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Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish, 1839

Title: Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish, 1839
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1839
Place: Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: Marie Crowley, Derry City, NI

Family Name Child Father Mother Mother's Surname Date Sponsors Townland Notes
Barry Mary John Ellen Howard 5.6.1839 Pat Kilmartin & Honora Barry Doolough  
Barry Bridget Richard Mary Downes 31.7.1839 Ellen Crawford Cloonadrum  
Blackwell Mary Henry Bridget Joyce 8.6.1839 Catherine Glynn Tromara West  
Bohanan Michael John Julia ......... 9.11.1839 Ellen Scalane Clohanishee  
Boyle Mary Bart Honora Scalane 30.5.1839 Bridget O'Brien ...............  
Breen John John Bridget Darcy 15.12.1839 Matilda Honan Tullyvoe  
Breen Anthony John Honora Conway 28.12.1839 Patrick Kenny & Mary Brown Moneyduff  
Brown Thadius Thomas Mary Downes 19.5.1839 Anth Keane & Mary Downes Molosky  
Brown Mary Patrick Mary Hehir 26.9.1839 Mary Malone Cloonlaheen  
Brown Michael Patrick Catherine Barry 28.9.1839 Peter & Margaret Shanahan Finore  
Burke Catherine Ignatius Jane Wolfe 29.6.1839 Patrick & Margaret Wolfe Quilty Middle Conditional
Burke Michael Tobias Mary Flanagan 3.8.1839 James Burke & Honora Molony Tromara East  
Canny John Anthony Susan Egan 27.4.1839 Michael & Ellen Canny Shanavoe  
Casey Mary John Mary Leary 6.5.1839 Margaret Reynolds Ballina, Tipperary Conditional
Casey Mary Timothy Honora Hickey 24.8.1839 Bridget Kelleen Craggaknock  
Casey Mary Thomas Margaret Considine 26.10.1839 Pat McNamara & Mary Considine Tromara  
Cassidy Michael Michael Elizabeth Ryan 16.11.1839 Bridget Clements Craggaknock  
Cavanagh Thomas Ambrose Bridget O'Leary 5.5.1839 Margaret O'Leary Kilclohane  
Cl.... Mary Thomas Mary Dooly 13.7.1839 Timothy Lynch & Brid Gallagher Shanavoe  
Clancy Bridget Thomas Mary Crowley 8.6.1839 Peter Donnellan & Brid Crowley Molosky  
Cleary Mary Patrick Margaret Cunningham 9.6.1839 Sarah Coughlin Kilclohaun  
Cleary Patrick James Mary Sexton 13.7.1839 Michael & Marg Sexton Carhuligane  
Cleary Daniel John Margaret Ahern 21.9.1839 Honora Gallagher Cloonlaheen  
Cleary Margaret Michael Bridget Walsh 19.10.1839 John Cleary & Sarah Walsh Carhunagry  
Clohessy William Patrick Margaret O'Kelly 25.7.1839 Augustine Boyle & Anne Griffin Seafield  
Clohessy Lurence Joseph Ellen Bohassan 10.8.1839 Bridget Sexton Clohaneathinna Conditional
Clohessy Matilda James Mary Keary 5.12.1839 Ellen O'Gorman Clohinishee  
Cluen Michael John Margaret Guthrie 5.10.1839 Edmund Griffy & Joanna Guthrie Tromara  
Comyn George Michael Catherine Slattery 22.6.1839 John & Ellen Molony Mullagh  
Considine Bridget Michael Ellen O'Brien 16.10.1839 Edward O'Brien & Mary Gleeson Clohanishea  
Corbett Mary Patrick Mary Darcy 31.7.1839 Anthony & Mary Power Finnor More  
Corry Anne John Margaret Mollahen 16.11.1839 Pat Keating & Ellen Egan Tromara East  
Courtney Ellen Patrick Mary ............ 12.5.1839 Patrick ............ & Margaret Blake M...............  
