilchreest RC Baptism Registers NLI Film 02471/03
Transcriber/Donor: Kevin Murphy, Queensland, Australia

Day Month Year Family Name Child Father Mother Mother's Maiden Name Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Residence Notes
5 Jan 1866 Murphy Patrick Edmond Anne Coffee Martin Coffee Eliza Clancy Lisheen  
6 Jan 1866 Scanlan Hanna John Mary Doohan Patt Halpin Hanna Doohan Breffa  
13 Jan 1866 Sexton Thos Thady Mary Dundon Mary Dundon      
14 Jan 1866 O'Connor Ellon John Mary Keany Michl Reynolds? Mary Reynolds Ballycorick?  
16 Jan 1866 Murphy Mary Edmond Bridget Heher Michl Egan   Knockboy  
17 Jan 1866 Cleary Patt James Bridget Walsh Michl Cleary Bridget Cleary Lisheen  
18 Jan 1866 Hurley? Patt William Bridget McMahon       [Entry confused]
20 Jan 1866 Sexton James Michl Anne Stephens Michl Fitzgerald Margaret Lynch Lanna  
20 Jan 1866 Scanlan Thos John Bridget Scanlan James Scanlan Margt Donnelly Breffa  
21 Jan 1866 Landers Bridget John Bridget Honan Honor Honan   Furroor  
21 Jan 1866 Hennessy James James Bridget Reidy Bath Hennessy   Lisycasy  
24 Jan 1866 Daly Susan James Margt Freeman Patt Kelly Margt Quin Binn?  
24 Jan 1866 McMahon Thos John Mary Ryan Ellen Cleary   Lack  
24 Jan 1866 O'Dea Patt Denis Mary Connors Bridget Birmingham   Lissycasy  
29 Jan 1866 Ryan Bridget Thos Catherine Ryan Patt Purcell Mary Ryan Breffa  
31 Jan 1866 Browne James Patrick Mary Carrick James Carrick Catherine Reidy Ballycorick [Entered again on 11 February]
  Feb 1866 Daly Michl Thomas Anne Keane Ellon Daly   Clondrina  
7? Feb 1866 Quinlivan William Danl Catherine Buttley? John Quinlivan Kate Shea    
12 Feb 1866 Moloney James Patt Catherine Calahan William Moloney Catherine ?   [Twin of John]
12 Feb 1866 Moloney John Patt Catherine Calahan Thos Calahan Bridget Green   [Twin of James]
15 Feb 1866 Ryan Patt Patt Bridget Conway Patt Carey Bridget Townsell    
23 Feb 1866 Kenny Patt Ned Bridget Clune Peter Clune Mary Clune Lissicasy  
23 Feb 1866 Flynn Michl John Anne Hastings Michl Flynn Bridget Hastings   [Twin of Anne]
23 Feb 1866 Flynn Anne John Anne Hastings John Flynn Catherine ?   [Twin of Michl]
  Feb 1866 Crowe Bridget Thady? Mary Connelly Thos O'Donnell      
25 Feb 1866 Collins Mary John Cate Scanlan Patt Connors? Ellon Custy Lissycasy  
26 Feb 1866 Sexton Bridget John Mary Connors Synon Sexton Catherine Sexton Lissycasy  
27 Feb 1866 Cullinan Mary Anne Danl Hanna Griffin Jeremiah Griffin Bridget Griffin Lanna  
1 Mar 1866 O'Dea John Patrick Bridget Fahy John Donnellon Bridget Clancy Wattle Hill  
3 Mar 1866 Carmody Ellen Michl Mary Fahy James Fahy Bridget Griffy    
13 Mar 1866 Daly Patt Patt Bridget Casy Ellen Moroney   Lisheen  
14 Mar 1866 Griffy Patt Thos Mary Clossesy Martin Clossesy Margaret Clossesy    
15 Mar 1866 O'Connor Catherine Thos Mary Meehan Martin Moran Margt Meehan Lisheen  
15 Mar 1866 Murphy Edmond Michl Anne Callinan Edmond Cunnelly Mary Walsh Ballicorick  
16 Mar 1866 Clossesy Mary [blot] Bridget Counelly John Mack Winifred Kelly Lack  
22 Mar 1866 Conlan Patt Martin Mary Considine John Daly Bridget Daly Lavalla  
26 Mar 1866 Barry Ellen Thos Margt Connors Martin Green Susan Green Coolsippeen  
26 Mar 1866 Fitzgerald Michl Thos Mary Bohannan William Dwyer Margt Kelly Coolsippeen [Twin of Thos]
26 Mar 1866 Fitzgerald Thos Thos Mary Bohannan James Meany Mary Bohannan Coolsippeen [Twin of Michl]
27 Mar 1866 Quin James Michl Bridget Daly Michl Fall Bridget Fall Caherea  
27 Mar 1866 Carthy Bridget Michl Margt Custy Michl Carthy Mary Carthy Lanna  
31 Mar 1866 Sheahan Thos Patt Anne Connors Anne Keane   Coolsippeen  
2 Apr 1866 King Mary? John Bridget Casey Catherine Brown   Capanagerah?  
2 Apr 1866 Murphy Michl Edmond Bridget Roche Jas Roche Janie Murphy Enisdea  
2 Apr 1866 Fall Michl Thomas Mary Haloron John Meany? Ellen Murphy? Wattle Hill  
4 Apr 1866 Corbett John Michl Kate Daly Andrew Daly Ellen Daly Caherea  
4 Apr 1866 Mescal Bridget Danl Mary Doohan Thos Ryan Ellen Walsh Breffa  
  Apr 1866 Ginnane Patt Jeremiah Mary Walsh Patt Ginnane Catherine Walsh Coney Island  
