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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1830

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Mother Surname
Dec. 3 Ahern Anne Dale Stackpoole Bridget Michael & Ellen McInerney  
Feb. 9 Barry Mary Thomas Coghlan Bridget John Sexton & Bridget Coghlan Kilcollum
Feb. 8 Bolan Pat Thomas Hehir Mary Pat and Bridget Hehir Derrygarriv
May. 29 Boland Tom David Daly Jane Marty Hanrahan & Honor Corry Tullaghaboy
Nov. Boland Martin John Coree Johanna Cornelius Coree & Mary Daly Carron Cree
Jul. Bolland Pat Pat Freeman Mary Daniel & Catherine Malone Ballyvoe
Nov. 16 Brazil John John Crow Mary Thomas Flanagan & Ellen O'Grady Garrynagry
Jun. 30 Brown Anne Francis   Alice Pat Flyn and Mary Cusack Kilcloher
Aug. Brown Mary Michael Fraly Mary Pat Fitzgerald & Anne Wing  
Jan. 1 Burke Pat Thomas Lillis Catherine Michael Burke & Margaret Markham Bealcragga
Mar. 16 Burke Mary Michael Leary Mary John Leary & Margaret Burke  
May. 20 Burke John Pat Talty Mary Pat Hawkins & Bridget Murphy Rathcrony
Feb. 2 Cabey Pat John Quigly Margaret Thady Cabey & Honora Quigly Cragroe
May. 23 Cahill Bridget Denis C…… Margaret Thomas Connellon & Ellen Harvey Knockatuna
Aug. Carmody Martin Thomas   Anne ???? Campbell & Mary Flanagan Lis…..
Sep. 8 Carney Michael John Fraley Catherine John Custy & Catherine Spellissy Shean
Dec. 24 Carney Michael Michael Hegarty Bridget James Carney & Honour Cotter Clountabonniv
Mar. 31 Carrig Mary Michael Hogan Biddy Michael Carrig & Anne Clune Garrynagry
May. 22 Casey Mary Pat Cullinan Joan Michael Walsh & Mary Cullinan Kilmealy
Jul. 9 Commane Bridget Michael Co… Bridget James and Bridget Commane Capaleigh
Jul. Connelan Bridget John Purcell Mary Michael Walsh & Mary Callinan Rathkerry
Dec. 7 Connell Thomas Michael Carmody Bridget Pat & Margaret Carmody  
Mar. 22 Connellan Mary James Markham Mary Thomas Clancy & Ellen Markham Cappaleigh
Apr. 16 Connellan Mary Peter Connellan Anne Stephen & Bridget Kearney Furroor
Jul. 4 Connellan Margaret Jeremiah O'Grady Catherine James Connellon & Mary Markham Gortaganniv
Mar. 24 Considine Michael Michael Collins Mary Michael & Mary Collins Kilguane
Aug. Considine Margaret Michael Lillis Bridget John Considine & Margaret Lillis Slaveen
Sep. 8 Considine Michael John Hehir Honor Thomas and Winny Hehir Craganour
Mar. 26 Conway Mary Thomas Hassett Jany Pat Gorman & Mary Hartigan Furoor
May. 8 Conway Bridget John Donnellon Mary Thomas Hogan & Mary Hehir Tullassa
Nov. 12 Coree Martin Cornelius   Bridget John Boland & Johanna Hanrahan Carron Cree
Jul. 7 Cotter Bridget Thady Summers Ellen Michael Walls & Ellen O'Flanagan ILLEGITIMATE
Dec. 13 Crehan Thomas Michael Connell Biddy Thomas and Nancy Connell Reinagisha
Feb. 4 Crow Bridget Pat Considine Bridget John Kelly & Johanna Considine Slaveen
Jun. 23 Crowe John Daniel McMahon Margaret Thomas & Catherine Fitzpatrick Drumline
Apr. 19 Curtane/Curtin James John Hogan Anne Thomas O'Connor & Mary Hogan Lough…..
