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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

RC Baptism Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish, 1876-Jan 1881

Registers by Date

Source: Clondagad/Kilchreest RC Baptism Registers NLI Film 02471/03
Transcriber/Donor: Kevin Murphy, Queensland, Australia

Day Month Year Family Name Child Father Mother Mother's Maiden Name Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Residence Notes
2 Jan 1876 Brew Bridget James Bridget Larkin Kate Hinchy      
10 Jan 1876 Kelly Jane Thomas Mary Halloran Thomas Quin Bridget Conlon    
19 Jan 1876 Sexton Honor Sinon Catherine Collins Mary Sexton      
21 Jan 1876 Canny Honor Pat Nelly Finnie? Mrs Finnie?      
30 Jan 1876 Crowly Patt Patt Catherine Hill Bridget Crowly      
30 Jan 1876 McMahon Anne Patt Bridget McMahon Ann McMahon      
4 Feb 1876 Toole Pat John Margret Griffin Mrs J Griffin      
13 Feb 1876 Mahon John Michael Margaret Murphy Kate O'Dea      
19 Feb 1876 Spellisy Bridget Pat Anne Brown Mrs Moran   Clonmore  
20 Feb 1876 Daly Andrew Pat Bridget Ronan James Quinlivan Bridget Hassett    
20 Feb 1876 Clancy Bridget James Honora McMahon Thomas Finucane Mary Finucane   Married to John O'Dea Knockasaggart in Ballycorick Church June 23, 1908 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
23 Feb 1876 Chambers Eliza Henry Bridget O'Neill John O'Neill Mrs Chambers Ballinacally  
23 Feb 1876 Quinlivan Mary John Jane Connell James Quinlivan Mary Stephens    
27 Feb 1876 Quealy Thomas John Bridget Quinlivan Catherine Griffin P McDonnell    
27 Feb 1876 Donnelly Daniel Daniel Mary McMahon Anne Clancy      
29 Feb 1876 King Michael Bat Mary Clancy Ellen Clancy      
2 Mar 1876 Finucane Patrick John Bridget Frawley Bridget Finucane   Ballinacally  
4 Mar 1876 Doohan Bridget James Kate Quinlivan Mary Doohan      
5 Mar 1876 Landers Mary Martin Mary McMahon Thomas Melican Mrs Pender    
12 Mar 1876 Phillips Anne Patrick Bridget Frawley Michael McMahon Margaret McMahon    
12 Mar 1876 Coghlan John Sinon Bridget Grady John Collins Mary Collins    
16 Mar 1876 McMahon Patrick Patrick Mary King Catherine McMahon      
18 Mar 1876 Mackay Thomas Michael Mary Murphy Ellen Brennan   Cragbrien  
19 Mar 1876 Coghlan Thomas Michael Mary Carrig Mary Carrig      
19 Mar 1876 Browne Bridget Michael Susan Clancy John O'Dea Susan Clancy    
22 Mar 1876 Ryan Mary Michael Bridget McInerney Honoria Sullivan      
22 Mar 1876 Markham Mary John Bridget Slattery Ellen Sullivan   Cragbrien  
23 Mar 1876 Coffee Margaret Michael Margaret Kennedy Susan Kennedy      
23 Mar 1876 Conlon Mary James Bridget Faul Bridget Clohesy      
23 Mar 1876 Connelly Susan John Mary Molony William Connelly     Married at Ballycorick Church to Michael Malone of Shanahea on June 3rd 1908
23 Mar 1876 Doohan Mary Pat Mary Halloran Bridget Melican     Margaret Halvey? [query on mother's name]
23 Mar 1876 Breen Bridget Tady Bridget Clancy Matt Hough Mary Hough    
26 Mar 1876 Breen Pat James Mary Griffin John Hough Jane Hough    
28 Mar 1876 Sexton John Thady Mary Dundon Margaret Houlihan   Lavalla Married to Margaret Browne on March 7, 1916 in Knockerra Church by Rev M Madden C.C.
29 Mar 1876 Scanlan Bath John Bridget Scanlan Bridget Ryan   Breffa  
29 Mar 1876 Egan Margaret Michael Jane Murphy Mrs E Murphy     Married to Michael Quinlivan in Ballycorick Church on March 17, 1911 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
1 Apr 1876 Cleary Daniel Pat Bridget Roach Bridget Doherty   Carahakilla  
2 Apr 1876 King Catherine Pat Bridget McDonnell [blank]      
2 Apr 1876 Daly Mary Robert Mary Russell Ellon Martin     Married to Michael Mulligan on June 15, 1916 in the Church of the most Holy Sacrament Buffalo NY, USA
5 Apr 1876 Irwin Margaret Thomas Mary Dillon Fanny Lahiff   Ballynacally  
7 Apr 1876 Murphy Jane Michael Honoria Callinan Edmund Connelly Mary Callinan    
8 Apr 1876 Meers Anne Pat Bridget Collins Ellen Callaghan      
9 Apr 1876 Kelly Margaret Timothy Mary Birmingham John Kelly Susan Kelly   Married to Wm Bowden on July 22, 1914 in St Mary's Church Lissycasey by Rev A Clancy P.P.
10 Apr 1876 Dowling Mary Richard Anne Cusack Mary Carroll   Ballynacally  
12 Apr 1876 Barry Johanna Thomas Mary Ginnane Margaret O'Connor   Lack  
15 Apr 1876 Collins Catherine Thomas Bridget Meer Mary Coghlan     Married to James J Byrne on Oct 25, 1911 in S Peter's Church ? N York, USA
15 Apr 1876 Browne George Pat Catherine Carrig Mary Carrig   Lisheen  
16 Apr 1876 Crowley Honoria John Bridget Conway Mary Carrig     Married to Patrick Sullivan in Lissycasey Church Jan 30, 1909 by Rev Jas Monahan
16 Apr 1876 Kirrane James Martin Margaret Corbett Bid Connors     Married to Margaret Callen on 4 June 1919 in St Kevin's Church Chicago USA by Rev HJ Quinn P.P.
16 Apr 1876 Flynn John Michl Margret Meany Mrs Flynn      
16 Apr 1876 Loughnane Michl John Bridget Quinlivan Bridget Connelly     Married to Sarah Wall in Ballycorick Church on Nov 22, 1910 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
21 Apr 1876 Daly Margaret James Kate Hayes Pat Clancy Mary Daly    
22 Apr 1876 Daly Kate Pat Margaret Sullivan Mary Daly      
22 Apr 1876 Landers John John Mary Malone Mary Melican      
26 Apr 1876 O'Donoghue John John Susan Egan Mrs O'Donoghue      
6 May 1876 Doody John Pat Bridget Rohan Maria Canny      
7 May 1876 O'Connor Susan James Bridget Gavan Anne Reilly   Cahirmeer  
7 May 1876 Daly Mary Patrick Bridget Casey Mary Moroney   Drumquin  
8 May 1876 Honan Susan Darby Honor Scanlan Mary Hehir      
9 May 1876 Melican Denis Thomas Bridget Eagan Bridget Gavin?     [Entered again on 21 May]
10 May 1876 Daly Kate Martin Kate Reidy Bridget daly      
10 May 1876 Corry Richard James Eliza Hassett Tom Brennan Anne Brennan    
11 May 1876 Carthy Thomas Michl Margret Custy Mary Griffy      
19 May 1876 Doohen Ellen Michl Bridget Browne Margaret Mescall      
20 May 1876 Coffey Honoria Thady Mary Hehir Bridget Baker?   Lisheen  
21 May 1876 McMahon Michl Michl Mary Normile Ellon McMahon      
21 May 1876 Carey Bridget James Eliza Hassett Thomas Brennan Anne Brennan    
4 Jun 1876 Moylan James Martin Maria King Michl McNamara Mary Kelly    
4 Jun 1876 Roache Maurice Pat Maria Kelly Mary McMahon      
4 Jun 1876 Cleary Thomas James Bridget Walsh Mary McMahon      
4 Jun 1876 Considine John John Catherine Hill Anne Darcy      
7 Jun 1876 Dillon Margaret Thomas Anne Crowe Margaret Crowe   Clonemore  
9 Jun 1876 Kean Michl Pat Mary Gavin Pat Cleary Mrs M Gavin   Married to Susan Honan (Kilmihil) on Feb 10, 1915 in Lissycasey Church by Rev D Hayes
10 Jun 1876 Clancy Mary John Mary Mongavan Pat Pender Mary Clancy    
15 Jun 1876 Egan John John Ellen Meer Mary Mescall      
16 Jun 1876 Clancy Ellen Thomas Mary Pender Kate Pender      
21 Jun 1876 Kelly Pat Pat Catherine Coghlan Mary Mescall   Renappa  
21 Jun 1876 Hill Margaret Jane Pat Anne Reilly Bridget Hill   Ballycorick  
24 Jun 1876 Moran Pat Michael Catherine Brennan Anne Brennan   Ballynacally  
24 Jun 1876 Gavan Thomas Michael Margaret Hallinan Susan Lynch   Lavalla  
