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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

RC Baptismal Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1856-1860

Registers by Date: 1856 - 1860

Source: O’Callaghan’s Mills RC Baptismal Registers NLI Film 02476/08
Transcriber/Donor: Sharon Carberry, Virginia, USA

Day Month Year Child Family Name Father's name Mother's name Mother's Maiden Name Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Residence
20/26? January 1856 [washed out] ___ham [washed out] Bridget Skehan Pat Skehan Anne Skehan Scart
20/26? January 1856 Patrick McNamara Michl. Bridget Vaughan Michl. Shalloe Honora Murry BallyMcDonnell
[Washed out] January 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] McMahon James McMahon Mary McMahon Belvoir
[Washed out] January 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] Murry ? Patt Murry Mary Mulready Belvoir
[Washed out] February 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] Cathrine Walsh Thos. Shaloo [&] Margt. Shaloo Killurin
[Washed out] February 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] ____in Michl. Walsh Margaret Cunneen Kilkishen
[Washed out] February 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [Penderg]ast Denis Meany Bridget Pendergast Clonloum
[Washed out] February 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [Car]mody Connor McMahon Margaret Roughan Kilkishen
[Washed out] February 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] Bridget Collins Patt Donnelan Margaret Donnelan Killeen
[Washed out] March 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] Kelly ? John O'Brien Mary Shaughnessy Derrenaveigh
[Washed out] March 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] John Hogan Bridget Healy Rosneylon
[Washed out] March 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] [Han]ora ? Hill Patt Gleeson Ellen Lyons Snata
[Washed out] April 1856 [washed out] [washed out] [washed out] Bridget Carney Margaret Walsh James Walsh Kilkishen
27 April 1856 Michael Cotter Andrew Bridget Marinan John Cotter Bridget Cotter Clonbrick
27 April 1856 Margaret Fitzgerald John Catherine Gleeson James Fitzgerald Mary Cotter Craggs
28 April 1856 Michael McGrath Patt Winey Hogan John Higgins Mary Molony Clonloum
3 May 1856 John Connell John Mary Connell Patt McNamara Hanna Lyons Kilkishen
3 May 1856 Penelope Gleeson John Judy Halloran Peter Gleeson Mary Shehan Newpark
4 May 1856 Mathew McInerney Nash ? Judy Crowe William Crowe Margaret McInerny Derrynaveigh
11 May 1856 John Fitzgerald Michael Jude [sic] Kennevane Laurence Egan Ellen Fitzgerald Cloughool[a]
12 May 1856 Bridget Meehan Patt Catherine Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald Mary McNamara Lakile
21 May 1856 Winey Coony Patt Winey Hassett John Gleeson Margaret Coony Ballinabrone
24 May 1856 John Jones John Honora McNamara Edmond Connell Mary Donnelan Clonlea
25? May 1856 Patrick Clune Patrick Mary McNamara Michael Mangan Bridget Mannix Kilurin
28 May 1856 John Burk Edmund Bridget Roughan Michael Morony ? Cathrine McDonnell Do_n
31 May 1856 Bridget Keegan ? Michl. Belinda Moran Danl. O'Brien Bridget Boyce Kilkishen
7 June 1856 Michael Connell Danl. Catherine Gleeson John Connell Johanna Vaughan Clonlea
8 June 1856 James Hassett Michael Ellen Cunningham Martin Liddy Margaret Liddy Clonbrick
11 June 1856 Ellen Philips John Honora McNamara Peter Clune Nancy Clune Kilkishen
15? June 1856 Michael Eagan Matt Brigt. Quillinan John Quillinan Margt. Quillinan Cloughoula
16? June 1856 Dennis McNamara Dennis Mary McNamara James McNamara Anne McNamara Ballyvorgile
17 June 1856 Elizabeth McNamara Denis Bridget McNamara William Linehan Ellen McNamara Coolnah[illa]
18 June 1856 John Liddane John Margaret Molony Stephen McDonnell Bridget McDonnell Enagh[oflynn]
22 June 1856 Thomas O'Brien Martin Mary Egan Patt Egan Mary Gready Cloghoula
23 June 1856 Patt Noonan John Mary Sweeny Michael McNamara Bridget Markam Kilurin
24 June 1856 John Murphy Peter Mary Flanagan William Murphy Margaret Slatery Silver[grove]
27 June 1856 John Keliher James Bridget Bolton Thomas Keliher Margaret Heffernan Drimeen
1 July 1856 Mary Collins William Mary Mulqueeny Patt Pepard Margaret Pepard Claremount
1 July 1856 Mary O'Brien Michael Brigt. Grady James McNamara Cathrine O'Brien Cloughoula
6 July 1856 Bernard Carney Edward Mary Mangan Thomas Meany Margaret Fallon Kilkishen
13 July 1856 Patt McMahon Patt Mary McMahon John McMahon Catherine McMahon Craggs
13? July 1856 Patrick Moloney Patrick Bridget Higgins William Carter ? Cathrine M___ Clonloum? [dark]
1 August 1856 Danl. Couny Daniel Mary Hayes Patt Couney Honora Couny BallyMcDonnell
1 August 1856 Michael McNamara Danil Bridget Frawley John McNamara Mary Fitzgerald Killanena ?
6 August 1856 Edmond Vaughan Owen Ellen Callaghan Michl. Vaughan Marsella Callaghan [illegible]
8 August 1856 Thomas Minogue Thomas Bridget Traney Thomas Minogue Catherine Flanagan Elmhill
30 August 1856 Mary Ahern Michael Margaret Collins Thomas Lynch Bridget Collins Newpark
2 September 1856 Mathew Hines Mathew Bridget Sweeny John Mangan Mary Mangan Ira[gh]
2 September 1856 Roger McNamara John Bridget McMahon John Gready Hanora Gready Rossneylon
14 September 1856 Bridget Neal? John Mary McNamara Denis McNamara Mary Millane Oatfield
14 September 1856 Anne Garvey Michl. Anne Maguire James McNamara Mary Maguire Cloncool
14 September 1856 Daniel McMahon Michl. Anne Murry Michl. Kelly Bridget Reynolds Belvoir?
15 September 1856 Michael Molony Teady Bridget Murphy Thomas Stephens Mary Stephens Kilkishen
21 September 1856 John Hicky John Johanna Hogan Thomas Nash Margaret Walker Kilkishen
22 September 1856 Margaret Gleason Patt Mary Leacy James Kinerk ? Bridget Leacy Craggs
27 September 1856 Margaret Stack William Mary Glinn John Creagh Honora Glinn Kilkishen
3 October 1856 Michael Molony Danl. Jane Calleyhan [blank] Margaret Molony BallyMcDonnell
9? October 1856 Mary Stephens Martin Anne Marrinan John Stephens Mary Meehan [illegible]
13/15 October 1856 Margaret McInerny Patrick Margaret Morony John Moloney Margaret Molony Firpark [near Iragh]
