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Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish

Arranged by Surname: McGr-Mead

Title: Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish, 1880
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1880
Place: Kilmurry Ibrickan RC Parish
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: Marie Crowley, Derry City, NI

Mother's Surname
McGrath Bridget Thomas Bridget Shalloe 14.1.1857 Thomas & Mary Geary Craggaun  
McGrath Felix Tomkins Biddy Keavey 22.8.1860 Thomas Scally & Betty Hayes Terrevige  
McGrath James Thomas Bridget O'Neil 2.7.1859 Bridget Roche Cahera........  
McGrath John John Norry Walsh 29.8.1858 Mary O'Dwyer Carhunagry  
McGrath John Michael Mary Murphy 4.5.1853 Denis Murphy & Margaret Murphy Cloonlaheen  
McGrath John Thomas Bridget O'Neil 5.4.1857 James Murry & Ellen O'Neil Caher.....  
McGrath Margaret James Ellen Malony 23.8.1848 Thomas Malony & Mary Dwyer Carhuligane  
McGrath Mary James Ellen Molony 28.12.1845 James & Margaret Molony    
McGrath Mary Michael Mary Murphy 13.6.1861 Denis Murphy & Mary Carmody Hand  
McGrath Mary Thomas Bridget Shalloo 14.12.1853 John & Susan Molahan Craggaun  
McGrath Michael Thomas Bridget Shallow 28.3.1855 Pat & Bridget Mullahane Craggaun  
McGrath Michael Thomas Bridget O'Neil 18.6.1855 James Murry & Ellen Cleary Cahera.....  
McGrath Pat Michael Mary Murphy 12.1.1856 Thady Murphy & Margaret Cleary Rhynn  
McGuane .......... John Margaret Collins 1.4.1866 Morty McInerney & Kate Collins Killernan  
McGuane Andrew Michael B. Curtin 11.3.1866 Michael Burke & Bridget O'Brien Killernan  
McGuane Anna Michael Catherine Doyle 7.4.1877 John & Brigid Rourke Emlagh  
McGuane Anne Michael Mary Murphy 24.10.1846 Martin McGuane & Norry Lynch Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Anne Michael Bridey Meany 6.8.1880 Mary Doohan Cloonlaheen Middle  
McGuane Anthony James Mary Bourke 3.4.1859 Mary McGuane Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Anthony Michael Mary Murphy .4.1844 John & Anne Murphy Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Anthony Patrick Bridget Corry 28.12.1843 Hugh McGuane & Catherine Corry Coore  
McGuane Bridget Anthony Margaret Cleary 8.5.1839 Ellen McGuane Knockanaiban  
McGuane Bridget James Mary Burke 27.4.1861 Michael Burke & Norry Burke Cloonaheen  
McGuane Bridget James Bridget Darcy 1.5.1841 Francis Darcy & Bridget Darcy Rath  
McGuane Bridget Michael Kitty Doyle 28.2.1863 Patt Doyle & Bridget Keane Caherrush  
McGuane Bridget Michael Bridget Curtin 11.1.1868 Michael Egan & Bridget Egan Knocknahila  
McGuane Brigid Anthony Mary Doohan 21.1.1877 Catherine Hehir Knocknahile  
McGuane Ellen Anthony Margaret Barry 5.8.1843 James Keane & Susan Barry Quilty  
McGuane Ellen James Ellen Kerin 11.7.1860 Bryan McMahon & Jane Doherty Quilty  
McGuane Honora Anthony Mary Doughan 15.11.1868 Michael Murphy & Honora Doughan Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Honora Anthony Mary Dougherty 27.6.1875 John & Catherine McGuane Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Honora Hugh Bridget McCaw 25.9.1847 Mary Murphy Poulecaum  
McGuane Honora James   Mary 13.12.1850 Burke James Fahy & Margaret Burke Cloonlaheen
McGuane Honora Michael Anne O'Brien 4.4.1847 Patrick Donnellan & Honora O'Brien Bonavella  
McGuane Honora Michael Mary Murphy .1.1849 James McGuane & Catherine Murphy Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Honora Patrick Bridget Moroney 8.5.1852 James Drony & Jane Morony Coore  
McGuane Honora Patt Margaret Keane 5.4.1868 Patt Darcy & Ellen Donnellan Hand  
McGuane James John Margaret Collins 1.3.1862 Thomas Burke & Bridget McGuane Killernan  
McGuane Jane Anthony Margaret Barry 9.4.1846 James McGuane & Bridget Sally Quilty  
McGuane John Anthony Mary Duggan 7.4.1880 John & Kate McGuane Cloonlaheen  
McGuane John James Mary Burke 21.6.1856 John & Norry Burke Cloonlaheen  
McGuane John Michael Anne O'Brien 8.4.1844 Bernard McMahon & Catherine Kelly Bonavella  
McGuane John Pat Bridget Morony 26.5.1857 Martin Carroll & Jane Morony C.....  
McGuane Julia Hugh Bridget Frally 18.5.1840 Margaret McGuane Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Margaret Anthony Margaret Barry 28.5.1840 Catherine Barry Quilty  
McGuane Margaret Pat Bridget Moroney 13.11.1853 Bryan McMahon & Kate Burke Coore  
McGuane Martin John Mary Fox 23.10.1872 Michael Fox & Mary Doherty Killernan  
McGuane Martin Pat Bridget Morony 19.11.1859 John & Honora .............. ...............  
McGuane Martin Terence Bridget Flanagan 7.11.1839 Bridget McGuane    
McGuane Mary Hugh Bridget McAwe 25.5.1845 John & Mary Markham Rineskeahane  
McGuane Mary James Bridget Darcy 23.5.1839 Bridget Kinane Rath  
McGuane Mary James Bridget Darcy 12.8.1843 Thomas & Catherine Darcy Rath  
McGuane Mary James Mary Burke 9.4.1854 Peter & Bridget Burke Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Mary Michael Bridget Curtin 26.4.1871 Daniel & Bridget Lynch Doonogan  
McGuane Mary Michael Anne O'Brien .7.1841 Patrick McMahon & Honor McMahon Bonavella  
McGuane Mary Pat Margaret Keane 5.4.1862 John Keane & Judy Leary Doonogan  
McGuane Mary Patrick Bridget Corry 4.9.1841 Martin McGuane & Bridget Fraly Keanrun  
McGuane Mary Peter Bridget Quinn 13.11.1864 James McGuane & Honora McMahon Finore  
McGuane Mary Ellen Pat Ellen Casey 2.3.1861 Nicholas & Margaret Casey Quilty  
McGuane Michael Anthony Mary Dugan 3.7.1870 John McGuire & Catherine McMahon Knocknahila  
McGuane Michael John Margaret Collins 23.8.1863 Mary Collins Killernan  
McGuane Michael Michael Bridget Curtin 12.3.1864 Michael Haren & Anne Curtin Killernan  
McGuane Michael Michael Catherine Doyle 28.12.1871 John & Mary Doyle Caherrush  
McGuane Michael Pat Margaret Keane 30.12.1859 Pat & Mary Sexton Finore  
McGuane Michael Pat Mary Quinn 5.5.1864 Margaret Quinn Ballymakea  
McGuane Michael Patrick Bridget Corry 2.9.1846 Bridget Hennessey Coore  
McGuane Michael Patrick Mary Morony 16.3.1856 John & Julia McGuane Coore  
McGuane Pat John Mary Collins 7.8.1868 Pat & Sara Collins Killernan  
McGuane Patrick Anthony Bridget Reilly 14.2.1846 Patrick McGuane & Bridget Kinane ...............  
McGuane Patrick John Ellen Callinan 21.2.1847 John Callinan & Mary Keane Quilty  
McGuane Patrick Michael Bridget Curtin 4.3.1862 Thady & Anne Curtin ..............  
McGuane Patrick Patrick Margaret Gorman 3.10.1840 Margaret Sexton Magherandrishogue  
McGuane Patrick Patrick   Bridget 9.3.1850 Morony John McGuane & Honora Lynch Coore
McGuane Patrick Tony Mary Doohan 11.3.1874 Michael Murphy & Ellen Donnellan Doolough  
McGuane Patt Patt Margaret Kean 31.12.1864 Patt Murphy & Honora Carey Knocknahile  
McGuane Susan Anthony Mary Dougherty 20.10.1872 Daniel & Mary Murphy Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Susan Anthony Mary Doohan 13.4.1878 Peter Griffin & Mary McGuane Knocknahilla  
McGuane Susan Michael Bridget O'Gorman 21.6.1840 Peter Donnellan & Cath Markham Molosky  
McGuane Thomas James Mary Burke .1.1865 Ellen Neylan Cloonlaheen  
McGuane Thomas Martin Ellen McCaw 30.3.1856 Michael & Margaret McGuane Killernan  
McGuane Thomas Michael Anne O'Brien 8.4.1844 Patrick Donnellan & Honor McMahon Bonavella  
McGuane Thomas Michael Bridget Gorman 24.12.1852 Thomas & Bridget Griffy Molosky  
McGuane Thomas Michael Mary Leary 9.2.1867 Patt Gorman & Mary McGannon Cah......  