18 Apr 1866 Moylan John Martin Mary [blot] John Kennedy Catherine ? Ballicorick  
18 Apr 1866 Clancy John Michael Bridget Madigan Denis Clancy Ellon Clancy Breffa?  
18 Apr 1866 McGaune? Michl John Anne Griffy John Collins Susan Collins Glaun  
20 Apr 1866 Carrane Margt Michl Catherine Conway John Conway Anne Conway Ferrure  
8 May 1866 Scanlan Esther Denis Mary Conway Patrick Bourke Bridget Sexton Lissycasey  
18 May 1866 Gavan John Patrick Mary Doohen James Gavan Mary Gavan Brefa  
18 May 1866 Cusick Mary James Norry McInerheny James Sullivan Margt Fitzgerald    
22 May 1866 Sullivan Johanna John Mary Hickey John Kirrane Mary Garry Glaun  
27 May 1866 Browne John John Catherine Geary Andrew Brown Ellen Browne Lissycasey  
27 May 1866 Clancy Denis? Patrick Mary Daly James Daly Ellon Daly Decomade  
28 May 1866 Loughlin Mary John Bridget Quinlivan John Gavin Mary Quinlivan Paradise  
28 May 1866 Crowley Michl Michl Mary Brown Patt Hart Honor Taffe Ferrure  
30 May 1866 Kerin Michl Patt Margt Toohey Margt Monohan   Drumquin  
31 May 1866 Coughlin Catherine James Bridget Grogan Danl Grogan Ellen Scanlan Braffa  
3 Jun 1866 Carrick Ellon Michl Mary Kelly Michl Kelly Mary Kelly Lissycasy  
9 Jun 1866 Pender John Danl Margt McMahon Patt ? Catherine Pender Braffa  
10 Jun 1866 Keane Bridget James Honor Hill Martin Moran Catherine Hill Lavalla  
13 Jun 1866 Sullivan John Michl Mary Considine Patt Doherty Catherine Considine Lissycasy  
13 Jun 1866 Markham Anne Patt Anne McMahon Michl McMahon Bridget McMahon    
13 Jun 1866 Kelly John Thos Mary Halleron Stephen Kellilly Ellen Kellilly Caherea  
17 Jun 1866 Coghlin? Catherine John Catherine Kelly John Guin? Bridget O'Connor Furroor  
17 Jun 1866 Canny Susanna Denis Susan Sullivan Thomas Doody Margaret Sheehan? Lanna?  
19 Jun 1866 Roche John John Johanna Coughlin John Lillis Mary Roche Braffa  
23 Jun 1866 Crowley Francis John Denis Mary Callahan Michl Cleary Hanna Callahan Tonelegee  
26 Jun 1866 King Michl Patt Bridget Neil Patt King Eliza King    
29 Jun 1866 Scanlan Peter John Bridget Ronan John Scanlan Ellen Scanlan Braffa  
6 Jul 1866 Carty Honor Andrew Catherine Erwin John Doyle Mary Hannon Clonfurrish?  
7 Jul 1866 Kean Elizabeth John Catherine Meehan David Moran? Margaret Meehan Lisheen  
9 Jul 1866 Kelly Mary Patrick Catherine Coghlin Michl Pendar Anne Pendar    
15 Jul 1866 Kelly Elizabeth Michl Mary Kenane Michl Kelly Mary Kenane Mullegrumen  
15 Jul 1866 Honan Ellen Patt Ellen Sheehan Susan Clancy      
15 Jul 1866 Kilmartin Catherine Michl Margt Carrigan Thos Gallagher Catherine Lahiff    
22 Jul 1866 O'Dea Fanny Patt Mary Kane James McMahon Catherine McMahon    
22 Jul 1866 Brennan James John Bridget Reily Michl Brenan Mary Reily Cragbrien?  
29 Jul 1866 Cummins John Thomas Bridget Browne Michl Browne Hanah Brown Brefa  
29 Jul 1866 Scanlan Thos? Batt Ellon Roche Michl Scanlan Margaret Fennell Brefa  
7 Aug 1866 Kelly Michl Sinon Kate Moylan Patt Meany Eliza Moylan    
7? Aug 1866 Heafy [illegible] Robert Margt Glynn Hugh Brady Eliza Doherty   [Civil index suggests child is Honor]
12 Aug 1866 Doyle Eliza Stephen Mary Anne Murphy Maurice Doyle Susan Dwyer    
16 Aug 1866 Caughlin Bridget Patt Mary Cusack Timothy Caughlin Bridget Reidy    
19 Aug 1866 Scanlan Honor John Margt Halloran Patt Malone Mary Maddagan    
25 Aug 1866 Meer Michl Phil Catherine Halleran Phil Meer Bridget Meer    
26 Aug 1866 Cusack Catherine Patt Anne Ryan Thos Cusack Mary Cusack    
5 Sep 1866 Meade Michl Michl Bridget Doody Thomas Doody Mary Rusell Gortnaclasha  
9 Sep 1866 Purcell? Edmond Thomas Bridget McGrath John Clancy Mary Coleman Brefa  
9 Sep 1866 O'Neil Martin Patrick Bridget Coffee Jane Garvy?   Lavalla  
22 Sep 1866 Chambers Robert Stephen Mary Touhy John Touhy Susanna Touhy?    
23 Sep 1866 Molony Anne John Bridget Walsh Patt Purcell Mary Pender Lisheen  
23 Sep 1866 Hewson Anne Michl Bridget Clancy Margt Clancy      
26 Sep 1866 Cloghessy Bridget Thos Anne Griffy Mary Cloghessy      
2 Oct 1866 Collins Margt Edmond Mary Hill Patt Collins Kate Collins    
3 Oct 1866 Egan Michl Patt Mary Kelly Susan Kelly      
7 Oct 1866 Kelly Mary Patt Bridget Doody James Gavin? Nancy Clancy Tonlegee  
7 Oct 1866 Sheahan Connor Connor Mary Clancy Michl Clancy Mary McNamara    
11 Oct 1866 Cuddeahe Anne James Mary Cuddeahe Patt Riely Margt Markham    
11 Oct 1866 Heiher James James Catherine McNamara Mary Heiher      
17 Oct 1866 Sexton Patrick John Margaret Ronan Margaret Sexton   Lissycasy  
21 Oct 1866 O'Loughlin Catherine Patt Mary Touhy Thos O'Connor Bridget Cudihy?    
21 Oct 1866 Malone Anne Patt Margaret Reidy Danl Ginnane Susan Gilligan Mulligrumen?  
24 Oct 1866 Kearin William Michl Margt Chambers William Chambers Mary Chambers    
3 Nov 1866 Cleary Martin John Mary Cleary Thos McMahon Margt McMahon Deer Island  
10 Nov 1866 Normile Bridget Patt Mary Ginnane James Ginnane Mary McNamara    
11 Nov 1866 Keane Martin Peter Mary Scanlan Patt Keane Mary Sexton    
11 Nov 1866 McCarthy Martin Charles Catherine Costelloe Ellen McCarthy      
11 Nov 1866 Cleary Martin John Jane Halleran Michl Halleran Ellen Halleran    
2 Dec 1866 Donnelly Martin Danl Bridget Carey Patt Conway Mary Quaily    
2 Dec 1866 Hewson John George Catherine Garry Thos Griffin Anne Griffin    
4 Dec 1866 Clancy Denis Denis Mary Coughlin Margt Coughlin      
5 Dec 1866 Sexton Timothy John Bridget Barry Patt Sexton Bridget Donnelly    
8 Dec 1866 Spellisy Mary Patt Anne Brown Norry Brown      
17 Dec 1866 Barry James? Thos Mary Ginnane Anne Ginnane      
19 Dec 1866 Coughlin Mary Patt Mary McMahon Bridget McMahon   Cloncoleman?  
19 Dec 1866 Ryan Honor Patrick Bridget Conway Martin Dugan Margt Ryan Lissycasy  
20 Dec 1866 Finucane Patrick James Honor McMahon Synon McNamara Mary McNamara Lemnaleha  
20 Dec 1866 McNamara Thomas Thomas Fanny Hennessy John Corry Mary Corry? Lissycasy  
30 Dec 1866 Heher Bridget Michl Ellen Scanlan Honor Heher   Lack  
  Dec 1866 McMahon Thos John Bridget Halvy Patt Corry Mary Corry    
2 Jan 1867 Leyden Charles John Bridget Ginnane John Leydon Mary Leydon Drumquin Married to Bridget Carroll on Nov 19, 1912 in St Kevin's Church, Harrington St. Dublin by Rev M. Tuhey? C.C.
16 Jan 1867 O'Connor Thos James Bridget Gavin Patt Gavin Catherine Gavin    
16 Jan 1867 Murphy Anne Ned Anne Coffee Michl Coffee Mary Coffee    
16 Jan 1867 McMahon Elizabeth John Anne Roche Patt Roche Bridget Roche    
16 Jan 1867 Walsh Catherine Thos? Bridget Keenan Michl Lynch Bridget Lynch    
16 Jan 1867 Kelly Patt Patt Bridget Kelly? Michl Kelly? Ellen? Kelly    
21 Jan 1867 Bourke Jas Thos Mary Meehan Thos Bourke Bridget Bourke    
21 Jan 1867 Moloney Catherine Thos Margt Pyne Thos Browne Bridget McMahon    
23 Jan 1867 Carrick Danl Daniel Mary McMahon Patrick Carrick Mary Lynch    
27 Jan 1867 Fall? Patrick Andrew Honor Cullen? Patt Fall Susan Doherty    
29 Jan 1867 Burke Catherine Patt Mary O'Connor George Brown Margt Brown    
30 Jan 1867 Brown Patt Michl Susan Clancy Sinan O'Loughlin Margt Landers   Married to Mary Fogarty on 31 July 1911 in St Patrick's Church, --- NY USA by Rev John ?
31 Jan 1867 Breen Patt James Margaret Considine Patt Breen Mary ?   Married in Ballycorick Church to Susan Kelly on Feb 10, 1909 by Rev Timothy Kell C.C.