28 Jun 1876 Haphey Bridget Robert Margaret Glynn Susan Torpey   Ballynacally  
29 Jun 1876 Hewson Susan George Catherine Garry Bridget Hewson   Paradise  
5 Jul 1876 King Anne Daniel Bridget Kasey Thomas King Hannah King    
9 Jul 1876 Flynn Margaret John Anne Hastings Mary Garry      
10 Jul 1876 Callahan Mary John Ellon Jordan Mary Brennan      
15 Jul 1876 Kerin James Thomas Margaret Chambers Anne Ginnane      
15 Jul 1876 O'Shea Kate Wm Anne Sexton Bridget Cleary      
15 Jul 1876 Davine Michl Peter Susan Malone Mary Cleary      
18 Jul 1876 Normile James Pat Mary Ginnane James Ginnane Anne Ginnane    
18 Jul 1876 Sexton Anne Pat Susan Ryan John Kane Mary Sexton    
23 Jul 1876 Meaney James James Margaret Bohannan Mary Bohannan   Paradise  
23 Jul 1876 Scanlan Ellon Pat Mary Reynolds Martin Kean Bridget Kean    
23 Jul 1876 Kelly Andy Andy Fanny Brooks Mrs Mary Kelly Tady Kelly    
9 Aug 1876 Halpin Michl Patt Nellie Hartigan Margaret O'Dea      
10 Aug 1876 Conlon James Martin Mary Considine James Conlon Bridget Conlon   Married to Mary Clancy on Oct 8, 1912 in Ballycorick Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
  Aug 1876 Honan Margaret Mathew Anne McCarthy Margaret Clancy     [between 10 and 19 August]
  Aug 1876 Hennessy Michael James Hugh Anne Kelly James McNamara Bridget McNamara   Married to Catherine Garde on June 2, 1912 in S Colman's Church Queenstown by Rev D O'Connor
  Aug 1876 McGrath Michael Pat Margaret Galvin James Quinlivan Mary Quinlivan   [between 10 and 19 August]
  Aug 1876 Clohessy Martin Pat Margaret McMahon John Clohessy Mrs Clohessy   [between 10 and 19 August]
19 Aug 1876 Cleary [blank] James Bridget Cleary Michael Curry Mary Curry Lisheen  
27 Aug 1876 Scanlan John Thomas Ellen O'Connor Mrs Sheedy      
  Sep 1876 Coghlan Thomas Michael Bridget Hill Catherine Hill      
  Sep 1876 O'Connor Honora Michael Bridget Malone Margaret O'Connor      
27 Sep 1876 Tuohey Edmund Pat Ellen Madigan Mary Clancy      
28 Sep 1876 Griffin Bridget Gabrielle Pat Kate Kennedy Dan Kennedy Bridget Griffin    
28 Sep 1876 Conway Mary Pat Kate Molony Kate Conway      
1 Oct 1876 Spellisy Ellon Thomas Kate Cotter Mary Cooney      
1 Oct 1876 Kelly Susan Sinon Kate Moylan Bedilia Kelly      
1 Oct 1876 O'Connor Michl Thomas Mary Meehan Bridget Corbett      
1 Oct 1876 Kelly Susan Thomas Mary Hastings Catherine Kelly      
20 Oct 1876 King Martin John Bridget Casey Pat King      
20 Oct 1876 Clohessy Margaret Tom Margaret Clohessy Thomas Griffin Mary Griffin   Married to Peter Haugh (of Clohanmore, Cree) on May 11th 1912 at Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
20 Oct 1876 Kirrane John Michael Catherine Conway Mary Coghlin      
20 Oct 1876 Cleary Catherine James Bridget Cleary ? Cleary      
25 Oct 1876 Doohan John Pat Bridget Grogane Ellen Grogane     Married to Nora Slattery on Nov 22, 1911 in the Pike Church Shinnone by Rev Slattery D.D.
25 Oct 1876 McMahon Michael Pat Ellen McLoughlin Pat Egan Margaret Egan   Married to Bridget Richardson on Feb 4, 1911 in St John's Church Tralee
26 Oct 1876 Purcell Honoria Pat Margaret Meany Michael O'Dea Fanny O'Dea    
28 Oct 1876 Torpey Kate James Bridget Melican Mary Anne Heaphy      
29 Oct 1876 Kelly Mary Michael Bridget McNamara Mary Quinlivan Owen O'Donnell    
1 Nov 1876 Murphy Ellen Pat Jane Dundon James Grady Ellen Farrel Clonakilla  
1 Nov 1876 Gavan John Michael Margaret Kelly Mary Murphy     Married to Mary Browne on Feb 25, 1913 in Knockerra Church by Rev P Hogan P.P.
5 Nov 1876 Sexton John John Margaret Ronane Mary Halvey      
5 Nov 1876 Clohesy Kate Thomas Anne Griffen Bridget Griffen      
5 Nov 1876 Hehir Martin Pat Ellen Shannon Maria Hehir      
7 Nov 1876 O'Shea Martin Thomas Bridget Haugh Mary Collins   Tubber  
7 Nov 1876 Reynolds Martin Michl Mary Carthy Mary Reilly      
7 Nov 1876 Daly Tim Tom Anne Kean Ellon Daly      
8 Nov 1876 Ryan Ellon Thomas Kate Ryan Norry Ryan      
10 Nov 1876 Reynolds Bridget Bryan Mary Purcell Anne Walsh      
15 Nov 1876 Reilly Mary Pat Bridget Doohen Mary Scanlan   Cragbrien  
17 Nov 1876 Coleman Pat John Bridget Behan Mary McGrath      
19 Nov 1876 McMahon Martin John Bridget Halvey Michael Doohan Margaret Halvey Lissycasey Married to Bridget Fitzpatrick on April 28, 1917 in Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
19 Nov 1876 McGrath Mary Thomas Ellen Normile Sinon McNamara Margaret Doohan Breaffa  
20 Nov 1876 Madegan [blot] James Mary Clancy Peg Lynch      
30 Nov 1876 McNamara Bridget John Margaret McMahon James McMahon Winifred McMahon    
29 Dec 1876 Browne Thomas George Susan Casey Margaret Browne      
25 Jan 1877 Considine Denis Thomas Bridget O'Dea Mary Conlon      
25 Jan 1877 Faul Martin Thomas Mary Halloran Margaret Smeeth?      
25 Jan 1877 Ryan Catherine Pat Bridget Conway Mary Sexton Michael McNamara    
  Feb 1877 McNamara Bridget Pat Jane Carmody Kate McMahon     [Between 1 and 11 Feb]
11 Feb 1877 Breen Eliza James Bridget O'Loghlin Catherine Molony      
20 Feb 1877 McMahon Anne Anthony Honor Meany Mrs Carrig      
20 Feb 1877 Galvin Pat John Margaret McMahon Mary McMahon      
20 Feb 1877 Conway Bridget Michl Honora McNamara Bridget McNamara      
20 Feb 1877 Minahan Pat Pat Kate Considine Thomas Minahan Honora Minahan    
23 Feb 1877 O'Dea Pat James Bridget Landers Anne Landers     Married at Lissycasey Church to Susan Collins June 2, 1908 officiating A Clancy
23 Feb 1877 Cleary Margaret John Jane Halloran Bridget Flannery      
27 Feb 1877 Daly Ellen Andrew Catherine Collins Stephen Collins Bridget Collins    
28 Feb 1877 Quinlivan Mary Ellen James Mary Reidy Mary Lillis      
28 Feb 1877 Kelly Eliza John Mary McNamara Mary Honan      
2 Mar 1877 McGrath Pat Martin Bridget Cleary Nance Pender      
3 Mar 1877 Hurly Bridget William Bridget McMahon Conor O'Dea Mary Carrig    
4 Mar 1877 Moran Susan David Mary McMahon Kate McMahon      
4 Mar 1877 O'Brien John Ned Susan Neagle Mrs Neagle Michl Neagle    
4 Mar 1877 Toole John John Mary Griffen Mary Toole      
11 Mar 1877 Daly Eliza William Bridget Moran Mary Daly      
11 Mar 1877 Griffin Anne John Mary Cleary Ned Breen Jane Breen    
11 Mar 1877 Shea Pat Thomas Mary Cooney Margret Lalor      
14 Mar 1877 Mescal Ellon Michl Bridget Donlon Mary Donlon      
15 Mar 1877 McGuane Patrick Thomas Eliza Casey Mary McGuane      
17 Mar 1877 Auliff Pat Michl Mary Brown Ellon Meehan      
17 Mar 1877 Ryan James? Pat Mary O'Dea Catherine McMahon John O'Dea    
17 Mar 1877 McMahon Mary John Margaret Boland Anne Coghlan      
21 Mar 1877 Gavin Mary Michl J Kate McMahon Anne McMahon      
21 Mar 1877 Sullivan Tom Thomas Hanah Cleary Honora Sullivan      
21 Mar 1877 Conway Jane John Anne Kirrane Mary Kirrane      
25 Mar 1877 Purthil Michael Michael Susan Frawly John Purthill Mrs Purthill    
27 Mar 1877 Clancy Margaret Dan Susan Collins Margaret Collins      
27 Mar 1877 Kelly Mary Dan Anne Kirrane Margaret Kirrane      
29 Mar 1877 Hehir Margaret John Winifred Cahill Bridget Cahill     Married to Martin Hehir in Ballycorick Church on Feb 28, 1909 by Rev Tim Kelly C.C.