McGuire Biddy Thomas Ellen Brown 4.4.1846 Michael & Mary Creehan Seafield  
McHugh James Michael Catherine McKnight 12.10.1844 Michael Darcy & Margaret Downes Mullagh  
McHugh Laurence Michael Catherine McKnight 19.11.1842 James McKnight & Anne Greene Clohaneathinna  
McHugh Mary Michael Catherine McKnight 24.10.1846 Bernard McMahon & Julia Boyle Mullagh  
McInerney ........... Patrick   Mary 17.3.1850 McTigue Michael Lynch & Margaret McMahon Knocknahile
McInerney Ann Michael Bridget Hayes 16.1.1870 James Connors & Anne Connors Quilty  
McInerney Anne Michael Jony O'Neil 7.3.1861 Pat Darcy & Anne O'Neil Shanaway  
McInerney Anne Thomas Anne O'Connors 1.4.1874 Patt & Honora O'Connors Annagh  
McInerney Bridget Martin Mary Stack 14.1.1875 Bridget Murphy Seafield  
McInerney Bridget Michael Bridget Honan 25.12.1844 Thomas McInerney & Bridget Clancy Knocknahile  
McInerney Bridget Michael Bridget Hayes 10.9.1865 Thomas McInerney & Bridget Griffin Annagh  
McInerney Bridget Michael Johanna O'Neil 30.9.1868 Michael O'Cleary & Bridget O'Cleary Shanaway  
McInerney Bridget Mourthy Mary Collins 15.12.1866 Michael McInerney & Sarah Collins ............  
McInerney Bridget Pat Ellen Kenny 11.1.1857 Mary Hurley Cloonadrum  
McInerney Bridget Pat Ellen Fitzgerald 18.4.1858 Margaret Cunningham Moloskey  
McInerney Bridget Patrick Bridget McMahon .10.1841 Andrew McCormick & Bridget Kelly Quilty  
McInerney Bridget Thomas Mary McTigue 27.1.1844 Denis McTigue & Bridget Cusick Knocknaboula  
McInerney Catherine James Catherine Egan 27.9.1840 Marcus Duffy & Anne Doherty Quilty  
McInerney Catherine James Catherine Egan 5.5.1844 John Walsh & Mary Dooley Quilty  
McInerney Eliza Michael Bridget Hayes 5.9.1874 Michael McInerney & Anne Callinan Annagh [Record on next line] Married in the Church at Mullagh on 27th April, 1909 to Timothy ?
McInerney Ellen Michael Ellen O'Brien 14.12.1844 Honora Callinan Annagh  
McInerney Ellen Michael Mary Shanahan 29.4.1854 Bridget Neylan ............. Illegitimate
McInerney Honora Patrick Bridget McMahon 29.3.1845 Bridget Sally Quilty  
McInerney James Thomas Mary McTigue 22.7.1859 John Walsh & Kate Ryan Knocknahila  
McInerney Jane ....... Anne O'Gorman .6.1844 Michael & Ellen O'Gorman Moloskey  
McInerney Jeremiah Michael Bridget Hayes 6.8.1867 Pat McInerney & Mary Calligan Quilty  
McInerney Jeremiah Mortimer Bridget Guerin 21.6.1843 Francis Griffy & Bridget Downes Blenelige  
McInerney Jeremiah Mortimer Bridget Guerin 21.5.1841 Francis Griffy & Bridget Downes Blenelige  
McInerney Jeremiah Morty Mary Collins 20.10.1877 Michael McInerney & Anne Collins Annagh Sub Conditional
McInerney John Martin Mary Stack 21.3.1877 John Stack & Mary Keane ............. [Blot on page. Record on next line] Married in the Church of Mullagh on 6th August, 1910 to Ellen ....her of ...................... By Rev Fr Considine
McInerney John Michael Joney O'Neil 4.4.1866 Michael Droney & Bridget O'Neil Shanaway  
McInerney John Michael Brigid Hayes 9.6.1876 Michael McInerney & Mary Sexton Quilty East  
McInerney John Patrick Elizabeth McMahon 31.5.1845 Thomas Courtney & Mary McMahon .............  
McInerney John Thomas Mary McTigue 1.4.1845 Michael & Susan McInerney Knocknahile  
McInerney John Thomas Anne O'Connor 23.5.1877 John O'Connor & Brigid O'Connor Annagh  
McInerney Margaret Michael Bridget Hayes 20.5.1860 John Walsh & Mary Darcy Quilty  
McInerney Margaret Morty Mary Collings 13.12.1874 Michael Meade & Margaret McInerney Annagh  
McInerney Margaret Thomas Anne O'Connors 16.4.1879 Pat & Honora O'Connors Annagh [Record on next line] Married in the Church at Mullagh to John Murrihy on the 27th April, 1909 by Rev James Ci..... P.P.
McInerney Martin Martin Mary Stack 29.10.1870 Thomas & Catherine Scully Seafield  
McInerney Martin Michael Bridget Hayes 28.9.1879 Thomas & Margaret McInerney Quilty East  
McInerney Mary Dan Mary Halloran 2.5.1880 John McInerney & Bid Clohessy Quilty  
McInerney Mary John Margaret Boyle 2.12.1858 John & Mary O'Brien Kilmurry  
McInerney Mary John Mary McMahon 6.5.1860 Mary Meade Kilmurry  
McInerney Mary John Jane O'Gorman .5.1841 Patrick & Bridget Killeen Molosky  
McInerney Mary Martin Mary Stack 6.3.1880 Margaret Connors Seafield  
McInerney Mary Michael M...... O'Neill 25.3.1856 Pat & Norry Leary Shanavoe  
McInerney Mary Michael Bridget Hayes 1.12.1858 Thomas McInerney & Bridget Haren Annagh  
McInerney Mary Mortimer Bridget Guerin 25.10.1843 Honora Gorman Quilty  
McInerney Mary Morty Mary Collins 19.4.1868 Thomas McInerney & Anne Collins Annagh  
McInerney Mary Pat Nelly Fitzpatrick 14.7.1861 Pat Brennan & Joan McInerney Craggaknock  
McInerney Mary Thomas Mary ................. 1.10.1848 John McInerney & Margaret ......... Knocknahile  
McInerney Mary Thomas Margaret McTigue 26.12.1855 Michael & Mary Darcy Knocknahila  
McInerney Mary Thomas Anne O'Connors 18.8.1875 Margaret O'Connors Annagh  
McInerney Mathew John Jane O'Gorman 26.10.1839 James & Ellen Killeen Molosky  
McInerney Matilda Patrick Mary ...... .1.1842 Mary Downes Kilfarboy Nat child
McInerney Michael Anthony Margaret Darcy 18.2.1863 William & Mary O'Dwyer Carhuligane  
McInerney Michael Michael Bridget He.... 18.9.1847 Thomas & Susan McInerney Knocknahilla  
McInerney Michael Michael Jony O'Neil 1.8.1863 Michael Callinan & Bridget O'Neil Shanaway  
McInerney Michael Michael Bridget Lennane 21.10.1863 Thomas McInerney & Bridget Lennane Annagh  
McInerney Michael Morty Mary Collings 10.8.1873 Michael & Sara Collings Annagh  
McInerney Michael Patrick Bridget Crowe 2.10.1846 John Donnellan & Mary McGrath Moloskey  
McInerney Michael Thomas Mary McTigue 5.7.1846 John McInerney & Catherine McAuliffe Knock...........  
McInerney Michael Thomas Bridget Droney 6.11.1880 John & Honor Droney Shanaway East Extra Matrimon
McInerney Norry John Honor McMahon 6.4.1862 Honor McMahon Shandrum  
McInerney Patrick Michael Bridget Reilly 21.5.1843 John Halloran & Catherine O'Brien Kilmurry  
McInerney Patrick Patrick Elizabeth Monahan 23.1.1842 Thomas Flanagan & Judith Ahern Mountscot  
McInerney Patt Morty Mary Collins 28.1.1871 Patt & Mary McInerney Annagh  
McInerney Thomas John Margaret Doyle 16.11.1856 John O'Brien & Kate Doyle Finore  
McInerney Thomas Michael Jony O'Neal 10.10.1858 John Keane & Bridget Neal Shanaway  
McInerney Thomas Michael Bridget Hayes 5.4.1862 Michael & Anne Hayes Quilty  
McInerney Thomas Mortimer Ellen O'Connor 15.9.1867 Mary Murrihy ..............  