18 October 1856 Patrick McInerny Rody Mary Linehan Dennis ? McInerney Margt. Riedy ? Tieravannen
19 October 1856 Thomas Devine John Nancy Gleeson Michl. Devine Anne Coffy Kilkishen
26 October 1856 Catherine Keliher Michl. Bridget Kennelly James Kennelly Bridget Connors Killurin
1 November 1856 Patrick Jones William Margaret Kelly Patt Kelly Anne McMahon Sivergrove
2 November 1856 Bridget Coughlan Michael Mary Connors Michael Boland [&] Bridget Boland Claremount
8 November 1856 Patrick Dillon James Mary Neal James Neal Margaret Neal Clonbrick
9 November 1856 Martin McInerney James Mary Hargrove John Cunneen Margaret Hargrove Clon___
11 November 1856 Bridget Fitzgerald Patt Margaret Moloney Mathew Moloney Bridget Moloney Cloughoola
13 November 1856 Eliza Halloran Thomas Ellen Gready Patt Callaghan Mary Halloran Clonloum
14 November 1856 Margaret Burk? Solomon Honora Ryan William Strafford Mary Strafford Clonloum
16 November 1856 Anne Nugent Patt Anne Dooly Michl. Naughton Anne Touhy Newtown
22 November 1856 Timothy Hogan Michael Margaret McMahon Timothy McMahon Mary Frost Knockatureen?
22 November 1856 John Liddane James Bridget Donnelan Denis Donnelan Margaret Donnelan Clonbrick
1 December 1856 Alice Ahern William Cathrine Finn Bryan Ahern Mary Fitzpatrick Belvoir
4 December 1856 Mary Lynch Thomas Bridget O'Connor John McInerny Catherine Hynes O'Callaghans Mills
7 December 1856 Michael Egan John Ellen Egan Michael Egan Catherine Egan Clohoula [sic]
15 December 1856 Cornelius Callaghan John Bridgt Ryan Patt Corbett Catherine Boland Iragh
20 December 1856 Mary Rourke William Anne Considine Patk. Considin Sally Considine Enagh[oflynn]
25 December 1856 Michael Gready Thomas Catherine O'Brien Michael Gready Sally Naughton Capanahana
26 December 1856 Daniel Mara? Patt Catherine O'Dea John Long Mary O'Brien Claremount
27 December 1856 Daniel McMahon Patt Mary Kean Mathew McMahon Bridget McMahon Killavoy
27 December 1856 Mary Tierny Michael Mary Hickman Garret Fitzgerald Mary Keefe Kilkishen
1 January 1857 Mary Tuohy Hugh Mary Couney [blank] Bridget Hogan Toureen
11 January 1857 Thomas Lyons Peter Anne Moloney Daniel Minogue Margt. Lyons Cealderra
11 January 1857 Dennis Flemon Patrick Cathrine Purcell Michael Burk Johanna O'Brien BallyMcDonnell
13 January 1857 Cathrine Linehan Daniel Mary Gready Daniel Linehan Johanna Linehan Lakile
25 January 1857 Patrick Hannon Michael Anne Hehir Patrick Lyons Mary Gulligan [sic] Kilkishen
27 January 1857 Edward Carty/Custy Patrick Margaret Lock John Hogan Catherine Hogan Kilkishen
27 January 1857 Patrick Flinn Michael Mary Boland Patrick Boland Margaret Cooney O'Callghans Mills
27 January 1857 Bridget Slatery Thomas Margaret Murphy James Slatery Margaret Healy Silvergrove
8 February 1857 Thomas Moloney Patrick Mary Meany James Meany Margaret Meany Craggs
14 February 1857 Rody McNamara Rody Honora Morony Patrick Liddy Margaret Liddy Enagh[oflynn]
16 February 1857 Patrick Reddan Edmond Margaret McInerny James McInerny Mary Grace Killeen
17 February 1857 Mary Marinan Patrick Johanna Neville John Hargreave Eliza Neville Knockatoureen
19 February 1857 Patrick Neville Patrick Catherine McNamara Michael Mulins Anne Mullins Kilkishen
20 February 1857 Margaret Kennedy James Hanna Tuohy James Ryan Margaret Tuohy Loughborough
22 February 1857 Patt Grady Edmund Cathrine Couny John Mangan Bridget Flanagan Silvergrove
22 February 1857 Cathrine O'Brien Michael Bridgt. Couney Patt Tuohey Margt. Kiely? Kilurin
22 February 1857 William O'Brien John Margaret O'Brien Michael O'Brien Bridget McInerny Capanahana
23 February 1857 John Kelly Michael Bridget Gallaher Pat Gallaher Margaret Gallaher Elmhill
28 February 1857 James McInerny John Mary Moroney Dennis McInerny Mary McInerny Cloncool
4 March 1857 Mary Collins William Cathrine Meany James Meany Mary Connelon Oatfield
7 March 1857 James Salinger Michael Johanna Lions [sic] John Salinger Bridget Salinger Kealderry
8 March 1857 Patrick Murphy Thomas Bridget Higgins [blank] Mary Connelon BallyMcDonnell
14 March 1857 Mary Ryan Patrick Jane O'Neal Cornelius McMahon Catherine Canny/Carney Kilkishen
15 March 1857 Patrick Molony Michael Mary McNamara John McNamara Margaret McNamara Drominad_
22 March 1857 Thomas Long John Margaret O'Dea Teady O'Brien Bridget Long Claremount
28 March 1857 Mary Mullins Michael Bridget Kelly John Kelly Anne Gorman Kilkishen
29 March 1857 Bridget Griffy Michael Catherine Kilelan [sic] John Boland Winifred Boland Iragh
1 April 1857 John Molony Patrick Bridget White Patrick Cooney Nancy McNamara O'Callaghans Mills
4 April 1857 John Carmody Michael Bridget Carney Michael Roughan Catherine Carney Kilkishen
[Dark] April 1857 Michael__ Donnelan Connor Mary Doogan Patt Doogan Bridget Healy Clashduff
15 April 1857 Margaret Frost Robert Margaret McNamara John Frost Brgt. Frost Kilenena
17 April 1857 Ellen Kelly John Catherine O'Brien Thomas Minogue Ellen O'Brien Silvergrove
20 April 1857 Patrick McInerny Nash Judy Crowe James Naughten Bridget Crowe Derranavegh
24 April 1857 Margaret Gready Michael Mary Egan Robert Murry Margaret Egan Derrynaveigh
24 April 1857 James Coony John Margaret Torpy Michael Torpy Sarah Torpy BallyMcDonnell
28 April 1857 Patrick O'Brien James Mary Kelly Denis Touhy Mary O'Brien Derrynaveigh
30 April 1857 Mary Littleton Stephen Mary Callaghan John Littleton Johanna Grace Killeen
1 May 1857 Bridget Maguire Thomas Mary Callaghan [blank] Catherine Halloran Backfield
3 May 1857 Michael McInerney John Mary Keogh Patrick Driskill Mary McInerney Lakile
17 May 1857 Anne Hogan John Anne McMahon Patrick Shaughnessy Catherine Shaughnessy Knockatoreen
17 May 1857 Joseph Fitzgerald Michael Catherine Walsh Patrick Corbett Mary Walsh Tierovanen
20 May 1857 Thomas McNamara Michael Mary Donnelan Michael Minogue [&] Margaret Minogue Ballymcdonnel
21 May 1857 Ellen Madigan John Hanna O'Brien John Madigan Ellen Durack Silvergrove
22 May 1857 Francis Gready Daniel Bridget Driskell Francis Gready Johanna Gready Annagh
1 June 1857 Mary Shannon Thomas Ellen Tully [blank] Bridget Quaid Ennistymon, paupers
1 June 1857 Mary McMahon Michael Catherine Collins John McMahon Margaret Crowe Belvoir
1 June 1857 Honora Quain [sic] Stephen Cathrine Molony John Grant Mary Grant Snatha
2 June 1857 Patrick Burk Edmund Jane Crowe Patt McInery Eliza McInery Doon
7 June 1857 John Fallon Michael Margaret Nash Patrick Mullins Sally Nash Kilkishen
12 June 1857 Mary McNamara Daniel Ellen Lawlor Denis McNamara Ellen McNamara Collnahil[la]
12 June 1857 Margaret Lyons Denis Mary Flinn Denis McNamara Bridget Lyons Killurin
14 June 1857 John Cunneen Michael Mary Fitzgerald Michael Walsh Ellen Fitzgerald Kilkishen
17 June 1857 Thomas Keliher Thomas Mary O'Brien Michael O'Brien Ellen Touhy Gurthatrassa
19 June 1857 John Walsh John Honora Madigan Denis Morony Maria Nugent B Kealderry [sic]
19 June 1857 Michael Cooney Michael Margaret Noonan Daniel Cooney Bridget Cooney BallyMcDonnell
21 June 1857 John Fitzgerald David Mary Eagan Patrick Fitzgerald Margt. Molony Cloughola
28 June 1857 Robert John Boyer Robert Bridget Frawley Timothy Cuningham Mary Cuningham Kilkishen
29 June 1857 John Minogue Thomas Catherine Flanagan Peter ? Murphy Mary Flanagan Iragh
2 July 1857 Cathrine Grace Dennis Judy Bagsill [sic, Brazil] Jas. Shalloo Mary Shalloo Tierovanin
13 July 1857 Cathrine Carbery Peter Margaret Cunneen John Cunneen Mary Walsh Kilkishen
14 July 1857 Mary McIerny Matt Nancy Ryan John Ryan Bridget Ryan Derranaveigh
14 July 1857 Mary Fitzgerald Michael Judy Kenevan John Fitzgerald Bridget McInerny Cloughoula
20 July 1857 Thomas Pendergast Charles Mary O'Connor Patt Liddy Bridget Liddy Iragh
24 July 1857 Michael Clune Peter Hanna Giltinane Michael Clune Mary Giltinane Kilkishen
4 August 1857 Daniel O'Brien James Johanna Mulqueeny James Morony Bridget Mulqueeny Claremount
7 August 1857 Catherine Tuohey Patrick Bridget McMahon James McMahon Catherine McMahon Backfield
7 August 1857 Bridget McCormick Dennis Margaret Tuohey Michael Naughten Bridget Flanagan Silvergrove
10? August 1857 Patrick Marrinan Thomas Mary Meehan Thomas O'Dea Mary O'Dea Clonbrick?