26 Feb 1867 Clune Bridget Batt Margt McMahon Peter McMahon Mary McMahon    
26 Feb 1867 Molton William Wm Ellen Murphy Michl Murphy Judy Heher    
27 Feb 1867 McNamara Mortimer Martin Margt Kelly Thos Mack Mrs Kelly    
27 Feb 1867 Scanlan John Martin Nancy Cotter Martin Scanlan Peggy Crotty    
27 Feb 1867 Finucane James Thos Kate McMahon Denis Clancy Mrs Clancy    
28 Feb 1867 Hill Pat Pat Anne Reidy Michl Reynolds Mary Reynolds    
1 Mar 1867 Doohan Kate Ml Bridget Browne Sinon Sexton Mary Kelly    
6 Mar 1867 Clohessy Mary Tom Margaret Cain Thomas Cain Ellen Cain    
6 Mar 1867 Coghlan Bridget? Jno? Bridget Brown Bridget Molony      
8 Mar 1867 Landers Margaret John Jane Collins James Haugh Catherine Landers    
9 Mar 1867 McMahon Kate Ml Bridget Burn? Sinon Sexton Mary Kelly    
9 Mar 1867 Walsh Patrick Thos Cath Purcell Edmd Purcell Susy Purcell    
12 Mar 1867 Flynn Maria Michl Ellen Reidy Patrick O'Sullivan Mary O'Sullivan    
15 Mar 1867 Meany Martin John Mary King Danl McNamara Bridget Doohen    
15 Mar 1867 Quinlivan Anne Michl Bridget Normile Michl Brown Bridget O'Connor    
16 Mar 1867 Garry Mary John Susan Roche Martin Roche Anne Roche    
17 Mar 1867 Connors Bridget Patrick Mary Slattery Patrick Daly Margaret Daly    
21 Mar 1867 Nixon Norah John Nancy Halpin Anne Kerin      
21 Mar 1867 Chambers Hugh John Jane Brady Edmond Brady Mary Kelly    
24 Mar 1867 Brew Mary James Bridget O'Loghlin Bridget Brown      
24 Mar 1867 Haugh Margaret James Mary Collins Susanna Collins      
24 Mar 1867 Honan Margaret Darby Norry Scanlan Patrick Hehir Mary Hehir    
30 Mar 1867 Crowe Patrick Tim Mary Connolly John Dundon Anne Dundon    
5 Apr 1867 Sexton Honor John Mary O'Connor Honor O'Connor      
5 Apr 1867 Carrick? Anne Thos Bridget Hogan Patrick Carrick Catherine O'Connor?    
7 Apr 1867 Breen James James Mary Griffin Bridget Breen (Doonbeg)    
7 Apr 1867 Meschal Matthew Michl Bridget Casy Margaret Penders      
8 Apr 1867 Sexton James Thady Mary Dundon John Roche Kate Roche    
17 Apr 1867 Meehan Bridget Matthew Mary Carey Martin Meehan Mary Meehan    
17 Apr 1867 Mahon Bridget Thomas Bridget Cleary Patrick Cleary Margt Cleary   Born on April 10, 1867
20 Apr 1867 Cooley Mary Michl Mary Browne Pat O'Dea Mary Neil    
25 Apr 1867 Daly Denis Peter Mary Kelly James Dohen Ellen Daly    
28 Apr 1867 Daly Catherine James Margaret Freeman Peter Devon? Mary McNamara    
3 May 1867 Hassett James John Mary Sexton Michl Hassett Mary Hassett    
3 May 1867 Mahon James Michael Margaret Murphy Michael Meer Ellon McMahon    
7 May 1867 Cleary Kate Patrick Bridget Roche Stephen Roche Honor Roche    
12 May 1867 Doherty Anne Edmond Ellon Griffey Mary Cusack      
12 May 1867 Griffin Michl Malachy Mary Daly Michael Griffin Margaret Griffin    
17 May 1867 Canny Mary Pat Ellen Kinnucane Pat Kinnucane Ellen Conlan    
19 May 1867 McGuane Stephen John Anne Griffin Thos McGuane Anne McGuane    
24 May 1867 Reynolds Mary Michl Mary Custy Hannah Hurley?      
25 May 1867 Torpy Margaret Thos Anne Meany? Patrick Normyle Margt Normyle    
26 May 1867 Daly James Patrick Bridget Ronan? James Daly Ellon Daly    
26 May 1867 Costelloe Honor John Kate Landers John Kenny Mary Lynch Lack?  
27 May 1867 Heher Catherine Patrick Ellon Shannon Patrick Chambers Mary Chambers    
30 May 1867 Daly Norah Wm Bridget Moran Pat Kelly Bridget Cahill    
30 May 1867 Melican Mary Morty Mary Landers Pat McNamara Mrs Landers    
31 May 1867 Herbert Honor Mathew Honor Cullinan Andrew Ronan Mary Herbert    
3 Jun 1867 Frawley Bridget Pat Anne Daly John Sullivan Ellen Sullivan    
4 Jun 1867 McInerney John Joseph Mary Lalor Martin Moran Mrs Parella?    
5 Jun 1867 Shehan John Tom Honor Halloran Michael Shehan Bridget Shehan    
7 Jun 1867 McGrath Michael Martin Bridget Clancy Daniel Clancy Mary Clancy    
9 Jun 1867 Collins Kate John Kate Scanlan Danl Donnelly Norry Scanlan    
9 Jun 1867 Meany John James Hannah McMahon Peter Coghlan Margaret Coghlan    
20 Jun 1867 Moroney John Patrick Margaret Daly Michl Casey Anne Cusack    
26 Jun 1867 Sullivan John Michael Mary Considine Patrick Considine Catherine Considine    
26 Jun 1867 O'Brien John Patrick Catherine Hogan Biddy Brien      
26 Jun 1867 Ryan Margaret James Mary Slattery Bridget Ryan      
26 Jun 1867 Cleary Timothy John Bridget Murphy Michael Cleary Mary O'Connor    
26 Jun 1867 Sheehan John Morgan Mary Heher Bridget Heher      
26 Jun 1867 Mahon James Michl Bridget Murphy Michl Mur?      
29 Jun 1867 Breen Margaret Anthony Bridget Clancy Jane Breen      
4 Jul 1867 Meany? James Patrick Mary Callinan John Meany Mary Meany    
5 Jul 1867 Moylan Thomas Martin Catherine Kelly? Synon Kelly Catherine Kelly    
13 Jul 1867 O'Dea Michl Thomas Mary McNamara Eliza Chambers      
13 Jul 1867 Heher Sarah Patrick Mary O'Dea Margaret Clancy      
14 Jul 1867 Quinn John Patrick Kate Cusack Michl Quinn Mary Daly    
17 Jul 1867 Madigan Mary James Mary Clancy Ellen Scanlan      
18 Jul 1867 Canny James James Mary McInerney Mary Fahy   Clonmore  
19 Jul 1867 King Michl John Bridget Casey Patk King + wife    
19 Jul 1867 McMahon Laurence Stephen Bridget Callaghan Bridget McMahon      
19 Jul 1867 Kinnane Jas James Susan O'Brien Patt Kinnane Bridget Roche    
25 Jul 1867 Penders Michl Daniel Margt McMahon Patrick Penders Bridget Penders    
28 Jul 1867 Cahill James Michl Mary McDonnell Ellen Kenneally      
28 Jul 1867 Roche Michl Patrick Anne Ronan Anne Crowe      
28 Jul 1867 Quinlivan Mary Patrick Bridget Frawley Mrs Dohen   Decomade  
1 Aug 1867 Collins Stephen Tom Mary Roche Mary Collins      
4 Aug 1867 Coffey Bridget Michael Peggy Kennedy Michael Callaghan Biddy Coffey    
25 Aug 1867 Cleary Bridget Peter Bridget Shea James Shea Catherine Hayes    
28 Aug 1867 Ryan Michl Thomas Catherine Ryan Michl Scanlan Norry Scanlan    
29 Aug 1867 Egan Michl Michl Jane Murphy Edmond Murphy Susan Egan    
31 Aug 1867 Murtagh Mary John Mary McNamara Margaret Doherty      
16 Sep 1867 O'Dea Judy Denis Mary Connors Norry Crowley      
17 Sep 1867 McMahon Kate Michael Bridget Egan Michl Reynolds Norry Tubridy    
20 Sep 1867 Qualey Kate John Bridget Quinlivan Michl O'Donnell Bridget O'Donnell    
21 Sep 1867 Hurley Michael William Bridget McMahon Thomas Moran Susan Moran    
2 Oct 1867 Scales Bridget Patrick Bridget Carrick Michl Scales Bridget Scales    
6 Oct 1867 Cleary Mary John Jane Halloran John Halloran Mary Collins    