McInerney Thomas Thomas Mary McTigue 18.3.1854 Michael Darcy & Honora Darcy Knocknahile  
McInerney Thomas Thomas Anne O'Connor 31.10.1880 Thomas & Mary McInerney Annagh  
McIntyre Synan Michael Hanna Haly 7.4.1844 Catherine ..... ....... Nat child
McKaw Margaret Owen Mary Ryan 25.2.1846 James McKaw & Biddy McKaw Cloonlaheen  
McKeogh John John Mary Kilmartin 12.4.1854 Peter & Mary McDonnell Moyglass  
McKeogh John Joe James Anne Flanagan 24.4.1869 Peter O'Dwyer & Mary O'Dwyer Mullagh  
McKight Tom John ........... ..................... 25.5.1861 Pat Boyle & Mary Corry Tromara  
McKnight Anne Michael Mary Morrissey 2.2.1872 John & Honora Walsh Tromroe  
McKnight Bridget John Mary Kilmartin 11.1.1846 James & Anne Kilmartin Clohantinne  
McKnight Bridget Thady Bridget Nugent 15.3.1871 Michael McKnight & Bridget Doherty Cloondrum  
McKnight Brigid Martin Honor Murry 24.12.1879 Brigid Murry Carhuligane  
McKnight Charles Charles Margaret Downes 16.5.1843 Mary Downes Cragaknock  
McKnight Daniel Patrick Catherine Keany 27.8.1843 John Doherty & Bridget Sexton Tr.......  
McKnight Ellen James Mary O'Brien 20.10.1877 Edward O'Malley & Ellen Doherty Craggaknock Sub Conditional
McKnight Ellen Michael Kate Morrissey 22.5.1869 John Boyle & Bridget Morrissey Quilty  
McKnight Ellen Patrick Anne Richards 30.8.1843 William McKnight & Margaret O'Brien Tromara East  
McKnight James James   Margaret 30.3.1850 ............. Brian McMahon & Mrs P Sexton Moloskey
McKnight James James Mary O'Brien 24.3.1876 Patt & Mary McMahon Craggaknock  
McKnight James James Margaret Kerin 12.1.1841 Thomas Carmody & Eliz Crawford Craggaknock  
McKnight James Thady Bridget McGrath 27.12.1862 Patrick Lynch & Julia McGannon Cloonadrum  
McKnight John John Mary McMahon 25.4.1863 Peter Sexton & Catherine Boyle Tromroe  
McKnight John Patrick Catherine Keane .5.1841 John Doherty & Anne Griffy Turreen  
McKnight John Thady Bridget Nugent 25.2.1865 Ellen Kelly Shandrum  
McKnight Kate James Anne Wing 14.6.1856 Larry McCaw & Bridget Wing Craggaknock  
McKnight Margaret Thady Biddy Nugent 3.6.1858 Mary Kelly Cloonadrum  
McKnight Martin Michael Catherine Morrissey 14.10.1877 Pat McKnight & Brigid Morrissey Tromroe  
McKnight Martin Patrick ............ ................ 31.12.1853 ................................... ...............  
McKnight Mary James Mary O'Brien 31.8.1879 John Carty & Brigid O'Brien Craggaknock  
McKnight Mary Michael Kate Morrissey 21.2.1867 Martin Boyle & Mary Boyle Seafield  
McKnight Mary Patrick Catherine Keane 8.6.1849 Bridget O'Connor Tureen  
McKnight Mary Tim Bridget Nugent 24.8.1856 James Frawley & Kate Donnellan Shandrum  
McKnight Michael John Mary McMahon 5.8.1854 Ellen Crehan Seafield  
McKnight Michael Patrick Bridget Keane 18.9.1839 Mary McKnight Craggaknock  
McKnight Michael Tim Bridget Nugent 1.9.1860 John Lynch & Maryann Blake Cloondrum  
McKnight Michael   Margaret McKnight 25.12.1876 Michael McKnight .............  
McKnight Pat John Mary McMahon 15.3.1857 Pat Griffin & Kate Boyle Tromara  
McKnight Pat Pat Kate Keane 14.2.1855 Margaret Molony Cloonlaheen  
McKnight Patrick Charles Margaret Downes 16.2.1841 Martin Mooney & Mary O'Sullivan Craggaknock  
McKnight Patrick Patrick Catherine Keane .9.1845 Patrick & Honora Kilclone Tucreen  
McKnight Patt Michael Cate Morrissey 12.2.1865 Patt Morrissey & Mary Murrihy Tromara  
McKnight Patt Thady Bridget Egan 30.1.1867 Ellen Kelly Cloondrum  
McKnight Thady Thady Bridget Nugent 18.4.1869 John Lynch & Mary Lynch Cloondrum  
McKnight Thomas James Mary O'Brien 21.11.1872 Ellen O'Brien Craggaknock  
McKnight Thomas John Mary ........... 5.3.1859 John Egan & Eliza Boyle Tromara  
McKnight Thomas Michael Catherine Morrissey 15.3.1879 Brigid Lynch Quilty  
McKnight Thomas Patrick Catherine Breen 13.12.1846 John Sexton & Catherine Rowland Finore More  
McLeahy Anthony John Anne Morony 11.5.1847 Thomas Mulcahy & Bridget McMahon Kile......  
McMahon ............ William Bridget Meally 18.12.1858 .................................................. Mountscot  
McMahon Andrew John Ellen Keane 18.2.1848 Honora McMahon Ahy....  
McMahon Anne Conor ........... ................ 27.1.1866 Ellen McMahon Doolough  
McMahon Anne Francis Mary Lynch 16.4.1849 Patrick Griffy & Bridget Lynch Seafield  
McMahon Anne John Ellen Keane 1.12.1845 John & Sarah Keane Mountscot  
McMahon Anne Pat Bridget O'Connor 4.3.1863 Michael & Anne O'Connor Bonavella  
McMahon Anne Patrick ...... Harkin 8.4.1846 Sponsors unreadable Clohanishee  
McMahon Bernard Pat Bridget O'Connor 2.2.1858 Michael & Nancy McMahon Bonavella  
McMahon Bridget Francis Mary Lynch 1.2.1840 John Do...y & Mary Cashen Scrappol  
McMahon Bridget Francis Margaret ......... 31.1.1842 Michael & Margaret McMahon Parish of Killard  
McMahon Bridget James Anne McInerney 18.9.1859 Mary Shaughnessy Cloghauninchy  
McMahon Bridget John Catherine Haren 20.7.1849 John O'Gorman & Mary Kennedy Drummin  
McMahon Bridget John Mary Carty 6.1.1858 Pat & Mary Clancy Craggaknock  
McMahon Bridget John Honora Breen 9.10.1859 Thomas & Bridget McMahon Coore  
McMahon Bridget John Mary O'Brien 18.5.1861 Pat Halloran & Ellen McMahon Doonogan  
McMahon Bridget John Honora Breen 12.6.1875 Michael McMahon & Mary Hennessey ................  