31 Mar 1877 Coffey Catherine Michael Ellen Sexton Catherine Murphy      
4 Apr 1877 Meer Catherine Philip Catherine Hallinan Catherine McMahon      
8 Apr 1877 Canny Eliza Pat Ellen Finn Mary Darcy      
10 Apr 1877 Breen John James Mary Considine Kate Breen      
10 Apr 1877 Gavin Mary Michl Martin Mary Riedy Mary Gavin      
12 Apr 1877 Fodge Margaret Michael Ellen Brew Mrs Considine      
15 Apr 1877 Daly James James Margaret Freeman Anne Quinn?      
20 Apr 1877 McGuane Anne John Anne Griffen Mrs McGuane   Feeragh Married to Patrick Gavin in Lissycasey Church on Feb 2, 1910 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
22 Apr 1877 Cullinan Eliza Daniel Anne Griffen Mrs Griffen   Lanna  
25 Apr 1877 McMahon John Pat Norah Culligan Bridget Walsh   Lack  
29 Apr 1877 Kirrane Mary John Jane Warrant Mrs Kirrane      
29 Apr 1877 Brennan John James James Bridget Corrigan? John Rogers Kate Rogers    
29 Apr 1877 Daly John Andrew Margret McKaye Mrs Clancy      
10 May 1877 Meany John Pat Mary Coghlin Mrs Coghlan      
10 May 1877 Pyne John Michael Thomas Bridget Sexton Michael Kelly Mary Haugh    
12 May 1877 McGuanne John Peter Bridget Quinlivan Mary Quinlivan      
13 May 1877 Trasnane John Sinon Kate Collins Bridget Trasnane     Married to Nora Riordan on June 11, 1911 in St Francis Xavier Church New York by Rev Thomas S Harlin S.J.
18 May 1877 Donohue Michl John Susan Eagan Mrs Michl McMahon      
19 May 1877 Moran John William Honora Browne Thomas Browne Catherine Moran Clonmore  
21 May 1877 Kelly Anne Martin Norry McGuane Mary McGuanne      
31 May 1877 Meaney Honora Michael Hannah Meaney Mrs Griffin      
7 Jun 1877 Halloran John John Margaret Lynch Mary Cahill      
13 Jun 1877 Ginnane Elizabeth Jeremiah Mary Nagle Stephen Ginnane Catherine Ginnane    
13 Jun 1877 Donnelly Honoria Daniel Mary McMahon Jane Donnelly      
15 Jun 1877 Doody John Thomas Honoria Coffee Kate Sexton      
24 Jun 1877 Hill Bridget Michael Ellen McCarthy Mary Conway      
29 Jun 1877 Ryan Michael Thomas Margaret Sullivan Ellen Sullivan James Ryan   Married to Mary Quinlivan in Lissycasey Church on Feb 21, 1909 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
29 Jun 1877 McNamara Patrick Daniel Mary Crowe Bridget Sexton John McNamara    
29 Jun 1877 O'Dea Margaret Denis Mary O'Connor Bridget O'Dea      
30 Jun 1877 Kean John James Honor Hill Mary Hill      
30 Jun 1877 Quinlivan John John Susan Connell James Quinlivan Mary Stephens    
30 Jun 1877 Finucane Ellen John Bridget Frawley Mary Purcell      
1 Jul 1877 Irwin Honor James Margaret Kane Sinon McCarthy Letitia Lalor    
1 Jul 1877 Kelly Bridget James Kate Connors Bridget Crowley      
7 Jul 1877 McNamara Frank Thomas Fanny Hennessy Thomas McNamara Fanny O'Dea    
8 Jul 1877 Scanlan Michael John Mary Doohan Hannah Scanlan Pat Scanlan    
8 Jul 1877 Hill Margaret Michael Margaret Clohessy Mary Clohessy      
8 Jul 1877 Conway John Pat Kate Hill Mrs John Conway      
9 Jul 1877 Molony Pat John Bridget Walsh Kate Collins     [Entered again on 22 July]
15 Jul 1877 Hehir May Pat Susan Clohessy Bridget Connolly      
15 Jul 1877 Meany Mary John Margaret Molony Honor Meaney      
20 Jul 1877 Leary Michl Michl Anne Griffy Anne Doyle      
21 Jul 1877 Molony Ellon Thomas Kate Brown Mrs Brown     Married to James Daly on Jan 14, 1919 in Ballycorick Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
29 Jul 1877 Carrig James James Mary Cealy? May Dempsey   Clonmore  
29 Jul 1877 Carrig Michael James Mary Kealy Kate Griffin      
18 Aug 1877 Meehan Pat Matthias Mary Keany Margaret Keany Thady Keany    
19 Aug 1877 Carmody Brigid Thomas Honor Brassel Mrs Shalloe      
22 Aug 1877 O'Connor Thomas Richard Margaret Pinder Mrs Fitzgerald   Ballycorick  
23 Aug 1877 McMahon Patrick John Alex Margaret Griffin Pat Griffen Mrs Griffen   Married to Ellen Fogarty on April 28, 1915 in St Andrews Westland Row Dublin by Rev John Fogarty
24 Aug 1877 Breen Kate Antony Bridget Clancy Thomas Breen? Jane Breen    
16 Sep 1877 Hennessy Hannah James Bridget Reidy John Roach Mrs Roach    
16 Sep 1877 King John Dan Bridget Casey Mary Casey      
16 Sep 1877 Moore John Pat Bridget Finucane Bridget Moore      
16 Sep 1877 Cleary John Pat Honor Conway Pat Doohan Nance Pender   Married to Johanna Quinlivan (Decomade) in Lissycasey Church on Nov 23, 1908 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
16 Sep 1877 McNamara Kate Michl Margret Normile Kate Normile      
16 Sep 1877 Conlon Jane John Mary Kinahen? Mary Redy      
26 Sep 1877 Gavan Pat Martin Susan Lynch Ellen Lynch      
30 Sep 1877 Conlan Michael James Bridget Faul Bridget Clohessy      
30 Sep 1877 McNamara John Sinon Susan Donohue Mary Cleary     Married to Ellen Crowley in Lissycasey Church on Feb 14, 1911 by Rev Jas Monahan C.C.
30 Sep 1877 Glynne Michl James Hanna Brown Susan Brown      
8 Oct 1877 Melican Bridget Thomas Bridget Eagan Susan Melican     Married in Lissycasey Church July 10, 1908 to Martin Doohan officiating Priest A Clancy P.P.
9 Oct 1877 Chambers Bridget Henry Bridget Neil Anastatia O'Grady      
10 Oct 1877 Sullivan Michael Michael Mary Considine Mary McMahon     Married to Maria Daly on Feb 7, 1912 at Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
14 Oct 1877 Kelly Margaret Martin Sarah O'Donohue Mrs O'Donohue Pat Kelly    
15 Oct 1877 Clancy Honoria John Mary Prendergast Catherine Prendergast   Caherea  
16 Oct 1877 Landers Bridget Martin Margaret McMahon Margaret Melican      
16 Oct 1877 Grant Margaret Thomas Anne Murtough Bridget Mungavan      
21 Oct 1877 McCarthy Michael Charles Kate Custy Tim Quealy Kate Purcell    
21 Oct 1877 Kelly Martin Thomas Mary Halloran Mary McMahon      
30 Oct 1877 Flynne Susan Michl Mary Meany Thomas Flynne Kate Flynne   Married to Joseph Brennan Nov 20th 1935 at Inchieve? Dublin by Eugene Trainer C.C.
