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RC Baptism Records for Kilmihil Parish, 1849-1881

Title: RC Baptism Records for Kilmihil Parish.
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1849-1881
Place: RC Parish of Kilmihil

Kilmihil RC Baptism Registers 1849-1869
NLI Film 02485/08
Kilmihil RC Baptism Registers 1870-1881
NLI Film 02485/09

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:

The handwriting is not at all clear and my first draft was full of question marks, so I used the index at the beginning of the register (made by Fr. Gaynor in 1945) to amend it. On a few occasions I checked the civil records.
These transcriptions are not intended to replace Fr. Gaynor’s index, which is more useful that my transcriptions in a number of ways:
1. Because he was transcribing from the register itself, Fr. Gaynor was able to read those entries at the bottom of pages, which are too dark for me to read.
2. He uses the modern version of names and brings together all the variants. He also brings names that begin with “O’” together with those that omit the O’ (i.e. Halloran and O’Halloran) and he treats Carthy and McCarthy as the same name.
3. He realises that children born out of wedlock may be known by either the father’s name or the mother’s name and so lists those children under both names.
4. He occasionally includes other useful notes.

Registers by Date (all .xlsx format)
1849-1869 1870-1881  

Registers by Father's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1849-1869 1870-1881  

Registers by Mother's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1849-1869 1870-1881  

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