McMahon Bridget John Mary Pender 28.12.1878 Pat Carty & Bridget McMahon Cloghauninchy  
McMahon Bridget Martin Margaret Clohessy 9.8.1879 Edmund & Elizabeth Wright Craggaknock West  
McMahon Bridget Michael Honora Gleeson 15.1.1842 Thomas Considine & Honora Fraly Shanadrum  
McMahon Bridget Michael Catherine Kelly 29.1.1843 John & Anne McMahon Coore  
McMahon Bridget Michael Margaret Morrissey 6.7.1857 Pat Meade & Eliza Fitzpatrick Scrappol  
McMahon Bridget Pat Cath Tubridy 30.1.1859 Michael Tubridy & Margaret McMahon Coore  
McMahon Bridget Synan Margaret Gleeson 16.2.1841 John Gleeson & Bridget Shalloo Shandrum  
McMahon Bridget Thady Catherine Donnellan 16.6.1872 Michael Donnellan & Margaret Mungovan Drummin  
McMahon Bridget Thady Margaret Hehir 15.12.1841 Patrick Hehir & Anne McMahon Maherintaska  
McMahon Brigid Tim Mary O'Connors 31.1.1880 John Murphy & Kath O'Connors Cloonlaheen  
McMahon Bryan Bryan Mary Dwyer 13.4.1859 Mary Dwyer Creevagh Esta Matrimonium
McMahon Caroline M Willian Margaret White 14.1.1846 Edmund Hogan & Maria O'Brien Clonmore  
McMahon Catherine Hugh Bridget Flinn 7.8.1875 Mary Flinn Rine  
McMahon Catherine James Joannah Marinan 18.8.1841 Rowland Markham & Cath McMahon Coore  
McMahon Catherine John Honor Breen 15.9.1861 Michael Breen & Kate McMahon Coore  
McMahon Catherine John Mary Caragh 20.8.1871 Michael Caragh & Margaret McMahon Coore  
McMahon Catherine Markus Mary Doherty 14.5.1879 John Wright & Hanna Sexton Kilclohaun  
McMahon Catherine Michael Bridget Considine 27.5.1848 Ellen Foran Tromara  
McMahon Catherine Patrick Mary Murrihy .8.1842 Patrick Greene & Ellen Canny Shandrum  
McMahon Catherine Patrick   Ellen 13.8.1850 Thynne Mort Thynne & Ellen Sheehy Craggaknock
McMahon Daniel James Catherine Haugh 7.8.1841 Bridget Griffy Coore  
McMahon Daniel John Catherine Barrett 13.5.1840 Tom Flanagan & Brid O'Connor Treanmanagh  
McMahon Daniel Thomas Margaret Keany 2.4.1840 John Darcy & Cath Murphy Coore  
McMahon Edmund John Ellen O'Brien 29.3.1845 William & Susan McMahon Scrapol  
McMahon Edward William Mary Mealy 7.4.1861 Pat McMahon & Cath Darcy Mountscot  
McMahon Eleanor Patrick Ellen Howe 4.6.1864 Margaret Griffin Craggaun  
McMahon Ellen James Susan Marrinan 18.4.1847 Mary Fraly Coore  
McMahon Ellen James Johanna Tubridy 25.10.1856 Mary Darcy Vagrants  
McMahon Ellen John Margaret Hynes 11.1.1847 Michael McMahon & Honora O'Gorman Coore  
McMahon Ellen Markey Mary Doherty 3.10.1877 William Doherty & Honor O'Brien Kilclohane  
McMahon Ellen Michael Mary Louney 27.8.1879 Michael & Margaret Downes Craggaknock  
McMahon Ellen Pat Bridget O'Connor 20.1.1856 John O'Dwyer & Ellen O'Dwyer Bonavella  
McMahon Ellen Patrick Ellen Harken 15.5.1844 John & Anne Harken Dough  
McMahon Ellen Patrick   Bridget 16.5.1850 Downes Thomas McMahon & Ellen Downes ............
McMahon Ellen Synan Margaret Gleeson 27.8.1845 James King & Mary Gleeson Shandrum  
McMahon Ellen Thady Margaret Hehir 6.10.1844 Daniel & Bridget Leary Magheraleragh  
McMahon Ellen Thomas Mary O'Brien 24.8.1872 Thady Hurley & Peggy Collings Doonogan  
McMahon Ellen Thomas Margaret O'Brien 4.5.1878 John O'Brien & Margaret O'Brien Doonogan  
McMahon Ellen Wiliam Mary O'Mealy 8.2.1845 Patrick McMahon & Bridget O'Mealy Quartermire  
McMahon Francis Francis Mary Lynch 5.9.1847 Patrick Lynch & MaryO'Gorman Scrapol  
McMahon Hannah James Susan Marinan 19.12.1852 Michael Murphy & Ellen McMahon ............  
McMahon Honora Francis Mary Lynch 24.1.1852 Patrick & Bridget Lynch Islands  
McMahon Honora James Mary Daly 6.5.1844 Cornelius Leyden & Bridget Halloran Rinroe  
McMahon Honora John Honor Breen 6.11.1870 Patt McMahon & Mary Caragle Coore  
McMahon Honora Michael Bridget Conway 18.7.1845 Mary McMahon Scrapol  
McMahon Honora Patrick Mary Keane 1.6.1845 John Darcy & Catherine McMahon Cloonlaheen  
McMahon Honora Peter Ellen Kinoulty 6.10.1846 Patrick Gleeson & Bridget Kinoulty Shanavoe  
McMahon Honora Thady Kate Donnellan 26.9.1868 Thomas Murphy & Mary Donnellan Drummin  
McMahon Hugh Mitchel William Margaret White 29.4.1842 Sir Burton McNamara & Bridget White Clonmore  
McMahon James Daniel Mary Reidy 13.5.1848 Bridget Frally Rath  
McMahon James Edmund Joan Touhy 11.7.1855 Norry Burke Vagrants  
McMahon James Francis Mary Lynch 25.2.1860 Bridget McMahon Drummin  
McMahon James James Susan Marinan 22.1.1840 Patrick Griffy & Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon James James Mary Daly 2.7.1848 No sponsors noted Rinroe  
McMahon James John Bridget O'Connell 26.10.1840 Pat Griffy & Honora McMahon Rine  
McMahon James John Catherine Barrett 20.8.1843 Michael Boyle & Mary Sexton Cloonlaheen  
McMahon James John Honora Crehan 11.4.1846 Michael Monaghan & Margaret H..... Tromara  
McMahon James John Honora O'Brien 17.1.1863 Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon James Michael Catherine Kelly 16.8.1845 Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon James Michael Margaret Morrissey 7.7.1855 James & Maria Haren Scrappol  
McMahon James Michael Margaret Morrissey 26.12.1863 Patt McMahon & Ellen McMahon Creevagh  
McMahon James Morgan Joney Lynch 8.6.1862 Margaret Reilly Rinroe  
McMahon James Thomas Margaret Carrig 29.1.1843 Michael Killeen & Bridget Downes Coore  
McMahon Jane Francis Mary Lynch 29.3.1845 Thomas & Mary Gorman Scrapol  
McMahon Jane James Anne McInerney 12.7.1864 Patt Sexton & Cate Kelly Cloghaninchy  
McMahon Jane John Kate Haren 16.12.1866 John O'Gorman & Kate O'Gorman Drummin  
McMahon Jeremiah Michael Catherine Kelly 22.5.1840 Anne McMahon Coore  
McMahon Jeremiah Patrick Catherine Kelly 13.3.1844 Patrick McMahon & Anne Sullivan Coore  
McMahon Jeremiah Thomas Mary Fin 1.9.1840 Mick & Bridget Donnellan Drummin  
McMahon Johanna Matt   Johanna 6.4.1850 Linnan Johanna Frawley ..............
McMahon John ........ Honora O'Brien 28.8.1864 Thomas Sexton & Mary McMahon Mountscot  
McMahon John Bernard Mary Tully 1.6.1839 Ed McMahon & Brid Tully Magherantaska  
McMahon John Francis Mary Lynch 28.4.1843 Pat Lynch & Honora Gorman Scrapol  
McMahon John James Margaret Downes 3.6.1844 Bridget Shutton Cragaknock  
McMahon John James Anne McInerney 16.11.1853 Bridget Clanchy Cloghaninchy  
McMahon John James Mary O'Brien 29.6.1880 Thady Hurley & Bridget O'Brien Doonogan  
McMahon John James Mary Daly 16.6.1841 Michael O'Shea & Cath Haneen Rinroe  
McMahon John John Bridget Tubridy 22.10.1843 Michael Darcy & Ellen McMahon Carhuligane  
McMahon John John Ellen Keane 13.5.1849 Patrick Deeley & Bridget Hurley Mountscot  
McMahon John John Mary Downes 24.4.1853 Mary Dwyer Ca.......  
McMahon John John Norry Carty 11.9.1859 Michael Claunchy & Norry McNamara Craggaknock  
McMahon John John Catherine Haren 28.12.1862 Thady & Mary McMahon Drummin  
McMahon John Mathew Susan Lenane 29.5.1839 Thomas Darcy & Mary Lenane Quilty  
McMahon John Michael Honora Malone 11.12.1841 Michael Murphy & Sarah O'Neil Clohaneathinna  
McMahon John Michael Bridget Conway 12.5.1844 Patrick Murphy & Bridget Murphy Scrapol  
McMahon John Michael Margaret Morrissey 7.2.1852 Michael & Mary McMahon Crug.....  
McMahon John Michael Margaret Morrissey 13.6.1861 Pat McMahon & Ellen McMahon Creevagh  
McMahon John Michael Honora Murphy 5.6.1872 Michael Doney & Bridget Murphy Creevagh  
McMahon John Michael Mary Louney 7.11.1874 Patt & Anne Burke Craggaknock [Record on next line] Married on 4th February, 1913 in the Chapel at Milltown Malbay to Helena Kennelly
McMahon John Pat Mary Considine 9.2.1861 Margaret Considine Craggaknock  
McMahon John Patrick Ellen Thynne 23.5.1842 Thomas & Margaret Cunningham Lissyneilan  
McMahon John Thady Kate Donnellan 14.1.1866 John McMahon & Mary McMahon Drum....  
McMahon John William Bridget Kinoe 26.7.1845 John Corry & Mary Kinoe Scrapol  
McMahon John Willian Mary O'Mealy 18.4.1846 Terence McMahon Quartermire  
McMahon Julia John Ellen Keane 18.2.1848 Mary O'Brien Ahy....  
