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Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish, 1880

Title: Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish, 1880
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1880
Place: Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: Marie Crowley, Derry City, NI

Family Name Child Father Mother Mother's Surname Date Sponsors Townland Notes
Boland Patrick John Kate White 17.1.1880 Michael O'Dwyer & Mary McInerney Shandrum  
Boland Patrick Peter Anne O'Dwyer 14.2.1880 John & Mary Griffin Annagh  
Bourke Johannah Samuel Catherine O'Brien 31.3.1880 Cornelius Corry & Mary O'Brien Cloonlaheen [Record on next line] Married in the
Church at Mullagh on 27th February, 1919
to John Hogan by Rev P. Considine
Boyle Catherine Pat Bridget McMahon 10.4.1880 Pat McKnight & Jane Boyle Quilty  
Boyle John Bart Margaret Ryan 5.5.1880 John & Jane McDonnell Seafield  
Breen John Michael Bridget Kenelly 7.7.1880 John Morony & Bridget Lafferty Cloonlaheen  
Burke Patrick John Hannah Tubridy 13.2.1880 Martin & Kate Tubridy Shanaway  
Butler Margaret Pat Kate Halloran 14.2.1880 Brigid Keane Doolough  
Carty Catherine Thomas Bridget Hanrahan 25.4.1880 Joseph Murphy & Mary Shaughnessy Molosky  
Casey Ellen John Mary Griffin 27.11.1880 Daniel & Ellen Sullivan Annagh  
Casey Jane James Catherine Killeen 3.7.1880 Pat McDonnell & Mary O'Neil Quilty  
Casey Maria John Bridget Frawley 28.3.1880 James Doyle & Susan Cloghessy Quilty  
Casey Michael George Susan Louney 4.4.1880 George Morrissey & Catherine Morrissey Quilty West  
Casey Thomas Patt Margaret Shanahan 1.12.1880 James & Mary Halloran Rinroe  
Clancy John John Margaret Clune 1.5.1880 Kath McNamara Molosky  
Corry Anthony Anthony Mary Droney 22.9.1880 Pat O'Loughlin & Catherine Corry Knocknahila  
Corry Margaret James Hanora O'Dwyer 14.1.1880 Francis Corry & Jane O'Dwyer Carhunagry  
Corry Michael Francis Bridget ........... 4.7.1880 John Clohessy & Catherine Clohessy Cloondrum  
Coyle Pat Pat Louisa O'Brien 28.2.1880 Marcus & Anna Coyle Constabulary Barracks  
Curtin Catherine Peter Mary Walsh 24.10.1880 Pat & Bridget Walsh Craggaknock West  
Curtin James Michael Margaret Cleary 21.7.1880 James Cleary & Ellen Corry Tromroe  
Daffy Catherine Michael Bridget Griffin 30.6.1880 Pat Griffin & Bridget Darcy Carhuligane  
Darcy Michael Pat Sarah Moroney 21.7.1880 Pat O'Brien & Kate Moroney Coore West  
Devenny Anne Michael Brigid Lawson 29.5.1880 Honora O'Brien Cloghauninchy  
Doherty Cornelius John Anne Kelly 6.7.1880 Cornelius Doherty & Kate Kelly Cloondrum  
Doherty Cornelius James Sarah Kelly 9.10.1880 John & Bridget Doherty Coore  
Doherty Ellen Michael Susan Breen 30.5.1880 Pat McDonnell & Jane McDonnell Cloondrum  
Donnellan Jane Martin Mary Sexton 5.6.1880 Pat Sexton & Mrs James Sexton Moyglass More  
Donnellan Michael Michael Margaret Killeen 3.7.1880 James Halloran & Bridget Donnellan Monaduff  
Donnellan Michael Peter Bridget Murphy 2.10.1880 Pat Donnellan & Margaret Donnellan Drummin  
Dooley Maria Patt Bridget Flanagan 6.5.1880 James O'Halloran & Mary Flanagan Doolough  
Downes Bridget John Mary ........... 6.7.1880 James Pierce & Margaret Scanlan Finore More [Record on next line] Married to
Patrick Duggan in Sacred Heart Church,
Niagara Falls, America on 4th November, 1908
Downes Patrick Patrick Honorah Cavanagh 1.8.1880 John Cooley & Bridget McMahon Rine [Record on next line] Married in the
Church of St. Ignatius, Park Ave, N.Y.
not particulars notified by Rev H. C. Semple S.J.