1 Nov 1877 Roache Bridget Pat Anne Ronan Mary Collins      
4 Nov 1877 Purthill Ellen Martin Margaret Flannigan Thomas McMahon Catherine McMahon    
7 Nov 1877 Browne Margaret Michael Susan Clancy Mrs Bridget Doohen   Cloncoleman  
11 Nov 1877 Roche Martin Michael Eliza Downes John Kerin Bridget Kerin    
14 Nov 1877 O'Keefe Anne Martin Eliza Murphy Dan Clancy Mary Clancy Lack  
14 Nov 1877 Neagle Bridget Pat Honor Roache Michl Kerin Susan Neagle    
18 Nov 1877 Kelly Mary John Kate Dondon Bridget Kelly      
25 Nov 1877 Kinnelly Mary Stephen Ellon Kean Bridget Kinnelly      
1 Dec 1877 Cleary Pat? Thomas Mary Boz Thomas Cusac Mary Cusac    
2 Dec 1877 Larkin Thomas John Mary Bourke Peter Bourke Anne Bourke    
2 Dec 1877 Quin Bridget Pat Bridget Keane Mary Quin      
5 Dec 1877 Gavan Dan James Kate Gavan Mary Connors      
12 Dec 1877 Scanlan John Thomas Margaret Gavan Ellen Scanlan      
13 Dec 1877 Hayes Thomas Martin Honor Quinlivan Bridget Quinlivan      
16 Dec 1877 Scanlan Pat Pat Mary Reynolds John Scanlan Mrs Scanlan    
17 Dec 1877 Meany Pat James Peg Bohannon Bridget Loagness?      
18 Dec 1877 Moran Thomas Pat Honor Slattery Mary Slattery      
23 Dec 1877 Walsh Ellon Wm Jane Hough Matthew Hough Mary mescal    
23 Dec 1877 Sexton Brigid Thady Mary Dundon Mrs Margaret O'Shea      
1 Jan 1878 Hennessy Bridget Hugh Anne McCallin John McCallin Margaret Fitzgerald Lissycasey Married to James Francis Collins in Lissycasey Church July 22, 1908 A Clancy P.P.
5 Jan 1878 Eagan Mary John Ellon Meere Susana Meere      
5 Jan 1878 Sexton Thomas John Mary Connor Kate Connor      
5 Jan 1878 Carthy Dan Michl Mary Custy Maria Canny      
8 Jan 1878 Murphy Edmund Edmund Bridget Hehir Bridget Meany     Married to Margaret Daly in Ballycorick Church Feb 10, 1909 by Rev T Kelly C.C.
9 Jan 1878 McMahon Pat James Bridget Doherty Anne Torpey      
10 Jan 1878 Reynolds Mary Pat Mary Neylon Michl Clancy Mrs M Clancy    
10 Jan 1878 O'Brien Dan Daniel Mary Cusac Anne McMahon      
13 Jan 1878 Cleary Mary Tim Bridget Kelly Bridget Crowly      
18 Jan 1878 Gavan James Pat Mary Murphy Bridget King      
20 Jan 1878 McMahon Bridget Pat Mary Casey Bridget Casey      
20 Jan 1878 Considine Bridget John Ellon Morony Mary Morony      
20 Jan 1878 Kean Pat Pat Mary Gavin Mrs M Meany      
20 Jan 1878 King Bridget Bat Maria Clancy Mary Kelly      
23 Jan 1878 Normile Bridget James Bridget Connelly Bridget Quinlivan      
31 Jan 1878 Roche James Pat Mary Kelly Mrs Sexton      
3 Feb 1878 Daly Norry James Kate Hayes Pat Clancy Bridget Daly    
3 Feb 1878 Roche Bridget John Sarah Donohue Susan Donohue      
3 Feb 1878 Kelly Eliza Sinon Kate Moylan Michl Kelly Bridget Moylan    
4 Feb 1878 Kelly Pat Pat Bridget McNamara Michl McNamara Bridget Hehir    
6 Feb 1878 Connolly Pat John Mary Molony Margaret Connolly      
6 Feb 1878 Burke Terence Pat Mary Connors Catherine Morony      
9 Feb 1878 Hill Susan Patk Anne Reilly Mary Hill      
10 Feb 1878 Coghlin Honora Pat Honora McGuane Bridget McGuane      
16 Feb 1878 Garry Thomas John Susan Roche Maria Garry      
16 Feb 1878 Dillon Bridget Thomas Anne Crowe Bridget Crowe      
20 Feb 1878 Torpy Patrick James Ellen Minahen Denis Torpy Susan Torpy    
20 Feb 1878 McMahon Bridget Bryan Anne Shea Pat Carmody Mary Carmody    
24 Feb 1878 Galvin Ellen John Margaret McMahon Michael McMahon Mary McMahon    
24 Feb 1878 Daly Michl Robin Mary Russel Mary Murtough      
27 Feb 1878 Connors Margaret James Bridget Gavan Thomas Connors Mrs Connors    
27 Feb 1878 McMahon Michael Michael Bridget Egan Catherine O'Dea     Married to Susan Flaherty (alias Tubridy) on July 31, 1915 in S Senan's Kilrush by Rev L O'Brien?
6 Mar 1878 McNamara Pat John Margaret McMahon Ellen McMahon      
6 Mar 1878 Coghlin Kate Sinon Bridget Grady Margaret Coglin      
13 Mar 1878 Mahon William Michael Margaret Murphy Kate O'Connor      
13 Mar 1878 Sullivan Patrick James Margaret Brennan Maria Murphy      
24 Mar 1878 Finnucane Edmond James Honora McMahon James Pindar      
24 Mar 1878 Considine John James Honora Halloran Anne Darcy      
24 Mar 1878 Kelly Catherine Patrick Catherine Coghlin Margaret Doohan      
24 Mar 1878 Keane Pat Joseph John Kate Meehan Bridget McInerny      
24 Mar 1878 Doody Pat Pat Bid Ronan Bridget Hassett      
24 Mar 1878 Hill Honora John Mary Landers Anne Landers      
26 Mar 1878 Howe Mary Luke Anne Keating John Howe Mary Howe    
31 Mar 1878 Moran Mary Martin Margaret Corry Tim Cusac Ellen Carmody    
31 Mar 1878 Dowling John Richard Anne Cusac Ellon Meehan      
31 Mar 1878 O'Dea Anne Pat Bridget Fahy Bridget Casey      
31 Mar 1878 Kelly John Michl Bessy McMahon Sally Frawly     [Entered again on 11 April]
31 Mar 1878 Daly Mary Peter Hannah Doohen Mrs Doohen      
3 Apr 1878 Kelly John Pat Bridget Kelly Mrs Griffin      
3 Apr 1878 Carrig Ellon Thomas Bridget Hogan Ellon Brennan      
10 Apr 1878 McMahon John Pat Ellen Loughlan Kate Honan      
11 Apr 1878 Davine Bridget Peter Susan Malone Mary Meany      
11 Apr 1878 Clohesy James? Pat Peg McMahon Bridget Griffin      
12 Apr 1878 King Michl Pat Bid McDonnell Mary King     Married to Bridget Pilkington in Kilmaley Church Feb 17, 1909 by Rev J Glynn P.P.