Apr. 22 Curtin Timothy Bat Connelon Mary Darby Connelon & Anne Kearney  
Apr. 10 Daffy John Pat Neylon Catherine Michael Gallery & Honor Daffy Inch Beg
Sep. 19 Daffy Michael Michael Houlahan Magaret Michael & Eliza Daffy  
Jun. Darcy Mathew Mat Reidy Mary Michael Killeen & Anne Meany Ivy Hill
Apr. Davin Margaret John R….. Catheirne ???? ???? And Mary Stephens Ki…..
Dec. 31 Diviny Peter Thomas Kean Mary Peter & Honor Connors Strawsburgh
Feb. 14 Donnellan Edmond Pat Finnucane Eliza Thomas & Bridget Finnucane Craganour
Jun. Donnellan Bridget Thomas Donnellan Ellen James Walsh & Cath. Donnellon Craganour
Jul. Donnellan James Matt Considine Mary Michael & Bridget Considine Craganour
Jan. 10 Duggan Hugh Hugh Cunneen Margaret Patrick Cunneen & Honora Duggan Inch
May. 9 Duhan John John Conway Honor Dan and Mary Haran Glaunslieve….
Aug. Duhan Michael Martin Murphy Mary ??? Harin and Catherine Murphy Glaun
Jan. 20 Egan Bridget John Fitzpatrick Mary Pat Burns & Anne Curtin Tullassa
Jan. 10 Faul Bridget Charles McInerney Mary James & Debby Faul Bealcragga
Jun. Faul James Lawrence McNamara Margaret Pat and Mary Faul Ballymacaula
Jul. 18 Faul Anne James Kelly Margaret Stephen Faul & Anne O'Loughlin Ba……
Dec. 15 Fitzgibbon Thomas John Connellan Bridget Terence McMahon & Brid. Commane Tullassa
Feb. 24 Fitzpatrick Mary James   Margaret Pat Kennedy & Catherine Markham Clonboula
Mar. 17 Fitzpatrick Pat Thomas     Pat Sheehy & Honor Halpin  
Apr. 1 Fitzpatrick Anne Denis Collins Anne John Fitzpatrick & Catherine Hogan Tul….
Jan. Flanagan Maria Michael Welsh Bridget Patrick & Sally Welsh Clonfeigh
Mar. 24 Flanagan Bridget Pat H…. Bridget Pat Herbert & Mary Sheehy Drinagh
Mar. 7 Flin Mary Martin Gullinan Mary Mary Griffin ILLEGITIMATE
Jan. Fraly Pat John Downes Bridget Lot McCaw & Honora Downes Lehaknock
Aug. Fraly Maurice Maurice C…. Joan Lawrence Fraly & Honor Murray Lehaknock
Sep. 16 Fraly Thomas Sinon Cotter Mary Pat Fraly and Mary Fraly Shean
Nov. Fraly Martin Pat Dillon Mary Michael Fraly & Margaret Crow Shean
Jan. 31 Gallery Pat James Kennedy Honor Peter Kennedy & Anne Warrant Garrynagry
Apr. 25 Gallery James Cornelius Flin Margaret Pat Daffy & Mary Gallery Strawsburg
Jun. 20 Gallery Bridget Michael Darcy Michael Martin and Mary Warren Cragleigh
May. 16 Galvin James John Doyle Mary Mathew McNamara & Marg. Dillon Knock….
Aug. Galvin Denis Pat Molony Mary John Curtane & Mary Darcy Ivy Hill
Sep. Galvin Mary Thomas Qualy Anne John Minahan & Mary Galvin Bally…….
