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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1832

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Date Surname Forename Father Mother Sponsors Information
Jun. 7 Barry Bridget Thomas Bridget Cochlan James Mea??? And ????? Coughlan  
Dec. 3 Barry Honor Martin   Patrick ????? And Norry Murphy  
Oct. 10 Boland Martin Davy Daly Martin Molony and Mary ?????  
Aug. 12 Bourke Margaret Michael Mary L Daniel Cullinan and Margaret Bourke  
Dec. 23 Bourke Bridget John Ellen Kinealy John Cotter and Bridget Hegarty  
  Burke Hannah Michael Mary Lynch John and Margaret Burke Maybe Fairyhill
Dec. 21 Burke John Michael Bridget Lynch John Burke and Honor Costelloe  
Feb. 3 Cabey Mary   Mary Kinnucane John Cabey and Mary Cabey Cahermore
Jul. 7 Caby John   Bridget ????? Caby and ????? Caby  
Jan. 18 Cahill Eugene James Bridget Hehir John Hehir and Margaret (Possibly Hehir) Glaunblonegga (Letteragh)
Dec. 23 Cahill John Patrick   Richard White and Mary White  
Jan. 13 Carney Patrick James Mary Costelloe Pat Costelloe and (unknown) Carney Cloontabonniv Married 2/25/1829
Jan. 23 Carney Patrick John Margaret Carney John Mallone and Bridget Malone  
Jun. 9 Carney Anne Michael Margaret Carney John Costelloe and Mary Tuohey  
Jun. 24 Carney Honora Michael Bridget Carney James Carney and Bridget Costelloe  
Sep. 12 Carrick   Barth or Patt Mary Carrick Pat Cain and Bridget Cassidy  
Jan. 20 Carthy Honor Denis Mary Tuttle Patrick Tuttle and Mary Lillis Strawsburgh Might be Custy 9/29/1830
Jun. 1 Casey John Michael Mary Hehir James Casey and Mary Markham Drimanure
Dec. 27 Cleary Mary James Bridget Burke Michael Burke and Mary Married February 26, 1832
Dec. 1 Clune John Patrick Nancy Donlan Patrick Donnelan and Mary Geurin  
Jan. 22 Collins Margaret Michael Mary Collins Luke Collins and Bridget Fitzpatrick Cragleigh Check if could be Callinan
Jun. 19 Collins John Edmond Bridget Collins Jeremiah Kelly and Mary Fraly  
Nov. 22 Conlan Martin Michael Bridget McGrath Thomas and Mary Carney Gortagannif
Jan. 8 Connellan Patrick Martin Bridget Boland John Greene and Mary Boland Lisroe
Feb. 5 Connellan Peter Patrick Mary Gallagher Peter Campbell and Mary Pindar Lisroe
Dec. 23 Connellan Honora Michael Mary Gearin Pat Campbell and Melican  
28-May Connolle Patrick Patrick Mary Nestor Thomas Sheehy and Honor  
Sep. 30 Considine Mary Michael   Patrick Flanagan and Mary Ca???? Connors  
Aug. 13 Conway Michael Thomas Johanna Stephen Carney and Bridget Carney  
Dec. 3 Conway Patrick James Sally Conway Bryan McMahon and Bridget Conway  
Aug. 30 Corry Mary Daniel Margaret Griffy Pat Ryan and Norry ????? Married February 8, 1831
Feb. 2 Costello Garret Garret Mary Grady John and Ellen White Sheean
Aug. 17 Crowe Mary James Bridget Crowe Thomas Houlihan and Bridget Cassidy  
Feb. 10 Curtin Bridget   Anne Hogan John Freeman and Mary Loughburke Might be John
Jan. 10 Daffy James Luke Mary Davine William Pine and Ellen Connors Strawsburgh
Oct. 17 Daffy Mary Patrick   Richard and Ellen (maybe) Daffy  
Sep. 26 Davin Anne John Catherine Davin Michael Nealon and Mary Lillis  
Sep. 10 Doherty Mary John Bridget Doherty Pat Fitzgerald and Peggy Lillis  
Nov. 22 Doherty Ellen Patrick Anne Donohue Mary Kelly Clonfeigh
Oct. 12 Donnelan Bridget Martin Mary Considine Pat Donnelan and ????  
Jul. 19 Donohue Michael John Ellen Donohue John Fraly and Ellen Curtin  
Jan. 8 Doohan Michael Thomas Bridget Lynch Dan Haren and Theresa McMahon Clonboula
Oct. 17 Doohan   Michael   James ???? And  
Sep. 30 Doyle Mary James Mary Doyle John McNamara and ??????  