Downey Mich Joe Thomas Margaret Fitzgerald 22.8.1880 James & Matilda Downey Mullagh  
Doyle Catherine John Mary Malone 10.3.1880 Michael Malone & Catherine Malone Emlagh  
Egan Joseph Michael Matilda Corbett 7.4.1880 Thomas King & Honora Murry Carhuligane  
Eustace Michael Pat Bridget Morony 4.9.1880 Michael Eustace & Mrs Thomas Killeen Cloghauntinny  
Falsey Patrick James Mary Fitzmartin 22.8.1880 Mary Shaughnessy Cloghauninchy  
Flynn Bridget Michael Margaret Shanahan 7.3.1880 Michael Shanahan & Bridget Griffin Quilty  
Foran Joseph Patrick Mary King 25.3.1880 Francis Greene & Mary Foran Quilty East  
Gallaher Maria John Peggy Moloney 21.3.1880 John Downes & Mary Downes Tromara  
Garrihy Mary Pat Bridget Neylan 24.2.1880 Tom Burke & Bridget Neylan Cloonlaheen  
Griffin Brigid Pat Brigid ....... 6.1.1880 John Griffin & Ellen Leary Cloonlaheen  
Griffin Patrick John Margaret Corry 10.3.1880 Michael Griffin & Maria McNamara Kilmurry  
Guiney John John Honor Talty 13.6.1880 James Moloney & Mrs Hugh Talty Doolough  
Halloran Mary James Kate Moloney 3.7.1880 Denis Halloran & Brigid Normoyle Mullagh  
Hanrahan Bridget Pat Margaret Collins 29.9.1880 Thomas Talty & Mary Lennane Cloonlaheen  
Hanrahan Cornelius Cornelius Mary Casey 13.10.1880 Stephen O'Halloran & Bridget Casey Tromroe  
Haren Ann James Mary Murphy 8.3.1880 Peter & Maria Murphy Scrappol  
Haren Bridget James Mary Murphy 8.3.1880 Patrick Haren & Kate Haren Scrappol  
Haren Patrick Patrick Willimena Stackpool 7.3.1880 Pat Markham & Bridget Morrissey Ballymakea More  
Hehir John John Mary McMahon 22.5.1880 Martin McMahon & Jane McMahon Quilty West  
Hehir Mary Pat Catherine Cahill 24.1.1880 Pat Early & Ellen Sexton Doolough [Record on next line] Married in the
Church at Mullagh on 6th June, 1911
to James Cotter
Hogan Michael Michael Margaret Honan 14.3.1880 George Hogan & Bridget Torpey Derreen  
Keane Pat Francis Ellen Meade 4.1.1880 John O'Connor & Catherine Keane Rine [Record on next line] Married at Mortlake,
Victoria. No date or particulars given,
accepted by J. H. Davis
Kelly Michael Michael Susan McMahon 10.7.1880 Edmond Howe & Margaret Lennane Quilty East  
Kelly Susan Mary Pat Mary Crowe 14.8.1880 John O'Loughin & Margaret Crowe Knocknahile  
Killeen Bridget James Johanna Leary 10.3.1880 Michael Darcy & Margaret Darcy Doolough  
Killeen Michael Patrick Susan Black 4.8.1880 George Blackall Jr for Michel Killeen & Marg Kelly    
Killeen Michael Patrick Bridget Sexton 11.8.1880 Patrick McDonnell & Bridget O'Brien Derreen  
King Margaret Michael Margaret Louney 9.5.1880 Thady McMahon & Mary Meehan Rath  
King Patrick Pat Nance Ahern 13.6.1880 Thomas Scanlan & Mrs Shanahan Tromroe  
Kinnane Pat John Ellen Ryan 31.1.1880 James & Susan Vaughan Craggaun  
Leary Cornelius Thomas Bridget Grady 28.4.1880 Pat Kelly & Ellen Lynch Rath  