12? August 1857 Dennis Moroney Rody Mary Anglim Thomas Couney Mary Couney Gurtatrassa?
23 August 1857 Margaret Flanagan Martin Margaret Hassett John O'Brien Bridget Ryan Dereynaveigh
23 August 1857 Michael Burke Edmond Bridget Roughan John Moroney Maria Burke Doon
13 September 1857 Michael McInerny Thomas Mary Grace Thomas Grace Catherine McInerny Killenena
15 September 1857 Cornelius Keliher Cornelius Honora Fitzgerald Patrick Murphy Catherine Murphy Killurin
19 September 1857 Catherine Hargrove Murling [sic] Margaret Shaughnessy Michl. Marinan Anne Walker Knockatureen?
23 September 1857 Margaret Dillon William Bridget Clune Thomas Roach Joney Roach Lackile
26? September 1857 Michael Molony Patrick Honora Murphy Edmond Connell Bridget Connell Clonlea
30? September 1857 Michael Walker Henry Margaret Fahy Patrick Conlon Emily Conlon Kilkishen
5 October 1857 Bridget Nugent Edmond Anne Touhy Michael Naugtin Bridget Nugent Newtown
7 October 1857 James White John Catherine Molony Patrick Considine Catherine Considine Iragh
10 October 1857 Patrick Molony Stephen Ellen Shaughnessy Frank Shaughnessy Bridget Kelly Pollogh, Glenwood
18 October 1857 Martin Donohue Thos. Margt. Connors Henry Walker, Killkishen Catherine Halloran, Gurteen Drimeenacora
27 October 1857 Catherine O'Brien Thomas Ellen Giltinane Denis Giltinane Margaret Keogh Derrynaveigh
30 October 1857 Michael Linehan Michael Ellen McInerny Michael McNamara Catherin Morony Coolnahila
1 November 1857 Charles Fitzgerald Myles Catherine Collins John Creagh Bridget Hargrove Kilkishen
[Dark] November 1857 John Driskill John/James [dark] Johanna Moloney Thomas Driskill Margaret Driskill Mountallin
5 November 1857 David Fitzgerald Patt Margaret Ryan Michael Ryan Honora Ryan Oatfield
6 November 1857 Patrick Callaghan Edmond Cath Fitzgerald Michael Callaghan Mary Grace Clonloum
7 November 1857 Martin Mangan John Bessy Pursel John Nash Margaret Walsh Kilkishen
15 November 1857 Mary Moriarty Thos. Cath. Shea [illegible] Collins Anne King Enagh[oflynn]
21 November 1857 Connor Carney Connor Margaret Touhy Thos. Davies Mary Shaughnessy Knockatinty
28 November 1857 Bridget Lyons Stephen Mary Galligan Thomas Walsh Bridget Lyons Kilkishen
28 November 1857 Thomas Connell Danl. Catherine Gleeson John Vaughan Catheine McNamara Knockatinty
29 November 1857 Mary Coony Michael Bridget Connors Patrick Coony Margaret Longe [sic] Killurinmore
2 December 1857 Catherine McInerney Denis Honora Molony John McInerny Bridget Nihill Loughboro
5 December 1857 Bridget Dinan John Mary McNamara Martin McNamara Eliza Collins Killenena
5 December 1857 Margaret Meany Michael Ellen Pendergast Charles Pendergast Mary O'Connor Clonloum
6 December 1857 Bridget Mason James Mary McMahon George Mason Hanna Gregg Cloughola
10 December 1857 Martin Meehan Patrick Cathrin Fitzgerald Patt McInerney Mary Fitzgerald Lakyle
10 December 1857 Mary Going James Bridget Shaw John Boland Mary Shaw Claremount
11 December 1857 Anne McInerney James Honora Hayes Patrick Grace Mary McInerney Tierovanen
15? December 1857 Cornelius Donnellan Thomas Bridget B_nneth Connor Donnellan, Clashduff Margt. Handynan? Knockatinty
19 December 1857 Thos. Neil James Margt. Handynan ? Pat Callaghan Honora Hanrahan ? Kilkishen
21 December 1857 Michael__ Keliher Michael Bridget Kennelly Denis Markaham ? Honora Fitzgerald Killurin
23 December 1857 Thomas McMahon Thomas Catherine Halloran Michl. Hanneen Anne McMahon Clon___
27 December 1857 James St. Leger Batt Bridget Halloran Martin St. Leger Mary Halloran Kilderra [sic]
1 January 1858 Daniel McMahon Daniel Mary March Michael Herbert Mary Strafford Claremount
1 January 1858 Catherine Cotter Michael Bridget Murphy James Cotter Bridget Cotter Kilkishen
2 January 1858 Patt Vaughan Own Ellen Callaghan Patt Kelly Anne Nugent Cealderra
8 January 1858 Michael McNamara Michael Bridget Vaughan John McNamara Margaret McNamara BallyMcDonnell
12 January 1858 Michael O'Dea James Mary Browne Patt Quaid Bridget Quaid OC. Mills
18 January 1858 John Clune Patrick Mary McNamara Patt McMahon Mary McNamara Kilurin
24 January 1858 Bridget Walsh John Bridget St. Leger James St. Leger Mary Walsh Silvergrove
27 January 1858 Mary Crowe Thomas Anne Curtin Patt Gleeson Mary Murphy Iragh
31 January 1858 Bridget Carmody Patt Bridget O'Dea John Mullins Margaret O'Dea Killenina
18 February 1858 Francis McNamara John Bridgt. McMahon Michael Cunningham, Kilkishen Bridgt. Boland, ClareMt. Rossnylan
