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RC Baptismal Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1835-1881

Title: RC Baptismal Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1835-1881
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1835 to 1881
Place: RC Parish of O’Callaghan’s Mills
Source: O’Callaghan’s Mills RC Baptismal Registers NLI Film 02476/08
Transcriber/Donor: Sharon Carberry, Virginia, USA

Registers by Date:
1835 - 1840 1841 - 1845 1846 - 1850 1851 - 1855 1856 - 1860

1861 - 1865

1866 - 1870 1871 - 1875 1876 - 1881  

Registers by Surname:
A - Ce Cl - D E - F G - H I - L
M - McI McM - McN M'D - Mu N - R S - Y

Transcriber’s Note:
“Spellings shown are those that appear on the record pages, every part of which is in cursive handwriting. Some letters of the alphabet were written in a unique, stylized way. It is apparent that, although there was one priest assigned to this parish at any one time, often more than one person was writing a month's records and different spellings appear for the same surname. That is left as is, except for a spelling of McInerney using a "j" that could be confusing. Also, the parish priest changed his spelling of place names as time went by, he used single letters to stand in for an entire name, and he started to show informal personal names (i.e., nicknames). Fatigue causes mistakes, and these records were created for church purposes with no expectation the public would make use of them.

The 'A to Ce' section contains surnames which are missing their first letter/s - represented there by dashes - and the 'S to Y' section contains illegible or missing surnames under 'Unknown'"

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O'Callaghan's Mills

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