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Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1879

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Date Surname Forename Father's Forename Mother's Surname Mother's Forename Sponsors Information
Jan. 9 Barry Thomas Richard Cahill Mary Marcus Sexton and Kate Sexton Kilcolumb Married February 21, 1871
Apr. 15 Boland Thomas Pat Murphy Mary Michael Murphy and Mary Boland Tullaghaboy
Aug. 9 Boland Kate Connor Shea Bridget Pat Boland and Mary Boland Tullaghaboy
Jul. 24 Burke Michael Patrick Pendar Bridget Catherine Pendar Drimatehy
Oct. 31 Burke Margaret John O'Neill Margaret John Casey and Honor Leydan Drimanure
Jan. 6 Cabey Mary Pat O'Neill Honora Pat Keane and Catherine Cabey Magowna Married February 19, 1868
Dec. 31 Callaghan Pat John Cahill Catherine Michael and Mary Callaghan Rheinagisha
May. 17 Carmody Pat Thomas McGrath Bridget Pat Cleary and Kate Cleary Married February 24, 1870
Apr. 27 Carney Patt James Barry Kate Daniel and Ellen O'Callaghan Feighroe
Oct. 3 Carney Margaret James Flynn M. Michael Flynn & Mary Moroney Clountabonniv
Sep. Carrig Margaret Thomas Ryan Catherine Bridget Hehir Cahermore Married February 1, 1873
Feb. 19 Carty Bridget Pat Flynn Mary Pat Flynn and Mary Keane Strasburg
Feb. 17 Casey Mary James Shea Kate John Casey and Mary Casey Loughburke
Feb. 16 Cassidy James Pat Leahy Bridget Michael Keand and Bridget Keane Rathmaree Married March 1, 1870
Aug. 24 Cleary Dan Michael O'Loughlin Kate Thomas Reidy & Margaret Cleary Kinturk
May. 14 Clohessy Michael John Custy Nancy Michael and Sarah McMahon Cullinagh
Sep. Collins Michael Michael Jones Mary Michael McMahon & Mary Custy Knock
Jan. 6 Cummane Patrick William Cummane Margaret Pat Cummane and Anne Cummane Ballymacooda
Dec. 25 Commane Bridget William Commane Margaret David Quaily and Honor Quaily Ballymacooda
Jan. 16 Conlan John Patrick Galvin Eliza M. B. C.. And Mary Galvin Lisroe
Apr. 5 Conlon Ellen Pat Murphy Ellen Thomas Carmody & Bridget Conlon Lisroe Married January 15, 1865
Oct. 23 Connell Martin Michael Carmody Mary Michael O'Loughlin & Kate Cahill Kilmaley
Feb. 14 Conyngham Margaret Anne John McGuane Bridget Andrew ?? And Maria McGuane Inchbeg
Jul. 15 Crehan John Pat McInerney Mary James Crehan and Kate Crehan Recallan Married February 9, 1875
Apr. 18 Crowe Mary Anne Patt Brooks Hanny Daniel Brooks & Maria Fitzpatrick Slaveen
Jan. 20 Crowley Mary James Griffin Bridget John Haren and Bridget Haren Tullaghaboy
Mar. 14 Darcy John John McInerney Margaret James Darcy and Margaret Darcy Ballydonohue March 5, 1867
Mar. 16 Davoren Pat. Michael Andrew Foley Ellen ??? Davoren ad Anne Frawley Kilmaley
Apr. 5 Dillon Patt David Carney Mary James Dillon and Mary Anne Dillon Glaun Married February 13, 1865
Jul. 16 Dillon Thomas Martin Burke Margaret John ??? And Bridget Doo. Clonboula
Apr. 17 Donnellan Catherine John Carney Susan John Donnellan and Mary Moran Craganour Married February 19, 1873
Jan. 16 Falvey John Daniel McMahon Anne John McMahon and Maria ??? Inchbeg Married February 7, 1877
Dec. 9 Flynn Mary John Clancy Mary Pat Clancy and Mary Clancy Knock Married February 10, 1866
May. 11 Frawley Mary Martin Burke Bridget James Burke and Mary Sexton Derranacarragh Married February 9, 1876
May. 26 Freeman James Thomas Murphy Mary John Freeman and Mary Freeman Knock Married January 31, 1877
Mar. 30 Gallery James Patt Flynn Margaret Michael Hickey and Honor Hickey Garrynagry
Mar. 11 Galvin Michael Michael Carmody Bridget P. McNamara and Mary Carmody Kilmaley Married July 18, 1872
Aug. 17 Galvin Mary Pat Griffy Bridget Michael Cahill and Bridget Qualey Ballymacooda
Jul. 7 Gleeson Ellen John Sexton Catherine John Riordan and Bridget Gleeson Boulingleragh
Feb. 12 Glynn Pat Connor Moloney Honora Thomas Moloney & Bridget Moloney Knockmore Pat married Julia Dunne at
St. Joseph Mountmellick November 26, 1919
Sep. 24 Greene Elizabeth John Faul Mary Lizzie Faul Bealcragga Married February, 26, 1873
Oct. Greene Daniel Michael Lynch Bridget Michael M and Mary ???? Boulavreen Married March 4, 1862
Dec. 17 Gregan Daniel Michael Freeman Kate Thomas Gregan and Mary Gregan Knock Married May 29, 1866
Dec. 17 Gregan Bridget Michael Freeman Kate James Gregan and Mary Freeman Knock Married May 29, 1866
Mar. 15 Griffin Mary Michael Fitzmartin Mary Mary Sullivan Cahermore
Jun. 12 Harvey Honor Wiliam Brien Mary Michael Kearney & Ellen Kearney Clountabonniv
Feb. 26 Hayes Margaret Pat (Martin) Fitzmartin Honora Kate Hunt Balleen
Nov. 22 Hayes Bridget James Greene Catheirne Catherine Hayes Balleen
Nov. 22 Hayes Teresa James Greene Catheirne Catherine Hayes Balleen
Apr. 10 Hehir Anne Mathew Ryan Lizzie Ellen McMahon Cullinagh Married February 13, 1866
Apr.17 Hehir Thomas John McGuane Anne Bridget Cahill Letteragh Married February 23, 1870
May. 11 Henn Anne Austin Callaghan Mary William Callaghan & Norry Curran Derranacarragh Cloutabonniv
Jun. Hogan   John Keane Bridget Peter Hehir and Anne Meade Gortmore Married February 19, 1862
Oct. 21 Hogan Bridget John Neylon Kate Michael Galvin & Catherine Cahill Ballymacooda. Bridget married John Moloney
of Ennis on Dec. 28, 1936. Married 2/24/1873
Aug. 23 Hogan/Magan Bridget Pat O'Connor Bridget Thomas McGuane & Mary McGuane Fairyhill
Jul. 23 Howe Mary John McMahon Mary Bridget C. Bealcragga Married February 9, 1875
Jan. 1 Kelly David Thomas Garvey Margaret John Haren and Bridget Keane Clountabonniv
Sep. Kelly Mary James O'Neill Mary Michael Kinnane and Jane Kelly Kinturk Married February 13, 1870
Oct. 21 Kelly Catherine Denis K Bridget ??? And Mary ???? Kinturk
Nov. 12 Kelly Timothy Thomas Lafferty Bridget Martin Kelly and Mary Cafferty Knockadangan
Jan. 26 Kennedy Mary James Cahill Margaret Pat Cahill and Catherine Cahill Feighroe Married February 10, 1878
Feb. 5 Leahy Mary Pat Carrig Catherine Michael Leahy and Anne ??? Ballydonohue
Jun. 25 Leary Margaret John Connell Bridget Andrew Leary and Hannah Murphy Married December 27, 1872
Jun. 15 Long Patt Thomas Stephens Bridget Thoomas Reidy and Margaret Reidy Glaun
Sep. 1 McCormack Anne Michael Quealey Kate James Warren and Kate Warren Clonfeigh
Apr. 19 McDonnell James Martin Barry Ellen Pat McDonnell and Bridget Barry Loughburke
Apr. 27 McGuane Mary Anne James Daly Ellen Pat Stephens and Mary McGuane Letteragh
Jul. 15 McGuane Kate Michael Howe Anne Mary Murphy Bealcragga Married February 23, 1873
Mar. 22 McInerney Honor James McInerney Sarah John Haren & Catherine O'Donnell Slievealoughaun Married February 25, 1868
May. 2 Meere Timothy Peter Tierney Keith John Griffy and Margaret Griffy Corran
Sep. Moloney Anne Pat Hehir Kate James and Margaret Moloney Rheinagisha Married May, 3, 1864
Jun. 30 Moroney James Pat Brennan Mary Michael Brennan & Anne Brennan Ballymacooda
Apr. 13 Mungovan Cornelius Pat Philips Bridget Pat Mungovan and Mary Mungovan Kinturk
Jan. 7 Murphy Susan Pat Quaily Mary Michael Murphy & Catherine Burke Rathmaree
Nov. 19 Murphy Denis Denis Wing Margaret James Griffin & Margaret Murphy Bealcragga
Jan. 9 Neylon Mary Pat Meehan Bridget Thomas Hehir and Maria Hehir Magowna
May. 19 Neylon Mary John Brennan Ellen Mary Callinan Sheaun
Dec. 12 Nunan Tom John Kearney Mary John Barry and Mary Barry Tullassa
Dec. 19 O'Connor Tom Michael Fitzpatrick Ellen John Casey and William Davoren Gort Married February 4, 1877
May. 24 O'Malley Mary Ellen Pat O'Dwyer Ellen Pat O'Malley & Mary Merrit Capaleigh
Mar. 7 O'Neill Patt Thomas Burke Margaret Thomas Burke and Mary Burke Drimanure Married February 25, 1868
Apr. 3 Pyne John Thomas Hehir Mary Pat Hehir and Honor Hehir Illegible
Dec. 25 Pyne Honor John Cotter Honor John Pyne and Annie Brennan Kyleatunna
Mar. 30 Reidy Michael Michael Meehan Ellen John McMahon and Bridget Reidy Kyleatunna Married February 21, 1860
May. 26 Reidy Margaret Thomas Rynne Mary James Kelly and Bridget Reidy Glaun Married January 25, 1870
Jun. 1 Rynne John Michael White Anne Patt Kelly and Mary Kelly Kinturk
Feb. 2 Scales Thomas Pat Carrig Bridget Thomas Warren and Maria Warren Clonfeigh
Feb. 9 Sullivan Pat Denis Considine Bridget Mary Sullivan Kinturk
Jan. 18 Talty Catherine Pat Nihil Honor M. B. C.. And Bridget Talty Loughburke

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