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RC Baptism Records (Complete) for Carron Parish, 1853-1881

Title: RC Baptism Records for Carron Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1853-1881
Place: RC Parish of Carron

Carron RC Baptism Registers
NLI Film 02440 / 06

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:
Two things to note:
(1) The mother’s own surname was not recorded between the years 1853 and 1864.
(2) There was a bit of a mix-up of the pages for the years 1864 to 1867. It seems to me that the priest accidentally skipped a couple of pages, began his entries, realized his mistake and went back and filled those pages; then a later priest tried to rectify this by doing some cutting and pasting, but the result was that there was a mismatch between the pages showing child’s plus parents’ names and the facing page showing the date of baptism and sponsors. I have taken the liberty of correcting this and that is why my transcriptions for each of those years are taken from two different pages.

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