22 February 1858 Maria Cotter Andrew Bridget Marinan Michael Cotter Mary Cotter Clonbrick
23 February 1858 Mary Coughlan Michael Mary Connors Dennis Driscoll Cathrin Driscoll Claremount
27 February 1858 Catherine O'Neal Thomas Catherine Gorman Michael Lyons Ellen Cunningham Scarth
27 February 1858 Margaret Connell Edmond Mary Roughan Charles Roughan Catherine Gleeson Clonlea
2 March 1858 Patrick Liddane James Bridget Donnelan John Hassett Mary Hassett Clonbrick
5 March 1858 John Molony Patrick Bridget Higgins John Higgins Betty McNamara Clonloum
6 March 1858 Patrick Vaughan Michael Margaret McInerney Thomas Fallon Margaret McInerney Kilkishen
7 March 1858 Ellen McInerney Patrick Hanna Connors Michael Donnelan Mary Fitzgerald Kilkishen
14 March 1858 Bridget McMahon Patrick Mary Kean Michael Kean Catherine McMahon Killavoy
16 March 1858 Mary Gready James Ellen McNamara Cornelius McInerneyq Bridget Lyons Cloncool
16 March 1858 Bridget Littleton Michael Margaret McNamara John Littleton Winefred Boland Cloncool
19 March 1858 Mary Griffy Michael Catherine Kilolan ? [blank] Bridget Moloney Tierovanen
27 March 1858 Michael McNmara Teady Margaret Mason Michl McNamara Honora Hallinan Killonena
28 March 1858 John Casey Thomas Bridget Mason Michael Mason Catherine McNamara Cappanahana
28 March 1858 Peter Molony Michael Mary McNamara Thomas Stephens Mary Stephens Drominakela
31 March 1858 Hanna Moloney Teady Honora Hill Michael Stephens Mary McNamara Snata
3 April 1858 Mary Liddy Martin Honora Shea Daniel Halloran Catherine Mullins Kilenena
17 April 1858 Mary Gallagher Terrence Margaret Riely John Russell Bridget McNamara Kilkishen
18 April 1858 Mary Fitzgerald John Catherine Gleeson Michael Fitzgerald Nancy Gleeson Craggs
22 April 1858 Bridget Collins William Catherine Meany Patt Meany Mary Healy Oatfield
25 April 1858 Thomas Jones John Mary McNamara Dennis McNamara Margt. McNamara Bogland ?
2 May 1858 Dennis Hogan James Ellen McNamara Dennis O'Brien Mary O'Brien Dromeen
3 May 1858 Maria Cody Michael Mary Clune James Mullins Ellen Mullins Enagh[oflynn]
4 May 1858 Mary Kennedy Timothy Mary Dwane ? James Kelliher Margaret Tuohey Kiluran
13 May 1858 Mary Linehan Michael Mary Walker ? Dennis McNamara Mary Linehan Coolnahella
13 May 1858 Margaret Moloney Thomas Elizabeth [blank] Michael Enright Judy Enright Newtown
16? May 1858 Mary Neville Patrick Catherine McNamara James Conlon Margaret Fahy Kilkishen
19 May 1858 John Shaloo Michael Honora Hogan Teady Hogan Mary Moloney Knockatloe
26 May 1858 Margaret Mulqueeny Andrew Bridget Ryan Michl. Peper Johanna Ryan Doorus
30 May 1858 John Madigan John Hanna O'Brien Thomas Healy Margaret Healy Silvergrove
20 June 1858 Michael Dillon James Anne Neal Patrick Neal Ellen Neal Clonbrick
22 June 1858 Bridget O'Brien Michael Bridget Grady Michael O'Brien Mary O'Brien Cappanahanna
22 June 1858 James ? Cunneen Michael Margaret Fitzgerald John Cunneen Anne Mullins Kilkishen
23 June 1858 John Garvey Michael Anne Maguire Michael McNamara Elizabeth O'Brien Cloncool
29 June 1858 Margaret McCormick John Cathrine Peppard Patt McNamara Anne McNamara Clonloum Beg
30 June 1858 Bridget McMahon Michael Anne Maeny ? Daniel McNamara Margaret McNamara Belvoir
2 July 1858 Catherine Hassett Michael Ellen Cunningham Michael Touhey Bridget Hassett Clonbrick
7 July 1858 Daniel Connelon Daniel Mary Gerarty [sic] John Moroney Anne Enright ? Tierovanen ?
15 July 1858 James Murphy John Bridget Connors Patrick Donnelan Bridget Donnelan Clonlea
17 July 1858 Daniel McNamara Michael Bridget Gready Stephen McNamara Ellen Moloney Drominakela
20 July 1858 Ellen Molony Patrick Mary Murry Michael Murry Bridget Murry Cragg
22 July 1858 Michael Considine John Anne Neville Antony McNamara Bridget McNamara Enagh O'Flinn
25 July 1858 Michael Marinan Patrick Johanna Neville Michael Neville Anne Skehan Knockatureen
27 July 1858 Bridget Stephens Martin Anne Marinan Thomas Lyons Honora Marinan Snata
28 July 1858 Patrick Frost Frost Margaret McNamara Thomas Frost Margaret Frost Killenena
30 July 1858 Hanora McNamara Denis Margaret McNamara James Vaughan Johanna McNamara [too dark]
30 July 1858 John McNamara Michael Bridget Coony John Molony Mary Torpy BallyMcDonnell
1 August 1858 Thomas Hickey John Johanna Hogan Thomas Fallon Honora Ryan Clonlea
4? August 1858 James Begley Patrick Ellen Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald Bridget Earls Cloholia [sic, Cloughoola]