12 Apr 1878 Scanlan Martin John Bridget Scanlan Bridget Donnelly      
12 Apr 1878 Heaphy Emilia Robert Margaret Heaphy Mary Cleary     Married to John O'Brien of Ballinrosa? Donohill Cappawhite on June 29, 1913
21 Apr 1878 Connell Margaret Pat Bridget Meers Mary Meers      
22 Apr 1878 McMahon Catherine Patt Bridget McMahon Winifred McMahon      
24 Apr 1878 Toole Pat John Honor Behan Bridget Moran      
27 Apr 1878 Browne George Pat Kate Carrig Anne McInerny      
27 Apr 1878 Keane John Pat Kate Flynn Bridget Flynn      
27 Apr 1878 Moran Luke Michael Kate Brennan Maria Chambers      
27 Apr 1878 Shea Maryanne William Anne Sexton Anne Cleary      
11 May 1878 Spellacy Mary Thomas Kate Cotter Ellen Hogan      
12 May 1878 Clancy Catherine John Mary Mungovan Patt Clancy Mary Clancy    
13 May 1878 Normile Bridget James Bridget Connolly Bridget Quinlivan      
13 May 1878 Doohan Ellon James Kate Quinlivan Ellon Quinlivan     Married to John Doohan of Clonboula Connolly in Ennis Cathedral on January 15, 1910 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
19 May 1878 Crowly Susan John Bridget Conway Anne Conway     Married to Patrick Howard (Tarmon, Killimer) in Lissycasey Church Feb 21, 1909 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
22 May 1878 Connellan Mary Martin Mary Considine Bridget Fawl      
29 May 1878 Daly John Michael Bridget Murphy Margaret Daly      
29 May 1878 Gavan Connor Michael Margaret Halloran Susan Clancy      
30 May 1878 Daly Ellen Pat Margaret Sullivan Bridget Sullivan      
2 Jun 1878 Coghlin Mary Michael Bridget Hill Mary Coghlin      
3 Jun 1878 O'Dea Kate John Margaret Garry Anne Grant alias Murtough      
16 Jun 1878 Considine Michl John Kate Hill Kate Carrig      
16 Jun 1878 Quealy Michl John Bridget Quinlivan Honor Griffin      
24 Jun 1878 Clohesy James James Bridget Cleary Bridget Flannery     Married to Anne Kehoe on June 7th, 1910 in the Church of the Most Holy Sacrament, Buffalo N.Y., U.S.A.
26 Jun 1878 Normile Pat Patrick Mary Ginnane James Ginnane Jane Ginnane    
29 Jun 1878 Honan Margaret Matt Anne McCarthy Andrew McCarthy Kate Honan    
30 Jun 1878 O'Neill Michael John Eliza Chambers Winifred O'Grady      
1 Jul 1878 Clohesy Ellon Thomas Mary Kean Matthew Clohesy Margret Kelly    
5 Jul 1878 Toole Mary John Margret Griffin Jane Toole     Married to Patrick Keane on January 29, 1913 in Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
7 Jul 1878 Kirrane John Martin Margaret Corbett John Hehir Margaret Kirrane    
7 Jul 1878 Quinlivan Michael John Jane Connell Mrs Glynn James Stevens   Married to Margaret Egan in Ballycorick Church on March 17, 1911 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
17 Jul 1878 Reynolds Michael Michael Mary Carty Anne Stevens      
17 Jul 1878 Fawl Martin Andrew Honor Cullinan Bridget Fawl      
28 Jul 1878 O'Shea Mary Anne Thomas Bridget Haugh Anne Haugh      
28 Jul 1878 McMahon Ellen John Margaret Boland Anne Eustace      
28 Jul 1878 Cleary Michl Peter Bridget Shea Kate Hayes      
7 Aug 1878 Spellacy Michael Pat Anne Browne Mary Spellacy      
11 Aug 1878 Tashnane Michael Sinon Catherine Collins Catherine O'Connor     Married to Honora Cusac on May 27, 1919 in Ballycorick Church by Rev AJ McNamara C.C.
15 Aug 1878 Collins Michael Thomas Bridget Meers Mary Markham      
15 Aug 1878 Collins James Ned Mary Hill Mrs Tony Breen     Married to Bridget Hennessy in Lisscasey Church July 22, 1908
15 Aug 1878 Murphy Margret Michael Honor Callinan Ned Murphy Mrs Murphy    
15 Aug 1878 McGrath Mary Pat Mary Galvin Kate Quin      
15 Aug 1878 Clohesy Margaret John Mary Corbett Kate Murphy      
15 Aug 1878 McAuliff Ned Charles Bridget Doherty Tessy Long      
16 Aug 1878 King Bridget Bat Mrs B King ? King Mrs ? King    
17 Aug 1878 Egan Bridget Michael Jane Murphy Mary McMahon     Married to Patrick Keane in S. James's Church Chicago USA on April 19, 1908 by Rev Hugh McGuire
21 Aug 1878 Quinlivan James James Anne Daly Mary Daly      
1 Sep 1878 Roache Honor David Kate Kelly Mrs P Cleary      
2 Sep 1878 Daly Bridget Pat Bridget Casey Mrs O'Brien      
3 Sep 1878 Toole Mary Martin Honor Calnan Bridget Corbett      
4 Sep 1878 Ronan Michl Thomas Mary Dillon Mary Chambers      
22 Sep 1878 Meany Mary John Catherine Lahiff Margaret Molony      
28 Sep 1878 Cleary Catherine Michael Mary Cleary Mrs Kity ?      
29 Sep 1878 Daly Ellen Andrew Margaret McKane Mrs Clancy Pat Clancy    
29 Sep 1878 Markham Anne Pat Anne McMahon Anne McMahon      
29 Sep 1878 O'Donoghue Thomas John Susan Egan Pat O'Donoghue Susan O'Donoghue    
29 Sep 1878 Byrne Tom John Ellon Philips Bridget Hoare      
3 Oct 1878 Browne Margaret George Susan Casey Anne Casey      
9 Oct 1878 Doohan Pat Pat Margaret Frawley Bridget Melican      
9 Oct 1878 Reily Ellon Pat Bridget Doohan Ellon Doohan     Married to Wm Daly on 25th April, 1911 in St Edmund's Church Bolton England by Rev - -?
9 Oct 1878 Tuohy Mary Pat Ellen Madagan Mrs P Sheahan      
12 Oct 1878 Moran John N P Michl Mary Hanneen Mary Smythe      
12 Oct 1878 Sullivan John Thomas Hanah Cleary Ellon Sullivan      
12 Oct 1878 Melican Martin Pat Kate Considine John Considine Bridget Considine    
12 Oct 1878 Gavin Pat Michl Margret Kelly Mrs Martin Gavin     Married to Anastasia O'Dea on Jan 20, 1914 in Ballycorick Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
20 Oct 1878 Honan Tom Jerry Mary Scanlan Mrs Michael Hehir      
25 Oct 1878 Reily James Michl Ellon Griffin Tom Reily Mary Hartigan    
25 Oct 1878 King Bridget John Bridget Casey Michl King Bridget King    
1 Nov 1878 Cleary Kate James Bridget Cleary Bridget Baker      
1 Nov 1878 Corry Martin John Catherine O'Keeffe Hannah Browne      
17 Nov 1878 O'Brien James Edmund Susan Nagle John Leyden Honor leyden Drumquin  
1 Dec 1878 Normile Thomas Pat Catherine Murphy Margaret Walsh      
1 Dec 1878 Ryenne Michl Pat Mary O'Dea Pat O'Dea Mary McMahon    
10 Dec 1878 Kelly Ellen Murty Catherine Walsh Maria Kelly      
11 Dec 1878 Carmody Thomas Michl Jane McMahon Thomas McMahon Honor Walsh    
14 Dec 1878 Markham Thomas John Bridget Slattery Pat Sullivan Margaret Sullivan    
21 Dec 1878 Moore Thomas Patrick Bridget Finucane Bridget Moore      
22 Dec 1878 Landers Thomas Pat Mary Cushin Mrs Hickey Timothy Landers    
22 Dec 1878 Daly Bridget Andrew Catherine Collins Bridget Daly Michael Hassett    
22 Dec 1878 Costelloe Patrick Michael Mary Carrig Anne Coghlan      
28 Dec 1878 Kelly Bridget John Kate Dundon Margaret Clancy      
5 Jan 1879 Kelly Pat Sinon Catherine Moylan John Moylan Maria Kelly    
5 Jan 1879 Molony Jane Thomas Kate Brown Mrs Connolly      
5 Jan 1879 McMahon Ned James Bridget Doherty Mary Torpey      
5 Jan 1879 Murphy Ellon Pat Bridget Kelly Kate O'Hern      
10 Jan 1879 Carrig Thomas James Mary Casy? Anne Carrig      
10 Jan 1879 Lalor John Thomas Marie Casey Ellon Carrig      
11 Jan 1879 Sexton Mattew Pat Susan Ryan Tim Quealy Mary Quealy    
15 Jan 1879 Slattery Patrick Thomas Kate Kinnealy Margaret Meany      
22 Jan 1879 Ryan Thomas Thomas Catherine Ryan Honor Ryan      
24 Jan 1879 Fawl Mary Thomas Mary Halloran Mary Purcell      