Crehan John James Margaret O'Halloran 29.6.1839 John Mungovan & Anne Considine Mutton Island  
Crehan Thomas John Mary Gallagher 24.11.1839 Tom Bradley & Cath Gallagher Tromara West  
Cullinan Honora Edward Mary Shannon 18.9.1839 John & Mary Luong Quartermyer  
Cunningham Patrick Patrick Bridget McNamara 23.10.1839 Bridget Cunningham Kilclehaun  
Cunningham Thomas John Margaret Downes 24.11.1839 Honora Donnellan Craggaknock  
Daly Patrick John Mary O’Connor 28.4.1839 Thomas & Margaret Kinane Dromin  
Darcy Susan Michael Bridget McGannon 29.5.1839 Michael Darcy & Ellen Howe Bonavella  
Darcy Mary Garrett Honor O'Brien 22.8.1839 Francis & Mary Darcy Carhuligane  
Darcy Catherine Anthony Honora Leary 21.12.1839 Ellen Darcy    
Deely Mary John Margaret Luong 31.12.1839 Pat Deely & Bridget Luong Mountscot  
Deriroe Bridget Michael Ellen Barry 4.11.1839 Tom Barry & Anne Carmody Craggaknock  
Donnellan Margaret Peter Margaret Hill 27.4.1839 Anna Cahill Molosky  
Donnellan John Thady Joanna Killeen 19.5.1839 Thady Donnellan & Jane Monyduff  
Donnellan Edmund ......... Margaret Meskell 21.8.1839 Thomas Lynch & Ellen Clancy Molosky  
Donnellan Bridget Andrew Anne Quinn 16.11.1839 John & Mary Quinn Moyglass  
Downes Margaret Michael Mary O'Loughlin 8.6.1839 Susan Kelly Moyglass Beg  
Downes Susan James Catherine Sexton 15.12.1839 Laurence Kinane & Mary Murrihy Carhunagry  
Duggan John Michael Susan Killeen 25.5.1839 Catherine Meskel Knocknahila  
Falsey Mary Patrick Hannah Darcy 7.12.1839 Margaret Haren Craggaknock  
Falvy Michael Michael Mary O'Neill 2.10.1839 Michael Haren & Brid Meade Craggaknock  
Fitzpatrick Francis Jeremiah Eliz ............ 15.5.1839 Catherine Molony Powerstown  
Fore Honora Martin Bridget Flynn 16.10.1839 Michael Flynn & Brid Mungovan Rine  
Fraly Martin Martin Honora Therry 10.8.1839 Mary Keane Quilty  
Gallery Daniel Patrick Mary Crawford 28.4.1839 Patrick Crawford & Marg Normile Craggaknock Conditional
Geary Margaret Thomas Margaret Cunningham 27.4.1839 John Donohoe & Ellen Honan Craggaun  
Gleeson Bridget John Anne McNamara 28.12.1839 John Gleeson & Cath Honora Kelly Clonadrum  
Greene Thomas William Jane Hogan 26.4.1839 Donal Steele & Cath Green Carhunagry  
Griffy John Patrick Bridget Keane 29.5.1839 Tom Murphy & Marg Keane Finore More  
Griffy Honora Michael Bridget McMahon 8.6.1839 Mary Cleary Cullinach  
Griffy Bridget Michael Mary McCarthy 10.8.1839 John O'Meara & Brid Molony Mountscot  
Griffy Elizabeth Francis Mary Houlihan 17.8.1839 Bart Donnellan & Brid Griffy Seafield  
Griffy Michael Martin Mary ......... 3.9.1839 Pat Griffy & Ellen O'Meara Carhuligane  
Griffy Mary James Honora ......... 16.10.1839 Michael Griffy & Marg Griffy Ormount Conditional
Griffy Peter ......... Bridget ......... 1.12.1839 John O'Meara & Marg Griffy Finnor More  
Guerin Margaret Thomas Mary Reidy 15.12.1839 Denis Reidy & Marg Guerin Quilty Middle  
Guthrie Bridget John Catherine McGannon 30.5.1839 Francis Guthrie & Brid Murphy Emily  
Halpin Margaret Patrick Mary Fraly 28.12.1839 Patrick McMahon & Mary Boland Rinsheehan  
Haneen Honora Peter Mary McGrath 23.6.1839 James Haneen & Marg Hurley ......More Natural & Conditional
Hanrahan John Michael Anne Driscoll 12.5.1839 Cornelius Leary & Hanna Hawkins Kilclohane  
Haren Michael Daniel Susan Honan 27.7.1839 John Clancy & Cath Haren Boulaveg......  
Haren Richard Michael Bridget Shannon 14.12.1839 Thady Shannon & Cath Kenny Tromara  
Harken Thomas Patrick Mary Stack 26.10.1839 Honor Hickey Clohaninshee  
Hayes John Anthony Mary Malone 11.5.1839 Tom Hayes & Mary Hayes Trenmanagh  
Hehir Mathias Mathias Mary Clancy 1.12.1839 Pat Hehir & Mary Hanley Donogan  
Hogan Margaret John Bridget Griffy 5.5.1839 Michael Tubridy & Mary O'Reilly Kilclohane Conditional
Hogan Patrick Patrick Mary Cunningham 15.5.1839 Thomas Darcy & Honora Nihill Lissyneillan  
Hogan Anne Thomas Mary Quinlivan 31.12.1839 John O'Meara & Honora Corbett Deereen  
Honan Mary Edward Mary Dwyer 1.5.1839 Michael Darcy & Mary McMahon Doonogan Conditional
Honan Mary John Bridget McCarthy 8.6.1839 John Cleary & Mary Corbett Blenelig......... Conditional
Houlihan Bridget James Mary Joyce 20.7.1839 Bernard O'Connor & Mary Shaunaghessy Craggaun Conditional
Keane Bridget Anthony Bridget Reddan 3.7.1839 Tom Shanahan & Brid Cusack Rinroe Natural child
Keane John Michael Honora Murrihy 10.8.1839 Tom McG... & Honora Keleher Seafield  
Keleher Michael Jeremiah Bridget Killeen 29.9.1839 Michael & Mary Murrihy Tromara  
Kelly James Michael Hanna Crowley 22.6.1839 James & Bridget Kelly Knocknahila  
Kelly James Michael Honora O'Shaughnessy 31.8.1839 Tom Shanahan & Honor Egan Kilmurry  
Kelly Jane James Bridget Morony 16.10.1839 Mary McMahon Coore  
Kerin Mary Patrick Mary Meade 7.8.1839 John Kerin & Mary Cahill Craggaknock  
Killeen Margaret John Margaret Griffy 5.5.1839 Thomas Corbett & Mary Sexton Carhunagry  
Killeen Michael Michael Honor Shanahan 11.5.1839 Mary Killeen Quartermyer  
Killeen Michael James Catherine Downes 21.9.1839 Ellen Killeen Carhunagry  
King Michael Peter Ellen Reidy 2.6.1839 Pat Fitzgibbon & Cath Markham Doonogan  
King James Timothy Bridget McKnight 27.10.1839 Pat Fitzgibbon & Honora King Cloonadrum  
Lahiff Timothy James Bridget Killeen 1.12.1839 Tom Morrissey & Marg Malone Cloonadrum  
Leary Cornelius Cornelius Ellen Darcy 16.7.1839 John & Bridget Darcy Mullagh  
Leary Honora Daniel Eleanor Power 14.12.1839 Anthony Shanahan & Mary Leary Ballymackea  
Luong William Malachy Ellen Schannon 25.11.1839 James Luong & Eliz Shannon Quartermyer  
Lynch Thomas Timothy Anne O'Reilly 5.5.1839 Michael O’Reilly & Brid O’Reilly Finore More Conditional
Lynch Charles Edmund Margaret Darcy 9.10.1839 Martin Kinane & Mary Darcy Mountscot  
Marshall Michael Patrick Catherine Sally 27.7.1839 Bridget Gallagher Clohaneathinna  
McCarthy Catherine Patrick Bridget Eaves? 30.5.1839 Honora Hickey Clohaninchy  
McCarthy John John Mary McNamara 7.8.1839 Mary Malone Molosky  
McDonnell Elizabeth Thomas Mary Morony 7.8.1839 Pat O'Brien & Brid McCarthy Clohaneathinna  
McGannon Bridget James Bridget F...... 8.9.1839 Michael Murphy & Brid Darcy Caherrush  
McGuane Bridget Anthony Margaret Cleary 8.5.1839 Ellen McGuane Knockanaiban  
McGuane Mary James Bridget Darcy 23.5.1839 Bridget Kinane Rath  
McGuane Martin Terence Bridget Flanagan 7.11.1839 Bridget McGuane    
McInerney Mathew John Jane O'Gorman 26.10.1839 James & Ellen Killeen Molosky  
McKnight Michael Patrick Bridget Keane 18.9.1839 Mary McKnight Craggaknock  
McMahon Sarah John Catherine Lynch 8.5.1839 Hannah Kelly Boulena.......  