10 August 1858 Mary Tuohey Michael Margaret Flanagan Dennis McCormick Mary Moloney Silvergrove
15 August 1858 Patrick Pendergast Charles Mary O'Connor Michael Lynch Bridget Pendergast Iragh
4 September 1858 Maryanne McInerney James Mary Hardgrove John Hardgrove Cathrine Hardgrove Clonlea
5 September 1858 Michael Mangan Thomas Bridget Ryan Patrick Murry Mary Reynolds Craggs
12 September 1858 Jane Maher Patrick Jane Halloran Michael Clune Anne Coffy [? in the record] Kilkishen
16 September 1858 Margaret Nash Thomas Mary Halloran Patrick O'Brien Margaret Halloran Kilkishen
3 October 1858 Daniel Flinn Michael Mary Boland John O'Brien Bessy O'Brien O'Callaghans Mills
7 October 1858 Edmond Neal John Margaret McNamara Martin Neal Mary Shaughnessy Oatfield
13 October 1858 John Minogue Thomas Bridget Tracy Michael Lynch Bridget Minogue Elmhill
18 October 1858 Timothy Molony Timothy Bridget Murphy John Stephens Margaret Burns Belvoir
19 October 1858 Bridget Gleeson Patrick Mary Lacey Mathew Gleeson Bridget Donohoe Craggs
24 October 1858 Thomas Lynch Patt Cathrine Moloy [sic] Daniel Lynch Bridget Lynch Clonbrick
24 October 1858 Bridget Egan Mathew Bridget Cullinan Michael Earls Bridget Cunningham Cloughola
29 October 1858 Margaret Driskill Patrick Mary McInerney William Lenihan [&] Mary Lenihan Silvergrove
30 October 1858 Martin Hea_y Dominic Mary McNamara Thomas Maher Mary Maher Knockatinty
31 October 1858 James Ahern William Cathrine Finn Martin Stephens Marget [sic] Grady Belvoir
12 November 1858 Martin Noonan John Anne Driskill Michl McNamara Margaret Burke BallyMcDonnell
21 November 1858 Patt McInerny Patt Margaret Moroney Donet McInery [sic] [blank] Firpark [near Iragh]
24 November 1858 Mathew Hynes Mathew Margaret Sweeny William Arkins Mary Arkins Iragh
24 November 1858 Catherine Fitzgerald Patt Margaret Moloney Mathew Moloney Margaret Fitzgerald Clohoula [sic]
26 November 1858 Margaret Kelliher James Bridget Balton [sic] Michael Hogan Bridget Heffernan Drimeen
26 November 1858 Honora Kelliher James Bridget Balton James Hogan Ellen McNamara Drimeen
27 November 1858 Bridget Ki_ken___ Michael Margaret Shaughnessy John Shaughnessy Margaret Fitzgerald Killenena
2 December 1858 Mary Linehan Daniel Mary Grady Daniel Linehan Margt. O'Brien Mtallan
5 December 1858 Bridget McNamara Daniel Bridget Frawley Rody McNamara [&] Ellen McNamara Killenena?
6 December 1858 Catherine Murry James Mary Moroney William Frawley Margaret Moroney Ballymcdonnell?
8? December 1858 Mary Kelly John Mary Callaghan John Kelly Margaret Kelly Ballyvorgil
8? December 1858 James Fitzgerald Michael Judy Ginnevane [sic, Kenevan] Patrick McInerney Margaret Moloney Cloughola
10 December 1858 Bridget Murry Robert Mary Kinnane Patt Mason Margaret Ryan Derrynaveigh
11? December 1858 Honora Mack William Mary Glyne [sic] Andrew Glyne Margaret Glyne Kilkishen
12 December 1858 Thomas Clune Peter Anne Giltinane Patt Daly Mary Vaughan Kilkishen
13 December 1858 Mary Lyons Peter Anne Moloney James Shalloe Mary Shalloe Kealderry
14 December 1858 Mary Leyden Denis Bridget Hogan Michael Cooney Honora Droney Iragh
16 December 1858 Bridget Driskill James Susan Torpey Thomas Driskill Catherine Driskill Monegena
16 December 1858 Bridget Hogan John Margaret Herbert John Toomy Cristy Cooney Fox and Geese
17 December 1858 Michael McMahon James Mary Gray Stephen Gray Hanna O'Brien Belvoir
19 December 1858 Mary Madden Denis Ellen Droney Edmond Droney Margaret Cooney O'Callghans Mills
24 December 1858 Elizabeth McNamara James Cathrine Standon [blank] Anne Standon Clonlum
1 January 1859 John Kelly John Mary Coughlan William Healy Margaret Brien Elmhill
2 January 1859 Henry? Bingham George Margaret Doogan Patt Bingham Catherine Doogan Kilkishen
6 January 1859 Edward Carney Edward Mary Mangan John Markham ? Catherine Carney Kilkishen
11 January 1859 Bridget Murphy Daniel Margaret Connors John Connors Carhrine Murphy BallyMcDonnell
16 January 1859 Patt Minogue Thomas Cathrine Flanagan John McNamara Bridget McNamara Iragh
18 January 1859 William Vaughan Patt H_____ McInerney Larry Vaughan Ellen Murphy Tierovannen
23 January 1859 Bridget Couney Patrick Winifred Hassett John Shaughnessy Margaret Gleeson Bellina____
30 January 1859 Rody McInerny John Mary Moroney John Mcinerny Bridget McInerny Cloncool_
30 January 1859 David Downey John Mary McMahon William Downey Margaret McMahon Craggs
30 January 1859 John Gready Michael Mary Egan John Egan Bridget Egan Derrynaveigh
30 January 1859 Bridget Moriarty Thomas Catherine Shea John Tyrone Margaret Hartigan Killenena
5 February 1859 Patrick Carberry Peter Margaret Cunneen John O'Brien Margaret Roughan Kilkishen
6 February 1859 James Vaughan Owen Anne Callaghan Michael Lynch Anne Naughten Cealderra
9 February 1859 Patt Mern [sic] Michael Margaret Collins John McDonough Anne Gleeson [too dark]
11 February 1859 Michael O'Brien Thomas Margaret Walker Patrick McInerney Ellen O'Brien Coolistoonan
13 February 1859 Mary Lyons Denis Mary Flinn/Finn John Roughan Margaret _____ Kille[nena] [dark]
15 February 1859 Mary Gray Michael Ellen Lyons Denis Stephens Mary Gray Drominakela
20 February 1859 James Anglim Patt Bridget Long Michael Herbert Mary Strafford Claremount
2 March 1859 Michael Salinger Batt Bridget Halloran Matt McMahon Bridget Collins Kealderry
5 March 1859 Patrick Shinners ? William Mary Leahy Thos. Mullins Mary McNamara Kilkishen
8 March 1859 James Littleton Stephen Mary Callaghan Michl. McNamara Bridget McNamara Killeen
11 March 1859 Mary Kelly John Catherine O'Brien John Minogue Bridget Minogue Silvergrove
12 March 1859 Thomas Mullins Michael Bridget Kelly Michael Cotter Bridget Kelly Kilkishen
12 March 1859 Patrick Keegan Michael Belinda Moran Thomad Vesey Monika Moran Kilkishen
17 March 1859 Thomas Carmody Michael Bridget Cuoney Patt Mullins Bridget Faul Kilkishen
18 March 1859 Johanna McCormack Denis Margaret Touhey Denis McInerney Mary Lynch [ink blot]
25 March 1859 Mathew Kelly Michael Bridget Gallaher Cornelius O'Brien Mary Shea Elmhill
25 March 1859 Mary Maguire Thomas Mary Callaghan Michael Touhey Mary Touhey Backfield
27 March 1859 Honora McNamara Rody Honora O'Hara ? John Dynan Mary Loughlin Enagh O'Flinn
31? March 1859 Dennis McNamara Daniel Ellen Lalor Donet McNamara Johanna McNamara Coolnahella
8 April 1859 Margaret Nugent Edmond Anne Touhey Maurice Peper Mary Hallehan Newtown
9 April 1859 Nancy Moloney Stephen Ellen Shaughnessy Thomas Guerin ? Mary Hassett Ballyvorgil
10 April 1859 Francis McNamara John Mary Collins Francis McNamara Bridget Vaughan BallyMcDonnell
13 April 1859 John Carmody Patrick Bridget O'Dea John McNamara Mary McNamara Enagh O'Flinn