McMahon Kate James Mary Griffy 5.4.1857 Michael & Alice Clohessey Kilclohaun  
McMahon Kate Michael Margaret Morrissey 13.11.1853 Thomas & Kate Morrissey Seafield  
McMahon Kate Tim Margaret Hehir 5.1.1856 Michael McMahon & Mary Talty ..............  
McMahon Larry Edmund Susan Touhy 30.7.1853 Mary Gorman Coore  
McMahon Madge William Madge ............ 15.5.1839 Mary McMahon Coore Conditional
McMahon Margaret Daniel Mary O'Reilly 25.2.1845 John & Anne Sheehan Rath  
McMahon Margaret Daniel Mary Lillis 22.7.1848 James & Margaret Lillis Cloondrum  
McMahon Margaret Frank Mary Lynch 12.10.1856 Michael McMahon & Eliza Lynch ..............  
McMahon Margaret Jim Catherine D........ 14.5.1876 John McMahon & Brigid McMahon Drummin  
McMahon Margaret Michael Mary Lynch 5.4.1845 John Darcy & Honora Cleary Coore  
McMahon Margaret Michael Mary Lynch 26.4.1847 Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon Margaret Michael Mary Louney 8.3.1873 Daniel Sexton & Mary Louney Mountscot  
McMahon Margaret Michael Honora Murphy 3.7.1880 Honora Dillon Creevagh  
McMahon Margaret Michael Bridget Conway .11.1841 Ellen Walsh Seafield  
McMahon Margaret Michael Mary O'Neil 29.12.1841 Thomas O'Neil & Elizabeth Shannon Shanavoe  
McMahon Margaret Michael Catherine Kelly 22.9.1841 Mathew Gleeson & Mary Tubridy Coore  
McMahon Margaret Pat Ellen Howe 8.6.1859 Margaret Keavy Craggaun  
McMahon Margaret Patrick Bridget Downes 6.10.1846 John & Bridget O'Brien Coore  
McMahon Margaret Thomas Margaret Casey 2.8.1845 Patrick & Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon Margaret Thomas Mary O'Brien 11.2.1863 Pat McMahon & Ellen Talty Doonogan  
McMahon Margaret Thomas Mary O'Brien 23.6.1866 Patt Halloran & Bridget McMahon Doonogan  
McMahon Margaret Timothy Margaret Hehir 8.6.1848 Mary McGuane Cloonlaheen  
McMahon Martha John Catherine Talty .7.1842 Catherine Burke Kea.....  
McMahon Martin James Catherine Haugh 27.10.1844 Martin Sexton & Catherine McGrath Caherhunagry  
McMahon Martin John Kate Haren 18.9.1859 Tim McMahon & Jane Green Drummin  
McMahon Martin Mathew Jean Lenane 1.5.1847 Thomas Darcy & Jean Frawley Quilty  
McMahon Martin Michael Mary O'Neill 29.10.1844 John Sullivan & Margaret O'Neill Shanavoe  
McMahon Martin Thady Catherine Donnellan 9.7.1870 Peter Donnellan & Eliza Donnellan Drummin  
McMahon Mary Denis Winifred Kelly 12.8.1846 Mary Canny Moyglass  
McMahon Mary James Margaret Downes 3.6.1842 John & Anne Devitt Cragaknock  
McMahon Mary James Susan Marinan 29.3.1843 James King & Anne Haren Coore  
McMahon Mary James Margaret Dillon 23.6.1877 Pat McMahon & Kate Tubridy Coore  
McMahon Mary John Bridget O'Connell .7.1842 Patrick Coughlan & Margaret Corry Rine  
McMahon Mary John Catherine Haren 1.6.1849 Michael & Mary McMahon Scrapol  
McMahon Mary John Norry Carty 20.5.1856 George Woulfe & Mary Glynn Craggaknock  
McMahon Mary John Honora Breen 16.5.1869 Michael Breen & Kate Breen Coore  
McMahon Mary Martin Margaret Clohessey 29.9.1877 John Wright & Mary O'Brien Lissyneilan  
McMahon Mary Michael Mary O'Neill 17.8.1839 Mary McGuane Caher......  
McMahon Mary Michael Bridget Kinole 11.9.1839 Bernard McMahon & Cath Ahern Cravoic  
McMahon Mary Michael Mary Devitt 17.7.1844 John & Anne Devitt Kilmacduane  
McMahon Mary Michael Honora Gleeson 8.9.1844 Michael & Bridget McMahon Shan....  
McMahon Mary Michael Catherine Kelly 20.4.1847 Cornelius Killeen & Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon Mary Michael Mary Looney 18.3.1877 Pat Burke & Sarah Looney Craggaknock [Record on next line] Married at Parish Church of Mullagh on 24th February, 1914 to Anthony Keane of Kilmichael Parish by Fr O'Gorman C.C.
McMahon Mary Pat Kate Doherty 24.5.1857 John Tubridy & Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon Mary Pat Ellen Howe 1.8.1868 Kate Connell Craggaun  
McMahon Mary Pat Anne O'Connor 18.11.1876 Pat O'Connor & Susan O'Connor Magherntaska  
McMahon Mary Patrick Bridget Downes 16.12.1843 Mathew Darcy & Mary Corry Coore  
McMahon Mary Patrick Bridget O'Connor 6.1.1860 Bryan & Honora McMahon Bonavella  
McMahon Mary Patrick Ellen Harkin 8.9.1841 Thomas Reddan & Honora O'Neill Dough  
McMahon Mary Peter Ellen Thynne 23.2.1845 Patrick & Ellen O'Keefe Cragaknock  
McMahon Mary Thady Kate Donnellan 30.12.1866 Thady McMahon & Bridget McMahon Drummin  
McMahon Mary William Bridget Conway .2.1847 Norry Conway Crevagh Record entered between 21.2.1847 and 28.2.1947
McMahon Mary William   Mary 26.11.1850 O'Meally Ellen O'Meally Mountscot
McMahon Mathew Mathew Susan Walsh 7.1.1854 Mary O'Keeffe ...........  
McMahon Michael Bryan Ellen Mescall 31.8.1862 Tom McMahon & Bridget Connellan Cloonlaheen  
McMahon Michael James Margaret Dillon 15.9.1875 Martin & Margaret Dillon Coore  
McMahon Michael John Bridget Tubridy 4.7.1840 Thomas & Ellen Molony Carhulugan  
McMahon Michael John Margaret Hynes 18.1.1843 Michael McMahon & Catherine Burke Coore  
McMahon Michael John Charlotte Sullivan 22.7.1855 Anne Downes Seafield Illegitimate
McMahon Michael John Kate Haren 27.8.1856 Martin & Winifred McMahon Drummin  
McMahon Michael John Honora Burn 20.5.1858 James & Bridget McMahon Coore  
McMahon Michael Mathew Susan Lenane 13.7.1844 Thomas Darcy & Susan Fraly Quilty  
McMahon Michael Michael Honora Malone 10.6.1844 John & Margaret Considine Clohaneathine  
McMahon Michael Michael Cate Houlihan 16.9.1857 Patt McMahon & Mary Cahill Clohaninchy  
McMahon Michael Michael Mary O'Brien 27.8.1864 Mary Callinan Doonogan  
McMahon Michael Michael Mary Morony 3.9.1864 James Halloran & Mary Doherty Mullagh  
McMahon Michael Michael Margaret Morrissey 11.5.1866 Patt Morrissey & Honora Murrihy Creevagh  
McMahon Michael Thomas Catherine O'Loughlin 15.8.1845 Margaret Leary Magher.....  
McMahon Michael Thomas Mary O'Brien 11.6.1870 Thady & Norry Hurley Doonogan  
McMahon Michael William Mary Mealy 19.8.1855 Michael Mealy & Honora McMahon Mountscot  
McMahon Pat Francis Mary Lynch 14.2.1855 Thomas & Mary Finucane Drummin  
McMahon Pat James Nancy McInerney 23.3.1856 Martin Stack & Mary Russell Cloonadrum  
McMahon Pat John Norry Carty 24.9.1854 Stephen Hassett & Mary Glynn Craggaknock  
McMahon Pat John Mary Carrigg 5.12.1860 William & Kate Hanrahan Coore  
McMahon Pat Michael Margaret Morrissey 9.4.1859 Pat Haren & Catherine Fitzpatrick Creevagh  
McMahon Pat Pat Anne Keane 4.1.1858 James & Mary McMahon Craggaknock  
McMahon Patrick Daniel Mary Reilly 21.7.1841 Michael Coughlan & Marg King Rath  
McMahon Patrick James Margaret Downes 16.2.1840 John & Margaret Brown Molosky  
McMahon Patrick James Susan Marinan 16.3.1845 John & Anne McMahon Coore  
McMahon Patrick James Margaret Dillon 7.2.1874 Patt & Mary McMahon Coore  
McMahon Patrick John Mary Hynes 3.3.1844 Michael McMahon & Mary Sexton Coore  
McMahon Patrick John Bridget O'Connell 6.3.1845 Ellen McMahon Rine  
McMahon Patrick John Margaret Tubridy 8.5.1847 Susan McMahon Carh........  
McMahon Patrick John   Honor 1.3.1850 Downes Stephen Donnellan & Norry McMahon Donogan
McMahon Patrick Mathew Susan Lenane 29.12.1841 Thomas Darcy & Susan Fraly Quilty  
McMahon Patrick Michael Mary Lynch 12.3.1843 John Darcy & Margaret McMahon Coore  
McMahon Patrick Patrick Bridget Downes 12.2.1840 Michael & Sarah Coughlan Coore  
McMahon Patrick Patrick Bridget Drew 10.3.1842 Matthew & Joanna Fox Caherrush  
McMahon Patrick Patrick   Ellen 27.3.1850 Harkin Patrick Costello & Honora Higgins Clohaninshee
McMahon Patrick Patt Kate Tubridy 14.1.1866 Margaret McMahon Coore  
McMahon Patt Michael Honora Murphy 8.2.1871 Thomas McMahon & Ellen McMahon Knocknaboula  
McMahon Patt Sinon Mary Kelly 15.3.1868 John Harhan & Bridget O'Brien Quilty  
McMahon Sarah John Catherine Lynch 8.5.1839 Hannah Kelly Boulena.......  
McMahon Silvey Thomas Mary Breen 8.8.1874 Thady Halloran & Margaret Collings Doonogan  
McMahon Susan Pat Kate Haren 17.1.1880 James McMahon & Mary Murphy Coore West  
McMahon Terence Conor ........... ................ 27.1.1866 Kate Hehir Doolough  
McMahon Terence William Mary Nichol 17.6.1849 John Nichol & Johanna Lynch Quartermire  
McMahon Thady Brian Ellen Meskel 5.3.1865 John Murphy & Kate O'Loughlin Cloonlaheen  
McMahon Thomas Bryan Ellen Meskell 7.7.1860 Michael & Bridget McMahon Magherintaska  
McMahon Thomas Dan Norry Doyle 26.12.1880 Pat Doyle & Mary Mungovan ...........  
McMahon Thomas James Margaret Dillon 19.3.1879 Patrick Kelly & Bridget Mack Coore  
McMahon Thomas John Honora Breen 15.12.1866 Patt McMahon & Kate Breen Coore  
McMahon Thomas Michael Bridget Considine 22.9.1844 John Haugh & Margaret Corry Craggaun  
McMahon Thomas Pat Catherine Tubridy 13.4.1862 James & Margaret McMahon Coore  
McMahon Thomas Patrick Ellen ......... 7.12.1839 Francis McMahon & Marg Neylon Lissyneillan  
McMahon Thomas Patrick Bridget Breen 22.11.1846 Anthony McGuane & Bridget McNamara Tromara East  
McMahon Thomas Patrick   Peggy 16.2.1850 Hynes Jane Molony Coore
McMahon Thomas Thomas Catherine O'Loughlin .1.1843 John Considine & Anne McMahon Magherintaska  
McMahon Tim John Kate Haran 2.4.1854 Thady Killeen & Bridget Killeen Drummin  
McMahon Timothy James Catherine Haugh 16.7.1848 Michael Egan & Catherine McGrath Carhunagry  
McMahon Timothy Tom Mary O'Brien 21.3.1868 Anthony Burke & Bridget McMahon Doonogan  
McMahon Tom John Charlotte Sullivan 1.9.1858 John Murrihy & Mary King Seafield  
McMahon William William Margaret White 28.8.1844 Pierce Crehan & Caroline White Clonmore  
McNamara Anne Daniel Anne Cunningham 29.5.1846 Bridget Cunningham Kilclohane  
McNamara Bridget Daniel Anne Cunningham 2.2.1842 Patrick Ryan & Mary McNamara Kilclohane  
McNamara Bridget James Ellen Keleher 4.5.1861 Joseph McNamara & Margaret Keane Rhine  
McNamara Bridget James Mary Morrissey 1.1.1873 Thomas McNamara & Margaret Murphy Bonavella [Record on next line] Married in the church at Mullagh on the 25th April, 1911 to ... Marrinan by Fr. Considine
McNamara Bridget John Bridget Madden 29.1.1842 Patrick McNamara & Margaret Richard Tromara East  
McNamara Bridget John Bridget Cuningham 19.2.1870 Michael McNamara & Bridget Cunningham ....... Beg  
McNamara Bridget Patrick Joanna Considine 22.1.1842 Patrick Corbett & Mary Crawford Carhulugane  
McNamara Bridget Patt Catherine Shaughnessy 17.9.1873 James McNamara & Mary Keane Rine  
McNamara Bridget Thady Bridget Hogan 24.10.1874 Michael McNamara & Mary Barry Craggaknock  
McNamara Brigid John Margaret Egan 29.11.1876 Michael & Mary McNamara Mountscot  
McNamara Brigid Michael Margaret Haren 25.1.1879 Peter & Maria Murphy Cloonlaheen  
McNamara Brigid Thady Brigid Hogan 8.7.1877 Pat McNamara & Brigid McNamara Craggaknock  
McNamara Catherine Edmund Bridget Neilson 13.11.1844 Patrick McNamara & Mary Hynes Tromara East  
McNamara Catherine James Ellen Keleher 13.5.1857 James & Mary McNamara Rhynne  
McNamara Catherine Patrick Joanna Considine 14.10.1843 Elizabeth Casey Carhuligane  
McNamara Catherine Patt Catherine Shaughnessy 1.3.1876 John McNamara & Maria Markham Ballymakea  
McNamara Cornelius Michael Mary Dickson 17.1.1841 James & Catherine Sexton Carhulugane  
McNamara Daniel Pat Catherine Shaughnessy 14.2.1863 Tim McNamara & Mary McNamara Rhine  
McNamara Ellen James Ellen Keleher 12.12.1840 Anthony Keane & Honora Keleher Rine  
McNamara Ellen James Ellen Keleher 6.8.1853 Patrick McNamara & Honora Leyden Rhyne  
McNamara Ellen Michael Anne Collins 6.6.1841 Anthony & Ellen Egan Limerick, now of Tromara  
McNamara Ellen Patt Kate Shaughnessy 15.4.1866 Michael Curtin & Margaret McNamara Rhine  
McNamara Honora James Catherine O'Brien 21.6.1840 Michael & Bridget O'Brien Kilclohaun  
McNamara Honora Patrick Bridget Finucane 14.8.1839 Mary Boyle Doonogan  
McNamara Honora Thady Bridget Hogan 18.12.1875 Michael McNamara & Honora McNamara Craggaknock  
McNamara James James Ellen Keleher 5.4.1845 Denis Murrihy & Mary Flanagan Rine  
McNamara James James Mary Griffin 7.11.1860 Ned Mescal & Mary Crowley Molosky  
McNamara James Patrick Catherine Shaughnessy 30.7.1879 John Sexton & Maria Flynn Ballymakea Beg  
McNamara James Thady Mary Murrihy 22.10.1842 Michael Murrihy & Ellen McNamara Rine  
McNamara James Thomas Susan Griffy 4.8.1841 John Hogan & Mary Darcy Carhuligane  
McNamara John Daniel Anne Cunningham 8.6.1840 James Cunningham & Mary McNamara Cloonadrum  
McNamara John Daniel Margaret Keliher 17.5.1843 Patrick Keane & Margaret Casey Rine  
McNamara John James Catherine O'Brien 21.5.1842 Michael & Susan O'Brien Kilclohane  
McNamara John James Mary Morrissey 26.4.1874 James Morrissey & Margaret Darcy Bonavella  
McNamara John John Bridget Downes 12.5.1861 James Downes & Honor McNamara Mountscot  
McNamara John John Margaret Manning 14.6.1876 Michael Sexton & Mary Sexton Moyglass More  
McNamara John Michael Anne Collins 21.6.1846 Daniel & Bridget Kelly Quilty  
McNamara John Patt Catherine Shaughnessy 25.11.1871 James Sexton & Willow Stackpool Rhyne  
McNamara John Thady Mary Murrihy 24.6.1846 Patt Murrihy & Ellen Murrihy Rine  
McNamara John Thady Bridget Hogan 16.5.1869 Thomas Crowley & Mary Hogan Craggaknock  
McNamara John Thomas Susan Griffy 22.10.1848 Mary Stack Carhunagry  
McNamara Joseph Martin Cate Cunneen 28.5.1871 Thomas & Bridget Cunneen Knocknahila  
McNamara Margaret Daniel Anne Cunningham 14.4.1844 Michael Hogan & Ellen Cunningham Cloonadrum  
McNamara Margaret James Mary Morrissey 9.3.1878 Michael McNamara & Mary McNamara Ballymakea  
McNamara Margaret Michael Lucy O'Neill 10.6.1848 Martin & Jane Burke Craggaknock  
McNamara Margaret Patt Kate Shaughnessy 15.2.1868 John McNamara & Margaret Shaughnessy Rhine  
McNamara Margaret Thady Bridget Hogan 17.12.1865 John McNamara & Mary Hogan Craggaknock  
McNamara Margaret Thomas Mary Griffy 16.10.1843 John Stack & Mary Darcy Carhuligane  
McNamara Martin Thady Bridget Hogan 21.10.1871 Patt & Mary Hogan Craggaknock  
McNamara Mary Daniel Margaret Keliher 17.5.1843 John Casey & Margaret Keane Rine  
McNamara Mary Francis Mary McGannon 8.7.1840 Susan Casey Tromara  
McNamara Mary James Bridget Keane 7.3.1854 Illegible ..............  
