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RC Marriage Records for Clonrush Parish

Title: RC Marriage Records for Clonrush Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1846-1880
Place: RC Parish of Clonrush

Clonrush RC Marriage Registers
NLI Film 02476/05

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:
The marriages begin at page 60, after several pages of minutes of meetings of the Clonrush Relief Committee held in 1846 (p47– 60). The marriages end at the top of page 71 and the rest of the pages (p71-78) are given over to more minutes.
Among the marriages are a few names (Feb. 1857) of those contracting to marry:
Thomas Minogue, Thomas Goonan, Johannes Ward and Jacobus Keane.
At that time also, letters of freedom were issued for Jacobus Keane and Patritius Sullivan.
In March 1859, letters of freedom were issued for Patrick Keane, Michael Coen, Thadeus Tracy, Johannes Minogue, Johannes Sullivan and Thomas Cannon.
In Feb 1860, letters were issued for Gulielmus Samon and Joannes Samon.

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