25 Jan 1879 Reynolds Pat Bryan Mary Purcell Margaret Purcell      
26 Jan 1879 Ryan John Pat Bridget Conway Jane Conway      
26 Jan 1879 Kelly Bridget John Bridget Quinlivan Annie Griffin      
26 Jan 1879 Finucane Susan Tom Kate McMahon Honor Finucane     Married to Michael Murphy of Lissooraheen Coolmeen on July 31, 1909 in Ballycorrick Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
26 Jan 1879 Brown Pat Tom Kate McMahon Mary Sexton      
26 Jan 1879 Doohan Pat Pat Bridget Grogan Honor Grogan      
1 Feb 1879 Daley Agnes William Bridget Moran Margaret Cahill      
1 Feb 1879 McNamara Michl Michl Margaret Normile Mrs Pat Normile      
6 Feb 1879 Meany Pat Pat Mary Coughlan Mrs Martin Coughlan      
9 Feb 1879 McMahon Bridget Thomas Mary Collins Mary Hill      
10 Feb 1879 Moran Pat Wm Honor Brown Pat Carmody Mary Carmody    
15 Feb 1879 Kirrane Anne Michael Catherine Conway Margaret Kirrane      
15 Feb 1879 Loughnane Dan Pat Eliza McInerney Bridget McInerney      
15 Feb 1879 Frawley Pat Patrick Anne Daly Mary Frawley     Married Elizabeth McAuliff 25/1/1922 at Ballycorick Ch Celibrant D Murphy P.P. Witnesses John O'Brien & Tessie O'Brien
15 Feb 1879 Cleary Denis James Bridget Cleary James Cleary Bridget Walsh    
15 Feb 1879 Coughlan Mary Peter Susan Clancy Mary Higgins      
15 Feb 1879 Roache John Pat Anne Ronan Mary Ronan      
15 Feb 1879 Kelly John Pat Kate Crowly Kate Kelly      
15 Feb 1879 Connors Anne Michl Bridget Malone Mary Quinlivan      
19 Feb 1879 Finucane Mary John Bridget Frawley Margaret Purcell      
22 Feb 1879 Daly William Thomas Anne Keane Bridget Daly      
22 Feb 1879 Torpy Susan James Ellen Minahen Susan Minahen      
22 Feb 1879 McMahon John Pat Mary King Susan King      
1 Mar 1879 Coffey Pat Thady Mary Hehir Anne Murphy      
1 Mar 1879 McMahon Laurence Pat Honor Culligan Kate Honan      
5 Mar 1879 McMahon Pat Anthony Honor Meany Anne Molony      
5 Mar 1879 Townsell Matt Michl Bridget McInerny Tom Brown Jane O'Donnell    
8 Mar 1879 Scanlan Pat Michl Bridget Donnellan Susan Donnellan     Married to Nora Browne on Feb 5, 1918 in Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
8 Mar 1879 Tuohy Pat Michl Anne Spelissy Susan Guilligan      
8 Mar 1879 King Margaret Dan Bridget Casey Margaret Clancy      
9 Mar 1879 Moran John David Mary McMahon Bridget McMahon      
9 Mar 1879 McNamara Daniel Daniel Mary Crowe John McNamara Mrs McNamara    
9 Mar 1879 Collins Pat Stephen Margaret O'Grady Bridget Collins Peter Collins    
12 Mar 1879 Connellan Margaret John Anne Cunningham Maria Keane      
23 Mar 1879 Lahive Mary John Margaret Coghlan Bridget Maguire     Married to Thomas Donellan on Feb 14, 1912 in Parish Church Kildysart
23 Mar 1879 Kelly Pat Pat Catherine Ryan Mrs Ryan      
30 Mar 1879 Landers Pat John Mary Malone Thomas Melican Margaret Melican    
30 Mar 1879 Hill Ellen Michael Ellen McCarthy Mrs Conway      
30 Mar 1879 O'Neil James James Norry Kennedy Bridget O'Neil      
31 Mar 1879 O'Connor Mary Tom Mary Melican Honor Connors     Married to James Finucane in Ballycorick Church on Feb 21, 1909 by Rev Jas Monahan C.C.
31 Mar 1879 Slattery Mary John Mary Murtough Jane Ross      
31 Mar 1879 Quinlivan Bridget James Mary Reidy Mary Quinlivan      
31 Mar 1879 Toole Anne Tom Honor Breen Kate Carrig      
5 Apr 1879 Breen Antony James Mary Griffin Ellon Breen      
10 Apr 1879 Clancy Thomas Dan Susan Collins Mary Collins      
13 Apr 1879 McMahon Mary Pat Mary Casey Catherine Casey      
16 Apr 1879 McGuane Mary Thomas Eliza Casey Margaret Pindar      
18 Apr 1879 Ginnane Mary Tom Bridget Ginnane Margaret Ginnane     Married to James Gavin on Feb 13, 1917 in Christ's Church Ballycorick by Rev A Clancy P.P.
22 Apr 1879 Flynne Eliza John Anne Hastings Michl Flynne Bridget Flynne    
23 Apr 1879 Flynn John William Margaret Daly Bridget Crowly      
30 Apr 1879 Cleary Anne John Jane Halloran Bridget Flannery      
30 Apr 1879 McGrath John Martin Bridget Clancy Widow Bridget Clancy      
3 May 1879 McAuliff Bridget Michael Mary Browne Eliza Hasset      
4 May 1879 Donelly Kate Dan Mary McMahon Kate Collins      
8 May 1879 Roche John Pat Maria Kelly Kate Sexton      
11 May 1879 Sexton Susan Tady Mary Dondon Bridget O'Dea      
11 May 1879 Considine Pat John Bridget O'Dea Mary Considine      
13 May 1879 Ryan Mary Thomas Margaret Sullivan Mary Custy      
13 May 1879 Considine John James Honor Halloran James Halloran Kate Mulqueny    
14 May 1879 Callanan John John Ellen Jordan John Halloran Margaret Quin    
14 May 1879 Sheahan Pat Thomas Mary Halloran Bridget Sheahan Michael Sheahan    
15 May 1879 O'Conor Bridget Richard Mary Pender John O'Connor Mrs J O'Conor    
28 May 1879 Gavin John Michl J Kate McMahon Maria Connors      
28 May 1879 Molony Michl John Bridget Walsh Mary Cleary      
28 May 1879 Clancy Thomas Michl Susan Neylon Pat O'Neil Jane Clancy   Married at Coolmeen, Catherine Collins 16 March, 1930 Cel. James Carey P.P. Coolmeen. Witnesses Edmund Hehir & Brigid Walsh
8 Jun 1879 Kenny Mary Ned Bridget Clune James Corry Bridget Corry    
11 Jun 1879 McMahon Margret Anne Alex Margret Griffin James Hehir Mary Griffin   Married to Patrick Lyons on Feb 4, 1913 in S. Andrews Westland Row Dublin by Rev J Hatton
12 Jun 1879 Murtough Mary James Bridget Purcell Margret Purcell     Married to Michael Leenan? On June 2, 1911 in Holy Cross Parish New York by Rev Joseph A Foley
12 Jun 1879 McNamara James Pat Jane Carmody Mary Clancy      
22 Jun 1879 Gavan Dan Martin Susan Lynch Mary McDonnell      
25 Jun 1879 Cleary John Pat Bridget Kerin James Cleary Mary Cleary    
25 Jun 1879 Cleary Bridget Tim Bridget Kelly Mary Crowly      
29 Jun 1879 Conway Catherine John Anne Kirrane Mary Coghlan      
29 Jun 1879 Sexton Pat John Mary O'Connor Bridget Sexton John Sexton    
29 Jun 1879 Flynne Eliza John Anne Hastings Michl Flynne Bridget Flynne   [Repetition of entry on 22 April]
2 Jul 1879 Scanlan James James Mary Clancy Bridget Scanlan      
13 Jul 1879 Daly Bridget Peter [blank] [blank]       [mother Anne Doohan?]
16 Jul 1879 Molony Matthew James Bridget O'Connor Margaret O'Connor Matthew Molony   Married to Ellen Murphy on Jan 7, 1917 in parish church of Douglas Co Cork by Rev W McCullagh. Married Abina Mangan in Douglas 24 Sep 1942
26 Jul 1879 Gavin Pat Pat Mary Doohan Mary Clancy      
26 Jul 1879 McMahon Michl John Anne Roache Maria Garry      
27 Jul 1879 Leyden Jeremiah John Bridget Ginnane Daniel Lillis Bridget Leyden    
30 Jul 1879 Keane Denis Pat Mary Gavan Nance Griffin      
30 Jul 1879 Clohesy Pat Pat Mary McMahon Mrs Griffin      
30 Jul 1879 O'Dea Denis Denis Mary Connors Mrs Meany      
3 Aug 1879 Moylan Martin Martin Mary King Kate Breen      
4 Aug 1879 O'Dea Bridget Pat Bridget McNamara Anne Reily      
6 Aug 1879 Keane Michael Pat Kate Flynn Maria Flynn      
6 Aug 1879 Scanlan Pat Thomas Ellen Connors Ellen Scanlan     Married to Catherine Scanlan on Feb 17, 1912 at Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P. Married to Catherine Cleary on Feb 16, 1915 in Christs Church Ballycorick by Rev T Kelly C.C.