6 Oct 1867 O'Connor Margaret Michl Bridget Malone James Quinlivan Bridget Quinlivan    
8 Oct 1867 Quinlivan Kate James Anne Daly Michael Flanagan Anne Cunningham    
15 Oct 1867 Kelly Martin Mortimer Kate Walsh John Purcell Mary Purcell    
1 Nov 1867 Honan Bridget Mathew Annie Carthy Patrick McMahon Bridget Honan    
2 Nov 1867 Crowley Bridget James Anne Purcell John O'Connor Mary O'Connor    
3 Nov 1867 Ginnane Anne Jerry Mary Nagle Patrick Ginnane Mrs Nagle    
4 Nov 1867 Duggan Martin Thomas Mary Purcell Martin Kelly Margaret Toole    
6 Nov 1867 Hartney Martin Michael Sally Heher Thomas O'Sullivan Margaret O'Sullivan    
10 Nov 1867 Kennedy Patk Patrick Bridget O'Connor Thomas O'Connor Ellen Dillon    
10 Nov 1867 Daly Martin Patrick Mary Mahon James Daly Ellen Daly    
22 Nov 1867 Murphy Patrick Edmond Bridget Heher Patrick Heher Jane Egan    
22 Nov 1867 Riely Anne James Anne Duffy Connor O'Dea Anne Heher    
1 Dec 1867 Meade Mary Michael Margaret Considine Margaret Culligan      
7 Dec 1867 Chambers Maria James Bridget Dwyer Susan Dwyer      
9 Dec 1867 Quinn Bridget Michl Bridget Daly Andrew Daly Margaret Daly    
11 Dec 1867 Heher Michl John Winifred Cahill John Heher Honor Heher    
22 Dec 1867 Sullivan Patrick Patrick Susan Ahern Patrick Ahern Mary Ahern    
23 Dec 1867 Doody Margaret Thos Honor Coffee Bridget Doody      
25 Dec 1867 Tuttle Anne Stephen Mary Hoare James Brassel Bessy Roche    
29 Dec 1867 Hill Patrick John Mary Crowly? James Hill Bridget Crowly    
1 Jan 1868 Kelly Patrick Martin Sarah Donohue John Donohue Susanna Donohue Beneden  
2 Jan 1868 Doody Mary Mathew Mary Murtagh Mary Lynch      
5 Jan 1868 Kelly Bridget Thady Mary Birmingham Thomas Birmingham Mary Birmingham    
5 Jan 1868 McMahon Patrick John Bridget Halvey Thomas McMahon Kate Melican    
5 Jan 1868 Browne Kate John Norry McMahon Paddy O'Dea Mary Browne    
5 Jan 1868 Hill Bridget Michael Margaret Clohessy Patrick Clohessy Mary Gavan    
8 Jan 1868 Cusack John George Mary McNamara John McNamara Kate Lahiff    
13 Jan 1868 Corry Daniel John Mary McNamara Thomas McNamara Anne McNamara Lissycasy  
13 Jan 1868 Scanlan Danl John Ellen Scanlan Batt Scanlan Ellon Scanlan Tubber  
15 Jan 1868 Sexton John Patrick Susanna Ryan Patrick Sexton Mary Sexton Decamede  
15 Jan 1868 Toole John Joseph Margaret Lahiff Edmond Doherty Margaret Doherty Ballinacally  
18 Jan 1868 Reynolds John Patrick Mary Neylon John Neylon Susan Neylon    
21 Jan 1868 O'Dea Mary Patrick Bridget McNamara Michael McNamara Margaret Cahill    
22 Jan 1868 Byrns Mary John Ellen Phillips Stephen Collins Kate Collins    
23 Jan 1868 Cullinan Catherine Daniel Hannah Griffy Anne Griffy   Lanna  
26 Jan 1868 Kerane Mary John Jane Warren James Warren Mary Warren    
29 Jan 1868 Green Mary Bridget Martin Susanna Honan Winifred Kelly      
31 Jan 1868 Coghlan Bridget John Bridget Browne Ellen White      
31 Jan 1868 Finucane Michael James Norah McMahon Mary McNamara      
9 Feb 1868 Irwin Bridget Thos Mary Dillon Thomas Dillon Margaret Dillon    
12 Feb 1868 Scanlan Catherine John Bridget Scanlan James Scanlan Margaret Scanlan Brefa  
12 Feb 1868 Hennessy James James Bridget Reidy Batt Hennessy Nancy McGuan Gortegeheen  
12 Feb 1868 Toole Mary John Honor Behen Mary McCormick   Ballinacally  
16 Feb 1868 Fall Patrick Thos Mary Halloran Patrick Fall Margaret O'Dea Ballinacally  
16 Feb 1868 MacKee Michl Michl Mary Murphy Michl Murphy Mary Browne Lisheen  
16 Feb 1868 Bourke Patrick John Bridget O'Dea Mary Daly      
16 Feb 1868 Landers Hannah John Bridget Honan Kate McCarthy      
22 Feb 1868 Spellissy Margaret Patrick Anne Browne Bridget McNamara?   Lavalla  
25 Feb 1868 O'Sullivan Patrick Michl Margaret Crowe Denis Torpy Bridget Fitzgerald    
29 Feb 1868 Hill John Patrick Anne Reilly James Hill Honor Heher Ballycorrick  
29 Feb 1868 Doohen Patrick James Catherine Quinlivan Thomas Quinlivan Bridget Quinlivan Ferroor Married to Bridget Doohen on Feb 6, 1910 at Lissycasey Church by Rev Jas Monahan C.C.
1 Mar 1868 Daly Patrick James Kate Hayes Andrew Daly Ellen Daly    
8 Mar 1868 Connellon Denis Martin Mary Considine John Considine Margaret O'Dea Lavalla  
11 Mar 1868 Sullivan Mary John Mary Hinchy Lizzie Moylan      
11 Mar 1868 Cain Kate James Norah Hill Patrick Crowley Mary Finucane    
19 Mar 1868 Kerin Terence John Bridget Nagle James Kerin Susan Nagle Drumquin  
21 Mar 1868 O'Connor John John Mary Carey Thos Toohey Mary Reynolds Ballycorick  
21 Mar 1868 Clancy John James Kate Gavin Ellen Cabey   Burren  
21 Mar 1868 Sexton Daniel John Margaret Sexton Daniel Sexton Bridget Sexton L. Decomede  
23 Mar 1868 Murphy Kate Michael Honor Callanan Mrs Connolly   Ballycorick  
25 Mar 1868 Heher James James Catherine McNamara Mary Heher      
25 Mar 1868 McCawly Patrick Chas Bridget Doherty James Doherty Eliza Doherty    
29 Mar 1868 Burke John Patrick Mary Couny? Patrick Daly Margaret Donnelly    
30 Mar 1868 Normyle Mary Patt Mary Ginnane James Normyle Bridget Ginnane   Married to Martin Gavin on Feb 4, 1913 in Ballycorick Church by Rev A. Clancy
30 Mar 1868 Cleary Mary James Bridget Cleary Patrick Cleary Margaret Cleary    
1 Apr 1868 Townsell Mary Michael Bridget McInerney Patrick Townsell Catherine Carey    
1 Apr 1868 Daly Margaret Martin Kate Reidy Mrs James Daly      
3 Apr 1868 McGrath James Patrick Bridget Cleary Bridget McGrath      
5 Apr 1868 Connellan Maria John Mary Kennucane Ellen Kennucane   Caherea  
11 Apr 1868 Loughnane James Patrick Eliza McInerney James Chambers Mary Chambers Deer Island  
15 Apr 1868 Finucane Thos Thos Catherine McMahon? Mary Finucane      
15 Apr 1868 McMahon Anne Edmond Bridget O'Connor Anne Shea      
22 Apr 1868 Cullinan Mary Thos Ellen Clancy Margaret Clancy      
24 Apr 1868 Gavan John Michael Margaret O'Halloran Michael Gavan Margaret Gavan    
24 Apr 1868 Lally Ellen Michael Mary McKenzie Margaret Lahiff      
25 Apr 1868 Markham Ellen Patrick Anne McMahon Michael McMahon Ellen McMahon    
26 Apr 1868 Kelly Kate Thos Mary O'Halloran Michl Kelly Mary Lynch    
2 May 1868 Brown Michael Patk Mary Carrig Patrick Carrig Margt Griffin Gurtnamuck  
3 May 1868 Considine Michl Thos Mary Shea Margt King   Coolsippeen  
5 May 1868 Meany John Jas Margaret Bohanon Ellen Bohanon   Ballinacally Married to Mary Shannon in Ballycorick Church on January 7th 1912 by Rev Timothy Kelly C.C.