  Fall Anne John Mary Markham Pat Fitzgerald and Margaret Markham  
Jan. 22 Finnucane Bridget Michael Hannah Hickey Patrick Flannagan and Honor Hickey Drinagh
October Fitzgibbon Ellen Michael Margaret Lynch Michael Connors and Honor Crowley  
Jul. 2 Fitzpatrick Michael John Mary Fitzpatrick Michael Barry and Catherine Halpin  
Jul. 4 Fitzpatrick     Margaret C    
Feb. 7 Freeman Bridget John Mary Curtin Thomas Curtin and Bridget Griffy Loughburke
29-May Gallery Anne John Ellen Sheehy Martin and Mary Sheehy Gortmore
  Gallery Thomas Michael Bridget Darcy James O'Connor and Mary Enright  
  Galvin   Patt??????? Mary Molony    
Dec. 26 Galvin James John   Michael Morony and ?????  
Dec. 29 Galvin John Denis   Michael Galvin and Anne Galvin  
Dec. 23 Gleeson Margaret Patrick Mary Nealon Pater Neylon and Honora Crowe  
  Glynn   Thomas Anne McMahon James Leahy and Mary Leahy  
Oct. 9 Glynn Martin Murty Mary McMahon    
Aug. 13 Gorman Bridget John Bridget Gorman James Cassidy and Catherine Coughlan  
Dec. 6 Gorman Thomas James Bridget Daffy James and Mary Hickey Tullassa Married February 21, 1830
Oct. 14 Greene Catherine James Mary McGurk Patrick Glynn and Catherine McGurk  
Nov. 24 Greene Ellen   ????? Sharry or Harhen ????? Carmody and Mary ??????  
Jun. 24 Griffy John Thomas Mary Hehir John Barrington and Anne ???? Drimanure
Dec. 7 Griffy John Michael Bridget Kean Dennis Griffey and Anne Griffey  
Dec. 26 Hartigan Darby Michael Mary Griffy Michael Griffy and Margaret Glynn  
Sep. 21 Harty Michael Robert Bridget Harty John Griffy and Nancy Griffy  
Jan. 23 Hehir Mary John Mary Hehir Pat Hehir and Mary Boulineeska
Aug. 13 Hehir Michael Michael Honor McMahon Lawrence ??????? And Jean Carty  
Sep. 17 Hehir Mary Patt Hanora Hehir Michael Hehir and Bridget Griffy  
Oct. 15 Herbert Michael Patrick Anne Gallery Thomas Sheehy and Mary (possibly Sheehy) Married January 22, 1832
Feb. 14 Hogan Mary Patrick Mary Malone Michael Hogan and Honor Malone Craganour
Dec. 27 Hurley Bridget Lawrence   John Cowley and Anne ??????  
Jun. 21 Keane   Michael Bridget Molony    
Sep. 19 Keane Bridget John Hanorah Murphy Edmund Keane and Anne Keane  
Jul. 1 Kelly Mary        
Aug. 9 Kelly James Patrick Catherine Kelly Thomas Collins and Catherine Sullivan  
Jan. 6 Kennedy William Michael Anne Keane Mick Coleman and (unknown) Kennedy Ballymacooda
Jan. 13 Kennedy Honor Michael Mary Hegarty Pat Fitzpatrick and Bridget Hegarty Clainbridge
25-May Kennedy Anne Patrick Margaret Scanlon Bridget Herbert (illegitimate) Knockatunna?
Dec. 3 Kennedy Anne James Bridget Herbert Patrick Fitzgerald and Mary Herbert Married January 31, 1832
Jan. 27 Kinnucane Patrick Patrick Catherine McGrath John and Bridget Kinnucane Librash
Dec. 26 Leahy Patrick     Michael ????? And ????? Leahy  
Aug. 12 Leyden Ellen James   Daniel Leyden and Bridget Leyden  
Aug. 19 Leyden Bridget Denis Mary Cullinan Martin and Mary Quinlan  
Feb. 9 Lillis Timothy John Bridget Faul James McNamara and Nancy Carmody Lispuckaun
Jan. 22 Lynch Michael Michael Margaret Hehir John Hehir and Margaret Cle…. Librash
Aug. 16 Lynch Margaret Michael Kitty Meehan Pat Fitzgerald and Anne McCarthy  
Jan. 14 Markham Bridget John Margaret Markham Matthew (unknown) and Margaret Markham Dru????
Oct. 14 McCarthy Bridget Daniel Anne Curtin Dennis McCarthy and Bridget ??? Curtin Married January 23, 1830
Jun. 5 McGrath Mary Michael Mary Flinn Oliver Cook and Mary O'Brien  
  McGuane Martin Anthony   Michael Higgins and Mary O'Brien  
Nov. 24 McGuane Peggy John Bridget Hehir ???? Warrant and Mary Costello  
Nov. 25 McGuane   John Bridget Hehir????? Lawrence McGuane and Mary Hehir  
Dec. 3 McGuane Bridget John Margaret Meade Patrick and Minny McGuane  
Aug. 17 McInerney Mary James Ellen Denis Cleary and Mary Coughlan  
Dec. 9 McInerney Mary Thomas Ellen Howe (maybe) Patrick McInerney and Mary McInerney  
Jun. 14 McMahon John James McMahon Peter Murphy and Ellen (possibly McMahon)  
Aug. 13 McMahon Michael Patrick Mary Neilan Edmond Hogan and Dilly ????  
