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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1855

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Date Surname Forename Father's Forename Mother's Surname Mother's Forename Sponsors Information
Feb. 23 Bolan Patrick Edward Hanrahan Bridget John Corry & Margaret Murphy Married Feb. 23, 1852
Mar. 5 Boland Julia Thomas Corry Bridget John Boland & Susan Corry  
Jan. 29 Bourke Michael James Ha…. Catherine Tom Bourke & Mary Mahony Gurthall… Loughburke
Feb. 11 Bourke Michael Tom Leadon Mary James ???? And Honour ????  
Sep. Brennan Pat Denis Carty Judy Peter Brennan & Brid ????  
Jun. 8 Burke Michael Tom Greene Kate Patrick Frawley & Peg Burke Married Feb. 28, 1854
Aug. 14 Cahill   Daniel Marrinan Mary Corney Cahill & Maria Cahill  
Oct. 29 Callaghan Margaret Pat     Tim Molony & Mary Molony Reinagisha
May. 7 Carney Bridget Pat Hayes Bridget Thomas Carney & Bridget Hehir Garrynagry
Sep. Carney Mary Tom Moroney Mary Pat Carney & Hanna Carney Clon…..
Nov. 30 Carney   Michael Meany Peg John Mealy & Eliza Meany Gortaganniv
Mar. 5 Casey John James Griffy Mary Pat Griffy & Margaret Griffy  
Dec. Casey Tom Patt Sullivan Peggy John Casey & Peggy Casey Married Feb. 4, 1855
Jan. 19 Cassidy James James Hammel Peggy Thomas Boland & Margaret O'Neal Rathmaree
Mar. 5 Cassidy Pat James McInerney Biddy Pat Cassidy & Margaret Cassidy  
Apr. 1 Conlon Pat Darby Sexton Bridget ?????? And Ellon Conlon Kilcollum
Jul. 25 Connors Michael Thomas Greene Mary Pat Connors & Ellen Greene Married Feb. 20, 1844
Mar. 5 Considine Mary John Con…. Biddy John White & Biddy McMahon ILLEGITIMATE
Feb. 26 Conway Patrick Patrick Lynch Biddy Patrick Lynch & Mary Lynch  
Jan. 24 Crehan Patrick Patrick Sexton Mary Mathew Sexton & Cate Crehan Reghnagisha Marr. Feb. 10, 1847
Mar. 20 Crowe Bid John Casey Bid. Michael Casey and Mary Casey Drumline Married Feb. 19, 1852
Apr. 22 Crowe Tom Pat Keane Brid. Martin Connelly & Bid. Connelly Cragleigh Married Jun. 17, 1840
Jan. Crowly Cate Pat Conway Peg Thomas Faul & Betty Boland Tullaghaboy Married 2/28/1854
Aug. 19 Cusack Pat John Mungovan Brid. Corney Maley & Margaret Maley Married Nov. 25, 1838
Aug. 19 Doughan Margaret John   Peg Pat Touhy & Kate McGrath Bealcragga
Dec. 24 Doughan Bridget Tom Doughan Mary Tom Dillon & Mary Dillon Glaun
Mar. Fall John Pat Markham Mary John Fall $ Mary Fall  
Sep. 28 Fall Michael Lot Flanagan Bridget ?? McGannon & Margaret Maguan Cappaleigh
Jul. 29 Frawley Michael Tom Markham Mary Michael Frawley & Kate  
Dec. 24 Frawly Kate Pat Ca…. Cate John Sexton & Kitty Sexton Shean
Dec. Gallery Tom/John Mat Sheehy Peggy Michael Hehir & Anne O'Neil Rel…….
Jul. 1 Grady Hanoria Mick Mungovan Peg Pat Mungovan & Ellon Mungovan  
Jan. 5 Griffy James John Carny Honor Denis and Mary Carney Bealcragga Married 2/20/1854
Jan. 23 Harvey Biddy Pat McMahon Ann Michael Stackpool & Ellon Harvey Magouna
Aug. 11 Hassett Pat James Brown Mary Tom Carmody & Kate Carney  
Aug. 14 Hayes John Denis Griffy Mary Michael Griffey & Bridget Griffey Boulin……. Married Feb. 28, 1854
Jan. Hehir Biddy Pat Morony Ellen Thomas Faul & Cate Morony Connolly
Jan. 6 Hogan Margaret Thomas Barrett Peggy John Leahy & Ellon ????? Drinagh Married Feb. 6, 1853
Jul. Hogan Pat Michael   Peggy John Hogan & Mary B….  