5 May 1868 Flynn John John Anne Hastings John Hastings Bridget Hastings Deer Island  
6 May 1868 Shehan Kate John Margt Reidy Mary Gavan      
6 May 1868 O'Brien Mary Pat Catherine Hogan Bridget O'Brien      
7 May 1868 Kelly John Patrick Catherine Coghlin Margaret Pindar      
8 May 1868 Kelly Bridget Thos? Mary Hastings Catherine O'Grady?      
8 May 1868 Meany John Michael Honor Meany Richard Keane Bridget Coghlan    
10 May 1868 Scanlan John John Mary Doohen Patrick Doohen Mary Doohen Decomade  
10 May 1868 Meer Margaret Mathew Honor Quinlivan James Meer Catherine Meer Cloncoleman?  
12 May 1868 Corry Ellen James Eliza Hassett Martin Sharry Ellen Jordan    
12 May 1868 Melican John Thomas Bridget Egan Michael Doohen Bridget Doohen    
12 May 1868 Doohan John Michael Bridget Brown Mary Brown      
14 May 1868 Ronayne Mary Andrew Kate Griffin Margaret Kennedy   Burren  
14 May 1868 Heaphy Robert Joseph Robert Margaret Glynn Anne Glynn   Ballinacally  
26 May 1868 O'Connor John James Bridget Gavan John Gavan Margaret Gavan    
28 May 1868 King John Patk Bridget McDonnell Maggie Cahill   Lanna  
28 May 1868 Clohessy Christina Thos Margaret Cain Denis Cain Ellen Cain Caherea  
28 May 1868 Brown Mary Patrick Kate Carrig Edward Purcell Margaret Purcell    
31 May 1868 O'Connor Michael Richard Margaret Penders Patrick Meany Anne Meany    
2 Jun 1868 Canny John Daniel Margaret O'Dea Bridget Moloney   Ferroor  
7 Jun 1868 Meschal John Michael Mary Doohan Thos Ryan Ellen Walsh Lemnaleha  
13 Jun 1868 Loughnane John John Bridget Quinlivan Mary Quinlivan      
15 Jun 1868 Kenny John Ned Bridget Clune Patk Bourke Bridget Bourke    
17 Jun 1868 Daly Ellen Thos Anne Keane Ellen Daly   Clondrina  
22 Jun 1868 Crowley Michl Denis Mary Callahan John Torpy Anne Clancy    
28 Jun 1868 Sheahan Maria Connor Mary Clancy Anthony Breen Maria Sheahan    
5 Jul 1868 Morton Jane William Ellon Murphy Margaret O'Neil      
5 Jul 1868 Cloghessy Patrick Michl Bridget Connelan Mary Daly      
6 Jul 1868 Brogan John Anthony Ellen Meagher Jane Kelly      
6 Jul 1868 Murphy Mary Edmond Bridget Roche Mary Roche      
12 Jul 1868 Brennan Bridget John Bridget Riely Mary Riely      
19 Jul 1868 Lillis John Michael Mary Higgins Kate O'Dea      
21 Jul 1868 Corbitt Martin Michael Catherine Daly James Daly Mary MacMahon    
22 Jul 1868 Coughlan Michael James Bridget Brogan Michael Scanlan Mary Scanlan    
22 Jul 1868 Melican Michael John Bridget Doohan Mary Cussen      
22 Jul 1868 Moran Mary Michl Kate Brennan Martin Do. Bridget Do.    
14 Aug 1868 Coffee Mary Michl Ellen Sexton Thomas Coffee Mary Coffee    
19 Aug 1868 Barry Michael Thomas Mary Ginnane John Hogan Mary Hogan    
20 Aug 1868 Heher Martin Martin Bridget Griffin Patrick Heher Mary Heher    
23 Aug 1868 Sexton Andrew John Margaret Ronayne Patrick Ronayne Margaret Ronayne   Married in Lissycasey Church to Mary Meany July 29, 1908 by A. Clancy P.P.
25 Aug 1868 Crowley Kate John Bridget Conway Andrew Ronayne Mary Conway    
26 Aug 1868 Conway Michael John Anne Kirrane Michael Conway Bridget Sexton    
29 Aug 1868 Doody Susan James Mary Calligan Ellen Madigan      
28 Sep 1868 Fahy James Jas Anne Kelly Ml Carmody Bridget Collins   Civil birth record shows child's name as Bridget
2 Oct 1868 Riely James Thomas Ellen Dillon Anne Brennan      
6 Oct 1868 Musgrave Margaret John Catherine Slattery John Doohan      
8 Oct 1868 Gavan Bridget Patrick Mary Doohen Js Gavan Mary Gavan    
11 Oct 1868 Bennett Bridget Michael Mary Falle Patrick Purcill Mary Touhy    
14 Oct 1868 Barry Senr Martin Thomas Margt O'Connor James Heher Honor Heher    
18 Oct 1868 Daly Margaret Patrick Bridget Casey Thomas Moroney Anne Moroney    
18 Oct 1868 Kelly Mary Michl Mary Kinane William Byrne? Hannah Gilligan    
18 Oct 1868 Canny Bridget Denis Susanna Sullivan John mcNamara Mary Canny    
27 Oct 1868 Kelly Margaret Sinon Kate Moylan Martin Moylan Mrs Moylan    
28 Oct 1868 Gorman Bridget James Anne Fitzpatrick Judith Mahon Catherine Kelly   [Twin of Anne]
28 Oct 1868 Gorman Anne James Anne Fitzpatrick Judith Mahon Catherine Kelly   [Twin of Bridget]
30 Oct 1868 Crowe Michael Timothy Mary O'Connell Michl Kelly Bridget Ronayne    
2 Nov 1868 Sullivan Mary Michl Mary Considine Patrick Doherty Kate Considine    
8 Nov 1868 Loghlin Patrick Patrick Mary Fahy James O'Connor Bridget Heher    
24 Nov 1868 Glynn Bridget John Anne Normile John Normile Bridget Normile    
25 Nov 1868 Scanlan Thomas John Margaret Halloran Patrick Scanlan Ellen Scanlan   Married in Lissycasy Church to Mary Sexton by Rev A. Clancy P.P. On Feb 18 1909
27 Nov 1868 Cleary Patrick Michael Mary Kinnelly Margaret Reynolds      
4 Dec 1868 Coghlin Patrick Michl Bridget Hill Patrick Hill Mary Higgins?    
5 Dec 1868 Shalloe Michael Thomas Mary Sullivan John Brassell Nancy Shalloe    
13 Dec 1868 Considine Thomas John Bridget O'Dea Mary Considine      
13 Dec 1868 Pendars Thomas Edmd Catherine Moloney James Landers Mary Pendar    
14 Dec 1868 Moloney Margaret Thomas Kate Browne George Browne Margaret Browne    
15 Dec 1868 Browne Thomas Michael Susan Clancy Martin Coghlan Bridget Meers    
16 Dec 1868 Sexton Mary Sinon Kate Collins Thomas Sexton Mrs Paddy Collins    
20 Dec 1868 Grady Bridget James Honor Mack Mrs M Cauly      
20 Dec 1868 Kerane Pat Michael Catherine Conway Pat Kerane Jane Warren    
20 Dec 1868 Clancy Tim Pat Mary Daly Andrew Daly Ellen Daly    
20 Dec 1868 Kelly Thomas Pat Bridget Kelly Pat Kelly Mary Coffee    
20 Dec 1868 O'Dea Margret Pat Bridget Mack Edmond Walsh Mary Lynch    
21 Dec 1868 O'Dea Bridget Michael Kate Slattery Mary O'Dea      
26 Dec 1868 McMahon John John Anne Roche Thomas McMahon Mary McMahon    
31 Dec 1868 Cleary Martin Martin Margret Kelly Bridget Cleary      
31 Dec 1868 Sexton Pat John Mary O'Connor Norry O'Connor      
2 Jan 1869 Slattery Bridget Mick Mary Mcormack Bridget Finucane      
6 Jan 1869 Doody Mary Pat Bridget Ronan Thady Doody Bridget Hassett    
8 Jan 1869 Shehan Bridget Pat Anne Connors Sarah Frawly     [Twin of Margret]
8 Jan 1869 Shehan Margret Pat Anne Connors Sarah Frawly     [Twin of Bridget]
10 Jan 1869 Canny Honor Pat Ellen Kinucane Mary Kinucane      
10 Jan 1869 Griffy Michael Tom Mary Clohessy John Griffy Margret Griffy    
10 Jan 1869 O'Connor Elizabeth Tom Mary Monahan Frank Cummins Mary O'Connor    
13 Jan 1869 Honan Honora Pat Ellen Shehan Susan Clancy      
14 Jan 1869 O'Dea Pat Pat Mary Kean Tom Galvin Margret Galvin    
14 Jan 1869 King Pat Pat Bridget O'Neil Michael Kelly Anne Shehan    
22 Jan 1869 Sexton Pat Tim Mary Dundon John Dundon Kate Dundon    
24 Jan 1869 Clohessy Margret Tom Anne Griffy Mary McMahon      
27 Jan 1869 Ryan Pat Tom Kate Ryan Bridget Scanlan      