Dec. Galvin Pat Denis Cusack Catherine Pat Morony & Margaret Flanagan Ballymacooda
Nov. 24 Gleeson Thomas Patrick Hehir Mary Peter Hehir  
May. 17 Glyn Margaret Marty McMahon Ellen Michael and Ellen White Sheaun
Feb. 24 Gorman/Gannon Catherine Michael Curtin Ellen Mary McMahon Drinagh
Jan. 9 Green Margaret William Casey Catherine Pat Casey & Ellen Markham Drimanure
Apr. 23 Green Mary Tom Burke Honor John Burke & Mary O'Connor Bealcragga
May. 11 Greene Catherine Henry Hogan Margaret Michael Walsh & Mary O'Kelly Knockatuna
Jan. 18 Griffy Pat Daniel McGuane Margaret Pat Griffy & Bridget Fraly Drimanure
Jun. 11 Griffy John James Higgins Honor Pat Curtin & Mary Griffy Loghnaminna
Jul. Griffy Mark Thomas Hehir Mary Pat McGuane & Bridget Griffy Drimanure
Nov. 20 Griffy Ellen Michael Kean Bridget Mary McMahon Kyleatunna
May. 19 Hallinan John Edmond Kennedy Honor Martin Hehir & Bridget Hicky Kilmealy
Jun. Halloran Nancy Pat Flanagan Biddy Michael and Anne Flanagan Ivy Hill
Apr. 14 Halpin Owen Tom McGuane Bridget Pat Halpin & Eleanor Corry Strawsburg
Jun. 5 Harvey Ellen John Shannon Bridget William Lahiff & Eileen O'Gorman Gortadoig
Apr. 4 Hassette Bridget Daniel O'Brien Judy John Hassett & Catheirne Molony Rath….
Sep. 1 Hayes John James Fraly Catherine Pat and Mary Hayes Balleen
Jul. Hegarty Thomas Michael Kane Anne Denis Kenedy & Bridget Reidy Bally…..
Dec. 23 Hegarty Stephen Patrick Malone Biddy Martin McGuane & Biddy Coffey Ballymacooda
Dec. 23 Hegarty Mary Patrick Malone Biddy John McGuane & Anne Malone Ballymacooda
Mar. 6 Hehir Mary Michael Costelloe Margaret John Hehir & Catherine Hehir Salaghboula
Mar. 16 Hehir Pat John Hehir Mary Michael & Bridget Hehir Boulineaska
Mar. 19 Hehir Thomas Pat Molony Margaret John and Bridget Fraly Bealcragga
Apr. Hehir Anne Michael Hehir Mary Tom Meehan & Anne Faul Rathkerry
Aug. Hehir Mat Pat McMahon Bridget ???? Caby & Mary Callinan  
Nov. Hehir Nicholas Andrew Markham Bridget Michael Halloran & Marg. Sexton Cragleigh
Dec. 28 Hehir Bridget Michael McNamara Catherine Pat Hehir & Biddy Hehir Clonfeigh
Jan. 12 Hicky Thomas Thomas Cotter Hanora William Hicky & Bridget Fitzpatrick Tullassa
Mar. 18 Hogan Pat John M…… Catherine Conor Qualy & Mary Molone Rath…
Nov. 24 Hogan Mary Michael O'Connor Norry James McGuane & Bridget Markham Drinagh
Dec. 4 Hogan Honor John Foley Mary Cornelius & Honor Foley Strawsborrow
Nov. 19 J……. John William McMahon Mary Thomas Griffey & Mary McMahon  
May. James ???? Michael Faul Mary Francis & Bridget O'Grady Clounlaheen
Jan. 11 Kane Betty Michael Neylon Bridget Martin Neylon & Catherine Neylon Bealcragga
Apr. 7 Kane Edmond Denis O'Connell Betty Martin McAulliffe & Honor O'Connell ILLEGITIMATE
Sep. 19 Kane Margaret John Da…. Honor Pat Keane & Catherine McMahon Gla…….
May. Kean Margaret John Daly Mary Michael Considine & Honora Kean Starwsburg
Nov. Kean Bridget Martin Donohoe Mary Malachy Faul & Margaret Clune Bally…..