McNamara Mary John Margaret Egan 6.3.1878 James Meade & Ellen Meade ............  
McNamara Mary Michael Mary Conway 24.3.1844 Patrick Moloney & Mary Haren Moyglass  
McNamara Mary Michael Lucy O'Neil 13.3.1859 James Egan & Anne O'Neil Craggaknock  
McNamara Mary Pat Catherine Shaughnessy 3.11.1861 Pat & Mary Haren Rhine  
McNamara Mary Patrick Joanna ............. 14.2.1848 Daniel McNamara & Catherine Crawford Car.........  
McNamara Mary Thady Mary Murrihy 9.4.1859 Margaret McMahon Rhine  
McNamara Mary Thomas Susan Griffy 25.3.1846 James McKnight & Mary Darcy Carhuligane  
McNamara Mary Tom Kate Malone 31.8.1862 Honora McNamara Craggaknock  
McNamara Michael Daniel Margaret Kitson 14.2.1846 Daniel Murrihy & Ellen Kenny Rine  
McNamara Michael James Mary Griffy 17.10.1858 Michael & Ally Clohessey Cloonadrum  
McNamara Michael John Bridget Carroll 20.7.1855 John Brody & Bridget Shanahan Tromara  
McNamara Michael Martin Mary Corbett 6.12.1857 Michael McNamara & Mary Meade ..............  
McNamara Michael Michael Mary Conway 4.1.1847 Patrick Finucane & Jane Madigan Moyglass  
McNamara Michael Michael   Margaret 5.9.1850 O'Neil Martin Burke & Mary O'Neil Craggaknock
McNamara Michael Michael Lucy O'Neil 25.4.1857 Tony & Sally O'Neil Craggaknock  
McNamara Michael Pat Norry Donnellan 8.7.1855 Michael O'Connor & Bridget Foran Quilty  
McNamara Michael Patrick Susan Considine 5.9.1845 Henry & Mary Greene Carhuligane  
McNamara Michael Patrick Cath Shaughnessy 31.7.1864 John McNamara & Johanna Shaughnessy Ballymakea  
McNamara Michael Patrick Peggy Madden 26.7.1874 James Kelly & Bridget Cunningham Molosky  
McNamara Michael Thady Bridget Hogan 18.4.1868 Michael McNamara & Lucy O'Neil Craggaknock  
McNamara Michael Tim   Mary 10.6.1850 Murrihy Margaret Keane Rine
McNamara Pat William Lucy Neill 16.3.1854 Tom Cahill & Jane Neill ............  
McNamara Patrick James Ellen Keleher 4.3.1843 John Dogherty & Honora Keleher Rine  
McNamara Patrick James Catherine O'Brien 5.4.1845 Michael O'Brien & Anne McNamara Kilclohane  
McNamara Patrick James Mary Morrissey 11.4.1876 Dan & Kate McNamara Ballymakea  
McNamara Patrick John Bridget Carroll 2.2.1853 Mary Woods Tromara  
McNamara Patrick John Margaret Madigan 19.1.1862 John Sexton & Bridget Ryan Cloghauninchy  
McNamara Patrick John Margaret Egan 14.4.1880 Michael Darcy & Sarah Crehane Mountscot  
McNamara Patrick Michael Anne Collins .1.1844 Anthony Keane & Ellen Egan Tromara East  
McNamara Patrick Thady Mary Murrihy 23.5.1840 Thady Flynn & Honora Burke Rine  
McNamara Patt Patt Catherine Shaughnessy 25.12.1869 Thomas Mc..... & Mary Sexton Rhyne  
McNamara Patt Tim Bridget Hogan 3.2.1867 Patt McNamara & Lucy McNamara Craggaknock  
McNamara Susan Edmund Margaret O'Brien 31.8.1839 James O'Sullivan & Brid Sexton Kilclohane  
McNamara Susan John Bridget Madden 4.6.1845 Michael Casey & Margaret Madden Tromara East  
McNamara Susey John Peggy Meade 8.2.1873 Catherine McNamara Molosky  
McNamara Thadius James Ellen Kileher 7.8.1847 Michael Coghlan & Honora Kileher Rine  
McNamara Thady Michael Lucy O'Neil 3.6.1855 Thady Cahill & Jane Meade Craggaknock  
McNamara Thady Thady Mary Murry 5.10.1856 Michel Sexton & Bridget Murrihy Rhynn  
McNamara Thady Thady Bridget Hogan 28.8.1870 Michael McNamara & Norry McNamara Craggaknock  
McNamara Thomas Daniel Margaret Kitchen 2.12.1840 Tom Stackpoole & Marg Murrihy Rine  
McNamara Thomas John Margaret Madden 13.12.1863 Martin Stack & Ellen Madden Cloghaninchy  
McNamara Thomas Thady Bridget Hogan 19.2.1873 Michael & Norry McNamara Craggaknock  
McNamara Thomas Thady Bridget Hogan 4.11.1879 Pat Crowley & Mary McNamara Craggaknock  
McNamara Tomothy Pat Kate O'Shaughnessy 25.3.1877 Patrick Markham & Kate McNamara Ballymakea [Record on next line] Married on 28th April, 1909 in the Church at Mullagh to Mary Mescall by Fr James ...ilin P.P.
McNamara Winifred Patrick Anne Keane .1.1842 Catherine McTigue ....... Vagrants
McNulty Terence Charles Mary Lynch .10.1841 Thomas Keane & Bridget O'Brien Boulinavode  
McQueen Margaret James Biddy Darcy 23.4.1846 Francis Darcy & Joanna Cotter Rineroe  
McSweeney Bridget Thomas Anne O'Connors 21.12.1870 Patt & Bridget O'Connors Annagh  
McSweeney Conway Peter Margaret Moriarty 17.12.1865 Margaret Considine Ker..........  
McTigue Catherine John Mary Behan 18.9.1844 Bridget Behan Donogan  
McTigue Mary Denis Ellen Carty 26.11.1865 ................................................ Rhine  
McTigue Patrick John Mary Behan 17.1.1846 Michael & Bridget McTigue Donogan  
McTigue Patrick John Mary Bohol 3.10.1841 Michael & Catherine Kelly Mountscot  
Meade Anne Joe Susey O'Connors 23.2.1876 John Murphy & Maria O'Connors Mullagh  
Meade Anne Pat Bridget Morrissey 1.4.1857 Pat Gorman & Maria Gorman Moloskey  
Meade Bridget James Bridget Normile 4.7.1855 Michael Kelleen & Norry Meade Cloghaunatinny  
Meade Bridget John Susan Normile 9.9.1854 John & Mary Meade Clohaneathinna  
Meade Bridget Joseph Jony Frawley 29.8.1869 Michael Meade & Catherine Frawley Clohaneathinna  
Meade Bridget Michael Bridget Lynch 12.11.1870 Martin Haren & Susey Lynch Craggaknock  
Meade Bridget Patrick Bridget .......... 1.1.1849 Margaret Cunningham ............  