27 Jan 1869 Hinchy Bridget Pat Mary Casy Tom Scanlan Hanna Hinchy    
30 Jan 1869 Garry Ellen John Susan Roach John Garry Catherine Halloran    
2 Feb 1869 Considine Mary John Kate Hill Mary Melican      
3 Feb 1869 Canny Patrick James Mary McInerny Thomas McInerny Bridget McInerny   [Sponsor entries confusing]
10 Feb 1869 Collins Patrick Edmund Mary Hill Patrick Hill Margaret Hill    
17 Feb 1869 Chambers Michl Stephen Mary Tuohy Margret Tuohy      
17 Feb 1869 Murtagh Honor John Mary McNamara Kate Murtagh      
19 Feb 1869 McGuan Mary John Anne Griffin Tom Collins Margret Collins    
22 Feb 1869 Griffin Martin Malachy Mary Daly Michael Daly Bridget Daly    
24 Feb 1869 Meere Mary Philip Cath Hallinan Michl Meere Susan Doohan    
24 Feb 1869 Mahon Michl Michl Margt Murphy Philip Meere Bridget Connors   Married to Helena Sloane in Church of the Holy Name, Miltown Co Dublin on July 20, 1909
25 Feb 1869 Cusack Bridget Jas Norry McInerney Jas Sullivan Bridget Nihil    
26 Feb 1869 Ginnane Charley Patrick Catherine Ginnane Patrick Ginnane Cath Ginnane    
28 Feb 1869 Breen John Antony Bridget Clancy John Clancy Margret Landers    
1 Mar 1869 O'Brien Catherine Daniel Mary Cusack John Connors Bridget Clancy    
2 Mar 1869 Egan Mary Michael Jane Murphy John Egan      
5 Mar 1869 Byrne Pat John Ellen Philips Tom Byrne Mary Anne Philips    
9 Mar 1869 Hehir Ellen Michael Ellen Scanlan Margret Kennedy      
11 Mar 1869 Renolds Pat Pat Mary Nealon William Reidy Susan Nealon    
13 Mar 1869 Daly Anne James Margret Freeman Cathrine Reidy      
14 Mar 1869 McNamara Mary Martin Fannie? Kelly James McNamara Anne McNamara    
14 Mar 1869 Hill Mary John Mary Crowly Tim Landers Hanna Crowly    
14 Mar 1869 Molony Mary John Bridget Walsh Pat Purcell Mary Bohannon    
14 Mar 1869 Fitzgerald Pat Tom Mary Bohanan Bridget Bohanan      
18 Mar 1869 King John John Bridget Casy Margret King      
21 Mar 1869 Clohessy John John Mary Corbett Mick Leahy Susan Scanlan    
22 Mar 1869 Irwin Mary Tom Mary Dillon Anne Shalloe      
24 Mar 1869 Cleary Bridget John Jane Halloran John Cleary Bridget Cleary    
25 Mar 1869 Meany Michael James Hanna McMahon Johanna Considine      
27 Mar 1869 Doyle William Michael Jane Piggot Martin Lepper Honor Hehir    
27 Mar 1869 McCarthy Pat Andy Cathrine Irwin Norry McCarthy      
3 Apr 1869 Breen Ellon James Bridget O'Loughlin Bridget Currane      
3 Apr 1869 Callahan Susan Pat Mary McMahon Mary McMahon      
3 Apr 1869 Meehan Kate Mathew Margret Cusack Margret Cusack      
3 Apr 1869 Sullivan Pat Pat Mary Mescal Pat Fitzpatrick      
8 Apr 1869 King Mary Michl Bridget Magnor? Kate Reidy   Ballynacally  
8 Apr 1869 Sexton John Michl Anne Stephens Mrs Quinlivan      
9 Apr 1869 Meskel Frank Michael Bridget Casy Kate Pender      
12 Apr 1869 Daly Margaret William Bridget Moran John Kelly Kate Cahill    
12 Apr 1869 Walsh Mary Thomas Bridget Connors Pat Halloran Kate Halloran    
12 Apr 1869 Fall Mary Andy Norry Tulin? Mary Meany      
12 Apr 1869 Clancy Tom Michael Bid Mungevin John Clancy Susan Mungevin    
12 Apr 1869 Costello Kate John Kate Landers Michael Haugh Bridget Haugh    
12 Apr 1869 Mungevin James Pat Judy Kelly Pat Shehan      
14 Apr 1869 Frawly Mary Pat Anne Daly James O'Brien Mary Sullivan    
22 Apr 1869 McMahon Michael Michael Bridget Egan Bridget King      
24 Apr 1869 Barry James Michael Bridget Casy Peter Casy Mary Ginnane    
28 Apr 1869 O'Dea Anne Pat Bridget Fahy Bridget Casey      
28 Apr 1869 Breen Susana James Margaret Considine John Breen Mrs Murphy    
30 Apr 1869 Breen Ned James Mary Griffy Anne Griffy     Married to Susan Donnellan in Kildysart Church on Jan 27, 1909 by Rev Ml Hehir P.P.
30 Apr 1869 Quinlivan Bridget Michl Bridget Normile Mary O'Connor      
30 Apr 1869 Sullivan Jane Pat Susan Ahern Kate Ahern      
1 May 1869 Kean John John Kate Mahon John Walsh Lucy Conally    
5 May 1869 Roach Dan Pat Mary Kelly Dan Kelly Bridget Kelly    
11 May 1869 Crow Mary Pat Bridget Conway Dan Crow Mary Browne    
13 May 1869 Carmody Joseph Tom Honor Brassell James Brassell Jane Murphy    
23 May 1869 McNamara Margret Tom Fanny Hennessy James Curry Mary Curry    
23 May 1869 Haugh Luke James Mary Collins Connor Haugh Cathrine Landers    
25 May 1869 Hill John Michael Margt Clohessy Pat Clohessy Mary Clohessy   Married to Susan Finnucane in Lissycasey Church on Feb 23, 1909 by Rev A. Clancy P.P.
26 May 1869 Connolly Bridget John Mary Molony Edmond Connolly Margt Connolly    
27 May 1869 Clancy James Denis Mary Coughlin Jerry Shehan Mary Clancy    
28 May 1869 Scanlan Tom Martin Anne Cotter Anne Madigan      
31 May 1869 McMahon Bridget Alexander Margret Griffen James Vandelieur Lucy McMahon    
2 Jun 1869 Halpin Mary Pat Ellen Hartigan Kate Considine      
5 Jun 1869 Connors John Pat Mary Slattery Mary Slattery      
17 Jun 1869 Kerin Honor Michl Margt Chambers John Nolan Bridget Curry    
18 Jun 1869 Kelly Michl Andy Fanny Brukes Margret Halloran      
23 Jun 1869 Hore Mary Tom Mary Philips Mary Griffy      
25 Jun 1869 Burke Tom Pat Mary O'Connor Martin Coughlin Mary Donnelly    
26 Jun 1869 Halpin Bridget John Mary Kelly Mary Sullivan      
26 Jun 1869 Kelly John Martin Mary Halvey? Maria Kelly      
3 Jul 1869 Conway Kate John Mary McMahon Peter Conway Kate Purtil    
6 Jul 1869 Moylan Michl Martin Mary King Eliza Moylan      
7 Jul 1869 Honan Bridget Jerry Norry Scanlan Winifred Kelly      
20 Jul 1869 Molony James Matt Mary McMahon Cornelius O'Dea Mary Brenan    
21 Jul 1869 Renolds Kate Mick Mary Carty Anne Cotter      
25 Jul 1869 Doohan Pat Mick Bridget Browne Anne Browne      
28 Jul 1869 Meany Bridget Mick Hanora Meany John Meany Bridget Meany    
8 Aug 1869 Daly Michl Pat Bridget Honan Michl Daly Ellon Daly    
9 Aug 1869 Malone Pat Pat Mary Reidy Michl Kelly Susan Gilligan    
10 Aug 1869 McMahon Michl John Bridget Halvey John Corry Bridget Corry    
11 Aug 1869 Molony Eliza Pat Bridget Callahan Pat Molony Biddy Carmody    
15 Aug 1869 O'Dea Mary Denis Mary O'Connors Kate Connors      
15 Aug 1869 Kelly Mary Martin Sarah Donohue John Donohue Susan Donohue    
15 Aug 1869 Herbert Catherine Mathias Norry Quin Martin Landers Mary Quinlan    
20 Aug 1869 Cleary Susan Pat Bridget Roach Susan O'Brien      
21 Aug 1869 Quin Margaret Michl Bridget Daly Andrew Daly Mary Faule    
27 Aug 1869 Daly Margt Robert Mary Russell Kate Kennedy      
27 Aug 1869 Honan Bridget Daniel Mary Roach Kate Honan      
27 Aug 1869 O'Brien Honora Pat Kate Hogan Cathrine Kelly      
4 Sep 1869 Hewson Kate George Kate Garry Mary Garry     [Entered again on 20th September]
4 Sep 1869 Coughlin Michl Pat Mary Cusack Mary Quinlivan      