Aug. Kearney Michael Pat Boland Betty ??? Costelloe & Bridget Griffy Gortadoig
Aug. Kearney Mary John Kenny Catherine ????? And Garrynagry
Feb. 24 Kearse Bridget Thomas Cabey Mary Andrew Cabey & Ellen O'Dea Cahermore
Jan. 6 Kelly Anne James Conway Ellen Michael Walsh & Ellen Smith Kanturk
Mar. Kelly Margaret Michael Crowley Bridget Michael Haran & Mary Garahy Clonboula
Mar. 12 Kelly John Pat McMahon Catherine Darby O'Shaughnesy & Susan Finnegan  
Jul. Kelly Timothy John Neylon Bridget Michael Walsh & Mary Kelly Lisbournim
Jun. 1 Kennedy James Pat Fitzgibbon Mary Thomas & Margaret Fitzgibbon  
Jan. 12 Killeen Pat Michael Fraly Eleanor Michael Murphy and Mary Murphy Bealcragga
Jun. 21 Kinol/Connole James Pat Neylon Pat Pat Sheehy & Mary Sheehy Gortmore
Mar. 1 Leadon Pat Dan Cullinan Mary Mat Cullinan & Honor Flanagan Inch More
Apr. 20 Leahy Mary David Ba…… Catherine John and Honor Kelly Loughburke
Mar. 31 Liddy Mary Thomas Daffy Margaret Michael Cummane & Mary Liddy Garrynagry
Mar. 10 Lillis Pat Thomas Hayes Ellen James McNamara & Catheirne Kelly Lispuckaun
Feb. Lynch Pat Thomas Hays Mary Peter Cullinan & Margaret Hays Letteragh
May. Lynch Ellen John Pindar Catherine Michl Stackpoole & Mary Callinan Boul…….
Mar. 6 Markham Bridget James Quigly Winifred John Sexton & Margaret Quigly Cragroe
Mar. 14 Markham Mary John Mc…… Catherine Thos. McCarthy & Marg. McMahon Li…..
Jun. McAulliff Mary Pat Liddy Mary John McAulliff & Bridget Boland Reighnagisha
Feb. McCarthy Ellen Daniel Curtin Anne Thomas Curtin & Marg. McCarthy Clonboula
Dec. 28 McCarthy Bridget John Hallinan Honor Peggy Lillis Clonlaheen
Jan. 1 McCaw Lot Lot Kelly Bridget Michael and Mary Griffy Knockmore
Nov. 14 McGan Mary John McGuane Biddy Pat and Mary Hayes Slaveen
Jul. 16 McGuane Michael John Me…. Margaret Marty and Bridget Griffy Bealcragga
Aug. McGuane Bridget Anthony O'Brien Anne Pat O'Flynn & Mary O'Brien Gortadoig
Mar. 28 McInerney Pat Thomas Howe Ellen Pat McInerney & Margaret Murphy Bealcragga
Jul. 5 McInerney Michael John Coghlan Ellen James Mungovan & Anne Hagerty Lisbornum
Feb. 5 McMahon Sally Dan Morony Bridget Dan and Anne Morony Boulivreen
Mar. McMahon Pat Thomas Sharry Bridget John McMahon & Mary Murphy Sheaun
Apr. 5 McMahon Peter John Barry Mary William & Bridget Pine Ballycouney
Apr. 20 McMahon Bridget Terence C….. Biddy Darby Cummane & Eliza Warrant Tul….
Jun. 5 McMahon Ellen Thomas McNamara Mary Martin McMahon & Brid. O'Sullivan Kyleatuna
Sep. 7 McMahon John Pay Kelly Anne John and Mary McMahon Shean
Nov. McMahon Mary Pat N…../H…. Mary Michael Stackpoole & Mary ?????  
Dec. 13 McMahon Ellen John Connell Mary Michael Molony & Betty Connell Bealcragga
Jan. 27 McNamara Bridget Michael Conlon Catherine John Long & Hanora Conlon Cappaleigh
Apr. 4 McNamara Mary John   Margaret Pat and Bridget Fraly Letteragh
Jun. 24 Meany Catherine Thomas   Mary Pat Fitzgerald & Mary Clancy Liscannor
Jan. 9 Meehan Bridget Pat Cearny Bridget Martin Cearny & Marg. Donnellan Gortadoig
Mar. 21 Meehan Mary Pat Kennedy Mary Michael Kennedy & Bridget Meehan Cahermore
Jun. 1 Meehan John Dan Molony Honor Thomas Kinane & Ellen Molony Bealcragga
Jul. 2 Meere John Michael Downes Anne Peter Meere & Mary Cunnerty ILLEGITIMATE
Jan. 28 Minihan Anne Mathew Coleman Mary John Molone & Bridget (Blank) Ballymacooda
Feb. 1 Molony Timothy James Neylon Margaret Martin Molony & Bridget Kelly Reinagisha
Jun. 20 Molony John John Molony Mary Michael Boland and Biddy Kean Glaun
Jun. 30 Molony Thomas James Cusack Mary Michael and Betty Hehir Salaghboula
Dec. Molony Bridget John Molony Ellen John & Mary Molony Magouna
Nov. 21 Moroney Tim Patrick Cleary Mary Lot Leydon & Mary Leydon  
Feb. 10 Morony Mary Michael Howe Bridget Pat McMahon & Mary McMahon Derrygarriv
May. 20 Morony Winifred Michael Meade Bridget Thomas Kean & Honor Hallinan Bally……
Dec. 30 Morony Daniel Daniel Ahern Anne Patrick Meehan Boulavreen
Mar. 21 Mungovan Thomas Patrick O'Mealy Mary John Molony & Catherine Mealy Magouna
Nov. 19 Murphy Connor John Murphy Anne James and Mary Murphy  
Jul. 29 Neylan Michael William O'Brien Catherine Michl Coleman & Mary McNamara Boulingleragh
Dec. 22 Neylan Thomas Michael Hayes Bridget Flan Neylon & Margaret Reidy Cragroe
Jan. 22 Neylon Catherine Michael Hays Bridget Michael Fitzpatrick & Mary Cahill  
Mar. 10 Neylon Pat Flan Sheedy Biddy Dan Hassett & Biddy Fraly Rathcrony
Apr. 18 Neylon Ellen Pat Lillis Anne Pat Daffy & Margaret Lillis Ballycooney
Aug. Neylon Catherine Michael Meer Margaret John & Catherine Carmody Loughburke
Aug. Neylon Catherine Pat Vaughan Anne ???? And Bridget Hehir Letteragh
Jun. 29 Nihill Michael Pat Carmody Catherine Cornelius & Bridget Carmody Loughburke
Apr. O'Callaghan Margaret Michael Bonpaty Mary Gavin Cook & Mary Higgins Reignagisha
Jun. O'Connell Mary Pat   Margaret ?????? And Mary Hogan Slaveen
Jun. 20 O'Connor Catherine William Howard Jony Catherine Phillips Boulavreen
Jul. 26 O'Connor Bridget William Markham Bridget Pat Griffy & Ellen Markham Drimatehy
Jan. 3 O'Donohue Bridget John Freeman Bridget Michael Welsh & Margaret Lillis Lispuckaun
Apr. 14 O'Flanagan Anne Pat Galvin Anne Tom Halpin & Anne Galvin Ivy Hill
Aug. O'Gorman Mary   Cassidy Bridget James & Mary Cassidy Romara
Jun. 20 O'Gormon John Pat Kenedy Mary Pat Fitzgerald & Betty McInerney Fairy Hill
Aug. O'Loughlin   Pat   Catherine ???? And ???? Neylon Inch
Mar. 13 O'Moore Mary Pat Liddy Mary Pat & Bridget O'Flanagan Garrynagry
Feb. 7 O'Neil Mary Michael Scanlon/O'Conn… Margaret Pat Sheehy & Honora Crowe Ballyvoe
Feb. 26 O'Neil Bridget Peter Carney Margaret Pat Touhy & Bridget Carney Clontabonniv
Aug. O'Neil Dan Pat Kea…. Margaret ???? Murphy & Bridget Kinane Cloun…..
May. 24 Pilkington Ellen James Lysaght Anne Constance & Ellen Curtin Gortmore
Dec. 24 Pilkington Michael Thomas Lynchy Honor Pat Lynch & Mary Pilkington Aildavour
Feb. Pine Pat John        
Apr. 11 Pine Bridget Pat Reidy Bridget Michl Stackpoole & Anne McInerney ILLEGITIMATE
Apr. 23 Pine Richard Tom Pine Anne James McNamara & Cath. Mungovan Bally……
Mar. 1 Qualy Margaret Tim Murphy Mary John Meskill & Honor Qualy Baallyma……..
Mar. 4 Reidy Mary John Daffy Betty Andrew and Mary Markham Kilcloher
Jul. Reidy   Dan Foot Ellen Michl Stackpoole & Brid. McGuane ILLEGITIMATE
Jan. 2 Roche Nancy Richard Burke Mary Ralph Freeman & Anne Hawkins Rathkerry
Mar. 5 Ryan John Michael Morony Catherine John Griffy & Jane Griffy Drumline
Aug. Sexton John Pat Hassett Margaret ???? Sexton & Mary Hassett Cragroe
Dec. 13 Sexton Catherine Timothy Cahill Ellen Pat Kinnucane & Biddy Sexton Glaunblonig
Apr. Slattery Michael John Meere Margaret Peter Meere and Bridget Lyons Ivy Hill
Nov. Spellissy Thomas Pat Fraly Mary Sinon Fraly & Ellen Neylon Rathcrony
Apr. Spellisy Mary Martin Egan Hanna Daniel McGuane & Nancy Egan Lis……
Mar. 27 Sullivan Mary Pat Murphy Bridget Michael Welsh & Catheirne Murphy Kin…….
Mar. 24 Walsh James Thomas Liddy Margaret Thomas Clancy & Mary O'Connor Rathkerry
Dec. Warrant Thomas Patrick Carney Nance Martin Carney & Margaret Carney Clonfiegh
Dec. 1 Whelan Michael Pat Whelan Jenny Michl. McNamara & Mary O'Connor Magouna
Sep. 14 White John John Meehan Mary Michael Welsh & Bridget Fraley Shean
Aug.       Fitzgibbon Bridget ??? Neylon Letteragh

From this point on, this Register only listed sponsors
Sep.           Pat Carmody & Mary Connellon  
Sep.           Michael Walsh & Marg. McMahon  
Sep.           Pat and Bridget Markham Clonboula
Oct.           John McAulliff & Bridget Nihil Kinturk
Oct.           John Brown & Bridget Hehir  
Oct.           Michael Hogan & Nancy Fitzpatrick  
Oct.           Pat and Honor Kane  
Oct.           Michael Walsh & Anne McCarthy  
Oct.           James and Alley Leahy  
Oct.           Pat Herbert & Betty McMahon  
Oct.           Michael Carney & Mary Creagh  
Oct.           Pat McInerney & cath. Mungavin Kinturk
Oct.           Thomas Diviny & Ellen Daffy Strasburgh
Oct.           Denis and Mary Galvin  
Oct.           Thomas Sexton and Mary ?????  
Oct.           Michael Hogan & Mary O'Flanagan  
Oct.           John Kane & Mary Duggan  
Oct.           Michael Duffy & Mary McNamara  
Oct.           Thos McNamara & Mary McNamara Knockatuna

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