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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1849

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Date Surname Forename Father's Forename Mother's Surname Mother's Forename Sponsors Information
Jan. Barrett Bridget Michael Walsh Hannah John Walsh & Mary Nealon  
Mar. Barry Pat Michael O'Loughlin Anne Denis O'Louhlin & Mary Bolan Tullaghabouy Married 2/20/1844
Mar. Barry Pat John Barry Peggy Pat Barry & Anne Barry Garrynagry
Apr. 29 Bolan John John Kean Anne Michael Green & Bridget Pinder Lisc…… Married Feb. 7, 1837
Feb. 13 Boland Margaret Thomas Murphy Margaret Michael Boland & Bridget Haren Tullaghaboy
Mar. Burke Patrick James Morony Margaret John Burke & Mary Griffy Drimanure
Apr. 24 Burke Patrick Pat Mu…. Margaret Martin Kearny & Hannah Murphy  
Jan. Cahill Dennis Thomas Molony Bridget James Cahill & Mary Cahill Knockatunna
Feb. 9 Cahill Patrick Peter Barry Anne Richard Barry & Honor Barry Married Feb. 10, 1847
Apr. Cahill Bridget Thomas Herbert Bridget James Herbert & Bridget Cahill Racrona
Jun. Cahill Terence James Doohan Kate Connor Cahill & Bridget Cahill Knockatunna Married 2/16/1840
Nov. Callahan Michael Pat Conway Mary Michael McAuliff & Mary McAuliff Reinagishagh
May. Carney Bridget Michael Mungovan Margaret ??? And Mary Maguane Magouna
Jul. Carney Michael Pat Hayes Bridget John Nealy & Catherine Cahil  
Jul. Carty Bridget James McGuane Sarah Daniel Gallery & Catherine Daffy Married Nov. 5, 1841
Nov. 1 Casey Honor Michael Murphy Bridget Mathew Griffy & Catherine Crowe Dr……
Mar. Cassidy Michael James Hand Elizabeth Pat ??? And Margaret Cassidy Rathmaree
May. Collins Bridget Tom Guinnane Margaret Edmund Guinnane & Kate Malone Furroor
Sep. Conlan Michael Thomas Ryan Mary Peter Conlan & Ann Lynch  
Apr. 6 Connors Michael Darby McNamara Margaret John O'Connor & Bridget Molony Magouna
Jan. Considine John John McMahon Kate James Carney & Kate Griffy Loughnamina
Apr. 4 Crehan Michael Michael M….. Hannah Catherine Crehan Fin….
Apr. 28 Crehan John Pat Sexton Winifred Pat Markham & Ellen Crehan Kilcullom Married Feb. 10, 1847
Mar. Crofts Mary John Donohue/Danaher Mary Mary Faul Ballyvoe Married Mar. 4, 1832
Mar. Crowe Patrick James Murphy Kate John Crowe & Kate Crowe Dromline
Feb. 11 Cullinan Ellen Marty Pine Mary Pat Cullinan & Bridget Cullinan Kilmealy Married Feb. 20, 1841
Jan. Cusack Daniel John Mungovan Bridget Pat Carney & ???? Magouna Married Nov. 25 1838
Sep. 24 Donnellan Michael Patrick Gallery Mary Tom Kerin & Mary Kerin Garrynagry
Oct. Donnellan Pat Michael Quayly Kate Daniel O'Dea & Mary Coughlan Ballyma………
Sep. 23 Donohue Patrick Patrick Faul Mary Bridget Faul Ballyvoe Married Jan. 18, 1835
Feb. 27 Doohan Bridget John M…..(Molony) Margaret Michael Meehan & Honor Doohan Bealcragga Maybe Mar. 3/3/1847
Sep. 8 Egan Kate Michael Hartigan Mary James Cahil and Judy Hartigan Boulinagleragh
Mar Fall Pat Michael Ahern Mary Michael Ahern & Bridget McGuane Kilm……
Jun. Faul Elisa James Flanagan Bridget Elisa Flanagan Islands Married Jan. 28, 1845
Jun. Fitzgibbon John Thomas Behan Anne Pat Custy & Sally Fitzgibbon Letteragh
Aug. 28 Fitzgibbon Michael Michael McInerney Anne Pat Fitzgibbon & Mary Fitzgibbon Knockadangan
Jul. Fitzpatrick James Thomas Hallinan Kate Michael Hallinan & Honor Cullinan Tullassa
Apr. 22 Flynn Thomas Thomas O'Brien Honour John O'Neil and Anne O'Neil Knock
Mar. Fraly Mary Thomas Markham Mary Michael Reidy & Mary Fraly Lahaknock
Mar. Fraly Michael Pat O'Dea Mary Michael O'Dea & Bridget Qualey Knockatunna Married Jan. 1, 1848
Apr. 22 Fraly Mary Pat Cahill Kate Thomas Cahill & Mary Cahill Shean
Jun. Fraly Michael Michael Cammel Sally Pat Markham & Jane Cammel Lehaknock
Jan. Glynn Bridget Pat McMahon Bridget Lot Griffy & Mary McMahon Knockmore Married Feb. 22 1835
Jun. Gorman Thomas Cornelius Fraly Bridget ??? Fraly & Margaret White Shean
Mar. Griffy John John Gavin Hanna David Downes & May Hehir Drimanure
Feb. 3 Halpin Michael Pat Daffy Mary Michael Daffy & Hannah Daffy Magouna Married Feb. 11, 1846
Jun. Haren Catherine Terence Corry Catheirne Terence Haren & Catherine Gorman Tulaghabouy
Feb. 22 Hayes Pat John Cahill Honour Michael Nealon & Anne Nealon Cahermore
Aug. Hayes Mary John Neylan Ellen Thomas McMahon & Mary Carney  
Aug. Hehir Mary Thomas Corry Bridget John Corry & Mar Corry Gortaganniff
Oct. Hehir Mary James Burke Jane Michael Fraly & Honor Burke B……
Dec. Hickey Pat Michael Grady Mary Thomas Hickey & Kate Hogan D…..
Dec. Howe Honour Michael Riely Anne Owen Cahil & Bridget Riely Furroor
Jan. Hunt Johanna Simon Costelloe Mary Ellen Donohue Sheaun
Jul. Kean Richard Michael Moroney Bridget John Conlan & Sally Moroney Kilcullom
Jan. Kennedy Honor Martin Carney Bridget Pat Gallery & Mary Gallery Garrynagry
Mar. 2 Kennedy Patrick Peter Hin…... Nel Mary Meehan Letteragh
Mar. Kennedy Bridget Maurice Purtill Ellen Pat Kennedy & Mary ???? Letteragh
Jun. Kennedy John Pat Troy Anne Peter Kennedy & Honora Hickey Garrynagry
Aug. Kennedy Thomas Pat Green Anne Honor Kennedy Derrygarriff
Aug. 27 Kennedy Patrick John Meskill Mary Bridget Meskill  
Feb. 17 Kennelly Patrick Dennis Coghlan Mary Michael Hagerty & Kate O'Brien Ballymacaula
Sep. 12 Killeen Kate Pat McNamara Kate John Killeen & ???? Killeen Ivy Hill
Jul. Kinnane Michael Martin Markham      
Dec. Kinnane Thomas Laurence O'Neil Honour Peter O'Neil & Margaret Kelly Bealcragga
Mar. Kinnucane Peter John Kean Anne Bridget Clohessy Letteragh
Sep. 18 Leahy Michael David Barrett Catherine ???? And Peggy Barrett Married Feb. 25, 1829
Apr. 9 Leyden James John Faul Mary Pat Leyden & Ellen Leyden Bally…..
Feb. 13 Lynch Margaret Pat Crehan Bridget Daniel Lynch & Sarah Creahn Bouinabinna Married 2/23/1838
Feb. 23 Magrath Bridget Thomas Dooly Margaret James Magrath & Mary Murphy Boulivreen
Feb. 13 Malone Pat Michael Roche Mary John Malone & Mary Malone Renagisha
Feb. 15 Malone Johannah John Kelly Bridget John Kelly & Hanora Carney Ballymacouda
Feb. 19 Markham Patrick Andrew Ryan Mary Peg Ryan Cragroe Maybe Mar. 3/3/1840
Feb. 19 Markham James Andrew Ryan Mary John Caby & Honor Markham Cragroe Maybe Mar. 3/3/1840
Mar. Markham Pat James D….. Ellen ???? Lyins & Kate ????  