12 Sep 1869 Philips Ellen Pat Bridget Frawly John Hoar Bridget McMahon    
20 Sep 1869 Costello Michl Michael Mary Carrig Michael Kelly Susan Kelly    
21 Sep 1869 Leyden Michl John Bridget Ginnane James Leyden Mary Leyden    
2 Oct 1869 Clancy Martin Pat Anne Shehan Susan Clancy      
12 Oct 1869 Cahill Anne Michael Mary McDonald Mary Doody      
15 Oct 1869 Crowly Mary Pat Cathrine Hill Mick Conway Anne Kerane    
20 Oct 1869 Henessy Bridget James Bridget Reidy James McNamara Honor McNamara    
22 Oct 1869 O'Connor Martin Michael Bridget Malone Michael Quinlivan Bridget Quinlivan    
24 Oct 1869 Lillis Martin Michael Mary Higgins John Cleary Kate O'Dea    
24 Oct 1869 Mellican Mary Tom Bridget Egan Michael Doohan Bridget Doohan    
27 Oct 1869 Grant Mary Tom Anne Meer Kate Lahiff      
27 Oct 1869 Cooly Martin Michael Mary Browne Bridget Loughlin      
30 Oct 1869 Gavin Mary Michael Margret Halloran Anne Gavin      
5 Nov 1869 Donelon Pat Dan Bridget Carey John Donelly Margret Donelly    
6 Nov 1869 Chambers Ellen James Bridget Dwyer Bridget Finucane      
10 Nov 1869 Hassett Martin Dan Mary Sexton Michael Hassett Mary Hassett    
15 Nov 1869 Hehir James John Bridget Kelly Bid Cloughlin      
20 Nov 1869 Daly Mary James Kate Hayes John Canny Mrs Clancy    
22 Nov 1869 Hurly Honor Wm Bid McMahon John McMahon Mary McMahon    
25 Nov 1869 O'Connor Bridget Tom Mary Meehan Michael Renolds Mary Meehan    
4 Dec 1869 Doody Stephen Tom Honor Coffey Mary Reidy      
5 Dec 1869 Cullinan Pat Dan Hanna Griffen Mrs Griffen     [Entered as Qulinan]
18 Dec 1869 Spellacy Ellen Pat Anne Browne Michael Frawly Honor Browne    
18 Dec 1869 Tuttle Mary Stephen Mary Hoar Maurice Doyle Bid Fitzgerald    
18 Dec 1869 Conlon Bid Martin Mary Considine        
18 Dec 1869 Coffey Margret Michael Margret Kennedy John Shehan Mary Larkin    
18 Dec 1869 Honan Kate Matt Anne McCarty Kate O'Dea      
19 Dec 1869 Kelly Tom Tady Mary Birmingham John Kelly Mrs King   Married to Ellenora McNelis on July 23, 1913 in St Patricks, Bunerana by Rev Hugh McMenamin P.P.
20 Dec 1869 Sexton Pat Pat Susan Ryan Owen O'Donnell Bridget Quinlivan    
21 Dec 1869 Clohesy Bridget Tom Mary Kean Pat Kean Ellon Kean Lack  
28 Dec 1869 Reily James James Anne Daffy James Hehir Honor Hehir    
29 Dec 1869 Toole Wm Joe Margret Lahiff Ned Purcell Margret Purcell    
1 Jan 1870 Daly Bridget Peter Hanna Doohan Pat Doohan Ellen Doohan    
6 Jan 1870 Heaffy Ellen Robert Margret Glynn James Torpy Fanny Nagle    
20 Jan 1870 Cleary James James Bridget Walsh Pat Cleary Margret Cleary    
20 Jan 1870 Quinlivan Pat James Anne Daly Margret Daly      
30 Jan 1870 Hannan Pat Michael Margret Fitzgerald Michael Sullivan Bridget Fitzgerald    
30 Jan 1870 McMahon Pat Pat Bid McMahon James McMahon Kate McMahon    
30 Jan 1870 Finucane James James Honor McMahon Michl McMahon Bridget McNamara    
1 Feb 1870 Gavin Pat James Kate Gavin Mary Gavin      
5 Feb 1870 Cleary Margret James Bridget Cleary Michael Cleary Kate Cleary    
5 Feb 1870 Sexton Martin John Bridget Barry Dan Sexton Honor Cahil    
6 Feb 1870 O'Neil Mary James Mary Kennedy John Gavan Bridget Gavan    
10 Feb 1870 Flynn Ellen John Anne Hastings John Flynn Ellen Flynn    
20 Feb 1870 Ginnane Mary Jer Mary Nagle Pat Ginnane Bridget Kerin    
23 Feb 1870 Egan James Pat Mary Kelly Margret Kelly      
25 Feb 1870 Mahon Ellon Thomas Bridget Cleary Tady Collins Bridget Scanlan    
28 Feb 1870 Crowly Michael Denis Mary Calaghan James Hehir Honor Hehir    
1 Mar 1870 Clancy Denis James Kate Gavin Mary Gavin      
4 Mar 1870 Kelly Margret Tom Mary Halloran Mary Collins      
6 Mar 1870 Hehir Pat James Kate McNamara Bridget Hehir      
7 Mar 1870 Kelly Susan Michael Margret Halloran Bridget Kelly      
9 Mar 1870 Finucane Kate Tom Kate McMahon Honor McMahon      
9 Mar 1870 O'Connor Honor James Bridget Gavin Mary O'Connor      
11 Mar 1870 O'Connor Thomas Michael Bridget Carmody Pat Quin Janey Quin    
12 Mar 1870 Coffey Pat Michael Ellen Sexton Pat Sexton Bridget Sexton    
12 Mar 1870 Cleary Madge Peter Bridget Shea Michael Shea Anne Shea    
13 Mar 1870 Duggan Mary Tom Mary Purcel John Murphy Margret Murphy    
14 Mar 1870 Collins Michael John Bridget Scanlan Margret Collins      
19 Mar 1870 Kean Susan James Honor Hill Susan Meehan      
19 Mar 1870 Hill Honor Pat Anne Reilly Mary Renolds      
19 Mar 1870 O'Dea Pat Pat Bridget McNamara Michael Moran Bridget Moran    
20 Mar 1870 Landers Pat John Jane Collins James Kelly James Brien    
21 Mar 1870 Daly William James Mary Freeman John Brennan Bridget Brennan   Married to Ellen Reilly in the Church of S. Edmond, Bolton, England on April 25, 1911 by Rev ??
21 Mar 1870 Sullivan Margret John Mary Kenedy Michl Slattery Mrs J O'Brien?    
21 Mar 1870 Molton Michl William Ellen Murphy Mary Bently      
21 Mar 1870 Scanlan Dan John Bridget Scanlan Ellon Scanlan      
23 Mar 1870 Daly Mary Martin Kate Reidy Mary Browne      
25 Mar 1870 McGrath Pat Tom Ellen Normile Michael McNamara Mary McNamara    
1 Apr 1870 Collins John John Kate Scanlan James O'Dea Hanna Colman    
1 Apr 1870 Glynn John James Hanna Browne Bridget Considine      
3 Apr 1870 Considine Bridget John Kate Hill Pat McMahon Bridget Landers    
6 Apr 1870 Doohan Kate James Kate Quinlivan Mary Quinlivan      
6 Apr 1870 Barry Tom Tom Mary Ginnane Tom Barry Norry Slattery    
9 Apr 1870 Mugavin Winifred Pat Hanna Kelly James King Mary Shea    
10 Apr 1870 Erwin James Thomas Mary Dillon Ellon Doyle      
11 Apr 1870 Kelly Tom Pat Kate Coughlin Michl Molony Bid Molony    
12 Apr 1870 O'Connor Susan John Mary Carey James O'Connor Judy Reynolds    
13 Apr 1870 Martin John Pat Anne McMahon Ellon McMahon      
13 Apr 1870 Clancy Mary Tom Mary Pender Pat Pender Kate Pender    
13 Apr 1870 Musgrave Anne Henry Ellen Malone Kate Musgrave      
13 Apr 1870 Doody Bridget Pat Bridget Ronan Anne Ronan      
16 Apr 1870 Fall Tom Tom Mary Halloran Kate Halloran     Married to Mary Carr on Dec 29, 1915 in Mullingar, Co Meath, by Rev Bernard Farrell AOM
19 Apr 1870 McGrath Tom Martin Bridget Clancy Michael Clancy Anne Clancy    
23 Apr 1870 Scanlan Mary John Ellen Scanlan Ellen Scanlan      
23 Apr 1870 Conlan Anne John Anne Cunningham Mary Conlan      
27 Apr 1870 Normile Kate Pat Mary Ginnane Dan Ginnane Ellen Ginnane    
27 Apr 1870 Moran John Mick Cathrine Brenan John Dowling Ellen Brenan    
4 May 1870 Madigan Ellen James Mary Clancy Bridget Nihil      
4 May 1870 Daly John Pat Mary Mahon Mary Daly      
14 May 1870 Glynn John John Anne Normile Margret Curry      
14 May 1870 Molony Mary Tom Cathrine Browne Tom Browne Margret Browne   Married to Michael Cahill on Feb 17, 1912 at Ballycorick Church by Rev Jas Monahan C.C.