Leary Johanna Michael Bridget Clune 12.6.1880 Pat Darcy & Mary Corry Carhuligane  
Leary Patrick John Kate Mungovan 17.10.1880 Pat Hehir & Bridget Hehir Cloonlaheen  
Leary Thomas Pat Margaret Talty 14.4.1880 Thomas Talty & Susan Griffin Cloonlaheen  
Lillis James James Bridget Fitzpatrick 31.3.1880 Thomas & Catherine Scanlan Shandrum  
Looney Sarah John Mary Shanahan 11.4.1880 Patrick Looney & Bridget Sexton Mountscot  
Louney James James Eliza O'Gorman 9.5.1880 James & Kate McNamara Molosky  
Louney William William Sarah ........... 23.10.1880 John Louney & Kate Louney Rath [Record on next line] Married on 21st April, 1909
in St. Mary's Church New Haven, Conn to
Margaret Curtin by Rev M.R. Mahoney O.P.
Lynch Thomas John Ellen Morrissey 15.5.1880 Michael & Brigid Keane Cloondrum  
Mangan Brigid Michael Catherine Doyle 24.1.1880 John Rourke & Brigid Rourke Emlagh  
McDermott Patrick John Bridget Ryan 7.7.1880 John Corbett & Margaret Keane Treanmanagh  
McDonnell Martin Andrew Susan Sexton 3.11.1880 Thomas Downes & Bridget McDonnell Cloghauntinny  
McGorman Susan Dora Patrick Ellen Casey 6.3.1880 John & Mary Gupy Quilty  
McGuane Anne Michael Bridey Meany 6.8.1880 Mary Doohan Cloonlaheen Middle  
McGuane John Anthony Mary Duggan 7.4.1880 John & Kate McGuane Cloonlaheen  
McInerney Mary Martin Mary Stack 6.3.1880 Margaret Connors Seafield  
McInerney Mary Dan Mary Halloran 2.5.1880 John McInerney & Bid Clohessy Quilty  
McInerney Michael Thomas Bridget Droney 6.11.1880 John & Honor Droney Shanaway East Extra Matrimon
McInerney Thomas Thomas Anne O'Connor 31.10.1880 Thomas & Mary McInerney Annagh  
McMahon Brigid Tim Mary O'Connors 31.1.1880 John Murphy & Kath O'Connors Cloonlaheen  
McMahon John James Mary O'Brien 29.6.1880 Thady Hurley & Bridget O'Brien Doonogan  
McMahon Margaret Michael Honora Murphy 3.7.1880 Honora Dillon Creevagh  
McMahon Susan Pat Kate Haren 17.1.1880 James McMahon & Mary Murphy Coore West  
McMahon Thomas Dan Norry Doyle 26.12.1880 Pat Doyle & Mary Mungovan ...........  
McNamara Patrick John Margaret Egan 14.4.1880 Michael Darcy & Sarah Crehane Mountscot  
Meade Eliza Joseph Kath Murphy 1.5.1880 Richard Murphy & Brigid Murphy Cloghaunatinny  
Meade Patrick Michael Bridget Lynch 31.10.1880 Patrick & Bridget Kerin Craggaknock  
Meade Thomas Joe Anne Greene 1.9.1880 John McDonnell & Margaret Murphy Cloghauntinny  
Moloney Mary John Margaret Curtin 23.5.1880 Michael & Mary Fitzpatrick Tromroe West  
Moloney Michael Martin Ellen Browne 5.5.1880 John Browne & Mary Haren Tromroe West  
Morony John John Kate ............ 28.1.1880 John Corbett & Mary McGannon Caherrush  
Mungovan Mary Patt Winifred McMahon 18.7.1880 Pat McMahon & Mary Griffin Cloonlaheen [Record on next line] Married to Martin Cleary
in the Chapel of Coore on 7th February, 1911
by Rev. Fr O'Gorman C.C.