Aug. 15 Keane John Michael M… Brid. Michael Kelly & Kate Kennedy Kilcollum
Apr. 15 Kelly Margaret James McMahon Mary John Kelly & Brid. McMahon  
Oct. 9 Kennedy Hanna Pat Leary Norry Catherine Carmody Boulineaska
Mar. 8 Kinnane Mary Laurence Markham Honor Frances O'Neil Bealcragga
Apr. Leahy Anne David Bo…. (Barrett) Catheirne Frank McAullif & Brid. Flanagan Maybe married Feb. 25, 1829
Feb. 11 Lydon Michael Martin Cahill Mary Michael ??? And Biddy ????? Cahermore
Jan. 28 Lynch Bridget       Denis Lynch & ??? (McInerney)  
Feb. 22 Lynch Michael James Con…. Mary Daniel Lynch & Ellen Lynch Boulina….
Nov. 30 Lynch Margaret Thomas Crehan Sarah Michael Kennedy & Catherine Lynch Married Jun. 5, 1852
Feb. 7 Magrath Margaret Thomas D….. Mary Michael Magrath & Anne Clancy  
Feb. 7 Markham Stephen James Neylon Biddy Denis ???? And Cate ???? Bealcragga Married Feb. 5, 1844
Mar. 15 Markham Ellon Andrew Ryan Mary John Caby & Peg Ryan Cragroe
May. 14 Markham Thomas L…… Ryan Biddy John Caby & Mary Ryan Cragroe
Feb. McAullif Mary Martin Mungovan Mary Pat  
Jul. 3 McGrath Mary Denis     Michael ???? & Mary ????  
May. 22 McGuane Cate Michael Murphy Mary Thady Murphy & ???? Murphy  
Mar. 16 McInerney Pat Peter O'Brien Mary John McInerney & Margaret  
Jan. 9 McMahon Bridget Michael Sullivan Cate Bridget Murphy Cah…..
Apr. McMahon James John   Mar….. Peter Murphy & Kate Han….  
Jun. 15 McMahon Daniel Michael Connellan Mary Mathias Meskil & Brid. Connellan Kilcloher
Jun. 27 McMahon Mary Pat Ke…… Peg James McMahon & Mary McInerney Cragroe
Sep. 13 McMahon Michael John Neylon Margaret Martin Neylon & Ellon Morony Rath…. Married Apr. 27, 1852
Sep. McMahon Pat Darby Meskil Nancy Thomas Meskil & Mary McMahon  
Dec. McMahon Thomas Pat Meere Catherine Michael Meere & Bridget Meere Ivy Hill
Sep. McNamara Michael John   Mary Tom  
Mar. 20 Meehan Mary Thomas     Daniel Meehan & Mary Meehan  
Jun. 19 Meer Jack Mathew Boland Anne Thomas Kelly & Betty Boland Married Feb. 19, 1832
Jul. 16 Meskil Mary Malachy McMahon Mary Pat Conlon & ???? Lynch  
Jan. 21 Murphy Honor John Meer Bridget Bridget Reidy Boulineaska
Apr. 20 Murphy Peter Pat Howard Mary Thomas Carmody & Mary Howard Kinturk
Aug. 14 Murphy Michael Michael Haran Mary Michael Murphy & Anne Murphy  
Aug. 28 Murphy Michael Peter Carmody Honor John McInerney & Sarah Connellan  
Nov. 24 Neil/O'Neil James Michael White Bridget James Neil and Peg Markham Poulaknew
Nov. 21 Neylon Martin Michael   Mary Martin Moloney & Nancy Moloney Letteragh
Nov. 20 O'Connors William John Greene Nano Wilm. Hanrahan & Biddy Markham  
Apr. O'Donnell Catherine Martin   Mary Michael Doughan & Biddy M…  
Feb. 23 O'Neil Mary John Corry Phylis James Markham & Norry Connell  
Feb. 9 Quailly Mary/Marg. John Hickey Cate Michael Hickey & Hanna Hickey Ballymacooda Marr. 1/31/1854
Jun. 8 Scanlon Mary John Meehan Biddy Bryan McMahon & Kate McMahon  
Sep. 9 Sharry Mary John Kelly Mary John Kelly & Peggy Kelly Connolly
May. 2 Sullivan John Pat McAulliff Deborah James & Mary McAulliff Knockatuna Married 2/28/1854
Oct. 17 Vaughan James John   Kate James Hehir & Winifred Hehir Letteragh
Jul. 5 Warrant John Thomas Hehir Mary John Merrit & Eliza Merrit Cappaleigh
Feb. 12   Patrick Thomas   Honor    

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