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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1852

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Date Surname Forename Father's Forename Mother's Surname Mother's Forename Sponsors Information
Jan. 15 Cullinan Sally Marty Pine Mary Michl Costelloe & Bridget Cullinan Kilmaley Married Feb. 20, 1841
Mar. 29 B….nis Mary Nicholas Flannery Margaret Ralph Cullinan & Mary O'Neil Cragleigh
Jun. 17 Boland John John Fraly Mary Andrew Leary & Anne Leary Boul….
Aug. 29 Boland Michael Pat Custy Bridget Thomas Fraly & Mary Fraly Salaboula
Oct. Boland Margaret Thomas Murphy Margaret Pat Boland & ??? Hanrahan Tullaghabouy
May. 2 Burke Bridget Pat Markham Margaret Daniel O'Keefe & Ellen O'Keefe Bealcragga
Sep. 4 Cabey Margaret Tim Markham Mary Thomas Markham & Mary Quayly Married Feb. 19, 1839
Sep. 1 Cahil Mary Peter Barry Anne Thomas Barry & Mary Barry Married Feb. 10, 1847
May. 4 Cahill Anne James Doohan Kate Bridget Cahill Knockatuna Feb. 16, 1840
Jun. 27 Cahill John John Hehir Ellen Andrew Hehir & Mary Cahill Rathcrony
Mar. 29 Callinan James Patrick Thomas Bo Anne John Cullinan & Catherine Cullinan Bushy Park
Nov. 24 Carney Margaret Michael Hilliard Ellen Cornelius Gallery & Ellen McNamara Inch
Dec. Carney Margaret Michael Mungovan Margaret Pat Carney & Ellen Molony Magouna
Aug. 19 Casey Susan James Griffy Mary Francis O'Neil & Bridget Casey Drimanure
Apr. 27 Cassidy Catherine James Hammell Elizabeth Pat Cassidy & Margaret Cassidy Rathmaree
Jan. 28 Collins Bridget Pat Ryan Margaret Thomas Sullivan & Mary Ryan Cahermore
Feb. 6 Collins Mary John Greene Honor/Anne James Markham & Bridget Markham Drimanure
Feb. Connellan Anne Patrick     John Connellan & Kate Kilcullom
Mar. 23 Connellan Peter Darby Sexton Bridget Peter Connellan & Margt. Meade Kilcullom
Aug. 25 Connellan Honour Tom Rynn Mary Peter & Margaret Connellan Kilc…..
Mar. 29 Conway John Pat Lynch Bridget John Darcy & Mary Darcy Clonfeigh
Jun. 9 Costello Thomas Thomas Cleary Mary Pat Costello & Mary Costello Cahermore
Mar. 19 Costelloe Mary Mathew Markham Margaret Pat Ryan and Margaret Ryan Cahermore
Jun. Crehan Margaret Pat Sexton Winifred Michael Crehan & Kattie Kennedy Recallan Married Feb. 10, 1847
Feb. 16 Crowe Michael Pat Kean Bridget Francis Penn & Mary Nash Married June 17, 1840
Jul. 4 Crowley Bridget Martin Donnellan Mary John Kelly & Margaret Kelly Carron Creagh
Feb. 14 Cullinan Mary John Delahunty   Michael Halpin & Anne ????  
Mar. 16 Cullinan   Pat Mackey Ellen ????dy Cullinan & Anne Cullinan Sleaveen
May. 2 Donnellan Pat Thomas Burke Margaret Pat Donnellan & Susan Finucain Ivy Hill
Nov. 4 Donohue Malachy Pat Fall Mary James Fall & Kate Flanagan Ballyvoe Married Jan. 18, 1835
Feb. 2 Doohan Pat John Molony Mary Denis Conway & Margt McMahon B…. Maybe married Mar. 3, 1847
Feb. 14 Driskil   Pat Morony   ??? Driscil & Mary McCann  
Dec. 27 Earls Margaret Michael Carty Bridget Stephen Fall & Mary Hehir  
Dec. 27 Earls Hannah Michael Carty Bridget Denis Connell & Anne Earls  
Feb. 12 Eustace Pat Michael Gleeson Kate Pat Leary & Mary Leary Furroor Married Feb. 20, 1841
Mar. Fall Bridget Michael Ahern Honour Thos Warrant & Margt Marrett Cappaleigh
Mar. Faul Pat John Markham Anne James Markham & ??? Duggan Married Feb. 13, 1851
Mar. 24 Finnucane Bridget Michael Lysaght Helena James Finnucane & Anne Kelly Ballymacooda
Jun. 11 Fitzgibbon Margaret Michael McInerney Anne Francis Fitzgibbon & Mary E. ???? Married Feb. 12, 1844
Jul. 27 Fitzgibbon Michael Thomas Vaughan Anne Michael Nealon & Ellen Vaughan Leteragh
Oct. 24 Fitzpatrick Michael Thomas Halloran Kate Daniel & Anslan Fitzpatrick Tullassa
Jan. 9 Fraly Pat Pat O'Dea Mary Daniel Fraly & Bridget Sexton Letteragh Married Jan. 1, 1848
May. Fraly Jane Michael Cammel Sarah John Kelly & ??? Cammel Lehaknock
Sep. 21 Fraly Michael Pat Cahill Catherine Thomas Cahill & Bridget Fraly Shean
Nov. 14 Fraly Anne William Molony Bridget David Barry & Mary O'Connor Derrynacarragh
Dec. 5 Fraly James Pat O'Dea Mary Denis Lynch & Mary Lynch Letteragh Married Jan. 1, 1848
Mar. Glin Pat Pat McMahon Bridget Thomas Griffy & Elizabeth Griffy Knockmore Married Feb. 22, 1835
May. 12 Griffy Bridget Pat Kenny Mary James Griffy & Mary Carney Drimanure
Apr. 5 Hadlock Catherine Robert Griffy Bridget Mary McMahon Married Nov. 26, 1831
Mar. 31 Haren John Pat Costelloe Mary Pat Costelloe & Honour Costelloe Clountabonniff
Oct. 23 Haren Patrick John Murphy Hannah Daniel Haren & Kate Haren Tullaghabouy Married 2/23/1852
May. Hassett John Martin Callinan Mary Thomas Callinan & Honor Callinan Rathkerry
Jul. 11 Hassett Hannah Pat Flanagan Hannah Pat Flanagan & Mary Hassett Cragleigh
Jul. 31 Hayes Ellen Pat Donohue Bridget Pat Nash and Mary Nash Gortaganniff
Dec. Hayes Michael Thomas Griffy Susannah Michael Griffy & Mary Griffy Balleen
Apr. 25 Hehir Andrew Thomas Corry Bridget Andrew Hehir & Winifred Hehir Gortaganniff
Jun. 22 Hehir Honora Pat Qualey Honora John Qualy & Johanna  
Jan. 25 Hickey Bridget Michael Grady Mary Michael Grady & Honour Cotter Dromline
Mar. 21 Hogan John Michael Barry Anne Thomas Hogan & Anne Hogan Ga…..
Nov. Hogan Susan Thomas Barrett Margaret John Leahy & Ellen Leahy Tullassa
Feb. 28 Hunt Margaret Sinon Costelloe Mary Sinon Costelloe & Mary Grady Lisroe
May. 9 Kean Michael Martin Fraly Margaret ??? Callaghan & Margaret Maguire Bally…
Aug. 26 Kean Pat Michael Morony Mary Pat Egan & Mary Morony Kilcullom
Sep. 23 Kean John Michael Nealon Bridget John Kean and Bridget Egan Bealcragga
Jul. 11 Kelly Bridget Daniel Sexton Mary John Sexton & Bridget Haren Shean
Nov. 17 Kelly Mary John Shannon Margaret Thomas Kelly & Ellen Shannon Bushy Park
Feb. 29 Kennedy Mary Maurice Purtil Ellen Thomas Kennedy & Mary Purtil Letteragh
Jun. 26 Kennedy Pat Pat Green Anne Michael Green & Catherine Green Poulaknew
Sep. 1 Kinnane Mary Martin Markham Anne James Markham & Bridget Markham Bealcragga
Nov. 4 Kinnucane Bridget John Gavin Anne Martin Clohessy & Mary Clohessy Kyleatunna
Apr. 18 Leydon Thomas Richard Carmody Margaret Pat Carmody & Mary Carmody Drimanure
Jun. 8 Lynch John Tom Crehan Sally John Conlan & Mary Burke Reinagishagh Married 2/23/1838
Dec. 13 Lynch Kate Pat Crehan Bridget John Carmody & Bridget Kays Boulineaska Married 2/23/1838
Dec. Lynch John James   Ellen James Lynch & Margaret Lynch  
Sep. 20 Magrath Mary Thomas Dooly Margaret John Magrath & Anne Touhey Boulavreen
Jul. 30 Markhan Mary James Nealon Bridget John Murphy & Bridget Murphy Bealcragga Married Feb. 5, 1844
Apr. 18 McCaw James Pat   Honour Pat ????? And Margaret Toole Ballyvoe
Apr. 6 McGannon Thomas Thomas Halloran Bridget Samuel Marrett & Mary Marrett Cappa….. Married Feb. 16, 1830
Apr. 11 McInerney Lott Lott Murphy Bridget Thomas McInerny & Mary Kelly  
Nov. 8 McInerney Elizabeth Peter O'Brien Mary Thomas Maguane & Mary Meany Ballyealan
Mar. McKenna Daniel Thomas Crow Jane Michael Reidy & Mary Markham Kyleatunna
May. 16 McMahon John Malachy Warren Elizabeth Michael Griffy & Anne ??? Letteragh Married Feb. 13, 1838
Jul. 30 McMahon Mary John Sullivan Bridget Michael & Johanna Sullivan Rathcrona
Aug. 26 Meehan Michael Michael Kelly Winifred Tom Kelly & Bridget Kelly Reinagishagh
Feb. 12 Molony Pat James   Catherine    
May. 1 Moran No Name John Crowe Mary Martin Hehir & ???? Married Feb. 11, 1851
Feb. 12 Murphy Anne Dennis Cahill Margaret Peter and Margaret Connellan Kinturk Married Mar. 3, 1835
Mar. Murphy Catherine Tim O'Brien Bridget Peter Griffy & Bridget Murphy Bealcragga
Apr. 14 O'Brien Mary John/James Markham Anne Mary Markham Rathcrona ILLEGITIMATE
Sep. 22 O'Connor Charles Michael McAullif Bridget Thomas O'Connor & Mary Green Drimtehy ILLEGITIMATE
May. 30 O'Neil Thomas Michael Quilligan Mary Michael Morony & Mary Hayes Ballymacooda
Apr. 12 Phillips Bridget John Touhy Anne James Daly & Mary Keaty Boulavreen Married Feb. 26, 1832
Mar. Pine Pat Pat Pine Susan Daniel Pine & Anne Pine Ballyealan
Feb. 12 Reddan Jeremiah John McMahon Bridget Timothy Slattery & Brid. McInerney  
Aug. 13 Rinn Jeremiah John Connellan Mary Patrick Sharry & Bridget Crowley Kinturk
Dec. 22 Ryan Bridget James Mc……. Ellen Michael Ryan & Anne kean Gortaganniff
Mar. 31 Sharry Jane John McMahon Bridget Oat Haren & Honour Connell Clonboula
May. 14 Stephens Ellen Thomas Hayes Mary Thomas McGrath & Mary Collins Letteragh
Apr. 18 Sullivan Mary Pat Murphy Bridget Michael Kelly & Marg. Murphy Kinturk
Jun. 22 Sullivan John James O'Neil Margaret James Gallery & Margaret Gallery  

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