Murphy Timothy Patt Margaret McDonnell 1.11.1880 Daniel & Margaret Murphy Shandrum  
Murrihy Thomas Michael Bridget Egan 17.3.1880 Thomas Murrihy & Mary Whelan Quilty  
Nealon Anne John Catherine Morrissey 11.4.1880 Michael Nealon & Bridget Morrissey Ballymakea More  
O'Brien Maria Stephen Margaret O'Halloran 23.6.1880 Edmund & Maria Cahill Killernan  
O'Brien Michael Jo Joseph Julia Mc..... 6.9.1880 Michael & Bridget Lynch Finore More  
O'Brien Thomas John Mary Corry 31.7.1880 James & Johannah Scanlan Shandrum  
O'Brien Thomas Michael Brigid Moloney 4.12.1880 Michael & Catherine Moloney Mountscot  
O'Connors Joseph John Margaret F..... 18.7.1880 Michael & Mary O'Connors Doolough  
O'Dwyer Anthony Anthony Norah Kelly 6.8.1880 Joseph & Kate Healy Annagh  
O'Dwyer Honora Patt Susan Leary 11.8.1880 James Hickson & Mary Keane Quilty  
O'Gorman Brigid Michael Margaret Whelan 24.1.1880 Michael & Anne Russell Carhunagry  
O'Gorman James Pat Margaret Keavy 2.5.1880 James O'Gorman & Mrs Corry Shanaway  
O'Gorman Thomas Michael Honor Bourke 5.12.1880 Michael Cunningham & Jane Donnellan Molosky  
O'Neil Patrick John Anne Griffin 4.2.1880 Pat O'Neal & Mary Talty Shanaway East  
O'Neil Susan Martin Honor Eustace 4.4.1880 John McInerney & Margaret Griffin Shanaway  
O'Neil Timothy Michael Anne Kilmartin 2.10.1880 Thomas Scanlan & Margaret Lynch Cloondrum  
Power Margaret Anthony Bridget Walsh 27.9.1880 Patt & Ellen Lennane Emlagh  
Ryan Bridget Michael Bridget McGrath 20.12.1880 James & Ellen O'Gorman Craggaun  
Scales Honorah Stephen Honora Downey 19.5.1880 James O'Halloran & Johannah Corbett Mullagh Village  
Scanlan Martin John Bridget Driscoll 1.9.1880 John Hough & Bridget Mescal Lissyneilan  
Sexton Bridget Thomas Mary Molloy 31.1.1880 Thomas Looney & Mary Crehane Frechanes [Record on next line] Married in the
Church at Mullagh on 3 July, 1909
to Pat King by Rev E. J. Scanlan
Sexton Ellen ......... Nora Cahill 13.11.1880 Thomas Sexton & Margaret Moroney Finore More  
Sexton Patrick Patrick Kate ............ 20.10.1880 Fracnis Sexton & Ellen Sexton Shandrum  
Sexton Patrick James Bridget McDonnell 28.11.1880 John McDonnell & Mary ....... Mullagh  
Talty Catherine Michael Catherine Kearney 13.3.1880 Michael McGuane & Margaret Collins Cloonlaheen East  
Talty Honora Thomas Margaret Griffin 22.8.1880 Pat Corry & Margaret Talty Cloonlaheen Middle  
Tubridy Mary John Brigid Keavy 14.2.1880 Margaret Murphy Treanmanagh  
Tubridy Patrick James Margaret McMahon 26.2.1880 C. Gleeson & Mary Gleeson Coore  
Vaughan Peter John Anne O'Gorman 17.1.1880 James & Susan O'Gorman Craggaun  
White Andrew Michael Kate Collins 7.7.1880 John Reidy & Mary O'Loughlin Cloonaheen East  
Whyte Andrew Andrew Mary Murphy 15.12.1880 Pat O'Loughlin & Ellen O'Loughlin ............  

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