1_ April 1859 Andrew Flemon Patt Cathrine Purcell Daniel Doyle Winifred Burke BallyMcDonnell
24 April 1859 Michael Murphy Thomas Bridget Higgins John Higgins Anne Meehan BallyMcDonnell
26 April 1859 Cathrine Mara Patt Cathrine O'Dea John O'Brien Margaret O'Dea Claremount
27 April 1859 Laurence Cooney John Mary Torpy James Morony Bridget Cooney BallyMcDonnell
27 April 1859 Bridget Noonan John Mary Sweeny Michael Molony Nancy Markaham BallyMcDonnell
28 April 1859 Michael Molony Michael Catherine Mullins Luke Mullins Bridget Mullins Ballymcdonnell
4 May 1859 Bridget Coffey Patrick Mary Grace John O'Dea Honora O'Dea Ballymcdonnell
4 May 1859 Dennis Kennedy James Hanna Tuohey Matt Moroney Catherine McMahon Loughboro
8 May 1859 John Callaghan John Bridget Ryan Michael O'Dea Bridget Nihill Iragh
8 May 1859 Mary Egan John Ellen Egan Michael Egan Ellen McInerney Cougholia
[Damaged] May 1859 [damaged] McNamara Michael Bridget Carroll Michael Carroll Nancy Carroll Ballyvorgil
[Damaged] May 1859 [damaged] Moloney Patt Honora Murphy James Mullins Bridget Murphy Clonlea
15? May 1859 Peter O'Brien Martin Mary Eagan James Eagan Ellen Egan Clougoula
15 May 1859 Patrick Casey Thomas Margaret Mason Martin Moloney Anne Grady Derranaveigh
15 May 1859 Mary Burke Solomon Honora Ryan Michael Mooney Penelope Mooney Violet Hill
18? May 1859 Mary Begly Michael Bridget Crowe Patt Begly Honora Crowe Cloughoula
20 May 1859 John Moloney Michael Mary McNamara Peter McNamara Winifred McNamara Drominakela
20 May 1859 Thomas McInerney John Mary Keogh Thomas McInerney Bridget Quinlivan Lakyle
21 May 1859 John Connell Daniel Catherine Gleeson John Vandeleur Mary Hogan Kilkishen
27 May 1859 Margaret Burke Edmond Bridget Roughan Edmond McNamara Judy Dooley Doon
29 May 1859 Bridget Couney Michael Margaret Noonan [blank] Mary Flanigan BallyMcDonnell
2 June 1859 Mary Canny John Winifred Egan Stephen Walsh Bridget Cunneen Kilkishen
2 June 1859 Mary McInerny Dennis Honora Moloney Patt McInerny Bridget McNamara Loughboro
4 June 1859 Mary Gleeson Michael Anne Kelly John Vaughan Johanna Vaughan Kilkishen
12 June 1859 Martin O'Brien John Margaret O'Brien Dennis McNamara Catherine McNamara Cappahahanna
18 June 1859 Patrick McInerney Thomas Mary Grace Michael Madden Mary Grace Killenena
26 June 1859 Bridget Hogan Michael Margaret McMahon James O'Neal Margaret Hogan Knocatureen
1 July 1859 Ellen Murke Edmond Jane Burke John O'Brien Margaret O'Brien Claremount
2 July 1859 Catherine Donnelan Connor Mary Doogan Patt Donnelan Margaret Donnelan Clashduff
2 July 1859 Anne Ryan Patt Jane Neal Patt Conlon Margaret Cusack Scarth
7 July 1859 Margaret McInerney Mathew Anne Ryan Michael Naughten Johanna Ryan Derrynaveigh
8 July 1859 Catherine McMahon Patt Mary Kean John Hynes Bridget Kean Killavoy
9 July 1859 Margaret McMahon Thomas Catherine Halloran Patt Boyce Margaret Boyce Clonbrick
11 July 1859 Margaret Meehan Patt Catherine Fitzgerald Patt Meehan Ellen Fitzgerald Capalaheen
15 July 1859 Anne McNamara Michael Bridget Vaughan Michael McNamara Margaret Murry BallyMcD[onnell]
19 July 1859 Ellen Cooney John Johanna Lenihan Charles Cooney Margaret Frawley O'Callaghans Mills
20 July 1859 John Neville Michael Anne Skehan Jeremiah Skehan Margaret O'Neal Kilkishen
23 July 1859 James Callaghan Edmond Catherine Fitzgerald John Collins Ellen Collins Clonloum
24? July 1859 John Quaid Stephen Cathrine Molony James O'Brien Honora McNamara Snatha
29 July 1859 Patt Collins William Mary Mulqueeny James McMahon Mary Couney Claremount
7 August 1859 Martin O'Brien James Mary Kelly Bridget Grady James McInerny Derranaveigh
10 August 1859 Michael Casey Michael Anne Kennedy Michael McNamara Margaret Loughlin Enagh[oflynn]
12 August 1859 Michael Walsh John Honora Madigan Andrew Boland Bridget Nugent Kealderry
21 August 1859 Mary Madigan John Hanna O'Brien John Kelly Ellen Murphy Silvergrove
28 August 1859 John Madden Edmund Margaret McInerny Patt McNamara Margaret McNamara Backfield
30 August 1859 Catherine Slatery Thomas Ellen Lyons Rody Moloney Mary Lyons Silvergrove
14 September 1859 Nicholas Pendergast Charles Mary O'Connor George Haynes/Hayes [&] Catherine Haynes/Hayes Iragh
16 September 1859 Michael Salinger Michael Judy Lyons James Salinger Judy Shalloe Kealderry
16 September 1859 Patrick Dilllon William Bridget Clune Michael Dillon Anne Clancy/Cluney Lakyle
18 September 1859 Bridget Jones William Margaret Kelly Michael Hogan Bridget McNamara Silvergrove
18 September 1859 Michael Meany Michael Ellen Pendergast Patrick Hynes Margaret Hynes Clonloum
26 September 1859 Michael McInerny Patrick Judy Crowe Peter McIerney Mary Crowe Derrynaveigh
1 October 1859 Bridget Donohoe Thomas Margaret O'Connor Peter Carberry Margaret Walker Kilkishen
1 October 1859 Mary Liddane James Bridget Donnelan Patt Tinne [sic] Mary Liddane Clonbrick
1 October 1859 John McNamara Patt Sally McNamara John McNamara Margaret McNamara Ballyvorgil
2 October 1859 Margaret Cooney Daniel Mary Hayes Michael Moloney Margaret Hayes Ballymcdonnell
6 October 1859 Andrew Ryan Edmond Mary Callaghan Michael Droney Winifred McNamara Cloncoole
7 October 1859 James O'Brien James Johanna Mulqueeny Michael Mara Bridget Harkins Claremount
16 October 1859 Michael McIerney Edmund Cathrine Gore James Moloney Mary Moloney Clonloumbeg
18 October 1859 Thomas Carroll John Anne Flemon Thomas Clune Honora Flemon Knockatloe
24 October 1859 Elizabeth Liddy Martin Honora Shea John Hassett Mary Hassett Enagh O'Flinne
1 November 1859 Cathrine Frawley Patrick Margaret O'Brien William O'Brien Cathrine O'Brien Ralahine
6? November 1859 Mary Gready Thomas Catherine O'Brien John Egan Ellen Gready Capanahana
9 November 1859 Martin Liddane John Margaret Moloney James McDonnell Mary McDonnell Newpark
12 November 1859 Mary Lyons Stephen Mary Galligan Patrick Feely Margaret Kelly Kilkishen
13 November 1859 Cathrine Collins William Cathrine Meany Peter Meany Ellen Meany Oatfield
15 November 1859 John O'Brien John Anne Carroll Patrick Shaughnessy Margaret O'Brien Capanahana
17 November 1859 Bridget Culliney Patk. Bridget Lynch Henry Walker Anne Walker Scarth
22 November 1859 Mary Nash Thomas Mary Halloran Peter Wall Catherine Mullins Kilkishen
27? November 1859 Bridget Nash Michael Mary Shaughnessy John Nash Anne Meehen__ Kiillenena
4 December 1859 John O'Dea James Mary Lynch William Coughlan Margaret Droney O'Callaghans Mills
9 December 1859 Michael Moroney Daniel Bridget Larkin Thomas Larkin Catherine Larkin Kealderry
9? December 1859 Margaret Ryan John Anne McMahon John McMahon Cathrine O'Shaughnessy [illegible]