14 May 1870 Connors Richard Richard Margret Pender Stephen Flynn Kate Flynn   Married to Bridget Flynn on Feb 14, 1920 in Ballycorick Church by Rev A Cleary P.P.
15 May 1870 Conlan Margret John Mary Kinneane Tom McMahon      
15 May 1870 Kenny John Ned Bridget Clune Pat Curry Mary Curry    
15 May 1870 Crowly Margret James Anne Purcel James Crowly Susan O'Connor    
15 May 1870 Clohessy John James Bridget Cleary Pat Clohesy   Rinolean? Married to Catherine Halloran in Kilmihil Church Feb 28, 1909 by Rev M Corcoran C.C.
16 May 1870 Finucane Henry John Bridget Frawly Mary Purcel      
17 May 1870 Bourke Eliza John Bridget O'Dea Anne Hadlock      
20 May 1870 Canny Kate James Mary Lynch Denis Lynch Kate Lynch    
20 May 1870 McMahon Anne John Bridget Quinlivan Mary Quinlivan      
20 May 1870 Clancy Ellen John Mary Mungavin Kate Pender      
21 May 1870 Hehir John Martin Bridget Griffy Mary Coffey      
27 May 1870 Cremins Mary Tom Bridget Browne Mary Browne      
29 May 1870 McCarthy Michl Michael Margt Custy Anne Stephens      
1 Jun 1870 Kerin Bridget Michael Mary Chambers Sabina Curry      
1 Jun 1870 Cuingum? Mary Pat Mary Meer Margrey Molony      
12 Jun 1870 King John John Margret Aherin Kate King      
12 Jun 1870 Browne John John Mary McMahon John Collins Anne Browne    
13 Jun 1870 Sexton John John Mary Conners John Conners Mary Conners    
13 Jun 1870 Connelly John John Mary Molony Tom Molony Mary Walsh    
15 Jun 1870 Considine John John Bridget O'Dea Anne O'Dea      
16 Jun 1870 Shehan Pat Connor Mary Clancy Connor Shehan Ellen Clancy    
2 Jul 1870 Loughlin Mary Tom Mary Slattery Margret Meany      
9 Jul 1870 McCauly James Charly Bridget Doherty Johana Griffen Ellen Doyle   [Twin of Henery]
9 Jul 1870 McCauly Henery Charly Bridget Doherty Johana Griffen Ellen Doyle   [Twin of James]
11 Jul 1870 Landers James John Mary Malone James Roache Bridget Ronan    
19 Jul 1870 Bohanin Ellon John Mary Malone Kate O'Dea      
23 Jul 1870 McGrath Martin Pat Biddy Cleary Pat Cleary Mary Cleary    
24 Jul 1870 Landers Michl James Mary McGuane Bridget McGuane      
25 Jul 1870 Byrnes Bridget John Ellen Philips John Hoar Ellen Hoar   Married to John Quealy in Lissycasey Church on Feb 5, 1910 by Rev J Monahan C.C.
26 Jul 1870 Ryan John Tom Kate Ryan Bridget Scanlan      
3 Aug 1870 Loughnane Mary Pat Eliza McInerny Kate Kelly      
4 Aug 1870 Considine Michl John Ellon Morony Michl Considine Mrs Doohan    
7 Aug 1870 Browne Tom Pat Mary Carrig Mary Corbett      
7 Aug 1870 Sexton Dan Thady Mary Dundon Kate Dundon      
10 Aug 1870 McMahon Denis Michael Bridget Egan Michael Moran Susan Moran    
21 Aug 1870 Murphy Pat Michael Honor Calanan Michael Murphy Mary Meany    
22 Aug 1870 Breen Antony Antony Mary Clancy Michl Clancy Mary Clancy    
22 Aug 1870 Coughlan Mary John Biddy Brown Peggy Considine      
22 Aug 1870 Beegan Martin Martin Johanna Gleeson Sinon Sexton Margret Beresford    
27 Aug 1870 Brown Anne Michl Susan Cleary Bridget Doohan      
13 Sep 1870 Sexton Thomas John Margaret Ronan     Lissycasey  
13 Sep 1870 Browne Kate Pat Cathrine Cleary Mary Purcell      
18 Sep 1870 Collins Mary Ned Mary Hill M Griffy Honor King    
22 Sep 1870 Conway Pat John Anne Herbert Pat Conway Bridget Conway    
22 Sep 1870 Coughlin Michl Michl Bridget Hill Anne Guinnane      
22 Sep 1870 Kelly Susan Morty Kate Walsh Honor Walsh     [Entered again on 5th October]
25 Sep 1870 Barry Mary Michael Bridget Casey Michael Casey Bridget Casey    
4 Oct 1870 Shea Michl Michl Ellon Shea Mary O'Gorman      
5 Oct 1870 McKee Martin Michl Mary Murphy Kate Doyle      
16 Oct 1870 Toole Catherine John Norry Behan Eliza Chambers      
16 Oct 1870 Curry Martin James Eliza Hassett John Callinan Mrs How    
16 Oct 1870 Frawly Martin Pat Anne Daly Edmond O'Brien Margt Sullivan    
17 Oct 1870 Murphy John Ned Bridget Hehir Margret Hehir      
22 Oct 1870 Ginnane John Pat Anne McNamara Susan Ginnane      
22 Oct 1870 Murphy Jane Ned Bridget Roach Mary Roach      
23 Oct 1870 O'Dea John Tom Mary McNamara Margret O'Dea      
24 Oct 1870 Daly Anne Tom Anne Keane Mary Keane      
29 Oct 1870 O'Brien Kate Pat Kate Hogan Bridget Meany      
29 Oct 1870 Doody Martin James Mary Quiligan Mary O'Shea      
2 Nov 1870 Chambers John Stephen Maria Tuohy John Roland Jane Roland    
12 Nov 1870 King Martin Pat Bridget Neil James Crowly Norry Ryan    
13 Nov 1870 Hehir Mary John Winifred Cahill Mary Hehir      
14 Nov 1870 Coughlin Susan James Bridget Grogan Martin Coughlin Mary Browne    
18 Nov 1870 O'Dea Kate Michael Kate Slattery Mrs O'Grady Mary O'Dea   [Twin of Norry]
18 Nov 1870 O'Dea Norry Michael Kate Slattery Mrs O'Grady Mary O'Dea   [Twin of Kate]
18 Nov 1870 Daly Bridget Andy Kate Collins Stephen Collins Bridget Collins    
23 Nov 1870 Burke Mary Pat Mary O'Connor Bridget Donelly      
23 Nov 1870 Kelly Tom Martin Sally Donehoe Judy Donehoe      
23 Nov 1870 Kerin Peter John Bridget Nagle Pat Nagle Mary Nagle    
23 Nov 1870 Brenan Kate John Bridget Reily Mary McMahon      
20 Dec 1870 Kelly Kate Sinon Kate Moylan Michl Kelly Bridget meany    
20 Dec 1870 Hill Bridget John Mary Crowly Mary landers      
20 Dec 1870 Meany Tom James Mary Bohannan James Sullivan Bridget Bohannan    
20 Dec 1870 Gorman Mary James Anne Fitzpatrick Michl Kelly Kate Hart    
20 Dec 1870 Daly Anne James Anne Kean Mary Kean      
28 Dec 1870 Barry Anne Tom Margret O'Connor Murty Kelly Bridget Barry    
28 Dec 1870 Shea George William Anne Sexton Pat Cleary Mrs Sexton    
28 Dec 1870 Gavan Bridget Mick Kate McMahon Kate Gavan      

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RC Baptism Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish