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Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish, 1870

Title: Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish, 1870
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1870
Place: Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: Marie Crowley, Derry City, NI

Family Name Child Father Mother Mother's Surname Date Sponsors Townland Notes
Behan Catherine Thady Margaret Gready 20.12.1870 John Gready & Bridget Burke Kilmurry  
Blake William J William Ellen O'Brien 12.6.1870 John McGuire & Frances ..illihan Seafield  
Boyle Honora Thomas Bridget Shanahan 14.8.1870 Thomas Kelly & Cate Boyle Rhyne  
Boyle Martin Patt Bridget Costello 26.8.1870 Mary Halloran Quilty  
Breen Ellen Tomkins Bridget Cusack 5.3.1870 Mary Halloran Finore  
Breen Honor John Bridget Sexton 1.10.1870 Margaret Breen Cloonlaheen  
Butler Goney Francis Ellen Houlihan 31.7.1870 Mary Fitzmartin Cloghaninchy  
Cahill Michael Martin Mary Halloran 5.5.1870 John Halloran & Nancy O'Brien Frehanes  
Carty Eleanor Patt Mary Scullane 26.10.1870 Thomas Scullane & Margaret Halloran Coore  
Casey Francis George Joney Looney 25.3.1870 Francis & Jane Casey Quilty  
Casey Mary Ann James Catherine Killeen 5.12.1870 Michael & Margaret McMahon Quilty  
Casey Patrick Martin Bridget Doherty 19.1.1870 John Egan & Margaret Casey Quilty  
Clancy Mary Thomas Margaret Connors 24.4.1870 Michael Clancy & Mary Baronton Quilty  
Cleary Bridget Michael Catherine Loughlin 2.4.1870 Mary Cleary Hand [Record on next line] Married in Coore
Chapel on 30th March, 1910 to
Michael Cleary by Rev ..........
Connors James Thomas Mary Crehan 21.5.1870 Ellen Crehan Quilty  
Considine Bridget Patt Mary Louney 11.12.1870 Margaret Egan Freehanes  
Considine Ellen Connor Ellen Cunningham 11.7.1870 Thomas Barry & Mary Considine Cloghaninchy  
Costello John Edmond Norry Malone 15.6.1870 Judy Woods Knocknahila  
Crawford Patrick Daniel Cate Louney 16.11.1870 Daniel & Nance Leary Mountscot  
Crawford Thomas Thomas Eleanor McMahon 8.10.1870 Thomas & Nancy Killeen Shanaway  
Darcy Michael Francis Mary Curtin 18.9.1870 Mathew O'Brien & Margaret Curtin Derreen  
Donnellan Anthony Connor Mary ............... 12.4.1870 John & Mary Donnellan Monaduff  
Donnellan Michael Anthony Catherine Doyle 25.9.1870 John Lynch & Bridget Lynch Moyglass  
Donohue Thomas Thomas Bridget .............. 2.4.1870 James Honan & Ellen Honan Caherrush  
Downes Eleanor John Mary ............. 25.6.1870 Margaret Downes Finore More  
Downes Francis Francis Mary Burke 25.3.1870 John Downes & Ellen Downes Caherrush  
Downes James Patt Mary Tine 24.4.1870 John Downes & Lucy Killeen Coore  
Downes Margaret John Margaret McMahon 8.10.1870 Tim & Catherine McMahon Doolough  
Downes Michael Patt Honora Cavanagh 10.9.1870 James & Mary Halloran Blen....  
Doyle Edmund John Anne Leary 23.4.1870 Michael Monange & Catherine Doyle Emlagh  
Droney Moris James Bridget Kennane 1.1.1870 John & Bridget Cleary Shanaway  
Earles Maurice John Biddy Halloran 3.11.1870 John & Betty Halloran Doolough Late entry
Egan Bridget Francis Anne Murrihy 21.9.1870 Margaret Egan Tromroe  
Egan Michael Michael Matilda Corbett 13.8.1870 Mary Hickson Mullagh  
Fahee Susey Patt Mary Healy 17.8.1870 Michael McDonnell & Catherine Fahee Doonogan  
Fahey Thomas Thomas Peg Gallery 3.9.1870 Mary Halloran Doolough  
Flin James Bartholomew Mary Doogan 11.9.1870 James & Margaret Green Rhyne  
Foran Bridget Patt Mary King 26.6.1870 John McGenis & Susan McGenis Quilty  
Fraley Michael Thomas Eleanor Callinan 14.8.1870 Mary Fraly Quilty  
Gorman Bridget James Mary Callinan 2.4.1870 Thomas Carty & Nancy Callinan Rhyne  
Gorman John Michael Norry Burke 20.6.1870 Edmond Burke & Catherine Haren Molosky  
Gorman Michael Thomas Mary McGuane 26.5.1870 Michael & Margaret Gorman Coore  
Gorman Patt Thomas Catherine Meade 12.3.1870 Francis McMahon & Bridget McMahon Drummin  
Gorman Susey Patt Ellen ................. 8.5.1870 Patt Dwyer & Mary Gorman Doonogan  
Gorman Thomas Patt Bridget McGuane 29.6.1870 David Tubridy & Mary Counoulty Shanaway  
Green Bridget George Peggy White 22.1.1870 Thady Sexton & Margaret Nealon ............  
Green Ellen Francis Eliza Killeen 15.5.1870 Thady Normile & Catherine Kelly Molosky  
Griffin Bridget James Jane Clune 25.5.1870 Mary Bohannan Creevagh  
Griffin Marie Patt Cate Gorman 14.8.1870 Michael Droney & Honora Droney Shanaway  
Griffin Mary John Margaret Corry 2.2.1870 Frances Corry Kilmurry  
Griffin Mary Michael Mary .estes 14.5.1870 Honor Kenny Craggaknock  
Hayes Michael Michael Mary Kelly 16.4.1870 James Egan & Catherine Breen Coore  
Hayes Michael Thomas Bridget Boland 2.11.1870 Tom & Cate Hayes Shanaway  
Hogan Morty John Mary Lawson 18.12.1870 Darby McDermott & Ellen McDonagh Cloghaninchy  
Honan Mary Bartley Hanna O'Gorman 18.9.1870 Denis Breen & Mary O'Gorman Annagh  
Honnane Winifred Michael Winifred Louney 30.10.1870 John Walsh & Honora Louney Rath  
Howard Mary Patt Catherine Sexton 9.4.1870 Thady Mooney & Eleanor Doherty Shandrum  
Hurley Nancy Thomas Bridget Kelly 17.4.1870 Michael Ryan & Margaret Casey Cloonlaheen  
Keane Michael John Biddy Halloran 22.10.1870 Martin Halloran & Catherine Halloran Doolough  
Keane Patt Michael Bridget Lillis 6.3.1870 John Casey & Margaret Casey Emlagh  
Kelly Bridget Patt Margaret Ready 24.12.1870 Stephen Scales & Bridget Gready Rath  
Kelly Mary James Honora .............. 13.3.1870 Bridget Clancy Cloghauninchy  
Kelly Michael John Margaret Killeen 21.9.1870 Pat & Elizabeth Killeen Craggaknock  
Kelly Thomas Thomas Margaret Carey 10.9.1870 James Carey & Eliza Carey Coore  
Killeen Ellen Michael Mary ........... 8.10.1870 Daniel & Margaret Killeen Carhunagry  
Killeen Ellen Thady Bridget ............ 3.9.1870 John Killeen & Mathy Downes Carhunagry  
Killeen Margaret Patt Susey Corry 30.12.1870 Patt & Mary Killeen Knocknahila  
Killeen Mary Michael Joney Maloney 15.3.1870 Thomas Killeen & Honora Killeen Clohaneathinna  
Killeen Nancy James Johanna Leary 20.12.1870 Anthony Talty & Ellen Leary Cloonlaheen  
King John Thomas Bridget Mungovan 7.7.1870 Patt O'Connors & Honora Connors Doonogan  
Leary Ellen Thomas Bridget Gready 9.7.1870 Conor Leary & Judy Leary Rath  
Looney John Thady Mary Lysaght 5.2.1870 Michael Looney & Catherine King Bonnavella  
Looney Patt Michael Ann Murphy 1.1.1870 Thomas Murphy & Eleanor Murphy Doolough  
Looney William Michael Margaret O'Brien 19.1.1870 John Honan & Sarah Honan Rath  
Lynch John Simon Mary Kelly 13.3.1870 Bridget O'Byrne Tromara  
Lynch Mary Owen Catherine O'Brien 30.4.1870 Larry O'Brien & Cathy Mulvihill Mountscot  
Lynch Patt James Mary Cooper 29.1.1870 Jane O'Brien Cloondrum  
M Norry Patt Mary Quinn 21.8.1870 Patt Pierce & Bridget Pierce Blen....  
Markham Bridget Patt Bridget Sullivan 11.2.1870 James O'Halloran & Bridget Talty Doonogan  
Markham Mary John Mary White 10.4.1870 John Kelly & Bridget White Hand  
McDonnell Bridget Andy Joney Sexton 10.12.1870 Thomas & Mary McDonnell Cloghaninchy [Record on next line] Married in Clonfeigh
on 17 February, 1914 to
Thomas O'Brien of Shandrum by Rev O'C......
McGannon Terence Patt Ellen Casey 8.5.1870 James & Bridget Walsh Quilty  
McGuane Michael Anthony Mary Dugan 3.7.1870 John McGuire & Catherine McMahon Knocknahila  
McInerney Ann Michael Bridget Hayes 16.1.1870 James Connors & Anne Connors Quilty  
McInerney Martin Martin Mary Stack 29.10.1870 Thomas & Catherine Scully Seafield  
McMahon Honora John Honor Breen 6.11.1870 Patt McMahon & Mary Caragle Coore  
McMahon Martin Thady Catherine Donnellan 9.7.1870 Peter Donnellan & Eliza Donnellan Drummin  
McMahon Michael Thomas Mary O'Brien 11.6.1870 Thady & Norry Hurley Doonogan  
McNamara Bridget John Bridget Cuningham 19.2.1870 Michael McNamara & Bridget Cunningham ....... Beg  
McNamara Thady Thady Bridget Hogan 28.8.1870 Michael McNamara & Norry McNamara Craggaknock  
McSweeney Bridget Thomas Anne O'Connors 21.12.1870 Patt & Bridget O'Connors Annagh  
Meade Bridget Michael Bridget Lynch 12.11.1870 Martin Haren & Susey Lynch Craggaknock  
Meade Sarah Patt Bridget Griffin 8.1.1870 John Corry & Ellen Looney Mountscot  
Molohan Thomas Thomas Mary Healy 27.4.1870 John & Susan Molohan Tromara  
Moloney Ellen Michael Cate Hurley 12.11.1870 Cate O'Brien Mountscot  
Molony John Patt Catherine Harvey 15.5.1870 Bridget Her... Craggaknock  
Mongovan Patt Patt Mary Clune 20.10.1870 Bridget Dywer Creevagh Spurious
Mooney Michael Thomas Peggy Cleary 11.9.1870 Tim Killeen & Mathy Slattery Mullagh  
Moroney Margaret Michael Peggy Murphy 25.11.1870 Patt McGuane & Peggy Donnellan Coore  
Mulvihill Margaret Patt Catherine Sexton 1.10.1870 Margaret Mungovan Mountscot  
Mungovan John Peter Bridget McMahon 30.10.1870 Margaret Mungovan Doonogan  
Murphy Margaret Patt Nancy Haren 9.4.1870 John Murphy & Eleanor Murphy Drummin  
Murphy Margaret Thomas Ellen Ready 3.12.1870 Ellen Murphy Boulibeg  
Murphy Patt Thomas Hanna Meade 13.2.1870 Anthony Hogan & Kate Sexton Carrowlagan  
Murrihy Eleanor Patt Eleanor ................ 10.9.1870 John Murrihy & Catherine Griffin .................  
Murrihy Patt Michael Bridget Egan 27.2.1870 Bridget Fraly T..........  
Neylan Michael John Mary Morrissey 28.3.1870 James Morrissey & Mary Morrissey Ballymakea  
O'Brien Anthony Michael Catherine Griffin 16.3.1870 Michael O'Brien & Mary Killeen ..............  
O'Brien Bridget James Mary Moloney 22.1.1870 Michael Egan & Bridget Egan Killernan  
O'Brien Bridget Stephen Margaret Halloran 30.1.1870 Cornelius & Sarah Collings Killernan  
O'Brien Ellen Michael Ellen Looney 26.5.1870 John Morony & Catherine Hayes Cloonlaheen  
O'Brien James Joe Julia McGinnis 12.11.1870 Michael & Catherine Donnellan Mullagh  
O'Brien Margaret Michael Honora McGumery 14.5.1870 Daniel McGumery & Susan McGumery Moyglass  
O'Brien Mary James Bridget Scally 2.3.1870 Michael Daffy & Susie Daffy ............  
O'Brien Nancy Anthony Mary Sullivan 26.6.1870 Martin Mulcahy & Mary Clune Knocknahila  
O'Brien Thomas Michael Mary Louney 11.12.1870 James O'Brien & Mary Louney Quartermire  
O'Dwyer Thomas Thomas Mary Boyle 10.12.1870 John Boyle & Joney Boyle Tromroe  
O'Gorman Michael James Ann Curtin 6.1.1870 Edmond Pierce & Ellen Sexton Doonogan  
O'Gorman Michael James Mary Meade 13.11.1870 James & Ellen ....... ................  
O'Loughlin Patt John Bridget White 12.1.1870 Michael White & Ann White Doonogan [Record on next line] Married in Mullagh
on 21 February, 1914 to Margaret Green
of Clohaneathinna by Rev O'Gorman
O'Neal Mary Michael Anne Fitzmartin 19.2.1870 John Dooly & Cate Fitzmartin Cloondrum  
O'Neal Peter Laurence Honora Carney 6.1.1870 James Carney & Mary Carney Shanaway  
O'Neal Thomas Thomas Mary Sexton 8.5.1870   Cloghaninchy  
O'Neil Patt John Honora .................... 20.2.1870 Patt & Mary McPorochony Shanaway  
O'Rourke Michael Patt Catherine Halloran 10.7.1870 Michael Touhy & Peggy Halloran Doolough  
Pierce Edmond Edmond Mary Carty 5.5.1870 Thady Killeen & Ellen Carty Tromroe [Record on next line] Married in
Milltown Malbay Church on 4th February,
1918 to Margaret Fox by Fr Connor
Pierce Edmund Edmond Lucy Killeen 29.5.1870 John Daley & Mary O'Brien Tromara  
Pierce William Gary Eliza Walsh 9.2.1870 John Pierce & Ellen Walsh Finore More  
Power Catherine Patt   Quinlan 27.2.1870 Bridget Barry ................  
Ready Ann Michael Ellen Rock 1.1.1870 James Droney & Margaret O'Halloran Shanaway  
Rourke Margaret Patt Bridget Lennane 11.6.1870 Martin Burke & Bridget Hurley Mountscot  
Scales Patt Michael Joney Corbett 9.3.1870 Thomas Corbett & Mary Anne Kelly Mullagh  
Scanlan Patt Thomas Margaret Lillis 9.4.1870 James Scanlan & Jane McDonnell Shandrum  
Sexton James Patt Margaret Lynch 16.1.1870 James Lynch & Margaret Lynch Creevagh  
Sexton John Thomas Mary Mealy 6.4.1870 Michael Lerhan & Bridget Sexton Mountscot  
Sexton Margaret Daniel Mary Crowley 13.7.1870 Michael Sexton & Suzy Sexton Finore More  
Sexton Michael Michael Catherine Haren 27.4.1870 Thomas Sexton & Mary Sexton Cloonlaheen [Record on next line] Married Anne Stack
in the Church of Mullagh on 28th February,
1911 by .................. P.P.
Sexton Michael Peter Ellen ............... 25.11.1870 John & Mary Sexton Moyglass  
Sexton Peter James Eleanor Corry 15.5.1870 Laurence Curtin & Peggy Brennan Craggaknock  
Sexton Peter Peter Mary Griffin 5.3.1870 James Murrihy & Hanna McGuane Cloondrum  
Shalloo Eleanor Martin Bridget Halloran 9.1.1870 John Sexton & Margaret Shalloo Craggaknock  
Shanahan Anthony Andy Ellen King 31.7.1870 Patt Shanahan & Honora Kelly Tromroe  
Shanahan Bridget Patt Cate Mungovan 15.5.1870 Andrew Shanahan & Mary Fitzpatrick Tromara  
Shanahan Bridget Patt Bridget .ourke 25.12.1870 John & Margaret .ourke Quilty  
Shannon Bridget Michael Bridget Smith 15.6.1870 Margaret Shannon Doonogan  
Shannon Bridget Patt Mary McGuane 17.4.1870 Mary Downes Doonogan  
Sullivan Bridget Michael Margaret Kelly .6.1870 James O'Brien & Nancy Downes Seafield  
Talty John John Catherine Mahony 2.3.1870 James O'Brien & Mary Hennessy Coore  
Talty Mary Thomas Honora Leary 19.2.1870 John Griffin & Honora Talty Doolough  
Tubridy Eleanor John Bridget Connors 2.4.1870 Michael Connors & Mary Connors Coore  
Tubridy Johanna John Bridget Ca... 21.5.1870 Michael Murphy & Anne Tubridy T......  
Vaughan James John Anne O'Gorman 6.1.1870 Michael O'Gorman & Margaret O'Gorman Craggaun  
Walsh Thomas Michael Mary Murrihy 16.1.1870 John Murrihy & Hanna Hogan Craggaknock  
Woods Bridget Martin Judy Scanlon 30.10.1870 Catherine Costello Knocknahila  
Wright Michael Patt Margaret Cotter 27.2.1870 Martin & Mary Malone Annagh  

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