10 Aug 1879 Grant James Thomas Anne Murtagh Mary Keane      
14 Aug 1879 Hogan Thomas Pat Kate Lahiff Mrs Lahiff     [Twin of Michl]
14 Aug 1879 Hogan Michl Pat Kate Lahiff Mrs Flynn     [Twin of Thomas]
15 Aug 1879 Herbert Margaret Mathias Honor Collins Kate Pender      
17 Aug 1879 Conway Kate Michl Honor McNamara Mrs John Conway      
20 Aug 1879 Roache Mary David Kate Kelly Mar Pat Roache      
31 Aug 1879 Kelly Susan Michl Bridget McNamara Ellon O'Connor      
31 Aug 1879 Sullivan Anne John Mary Hinchy Mary Hadlock      
1 Sep 1879 Henessy Bartholemew Hugh Anne McColly James Henessy Jane Henessy    
3 Sep 1879 Neagle John Pat Honor Roache Susan Neagle      
3 Sep 1879 Henessy Michl James Bridget Ready Pat Henessy Anne McNamara    
7 Sep 1879 McGuane Susan John Anne Griffin John Collins Anne Collins    
12 Sep 1879 Purcel Margret Pat Mary Meany Bridget Finucane      
21 Sep 1879 Galvin Michael John Margaret McMahon John McMahon Mary McMahon    
27 Sep 1879 Clancy Michael Michael Margaret Pindar Anne Quin      
28 Sep 1879 Horne Bridget Luke Anne Keating Catherine Keating      
1 Oct 1879 Meehan Martin Matthew Mary Caby Anne Meehan      
2 Oct 1879 Clohesy Tom Tom Anne Griffin John Griffin Bridget Griffin    
3 Oct 1879 Landers Kate Martin Mary McMahon Mrs Pender      
  Oct 1879 Roache Pat John Sara Donoghue Susan Donoghue     [between 3 and 12 October]
12 Oct 1879 Purcell Martin John Honor Connors Anne Connors      
15 Oct 1879 Mackey Kate Michael Mary Murphy Mrs Thomas Doyle   Cragbrien  
1 Nov 1879 King Bridget Pat Bridget O'Neill Michael King Mary Mungovan    
6 Nov 1879 Roache Michl Michl Eliza Downes Margaret Crowly      
9 Nov 1879 Hehir Martin John Winifred Cahill Mrs Tuohy      
15 Nov 1879 Chambers Margaret Henry Bridget O'Neill Martina O'Grady      
16 Nov 1879 Normile James Pat Kate Murphy Kate McMahon      
20 Nov 1879 Fodge Thomas Michl Mrs Fodge Bridget Honan      
20 Nov 1879 Sullivan Mary James Bridget Clancy Mary Clancy     Married Thomas Shannon at Ballycorick 17th Feb 1942 witnesses Patrick Cusack & Mrs Mary Garry
21 Nov 1879 Dowling Richard Richard Anne Cusac Mrs O'Brien     Married to Alice Molony on April 29, 1911 in St Josephs Church Limerick
23 Nov 1879 Landers James Pat Mary Cussen Anne Cussen      
30 Nov 1879 Daly Bridget James Catherine Hayes Bridget Daly      
30 Nov 1879 Hill James John Mary Crowley Mrs Hill      
30 Nov 1879 Walsh James William Jane Haugh Bridget O'Dea      
6 Dec 1879 Brown Thomas Andrew [blank] O'Dea James Brown Mrs W Moran    
14 Dec 1879 Heaphy Louisa Robert Margret Gynne Kate Cusac      
17 Dec 1879 Sheahan Thomas Conor Honor Walsh Mary Sheahan      
17 Dec 1879 Kinnelly Thomas Stephen Ellon Kean Mary Cahill      
17 Dec 1879 Ryan Bridget Michl Bridget McInerny Bridget Ryan     Married to John Meany on Feb 17, 1912 at Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
25 Dec 1879 Considine Bridget John Matt Catherine Hill Mrs Michl Hill      
25 Dec 1879 McNamara Stephen John Margaret McMahon Honor Canny      
27 Dec 1879 Coffey Honor Michl Ellon Sexton Kate Murphy      
28 Dec 1879 Lavine Pat John Jane O'Dea Mary Quinlivan     Married to Anne McGuane in Lissycasey Church on Feb 12, 1910 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
29 Dec 1879 Doody Michael Patrick Bridget Ronan Mary McMahon     Married to Anne Scanlan on April 28, 1920 in Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
29 Dec 1879 Breen Jane? Tony Bridget Clancy Mary Breen      
1 Jan 1880 McNamara Patrick Sinon Susan O'Donoghue Pat Kelly Mary Finucane    
1 Jan 1880 Gavan Patrick Pat Mary Murphy Margaret Murphy      
3 Jan 1880 Dillon Mary Thomas Anne Crowe Ellon Carmody      
3 Jan 1880 Kelly Thomas James Kate Connors Bridget Crowley      
10 Jan 1880 Moran David Michael Catherine Brennan Johanna Chambers      
14 Jan 1880 O'Dea John Pat Ellen McMahon John O'Dea Mary McMahon    
14 Jan 1880 Browne Kate Michael Susan Clancy Margaret Crimmins      
21 Jan 1880 Landers Brigid Martin Mary Quinlivan Ellen Scanlan      
28 Jan 1880 Clohesy Pat Thomas Mary Kelly Mrs Pat Hehir      
28 Jan 1880 McNamara Pat James Susan Sheahan Mrs John Hehir      
30 Jan 1880 Cleary Margaret Pat Norry Conway Mrs Tady Kelly   Benedan  
2 Feb 1880 Connellan Pat Pat Bridget Meer Catherine O'Dea      
2 Feb 1880 Quinlivan Pat John Jane Connell Margaret Stephens      
4 Feb 1880 Normile Pat James Bridget Connelly Mrs Doyle      
4 Feb 1880 Daly Pat Pat Margaret Sullivan Bridget Sullivan   Beneathem?  
11 Feb 1880 Cleary Sinon James Bridget Walsh Honor Collins      
20 Feb 1880 Coughlan Mary Sinon Bridget Grady Mary Doohan      
29 Feb 1880 Conlan James James Bridget Fawl Bridget Clohessy      
7 Mar 1880 McMahon Timothy John Bridget Halvey Mary Doohan Daniel Doohan    
14 Mar 1880 Clancy John Thomas Mary Bowes Honor Hoare John Shea    
16 Mar 1880 Scanlan Batt Pat Mary Reynolds Thomas Scanlan Bridget Scanlan    
17 Mar 1880 Finnucane John James Honoria McMahon John Sheehan Jane Pindar    
17 Mar 1880 Considine Mary John Ellen Morony Margaret Morony      
17 Mar 1880 McMahon Ellen Pat Bridget McMahon Ellen McMahon      
24 Mar 1880 Coughlan Michl Martin Mary Donnelly Joanna Sexton      
1 Apr 1880 Canny Anne Pat Ellen Finn Mary Darcy     Married to Patrick Flynn on Nov 27, 1920 in Ballycorick Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
2 Apr 1880 Brew William James Bridget O'Loghlin Hannah Carrig      
3 Apr 1880 Mahon Mary Michael Margaret Murphy Bridget Coghlan      
4 Apr 1880 Kane James John Kate Mahon Ellen McInerney      
7 Apr 1880 Cleary Honor pat Bridget Roache Kate Cleary     Married to James Kelly (of Cahercon) on April 29, 1914 in Christs Church Ballycorick by Rev A Clancy P.P.
8 Apr 1880 Cleary Timothy James Bridget Cleary Catherine Carrig      
9 Apr 1880 Coughlan Margaret Sinon Bridget Grady Mary Doohan     Married to Michael Hill on June 13, 1911 in Ecclesia Virginis Pirdolentis Chicago by Rev A McQuigley O.S.M.
15 Apr 1880 Conway Johanna Pat Margaret Collins Mary O'Dea      
17 Apr 1880 Carmody John Thomas Honor Brassel Eliza Heapy      
24 Apr 1880 Connelly Margaret John Mary Molony Mary Carey      
24 Apr 1880 Fawl Peter Andy Honor Cullinan Mary Kelly      
2 May 1880 Clohesy Kate Tom Mary Kean Mary Kean   Lack  
2 May 1880 Larkin Mary John Mary Bourke Bridget Quealy      
2 May 1880 Toole James John Margt Griffin Jane Toole      
12 May 1880 Ryan John Michl Mary Sullivan B Sullivan      
15 May 1880 Coleman Mary John Bridget Behan Mary Eagan      
16 May 1880 Garry Bridget John Susan Roache Mrs John McMahon     Married to John Honan in Ballycorick Church on Feb 21, 1909 by Rev A Clancy P.P.