Aug. 26 McMahon Mary Patrick Mary McMahon Pat Hayes and Mary Brennan  
  McMahon   Michael   Martin and Bridget McMahon  
Feb. 14 McNamara Charles Michael Catherine Carmody James McNamara and Bridget Molony  
  McNamara   Daniel   ????? Kinnane and Mary Collins  
Aug. 28 Meany Thomas        
Jan. 21 Mears Bridget Cornelius Bridget Brody Patrick Brody and Margaret Gleeson (Gibson) Nuaff
Jun. 5 Meehan Ellen Daniel Honor Molony John Griffy and Ellen Molony Bealcragga or Boulavreen
Dec. 6 Meehan Catherine John Brigid Molony (Maybe) Michael and Mary Molony Strasburg
Aug. 1 Meer Bridget Michael Bridget Meer Michael McTigue and Anne Boland  
Sep. 24 Meskill Margaret Malachy Mary Meskill Darby Griffy and Mary Ca???? Connors  
Dec. 26 Morony Bridget Edmund Peggy Kenny Patrick Morony and Anne Kenny  
Dec. 24 Mullen Bridget Michael Margaret ???????? Michael Levitt and Mary Molony  
Sep. 16 Mungovan Patrick Patrick Mary Mungovan John Molony and Catherine Ryan  
Jun. 1 Murphy Bridget William Mary Haren Michael Haren and Mary Murphy  
Jun. 21 Murphy Peter Michael Mary Lynch John Duggan and Margaret Lynch  
  Nealon Martin Michael Margaret Hayes John Sexton and Bridget O'Dea  
Jul. 16 Neilan Daniel   Peggy Neilan Martin Moloney and Mary ?????  
Feb. 17 Neylan Patrick William Catherine O'Brien James Neylan and Margaret McGuane Boulingleragh or Boolineaska
  Neylon Ellen John Peggy Mear Denis Nealon and Catherine Mear  
Jun. 25 O'Brien John Daniel Margaret McGuane Mathew Keane and Catherine McGuane Lac….
Aug. 27 O'Brien Mary John Anne McMahon Note: illegitimate is written between this entry  
Aug. 27 O'Brien Nancy John Anne McMahon and the above entry  
Jan. 1 O'Dea James James Bridget Qualley Edmund (Unknown) and Ellen Qualley Kyleatunna
Jul. 21 O'Dea Mary Peter Margaret O'Dea Michael Murphy and Mary ????  
Oct. 11 O'Loughlan Martin James Catherine Boland Thomas Doogan and ?????  
Dec. 9 Purtill Simon Michael Mary Connellan Maybe James Keys and Ellen Purcell  
25-May Pyne Anne John Catherine Mungovan Patrick and Bridget Rynne (Pyne) Ballycooney
Aug. 26 Qualey Anne Michael Peggy Qualey Pat Sullivan and Bridget Murphy  
Jan. 8 Reidy Patrick John Elizabeth Daffy Pat Reidy and (unknown) Galvin Kilcloher Married 2/15/1830
Jan. 29 Reidy James Thomas Mary Murphy John Reidy and Anne  
Feb. 18 Ryan Martin Martin Mary Hore (Hawkins) Mary Connellan Lisroe
Sep. 22 Ryan Peggy William Mary Ryan John Carmody and Peggy Halpin??????  
Dec. 24 Sheedy Mary Denis Bridget ????? John Brazil and Catherine Brazil  
Jul. 21 Tuohey Peter John Mary Tuohey Patt Tuohey and Mary Tuohey  
Sep. 30 Unknown          
Feb. 17 Vaughan Patrick Martin Mary Griffy Pat and Anne Griffy  
Jan. 16   Judy Patrick Mary Liddy Michael Donnellan and Margaret Daffy Garrynagry
Jan. 19   Patrick John Bridget Unknown Carthy and Bridget Callaghan  
Feb. 3   Daniel Daniel Catherine Hayes Thomas Fraly and Bridget Fraly Balleen Check if could be Crowe
Feb. 13     Francis Catherine James Rathkerry
Feb. 17   Bridget John Mary Griffy Martin Duggan and Kate McMahon  
26-May   John John Mary Fitzpatrick Pat Fitzpatrick and Anne Cahill  
29-May   Margaret Thomas Ellen McMahon Michael and Anne McInerney  
Jun. 17   John Michael ?????? Linihan Michael ??? And ????? Lisroe
Jun. 18   John Mathias Mary ????? Patt ????? And Catherine Carmody  
Jun. 30   Bridget   Mary McGuane    
Jul. 16         Michael Gallery and ???? Gallery  
Jul. 26   Mary Thomas Mary James Warren and Betty Warren  
Sep. 7   Bridget Thomas Catherine Michael Daly and Catherine (possibly Bourke)  
Nov. 24   John   ????Lydon or Liddy ???? Clancy and ????? Markham  
Dec. 10   Michael Martin Honor Daly Darby Connors and Annie Daly Magowna

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