Sep. 12 Markham Kate John Griffy Bridget James Maguane & Marg. Griffy Derrynacarragh Mar. Feb. 8, 1831
Nov. Markham Martin James Nealon Bridget John Griffy & Anne Murphy Bealcragga Married Feb. 5, 1844
Jan. McInerney Bridget Thomas Griffey Mary Michael Lynch & Bridget Griffy Fairyhill
Sep. 21 McInerney Bridget Lot Murphy Bridget Pat Kelly & Mary Murphy Gorta…..
Oct. McKenna Anne Thomas Crowe Jane John Fraly & Mary Markham Kilcullom
Jan. McMahon Margaret James Clohessy Anne Mary Donnellan Slaveen
Mar. McMahon Patrick Michael Guillinan Kate Thomas McMahon & Anne Sullivan  
Jul. McMahon James John Sullivan Bridget James Sullivan & James Sullivan Sponsor listed twice
Sep. 20 McNamara Margaret Michael Qualey Honor Michael Quayly & Cath. Collins Magouna Married May 18, 1846
Jun. Meere Ellen Mathew Bolan Anne Connor Egan & Mary Touhy Ballyelan Married Feb. 19, 1832
Sep. 14 Moloney Margaret William Molony Mary Thos McInerney & Marg. Molony Mag (Magouna) Marr. 2/2/1842
Feb. 19 Monahan Anne Thomas Curtin Bridget Mary O'Donnell Ballymacooda Marr. 2/15/1836
Mar. Monahan Bridget Mathew Sexton Honour Martin Keating & Mary Keating Ballymacooda
Jan. Murphy Pat Michael Murphy Margaret Denis Murphy & Hannah Murphy Kinturk
Mar. Murphy Mary James Davin Mary John Kean & Honora Kean Strasburgh
Mar. Murphy Pat James Murphy Mary Michl Murphy & Margaret Murphy Kanturk
May. Murphy John Pat Howard Mary Pat Hoare & Mary Fraly Shean
Sep. 11 Neylan Margaret Daniel   Margaret Daniel Donohue & Catherine Neylan  
Jan. O'Dea Bridget John Harvey Mary John McMahon & Anne McMahon Rathkerry
Mar. O'Dea Mary Michael Dillon Bridget Pat Dillon & Mary Qualey Knock Married Jan. 14, 1850
Nov. O'Donnell Martin John Reidy Sarah James Carty & Sarah McGuane Inchbeg
Aug. O'Gorman Bridget Michael     ???? And Mary Lillis  
Jan. O'Loughlin Andrew Pat Leyden Hanora Andrew & Margaret O'Loughlin Lacarhue
Apr. 16 O'Neil Patrick Patrick (Late) Markham Peg Patrick O'Neil & Honor Markham Poulaknew Married Feb. 11, 1839
Jul. Phillips Bridget John Touhey Anne Pat Daly & Mary Daly Beallcragga Mar. Feb. 26, 1832
Mar. Pyne Patrick John Reynolds Ellen Bridget Stackpoole Crag Married Fe. 12, 1839
Mar. Quinn John Thomas       No other information provided
Feb. Rynn Bridget Pat Conole Mary Catherine Conole Cappaleigh
Mar. Sharry Bridget John Kelly Mary Patrick Crowley & Bridget Kelly Married Mar. 3, 1847
Feb. 14 Spellissy Mary Peter Maguire Ellen Martin and Margaret Maguire Cragroe
Apr. 19 St. John Patrick Michael Caby Mary Michael Crehan & Cath. McMahon  
Apr. 25 Sullivan Patrick Danny Fraly Bridget Cathrrine Fraly Balleen
Feb. Touhey Anne Michael Fraly Bridget Mary Fraley Kilmore
May. 2 Vaughan Mary Jeremiah Barry Bridget Michael Barry & Honor Barry Magouna
Jan. Walsh Mary John Haren Bridget David Walsh & Mary Walsh Bally…..
Sep. 6   Honor   Carty Bridget Denis Carty & Mary Carty  

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