Meade Bridget Thomas Mary Lenahan 19.7.1845 John & Mary Meade Cragaknock  
Meade Brigid James Anne Kenelly 8.2.1877 Anthony Meade & Mary Curtin Rhine  
Meade Brigid Joseph Catherine Murphy 8.6.1878 Michael Meade & Brigid Meade Cloghaunatinny  
Meade Brigid Michael Brigid Lynch 8.3.1879 Thomas Killeen & Brigid Meade Craggaknock  
Meade Catherine Joseph Johanna Frawley 4.9.1878 Peter & Maria Murphy Mullagh  
Meade Catherine Pat Bridget Morrissey 15.5.1864 Michael Meade & Catherine Haren Molosky  
Meade Eliza Joseph Kath Murphy 1.5.1880 Richard Murphy & Brigid Murphy Cloghaunatinny  
Meade Ellen Anthony Mary O'Connor 30.8.1845 Mary Dogherty Rine  
Meade Ellen James Mary Gleeson 22.7.1848 Patrick O'Brien Mountscot  
Meade Ellen Joe Susey O'Connors 23.2.1876 Thomas & Bridget Murphy Mullagh  
Meade Ellen John Susan Normile 29.3.1845 Martin Sullivan & Bridget Normile Clohanatinne  
Meade Ellen Michael Mary Healy 26.9.1869 James Healy & Mary McDonnell Craggaknock  
Meade Ellen Michael Bridget Lynch 26.7.1874 Bridget Lynch Craggaknock  
Meade Ellen Patt Bridget Griffin 10.6.1866 James O'Halloran & Bridget Lysaght Mountscot  
Meade Ellen Thomas Mary Finucan 12.4.1844 John & Winifred Meade Cragaknock  
Meade Honora Joe Jony Frawley 6.6.1868 James Hogan & Anne Frawley Clohaneathinna  
Meade Honora Michael Mary Healy 16.8.1874 Michael Healy & Honora O'Brien Craggaknock  
Meade James Anthony Mary O'Connor 18.9.1842 Patrick McNamara & Margaret Walsh Rine  
Meade James James Bridget Normile 14.10.1849 James McDonnell & Mary McDonnell Clohanintinne  
Meade James Pat Bridget Morrissey 11.9.1858 John Meade & Bridget Sheehan Moloskey  
Meade Joanna Peter Elizabeth O'Brien 21.11.1840 Pat & Marg Meade Knocknaglera  
Meade John Anthony Mary Morrissey 16.8.1844 Michael Keane & Mary Darcy ..........  
Meade John Anthony Mary O'Connor 10.6.1841 Patrick O'Connor & Bridget Griffy Rine  
Meade John James Mary Gleeson 26.4.1844 Patrick Darcy & Bridget Meade Knocknaglera  
Meade John Joe Anne Gorman 17.2.1875 Thomas Green & Bridget Hogan Clohaneathinna  
Meade John Joseph Susey Fraly 19.9.1874 Richard Murphy & Catherine Fraly Mullagh  
Meade John Joseph Susan Frawley 28.4.1877 Richard Murphy & Brigid Morony Mullagh  
Meade John Michael Mary Neylan 7.7.1842 Catherine McMahon Powerstown  
Meade John Michael Mary Healy 22.4.1860 John Meade & Eliza Healy Craggaknock  
Meade John Michael Brigid Lynch 18.6.1876 Thomas & Brigid Killeen Craggaknock  
Meade John Thomas Mary Corry 10.5.1845 Margaret Lynch Rine  
Meade Joseph James Bridget Normile 26.12.1840 Mick Meade & Joanna Meade Clohanatinne  
Meade Joseph John Susan Normile 22.9.1841 James Hogan & Catherine Greene Clohantinne  
Meade Margaret James Anne Kenelly 4.1.1879 James & Brigid Morrissey Rine  
Meade Margaret Joe Anne Greene 17.4.1878 Michael Murphy & Maria Meade Cloughaunatinny  
Meade Margaret Michael Bridget Lynch 3.8.1872 John & Margaret Lynch Craggaknock [Record on next line] Married in the Church of Kilmurry at Mullagh on the 31 July, 1909 to Michael Murrihy of Kilmeade Parish by Rev J. Hauley C.C.
Meade Margaret Patt Bridget Griffin 5.4.1871 David Sexton & Maria Russell Mountscot  
Meade Margaret Peter Johanna Barry 19.10.1842 Pat McMahon & Mary Downes Quilty  
Meade Margaret Peter Elizabeth O'Brien 3.9.1845 Patrick Darcy & Ellen Meade Mountscot  
Meade Margaret Thomas Mary ............. 14.11.1846 Patrick Cassidy & Ellen Mulqueen Craggaknock  
Meade Martin James Bridget Normile 29.10.1843 John & Mary Brown Clohaneathinna  
Meade Mary James Anne Kinelly 27.5.1875 Thady Fitzpatrick & Mary Sexton Rynne [Record on next line] Married in the Church at Mullagh on 28th April, 1909 to Tim McNamara by Fr. Galvin
Meade Mary John Bridget Reidy 25.1.1862 Thomas Kerin & Margaret Sheehan Cloghaunatinny  
Meade Mary Joseph Joney Frawley 22.2.1867 Pat Meade & Honora Frawley Clohaneathinna  
Meade Mary Michael Mary Healy 21.7.1861 Joseph Meade & Jane Healy Craggaknock  
Meade Mary Michael Bridget Lynch 28.3.1869 Sinon Kerin & Bridget Kerin Craggaknock  
Meade Mary Patrick Bridget Killeen 24.4.1842 James Hogan & Mary Killeen Clohaneathinna  
Meade Mary Patrick Elizabeth O'Brien 30.4.1843 Patrick & Honora O'Brien Knocknaglera  
Meade Mary Patt Bridget Griffin 1.3.1865 Thomas Meade & Cate Meade Mountscot  
Meade Michael James Biddy Normile 29.7.1846 Martin Sullivan & Jane Normile Derreen  
Meade Michael Joe Joney Fraley 5.8.1871 Thomas Fraley & Cate Fraley Cloghauninchy  
Meade Michael Michael Mary Neylan 30.9.1840 Peter Meade & Anne McMahon Powerstown  
Meade Michael Michael Mary Healy 6.10.1867 Michael Meade & Jane McInerney Craggaknock  
Meade Michael Joseph Kate Murphy 4.5.1879 Michael & Brigid Murphy Cloghauntinny  
Meade Nicholas Michael Mary Healy 31.8.1863 Nicholas & Jane Mealy Craggaknock  
Meade Patrick James Bridget Normile 26.9.1852 Joe Meade & Mary Meade Clohaneathinna  
Meade Patrick Michael Mary Healy 6.1.1877 John Meade & Bridget Kerin Craggaknock [Record on next line] Married in the Chapel of Cooraclare on the 21st April, 1908 to Ellen Egan of Caher..... who was baptised in the year 1880
Meade Patrick Michael Bridget Lynch 31.10.1880 Patrick & Bridget Kerin Craggaknock  
Meade Patrick Patrick Bridget Killeen 27.4.1845 James Hogan & Mary Killeen Clohanintinne  
Meade Patrick Patt Bridget Griffin 1.2.1874 Patt & Catherine Sexton Mountscot  
Meade Patrick Thomas Mary Shanahan 25.11.1849 Patrick & Bridget Meade Craggaknock  
Meade Patt Joe Janey Fraley 19.2.1873 Cate Fraley Cloghaunatinny  
Meade Sarah John Sarah Crehan 10.10.1841 Anthony ....... & Ellen Meade Knocknageragh  
Meade Sarah Patrick Bridget Griffin 1.3.1868 James Sexton & Bridget ....... ...............  
Meade Sarah Patt Bridget Griffin 8.1.1870 John Corry & Ellen Looney Mountscot  
Meade Thomas Michael Maria Healy 25.8.1879 Patt McInerney & Mary Meade Craggaknock  
Meade Thomas Pat Bridget Morrissey 3.10.1860 Thomas Morrissey & Catherine Morrissey Molosky  
Meade Thomas Pat Bridget Murrihy 7.12.1861 Patrick O'Gorman & Bridget Sheehan Mountscot  
Meade Thomas Thomas Margaret Corry 26.11.1847 Michael Keane & Mary Mellican Rine  
Meade Winifred Michael Mary Healy 27.7.1872 Thomas & Mary Healy Craggaknock  
Meade Thomas Joe Anne Greene 1.9.1880 John McDonnell & Margaret Murphy Cloghauntinny  
Meade Hanora Patrick Bridget Killeen 28.4.1839 James Hogan & Susan Morony Clohaneathinna  
Meade James Thomas Margaret Corry 21.8.1839 Michael Keane & Mary Keane Rinroe  
Meade Margaret James Mary Gleeson 28.7.1839 Michael Sexton & Marg Mulhill Knocknageragh  
Meade Michael Peter Elizabeth O'Brien 15.12.1839 Mary Meade Knocknagera  
Meade Winifred John Anne Sexton 16.11.1839 John & Ellen Meade Craggaknock  
Meade Michael Michael Anne Slattery 5.2.1859 Ellen Blake Craggaknock Written after Surname] "as alleged

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