McMahon Madge William Madge ............ 15.5.1839 Mary McMahon Coore Conditional
McMahon John Mathew Susan Lenane 29.5.1839 Thomas Darcy & Mary Lenane Quilty  
McMahon John Bernard Mary Tully 1.6.1839 Ed McMahon & Brid Tully Magherantaska  
McMahon Mary Michael Mary O'Neill 17.8.1839 Mary McGuane Caher......  
McMahon Mary Michael Bridget Kinole 11.9.1839 Bernard McMahon & Cath Ahern Cravoic  
McMahon Thomas Patrick Ellen ......... 7.12.1839 Francis McMahon & Marg Neylon Lissyneillan  
McNamara Honora Patrick Bridget Finucane 14.8.1839 Mary Boyle Doonogan  
McNamara Susan Edmund Margaret O'Brien 31.8.1839 James O'Sullivan & Brid Sexton Kilclohane  
Meade Hanora Patrick Bridget Killeen 28.4.1839 James Hogan & Susan Morony Clohaneathinna  
Meade Margaret James Mary Gleeson 28.7.1839 Michael Sexton & Marg Mulhill Knocknageragh  
Meade James Thomas Margaret Corry 21.8.1839 Michael Keane & Mary Keane Rinroe  
Meade Winifred John Anne Sexton 16.11.1839 John & Ellen Meade Craggaknock  
Meade Michael Peter Elizabeth O'Brien 15.12.1839 Mary Meade Knocknagera  
Mee Ellen Francis Bridget O'Gorman 2.10.1839 Thomas Darcy & Cath Sexton Finnore  
Molony Margaret John Mary Leary 5.5.1839 Cornelius Leary & Cath Murphy Kilclohane  
Moran Denis John Deborah Luong 15.9.1839 John Luong & Brid Reilly Rath  
Morony Susan Patrick Mary Darcy 18.5.1839 Sarah Coughlin Coore  
Morony Lot Patrick Honora Kelly 11.7.1839 John Gleeson & Cath O'Dwyer Cloonadrum Natural & Conditional
Morony James Thomas Mary O'Gorman 6.10.1839 Patrick Molony & Mary McMahon Scrappol  
Morony Martha Thomas Mary Corry 6.10.1839 Phyllis Corry Powerstown  
Morressy Catherine James Mary Killeen 10.8.1839 Thady Morressy & Cath Corry Ballymackea  
Morrissy Catherine Patrick Ellen Cassidy 6.10.1839 Thomas & Marg Morrissy Ballymakea  
Mulcahey Michael John Anne Morony 11.9.1839 Pat O'Brien & Mary O'Sullivan Killernan  
Mungovan Michael Patrick Margaret Downes 5.9.1839 John & Mary Mongovan Tromara of the Castle  
Mungovan Patrick Thomas Bridget O'Loughlin 9.11.1839 Catherine Malone    
Mungovan Thomas Michael Margaret Kennedy 8.12.1839 James Kilcher & Marg Mungovan Tromara  
Murphy John Thomas Bridget Collins 11.5.1839 Tom & Catherine Murphy Carhuligan  
Murphy Thomas Patrick Mary Houlahan 18.5.1839 Honora O'Shaughnessy Craggaun  
Murphy Anne Phonsey Margaret Darcy 7.8.1839 Bridget Murphy Boulaveg  
Murphy Denis Patrick Mary Casey 30.10.1839 Laurence Kinane & Cath Murphy Boulary  
Murphy Denis James Bridget Barry 23.11.1839 Honora Barry Doolough  
Murphy John       13.7.1839      
Murrihy John John Mary Clancy 15.6.1839 Michael Hassett & Hon Murrihy Craggaknock  
Murrihy John Michael Mary Killeen 16.6.1839 Michael Lenane & Mary O'Brien Quilty Middle  
Murrihy Thomas Thomas Mary Sexton 1.11.1839 Anthony Keany & Brid Murrihy Tromara Conditional
Nugent Catherine Patrick Mary King 29.5.1839 Bridget Darcy Finore More  
O'Brien Mary Laurence Catherine Walsh 11.5.1839 Tom Flanagan & Hanna Walsh Shanavoe  
O'Brien Edmund Michael Bridget O'Neill 19.6.1839 Mary O'Neill Clohaneathinna Conditional
O'Brien Bridget Collagh Mary McCarthy 7.8.1839 Tom Corbett & Anne McCarthy Finnor Conditional
O'Brien James James Honora Burke 7.9.1839 James O'Brien & Mary O'Brien Killernan Conditional
O'Brien Edmund Henry Anne Tobin 14.9.1839 John Hickey & Honor Tobin Kilclohan  
O'Brien John John Bridget Gleeson 18.9.1839 James Dooly & Jane Walsh Ormount  
O'Brien Mary Sylvester Margaret White 28.9.1839 Bridget Hurley Slanave......  
O'Brien Bridget Patrick Mary Sexton 23.11.1839 James & Bridget Sexton Cloonadrum  
O'Brien Martin Peter Bridget Lynch 30.11.1839 Hugh Talty & Marg Lynch Boulinirod  
O'Brien Honora Michael Anne McInerney 22.12.1839 James Haneen & Marg McInerney    
O'Brien Patrick James Catherine Gleeson 31.12.1839 Michael O'Brien & Mary Meade Mountscot  
O'Connor Bridget Michael Bridget Kenny 28.4.1839 Patrick Darcy & Ellen Darcy Bonavella  
O'Connor Martin Terence Mary Sweeney 19.10.1839 Patrick Green & Brid Sexton Listowel,Kerry/Shandrum  
O'Doherty Mary Charles Mary Canny 15.5.1839 Michael Canny & Ellen O'Meara Shandrum  
O'Doherty Patrick Edmund Ellen Kelly 2.6.1839 John O'Doherty & Lucy Kelly Cloonadrum  
O'Dwyer Simon John Bridget O'Gorman 24.6.1839 Catherine McCormack    
O'Dwyer Anthony Anthony Ellen Gallery 24.8.1839 Thomas Kenny & Marg Kenny Annagh  
O'Dwyer Michael Michael Ellen O'Gorman 29.8.1839 Tim Donnellan & Cath McNair Ballymakea  
O'Dwyer Mary Peter Mary Barry 5.10.1839 William Dwyer & Mary Barry Mullagh  
O'Dwyer Bridget John Anne McCarthy 16.11.1839 Mary McMahon Rine  
O'Gorman John John Ellen ............ 25.5.1839 James Howard & Emily Shannon Craggaun  
O'Gorman Jane John Mary Morony 11.9.1839 Mary Droig Ceanquiv......  
O'Gorman Thadeus James Anne Kelly 30.10.1839 Thadeus & Jane Shannon Craggaun  
O'Gorman Charles Thomas Ellen Griffy 2.11.1839 Mary Kelly Ballymakea  
O'Gorman Francis Thomas Margaret Murphy 16.11.1839 Tom Murphy & Honora Murphy Drummin  
O'Keefe John Daniel Marg O'Halloran 5.6.1839 Julia O'Duggan Lissyneillan  
O'Neill George       ?.7.1839     Natural child
O'Reilly Margaret Michael Bridget Nugent 8.5.1839 Margaret Reynolds Donogan  
O'Reilly Margaret Patrick Bridget Griffy 15.8.1839 Margaret Sheehan Doonogan  
O'Shaughnessy Mary Patrick Catherine Fraly 29.10.1839 Bridget Dilon Quilty  
O'Shea John John Mary Murray 3.8.1839 B. McMahon & Mary Mungovan Cloonlaheen  
O'Sullivan Bridget Michael Mary Walsh 1.9.1839 Anthony O'Sullivan & Mary Quilty West  
O'Sullivan James Patrick Mary Breen 12.10.1839 Catherine Brady Finore  
Patrick Honora Collins Sarah Darcy 23.10.1839 Bernard McMahon & Brid Darcy Donogan  
Pierce Honora Edmund Susan O'Gorman 10.8.1839 Thady Shannon & Anne Sexton Finnor More  
Pierce Mary James Bridget Clancy 26.12.1839 Pat Kenny & Eliz Fitzpatrick Finore More  
Quigley Jane Samuel Bridget Deveny 7.6.1839 Pat King & Ellen Harrington Ballymackea  
Quigley Bridget Samuel Bridget Deveny 7.6.1839 Pat Deveny & Cath Quigley Ballymackea  
Quinlivan Malachy Peter Catherine Hogan 20.6.1839 Catherine Duggan    
Reddan Martin Martin Susan Kennedy 15.5.1839 Peter Griffy & Honoria Kennedy Rinroe Conditional
Russell Michael John Bridget Callinan 5.10.1839 Margaret O'Brien Clohaninchy  
Sally John George Ellen McGuane 1.6.1839 Tim Donnellan & Mary Morony Carhuligane Conditional
Sexton Patrick Michael Mary H.......... 9.5.1839 Catherine Murphy Finore More  
Sexton John Daniel Anne Morony 25.5.1839 John O'Meara & Honora Kerin Moyglass More  
Sexton Michael Michael Mary ............ 8.6.1839 Michael Sexton & Susan Sexton Cloonadrum Conditional
Sexton John James Mary McGrath 28.6.1839 Bridget Sexton Finore More  
Shanahan Elizabeth Patrick Bridget Griffy 21.9.1839 Andrew White & Marg Considine Seafield  
Shanahan Seananus Cornelius Mary Sexton 2.11.1839 Anne Shanahan Rinroe Conditional
Shanahan Mary Michael Catherine Glynn 23.11.1839 Pat Boyle & Mary Shanahan Tromara West  
Shanahan Patrick Anthony Sally White 24.12.1839 Michael Sexton & Honora McMahon Tromara  
Shanahan Bridget Patrick Mary Whelan 28.12.1839 Martin Heby & Honora Kelly Tromara  
Sheehan Michael James Margaret Reilly 26.9.1839 Thomas Corbett & Ellen O'Meara Carhuligan  
Sheehy Ellen Patrick Margaret McMahon 5.5.1839 John McNamara & Mary Corbett Lissyneillan  
Sheehy Joanna Francis Mary Hanrahan 28.7.1839 Ed Sheedy & Susan Halloran Lissyneillan Conditional
Stack John Michael Margaret Griffy 11.5.1839 Pat Sullivan & Bridget Howe Quilty West  
Stack Patrick John Bridget Vaughan 12.6.1839 Margaret Boyle Doonogan  
Stack Patrick Patrick Jane Madden 24.8.1839 Elizabeth McMahon Clohenrush... Conditional
Stack Thomas John Ellen Molony 21.12.1839 Michael Luong & Anne Fitzgibbon Tromara West  
Stapleton Margaret James Mary Haren 2.11.1839 Tom McGannon & Jane Coughlan Boulenerod......  
Tubridy Ellen ............ Bridget ............ 10.7.1839     Conditional
Tubridy Michael James Anne Darcy 9.10.1839 David Tubridy & Susan Tubridy Coore  
Walsh Peter Patrick Ellen Purtell 29.6.1839 Synan Purtell & Cath Purtell Quilty East  
White Ambrose James Catherine Honan 11.7.1839 Margaret Reynolds Boulinavode  
White Mary Michael Catherine Haneen 1.9.1839 Mary Haneen Finore Conditional
White John Andrew Mary Crehan 21.9.1839 Daniel & Elizabeth McMahon Tromara East  
White Margaret Patrick Margaret Bolan 24.11.1839 Mary O'Neill Craggaknock  
White Mary Richard Honora O'Brien 21.12.1839 Mary MaAwe    
Wolfe Ellen Patrick Honora Downes 22.12.1839 Bridget King    
Wolfe Catherine Patrick Honora Downes 22.12.1839 Ellen Downes    
Woods Peter Michael Honora McNamara 29.6.1839 Honora Harkin Craggaun  
  Patrick       ?.12.1839 Patrick Sexton    No names of child's parent's

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