17 May 1880 Kean Eliza James Norry Hill Mary Kean      
21 May 1880 Sullivan Margaret Thomas Hanah Cleary Margret Cleary      
26 May 1880 Sullivan Mary James Margaret Brennan Catherine McCarthy      
26 May 1880 Meer Bridget Pat Bridget Collins Mary Coghlan      
30 May 1880 Moran Margaret Pat Honor Slattery Jane Ross      
2 Jun 1880 O'Donoghue Pat John Susan Egan Margaret Pindar      
4 Jun 1880 McGrath John Pat Margaret Galvin Kate O'Dea      
6 Jun 1880 O'Connor Joseph John Kate Hehir Honor O'Connor     Married to Anna Frawley on Nov 22, 1916 in Kilmurry McMahon Church by Rev Timothy Lynch P.P.
6 Jun 1880 Slattery Joseph Thomas Kate Kinnelly Mrs Pat Meany      
23 Jun 1880 Doohen Martin Michael Bridget Browne Mary Cusack      
26 Jun 1880 Griffin James John Pat Kate Kennedy Bridget Mary McMahon      
1 Jul 1880 Daly Michl Michl Bridget McKew Mary Daly      
28 Jul 1880 Doohen Michael James Catherine Quinlivan Mary Lillis      
4 Aug 1880 O'Connor Catherine Richard Margaret Pindar Honor Meany     Married to John Doohan on Feb 15, 1920 in Cathedral Ennis by Rev W Grace
7 Aug 1880 Kelly Michael Thomas Mary Halloran Bridget Phillips      
14 Aug 1880 McMahon Mary Bryan Anne Shea Michael Hurly      
15 Aug 1880 Murphy Michael Edmond Bridget Hehir Margaret Meany      
15 Aug 1880 Kelly Martin Pat Catherine Coghlan Mrs Mescall      
21 Aug 1880 Flynn Patrick Thomas Mary Sexton Mrs Sexton      
21 Aug 1880 Brown James Thomas Mrs F Brown Pat O'Dea Anne Sexton    
21 Aug 1880 Daley Ellon Pat Bridget Ronan Mrs M Daley      
21 Aug 1880 Kelly Susan Sinon Kate Moylan James Hehir Anne Hehir   Married to Patrick breen in Ballycorick Church 26.10.1909 by Rev tim Kelly C.C.
21 Aug 1880 Reily Mary Michl Ellon Griffin Agnes Reily      
21 Aug 1880 Molony Mary John Bridget Walsh Maria Connors      
21 Aug 1880 McMahon Mary Tom Mary Collins Bridget Hill      
21 Aug 1880 King Catherine Pat Bridget McDonnell Mrs O'Dea?      
1 Sep 1880 McNamara Margaret Dan Maria Clancy Thomas Clancy Joanna Clancy    
4 Sep 1880 Dwyer James William Margaret O'Dea Mary O'Dea      
8 Sep 1880 Hehir Michael Pat Susan Clohessy Margaret Hehir     Married to Helen Mahony on May 10, 1908 in St Pauls Church Dorchester Mass U.S.A.
8 Sep 1880 Honan Michael Pat Bridget McNamara Ellen Honan      
11 Sep 1880 Eagan Sinon Michael Jane Murphy Susan McMahon      
18 Sep 1880 O'Brien Mary Ned Susan Neagle Mrs Wall     [Twin of Margaret]
18 Sep 1880 O'Brien Margaret Ned Susan Neagle James Kerin Mrs Neagle   [Twin of Mary]
24 Sep 1880 Markham Michl John Bridget Slattery Anne Brennan      
24 Sep 1880 King Ellon Batt Marta Clancy Anne Clancy      
26 Sep 1880 Casey Michl Michl Ellon Mack Mary Morony      
27 Sep 1880 Tuohy James Pat Ellon Madagan Ellon Barry      
28 Sep 1880 Hannon Sarah John Bridget Doyle Ellon Fodge      
6 Oct 1880 McNamara Ellen Michael Mary Considine Mrs Mary McMahon      
9 Oct 1880 O'Donoghue Patrick Richard Mary Do----? John McNamara Winifred O'Grady    
20 Oct 1880 Ryan Martin Thomas Catherine Ryan Catherine Scanlan     Married to Catherine Browne on Nov 24, 1912 at Kilmurry McMahon by Rev T Lynch P.P.
30 Oct 1880 Browne Mary Thomas Bridget Molony Kate Molony      
30 Oct 1880 Sexton Martin John Mary Connors Susan Kennedy      
30 Oct 1880 Murphy Mary John Mary Kelly Mary Sexton      
30 Oct 1880 Meany Bridget Pat Mary Coughlan Mary Coughlan      
30 Oct 1880 Shea Jane Tom Bridget Hough Mary Hough      
1 Nov 1880 Carty Ellen Michael Margaret Custy Mary Griffin      
1 Nov 1880 Kelly Martin John Bridget Quinlivan Delia Frawley     Married to Ellen Sullivan in St Annes Parish New York on April 16, 1911
5 Nov 1880 O'Dea Martin James Bridget Landers Margaret Landers      
9 Nov 1880 McNamara Thomas Michael Margaret Normile Thomas Normile      
10 Nov 1880 Scanlan James John Mary Doohen Catherine Scanlan     Married to Sarah Hastings on Nov 12, 1913 in the Church of S. Ignatius South Tottenham London
13 Nov 1880 Gavan Bridget Michael Margaret Kelly Margaret Keane      
14 Nov 1880 Kelly Catherine Martin Honor McGuane Mary McGuane      
17 Nov 1880 Halloran Margaret John Margaret Lynch Mary Halloran      
18 Nov 1880 Brown Catherine George Susan Casey Mary Scanlan      
28 Nov 1880 Monahan Thomas Pat Catherine Considine Pat O'Dea Fanny O'Dea    
1 Dec 1880 Quin Thomas John Mary Hill Honor Griffin      
1 Dec 1880 Reilly Michael Pat Bridget Doohen Hannah Scanlan      
3 Dec 1880 McMahon Bridget Thomas Bridget Pindar Mary Daly      
11 Dec 1880 Considine Thomas Thomas Mary Hadlock Annie Hadlock      
11 Dec 1880 Neylon Honor Peter Bridget O'Donnell Margaret O'Connor      
12 Dec 1880 Collins Connor Stephen Margaret O'Grady Mary O'Grady      
12 Dec 1880 Scanlan Thomas Thomas Ellen O'Connor Mrs Tasnane      
13 Dec 1880 Spellisy Thomas Pat Anne Browne Margaret Spellisy      
21 Dec 1880 Kelly Thomas Francis Pat Maria Crowley Mary Carrig      
22 Dec 1880 Clancy Stephen Dan Susan Collins Anne Collins     Married Feb 27th, 1923 to Margaret of John Conway & Mary Currane Furroor Witness John Collins & Bridget McCarthy Cel O Flynn C.C.
22 Dec 1880 Collins Anne Thomas [blank] Meere Mary Markam     Married 13th Feb 1923 Pat O'Dea Bou--? Kilmihil Wit. Pat McMahon & Maggie Meere Cel D Murphy P.P.
29 Dec 1880 Cleary Ellen James Bridget Cleary Mary Cleary      
1 Jan 1881 Crowley Margaret John Bridget Conway Mrs Anne Conway     Married to Thomas Murrihy (of Clonahill, Cooraclare) on Jan 27, 1910 in Lissycasey Church by Rev A Clancy P.P.
2 Jan 1881 Murphy John Pat Bridget Kelly Anne Honan     Born Jan 1st
6 Jan 1881 Landers Patrick Martin Mary Quinlivan Mary Quinlivan      
6 Jan 1881 McMahon Patrick Pat Mary Casey Winifred McMahon      
6 Jan 1881 Fawl Robert Thomas Mary Halloran Kate Loughnane      
22 Jan 1881 Kirrane Bridget Martin Margaret Corbett Pat Sheahan Mary Sheahan    
22 Jan 1881 Honan Anne Matt Anne McCarthy Mrs Shea     Married to James Kenny (Crossderry Coolmeen) on Feb 20, 1917 in Christs Church Ballycorick by Rev A Clancy P.P.

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RC Baptism Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish