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Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1854

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Father's Forename
Mother's Surname
Mother's Forename
Feb. 23 Bolan Patrick John Frawley Mary Edward O'Leary & Anne O'Leary  
Nov, 16 Boland Bridget Pat Custy Mary John Neill and Mary Boland  
Apr. 13 Bourke John Pat Markham Peg Tom Murphy & Bridget Bealcragga
Sep. 3 Cahil Michael John Hehir Ellen Margy Cahill Rathcrona
Feb. 14 Cahill Pat Thomas Lynch Margaret Denis and Honor Lynch Letteragh
Feb. 21 Cahill Patrick Thomas   Catherine Maria Cahill Rathcrona
Oct. Cahill   Pat Barry Nance ????? And Biddy Barry Letteragh
Oct. Callahan Michael James Cooly Mary ??? Cooly & Norry Bourke Reinagisha
Jul. Casey Nancy Tom Markham Mary Thomas Markham & Biddy Ryan Cragroe
Apr. 6 Collins Ann Pat Ryan Margaret Thomas Sullivan & Mary Ryan Cahermore
Oct. Costelloe Christopher Pat Curtin Mary Pat and Nance Curtin Clountabonniv
Jan. 11 Crehan Pat John Green Kate John & Catherine Kennedy Boulinabinna
May. 17 Crowe James James Hartigan Biddy Daniel Fitzgibbon & Peggy Lynch Slaveen
Jul. Crowly John Pat Meade Mary Biddy Meade Kinturk
Feb. 20 Custy Thomas John Carney Mary Pat Gallery & Catherine Carney  
Feb. 24 Darcy Bridget Michael Markham Honoria Mary Darcy  
Sep. 29 Devitt Michael Pat Nealon Margaret Martin Nealon & Mary Hanrahan ILLEGITIMATE
Dec. Donnellan Thomas Pat Guthrie Mary ?? McGann and Nance ????  
Feb. 8 Finucane Cornelius John Lysaght Ellen Pat Shannon & Maria Finucane Ballymac….
Jan. 10 Fitzpatrick Michael Thomas Halloran Kate Thady Fitzpatrick & Brid. Halloran  
Jun. Frawley Pat William Molony Biddy William Collins & Mary Meehan Derrynacarragh
Dec. Frawley Simon Michael Cammel Sally John Qualey and …y Frawley Lehaknock
Dec. Frawley Catherine Michael Cammel Sally Pat Kelly and Suzanne Hehir Lehaknock
Jul. Frawly Nance Pat O'Dea Mary John Frawly & Margaret Lynch Lehaknock
Jun. 7 Grady John James O'Keeffe Mary Richard Grady & Ellen Hegarty Garrynagry
Feb. 19 Griffy Bridget John Hogan Bridget Matt Hogan & B….  
Apr. 17 Griffy Michael Pat Keane Mary Bridget Keane Drimanure
Jul. Griffy John John Gavin Ann James & Biddy Griffy Drimanure
Nov. 20 Griffy Marty Thomas Griffy Suzanna Mary Crowe Balleen
Dec. Griffy Mary James Clohessy Bridget ???? And Mary Clohessy Knockatunna
Aug. 5 Harin Michael John Murphy Hannagh James Murphy & Cat Murphy Tullaghaboy
May. 14 Hassett Michael Pat Flanagan Hanna Biddy Galvin Cragleigh
Mar. 9 Hayes Pat John Clune Mary Mary Brian Carney & Peggy McInerney Garrynagry
Apr. Hehir John Michael Gallery Peg Bridget Barry Cragleigh
Feb. 27 Hickey Thomas Michael O'Grady Mary Pat Hickey & Ellen Hickey  
Jul. Hunt Pat Sinon Costeloe Mary John Costeloe & Biddy McCaw Lisroe
Sep. 24 Keane John Martin Frawly Margaret Michael Keane & Mary Frawley Bealcragga
Mar. 22 Kelly Biddy Michael Slattery Mary Martin Blood & Sally Leadon Inch
Aug. 9 Kelly John Dan Sexton Mary Daniel Frawly & Bridget Heran Shean
Feb. 3 Kennedy Mary Patrick Troy Anne Bridget Barry  
Aug. 4 Kimmurry Michael Michael Galvin Mary Tom Wren & Mary Grady Ballyacooda
Sep. 17 Kinna Bridget Thomas Crowe Jane Thomas Fraly & Bridgert Kenny Ki…..
Dec. Kinnane Francis Martin Markham Anne Francis O'Neill & Ellen Markham Drimanure
Apr. Leadon Ann John Hickey Mary ???? Hickey & Hanna Hickey  
Jan. 22 Lynch Mary Thomas Crehan Sarah Margaret Lynch Reinagishagh
Nov. Lynch Thomas James Talty Bridget Pat and Mary Lynch Cahermore
Jun. 1 Maguane Thomas Michaeel Connell Honor Mary Darcy Bealcragga
Dec. McAulliff Thomas Michael Carrigg Mary James Hehir and Mary Hehir Gort….
Mar. 31 McCaw Pat Pat Connors Norry Norry Donohue Ballyvoe
Nov. McGuire Daniel Daniel Carty Biddy Michael Hehir and Nance Cullinan  
Apr. McMahon John Malachy Stephens Mary John Faul  
Aug. 21 McMahon Bridget John Neylan Margaret Pat Neylan & Catherine Glynn  
Apr. McNamara Thomas John Hickey Mary Thomas Hickey & ??? Hickey Magouna
Nov. 17 Mungovan Mary Thomas Halloran Bridget John and Margaret Marrett Garrynagry
Apr. Murphy Joany Denis Cahill Margaret Biddy Casey Kinturk
Feb. 1 Neylon Bridget Michael Molony Mary Martin Molony & Mary Molony  
Dec. Pine Biddy William Clune Mary Pat and Seragh McGuane  
Mar. 9 Pyne Ann Pat Pyne Susan Richard Pyne & Anne Pyne Ballyelan
Nov. 29 Reidy Margaret Thomas Conway Ellen John Doohan and Mary Conway Slievealoughaun
Aug. 30 Slattery Thomas Martin Pyne Jane Pat Fall & Kate Maguane Inch
Apr. 7 Vaughan Pat John Cahill Catherine Pat Hehir and Kate Hehir  
Feb. 14 Warren Michael Thomas Griffin   Samuel Merritt & Honoria Griffy  
Aug. 10 Warren Mary Thomas Fitzgerald Kate Ginny Maskal  
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