14 December 1859 Patrick Heffernan John Margaret Bently James Heffernan Anne Bently Claremount
16 December 1859 Sally McNamara Michael Catherine Hardgrove Denis McNamara Mary McNamara Iragh
19 December 1859 John Fitzpatrick Patrick Bridget Heffernan Michael Rochford Catherine Gleeson Iragh
21 December 1859 Thomas Neville Patrick Catherine McNamara James Mullins Susen Nash Kilkishen
24 December 1859 Edmond Healy? Edmond Bridget Clarke James Long Catherine Flanagan Elmhill
25 December 1859 Margaret Fitzgerald Patrick Margaret Ryan Martin Flanagan Anne Ryan Oatfield
25 December 1859 Honora Flanagan Martin Margaret Hassett Michael Gready Margaret Gready Dangan
30 December 1859 Patrick McMahon Daniel Mary March? Michael O'Brien Eliza Herbert Claremount
30 December 1859 Bridget Gooney James Bridget Shea John Shea Sally Touhey Clonerk [sic]
31 December 1859 Bridget Tierney Michael Mary Hickman Michael Clune Anne Clune Kilkishen
1 January 1860 Patrick Ryan John Kate Walsh Patrick Fitzgerald Mary Fitzgerald Oatfield
1 January 1860 Bridget Touhey Patrick Bridget McMahon [blank] Margaret McGrath Backfield
8 January 1860 Anne Couney Michael Bridget Connors Michael Kelliher Bridget Kelliher ? Kilkishen?
8 January 1860 Teady Moroney Rody Mary Anglim Thomas Gleeson Mary Liddy Gurtatrassa
11 January 1860 Anne Driscoll James Serah Torpy Denis Driscoll Margaret Torphy [sic] Monagena
16 January 1860 John Crowell? Thomas Anne Curtin Michael Corbett Jane Murphy Iragh
20 January 1860 Bridget Pepper James Margaret Stewart Michl. Pepper Margaret Pepper Doorass [sic]
22 January 1860 Cathrine Murry Robert Margaret Kinnane Thomas Morony Elizabeth Kinnane Derinaveigh
25 January 1860 Bridget Moloney Patt Bridget Higgins Patt Moloney Bridget Moloney Clonloum
25 January 1860 Ellen Moloney Patt Bridget Higgins Patt Higgins Mary McNamara Clonloum
27 January 1860 John Walsh John Bridget Salinger John Moroney Bridget Salinger Silvergrove
28 January 1860 Bridget Cody Michael Mary Clune Michael McNamara Bridget McNamara Enagh [O'Flinn]
3 February 1860 Bridget Kelliher Michael Bridget Kinenealy Michl. Keliher Ellen Kinnealy Killurin
4 February 1860 Bridget Ahern Michael Margaret Collins John McDonough Catherine Collins Enagh [O'Flinn]
6 February 1860 Mary Skehan Patt Margaret Conheady Thomas Skehan Honora Conheady Knockatloe?
8 February 1860 Mary Littleton Michael Margaret McNamara Edmond Verlin Bridget Verlin Cloncool
11 February 1860 Sarah Fallon Michael Margaret Nash John Russell Anne Mullins Kilkishen
12 February 1860 Mary Eagan Patt Mary Slatery Michael Grady Bridget Grady Oatfield
12 February 1860 Ellen Fitzgerald John Cathrine Gleeson Thomas Fitzgerald Mary Fitzgerald Cragg
14 February 1860 Mary Fitzgerald Daniel Mary Egan Patrick Egan Bridget Egan Cloughola
15 February 1860 Michael Lenihan Michael Mary Walker Thomas O'Brien Margaret Walker Coolnahella
19 February 1860 Patrick Morey Daniel [blank] [blank] Stephen Walsh Johanna Meany Kilkishen
25 February 1860 Mary Lynch Patt Cathrin Moloy [sic] Michael Moloy Mary Moloy Clonbrick
26 February 1860 Mary Fitzgerald Patt Margaret Molony Frances Fitzgerald Margaret Molony Cloughoula
28 February 1860 [ink blot] Sallinger Martin Cathrine McInerny Patt McInerny Bridget Powall Cealderra
1 March 1860 Michael Jones John Mary McNamara James Cunningam Sera Cunningam Clonlea
2 March 1860 Bridget Murry James Mary Moroney Michael Moroney Marg__ __rry “P. for Bridget” Kilurin
6 March 1860 Patt Tuohey Daniel Mary Lynch Patrick McCormick M__ __mick ? Silvergrove
6 March 1860 Mary McInerny Michael Bridget Naughton Patrick McInerny Margaret McInerny Derranaveigh
18? March 1860 Bridget Rochford Patt Mary Neal Patt Long Mary Murphy [blank]
19? March 1860 Mary Cotter Michael Bridget Murphy Michael Mullins Mary Regan Kilkishen
2_ March 1860 Michael Cunneen Michael Mary Fitzgerald Patt Mullins Mary Cunneen Kilkishen
25 March 1860 Patrick Grady Patt Cathrine McNamara Thomas Naughten Mary McMahon Cappanahana
25 March 1860 Patt Mason James Margaret McMahon Patt Mason Bridget McInerny Cloughoula
1? April 1860 Honora ? McInerny James Honora Hayes John McInerny Margt. Shaloo ? Iragh ?
9 April 1860 Sera Gallaher Terence Margaret Riely James Gallaher Cathrine Kelly Kilkishen
14 April 1860 Stephen Gray Michael Ellen Lyons Martin Grady Margaret Grady Drominakela
15 April 1860 Margaret Moloney Patt Mary Murry Michael Mulready Mary Moloney Butterhol[e] [at Upper Cragg]
15 April 1860 Patt Lyons Peter Anne Moloney Michael Sallinger Mary Minogue Cealderra
2_ April 1860 [inked over] Considine John Anne Neville Patt Connelon Emily Connelon Enagh ? [O'Flinn]
26 April 1860 Anne Kelly John Mary Callaghan John Moloney Mary Kelly Glenwood
29? April 1860 Daniel Linehan Michael Ellen McInerney Daniel Linehan Mary Walker Coolnahela
3 May 1860 Cathrine Slatery John Anne Connors Dan'l. Conlan Sera McNamara Iragh ?
10 May 1860 Anne Dinans John Norry McNamara P. Boyce [blank] B______
14 May 1860 Kate Shinners William Mary Shinners Andy Drony ? B. O'Brien [illegible]
18 May 1860 Mary Molony Michl. Kate Mullins Michl.? Molony N. Mullins Fox & Geese
19 ? May 1860 Michl. Moloney Michael Mary McNamara Michl. McNamara Bridget Donnlen Ballymcdonel
26 May 1860 Eliza Megan [sic] John Eliza Purcell Pat Purcel Mary Healy Kilkishen
26 May 1860 Catherine Cotter John Bridget Marrinan Michl. Cotter Bid Loughlin ? Clonbrick ?
30 May 1860 Bridget McCormick John Cathrine Peppard Peter Boland Margt. Callighan Clon___
1 June 1860 Johanna Tuohey Michael. Margt. Flanagan John McNamara Magt. Moloney Silvergrove
4 June 1860 Mary Moloney Tead Honora Hill James Gleeson Cathrine Connell Snatha
4? June 1860 [inked over] Bug_ar George Margaret Hogan ? Michl. Hogan ? Anne Parker Kilkishen
7 June 1860 John Neal James Margaret Mungovan ? Pat Walsh Bridget Vaughan Kilkishen
10 June 1860 Timothy Shaloo Michael. Honora Hogan Dennis McInerny Johanna Shaloo [too dark]
[Ink blot] June 1860 Bridget White John Catherine Molony [too dark] [too dark] [too dark]
20 June 1860 Honora Liddy Michael. Bridget Callaher Michl.? Mara Bridget Healy ? Elmhill
20 June 1860 John Marinan Tom Mary Meehan Michl. Marinan ? Anne Foley ? C_____
20 June 1860 Bridget McNamara John [illegible] Costello Pat McNamara Kate McNamara? Rosneylon
23? June 1860 Catherine Frost Robert Marg. Mcnamara Mrs. D. Mcnamara B. Mcnamara ? Kill____
25 June 1860 Emily Vandeleure John Bridget McNamara Thomas Walsh Margt. Lyons Kilkishen ?
26 June 1860 John Marinan ? Patt Johanna Neville Patt McNamara Brigt. McNamara Knockatureen
29 June 1860 Francis Hynes John Margaret McNamara Patt Carthy Mary Carthy Killkishen
6 July 1860 Bridget Mulqueeny Michl. Anne Ryan P. Mulqueeny M. Ryan ? [illegible]
8 July 1860 Cathrine Lyons Dennis Mary Flyne Matt McMahon Margt. Anglim Kilurin
12 July 1860 Michael Maddigan John Hanna O'Brien ? Denis O'Brien Bid. Nugent [illegible]
12? July 1860 Margaret Flanery Daniel Honora Kelly ? John Mangan Margaret Kelly Claremont
20 July 1860 Bridget Kennedy Timothy Bridget [illegible] Michl. Kelliher Margt. Tuohy ? Kilkishen ?
22 July 1860 Anne Kelleher James Bridget Balton Connor Kelleher Anne Murphy Dromeen
26? July 1860 Honora Larkin Michl. M. Ryan James [illegible] [blank ?] [illegible]
1 August 1860 John Murphy Daniel Margaret Connors Michael Keliher Margt. Murphy Gurtatrassa
1 August 1860 Michael Murphy Daniel Margaret Connors Patt Murphy Bridget Keliher Gurtatrassa
4 August 1860 Margaret McInerny James Mary Hargrove Thomas Murphy Margaret Murphy Clonlea
12 August 1860 Mary Downey John Mary McMahon John Grant Catherine Meany Belvoir
17 August 1860 Mary Hogan Michael. Bridget Macnamara Dan? Mac Ella Molony Iragh
17 August 1860 Mary Garvey Michl. Anne Maguire John O'Brien Honora Conolan ? Claremount
17 August 1860 John Begly Patt Ellen Fitzgerald Patt Earls Mary Eagan Cloughoula
23 August 1860 Connor Neil John Mary Mcnamara Dan Cough ? Kate Mac Oatfield
26 August 1860 Mathew McNamara Michl. Margaret Cartery ? John Kennedy Margt. McNamara [O]Callaghans Mills ?
2 September 1860 Mary Sallinger Batt Bridget Halloran John Sallinger Catherine Halloran Kealderra ?
2 September 1860 Mary Meany Michl. Ellen Pendergast Edmond Meany Mary Meany Clonloum
2 September 1860 Michael Clune Pat Mary McNamara James McNamara Cath. McInerny Rossneylon
3 September 1860 Honora Ryan Patt Mary [illegible] Patt Maher Sarah Cunningham Scart
16 September 1860 David Downy? Wm. Margaret Molony Mickl. Gleeson [blank] Upper Craig [isc]
20 September 1860 Michl. Egan John Marg. Callaghan P. Callaghan __ Grady Oatfield
23? September 1860 Mary Callaghan Michl. Bridget Collins John Collins [&] Ellen Collins Clonloum
28 September 1860 Catherine Coghlan Michael. Mary Connors Michael Hogan Bridget Hogan Claremount
29 September 1860 Mary Anne Clune Peter Anne Giltinan Michl. Hannon Catherine Horol__ Kilkishen
2 October 1860 Henry Stephens Martin Anne Marrinon Pat Mullins Mary Marrinan Snata
6 October 1860 Michael Hynes Matt. Margaret Sweeny John Manion Mary Kelly Iragh
6 October 1860 Mary Minogue Thos. Catherin Flanagan Pat Minogue Bridget Minogue Iragh
6 October 1860 Mary Connell Daniel Cathrine Gleeson Patt Frawley ? Anne Gleeson Kilkishen
7 October 1860 John Magrath Thomas Margaret Keefe Michael Gleeson Bridget McMahon [O'Callaghans] Mills
7 October 1860 James McMahon Michl. Anne Murray Peter McNamara Bridget Murray Belvoir
14 October 1860 Michael Burk Solomon Honora Ryan Edmund Burk Elizabeth Burke Droninagan [sic]
14 October 1860 William Creagh John Margaret Kelly Martin Creagh Mary Creagh Kilkishen
15 October 1860 Daniel McInerney Patrick Margaret Moroney Michael McInerny Mary McInerny Firpark [nr Iragh]
28 October 1860 Johanna ? McNamara Daniel Ellen Lawlor Matt McNamara Bridget McNamara Coolnahela
5 November 1860 James Neville Michael Anne Skehan Thos. Skehan Mary Collins Kilkishen
6 November 1860 Mary Moroney Daniel Bid Larkins Pat McMahon Mary [illegible] Cealderra
15? November 1860 Mary Carbery Peter Margaret Cunneen Michl. Cunneen Bridget Donnelon Kilkishen
16 November 1860 John Horigan ? John Mary Flanegan Patt Flanigan Judith Horrigan ? Kieldera East [sic]
18 November 1860 David Madden Dennis Ellen Droney John Hi____ Mary Hynes O'Callaghans mills
20 November 1860 Bridget Driscoll Patt Mary McInerny John McInerny Mary Keogh Silvergrove
27 November 1860 Thomas Egan Patk. Bridget Clancy Laurence Egan Catherine Egan Oatfield
10? December 1860 Anne Hicky John Johanna Hogan Patk. Fallon Margaret Fallon Scart
2 December 1860 Margaret Magrath Teady Bridget Lacy Thomas Lacy Ellen Lacy Iragh
2 December 1860 Bridget McNamara Michael Bridget Vaughan Frances McNamara Anne McNamara BallyMcDonell
6 December 1860 Margaret McMahon Michael Margaret Lynch John McMahon Winifred Hartigan Mt Allan
9 December 1860 Margaret Couney Jack Anne Collins John Shalloo Bridget Gready Silvergrove
11 December 1860 Bridget Kelly John Kate O'Brien ____is O'Brien Hanna Flanagan Silvergrove
12 December 1860 Michl. Mcnamara John Mary Collins Anne Mcmahon Walter Kennedy Ballymcdonnell
16 December 1860 Elizabeth Hogan John Margaret Herbert Michael Hogan Margaret Vaughan Fox & Geese
18 December 1860 Mary Stephens Thos. Anora [sic] Bagly [sic] James Stephens Bridget Begly Snata
20 December 1860 John McNerny Edmond Kate Gore Joseph Maloney Mary Mcgrath Clonloum
23 December 1860 Ellen McNamara Denis Mary McNamara Mathew McNamara Mary Walker BallyMcDonnell
23 December 1860 Mary Corney [sic, Carney?] John Mary Torpy Mary Walker Michl. Torpy Cloinehello [sic, Coolnahela?]
24 December 1860 Daniel Minogue Tom Anne Tracy Pat Minogue Bid Mingoue Elmhill

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RC Baptismal Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1835-1845