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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Deaths of Clare-born in the USA 1883 - 1930

Title: Deaths of Clare-born in the USA 1883-1930
Type: Obituaries
Dates: 1883 to 1930
Place: USA & County Clare
Source: Various US Newspapers
Transcriber/Donator: Marie Crowley (

Philadelphia, PA.

CAVANAUGH: March 31, 1917. Anne, wife of Dennis Cavanaugh of Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

COVANY: December 28, 1894. Dr. Thomas Covany at his residence on South Jardin Street, aged 61 years. From Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland. Survived by his wife and 3 sons, Thomas, Joseph, Michael and two daughters, Mary and Anne, ages from 16-28 years. Interment in Annunciation Cemetery.

CREIGHTON: August 20, 1919. Margaret, daughter of the late John and Johanna Creighton of Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from residence of Anne M. Brophy 8304.5 Filbert Street. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

EGAN: March 17, 1917. Margaret, daughter of the late Daniel and Mary Egan of Milltown Malby, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her sister in-laws residence Mrs Mary Egan, 3950 Wallace Street, West Philadelphia.

HANRAHAN: July 13, 1890. John, died at the residence of his uncle Michael Hanrahan, Kinzers Station. Native of Milltown Malby, Co. Clare, Ireland. Aged 22 years. Interment St. Mary's Cemetery.

HAYES: October 2, 1914. Michael Jr, husband of Mary E. Hayes, late of Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his residence 467 N. 4th Street.

HAYES: February 21, 1918. Bridget, daughter of the late Owen and Margaret Hayes of Fermoyle, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her niece's residence Mrs Thomas Bentley of 5310 Hadfield Street, West Philadelphia. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

HOGAN: October 11, 1918. Nora, wife of Thomas A. Hogan of Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

HYNES: December 17, 1919. Margaret, widow of Thomas Hynes of Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

LEARY: January 30, 1917. Suddenly, Thomas, son of Mary and the late Thomas Leary of Kilmihill, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

McCARTHY: July 5, 1892. John, son of Timothy and Bridget McCarthy of Co. Clare, Ireland. Aged 27 years. Funeral from his parents residence Independence Street, Pitsburg, PA.

McMAHON July 16, 1918. Rev Michael J. McMahon, son of John and Mary McMahon (nee Burke) of Newmarket on Fergus, Co. Clare, Ireland. Late assistant rector of St. Ann's Church, Phonixville, PA. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

PURCELL: December 15, 1920. John Purcell, son of Anna and the late Patrick Purcell of Co, Clare, Ireland.

QUINLIVAN: August 24, 1919. Patrick, husband of the late Anne Quinlivan and son of the late John and Bridget Quinvilan, Bridgetown, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

RYAN: November 6, 1917. Johanna, wife of Matthew J. Ryan (nee Hayes) and daughter of Thomas and the late Mary Odell of Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.


Wounded severely; Corp Patrick J. McInerney of Kilferagh, Kilkee, Co. Clare, Ireland. October 15, 1918.

September 1918. Casualty List.
Pvt. Thomas Shannon, of Co. Clare, Ireland died of wounds.

Thomas Crehen left yesterday for Co. Clare, Ireland from whence he came six months ago. Tom sold out his Hotel property in the old country with anticipation of earning eight shillings a day in America and now returns to tell his friends that the States are not flowing with toddy and honey, as the steamship agents represent them. Shenandoah, PA. March 27, 1894.

Body brought from Kentucky home found rich kinsman 4 years ago.

Athens, PA. March 5, 1915. The body of John T. Markham of Hopkinsville, KY was buried here today being conveyed from the South in a private car of Charles H. Markham, President of the Illinois Central Railroad, a brother.
The accidental discovery four years ago by the aged Kentucky bricklayer that his long lost brother was the head of a great railroad system attracted nationwide attention.
John T. Markham was born 76 years ago in Co. Clare, Ireland. When a child came with his family to Clarksville, TN. Enlisting in the Confederate Army, he fought throughout the Civil War. When he returned to Clarksville the family had moved away.
Four years ago he saw in the papers that Charles H. Markham, President of the Pittsbury & Gulf Refining Company of Pittsburg, had been elected President of the Ilinois Central Railroad and wrote him a letter asking him if he were a relative. President Markham immediately called him up by telephone and the fact that they were brothers was established.
Uncle John Markham, as he was affectionately known, spent his last years with every luxury at his command.

An Indiana Woman Hail & Hearty at 102.

There resides with her daughter, Mrs Mary Arkins, at Greencastle, a nature's noblewoman Mrs Catherine McMahon, who was born in Co. Clare, Parish of Kilforney, Ireland, November 11, 1785. A correspondent for the Indianapolis Journal spent an hour in her company recently, listening to her own account of her long and worthy life. She was one of several born to Daniel Cooney and Mariah Flannegary, who died, the former at 62 and the later at 82 years of age. Two brothers Martin and James Cooney, died in Dubque, IA in 1873, the former lacking but 5 days of rounding up his first century. The later was in his 98th year. Another brother Thomas Cooney, elder to James wandered off the Australia in early life and his last end is unknown. In 1839 by the death of her husband, Michael McMahon, to whom she was married in 1815, she was left a tenant of a one hundred acre farm in Co. Clare, the property of Thomas and John Cahill. Her rental was forty pounds sterling annually. Eight children were dependant on her, though two sons helped greatly in the farm work. She was a hard worker herself and with a skillful manager, she attended fairs and markets to dispose of her farm products and battled bravely for her family's sake for 14 years, three of which were terrible famine, ending at last with the harvests of 1849. In 1853, however, she turned her face towards America, the land of plenty settling first in New Albany, Ind. then in 1861 moving to Dubuque, IA, then in 1881 to Bedford and two years later to Greencastle. In company with a granddaughter, Miss Maggie Arkins, she travelled a day and night on the cars in her 98 year in returning from Dubque. She is adverse to the cars and afterwards walked two miles to the Greencastle Junction, without even a walking stick rather than ride in a train. She has seen 6 generations of her kin. Her children James now 64, John aged 61, both of Bedford, Ind, Mrs Catherine McCain of Dubque, Ind.

April, 1888.

Mr J. J. McNamara of Creagh, Co. Clare, aged 89 years. June, 1893

Johanna Daid, June 26, 1884. At the residence of her son in-law, Timothy Guinea in Washington township, at the age of 105. She was born in Co. Clare, Ireland and came to America in 1847. Mother of nine childen of whom five survive her.


BLAKE: March 22, 1917. Michael Blake, a native of Scariff, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 362 Baltic Street, Brooklyn, NY.

BRANNIGAN: January 21, 1891 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Annie M. Culkin, 128 Perry Street. Mrs Ann Brannigan, a native of Labstreeda, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment at North Attleboro, MA.

BURKE: May 23, 1917. Matthew, beloved husband of the late Mary Burke (nee Miniter.) Native of Co. Clare, Ireland.

CAREY: January 25, 1930. Delia (nee Wilson) Co. Clare, Ireland. Beloved wife of the late John and mother of Phillip, Alice, Richard and Vincent Carey.

CARMODY: March 14, 1922. Patrick Carmody, beloved husband of Anastasia Carmody (nee Hynes) native of Inagh, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 300 West 143rd Street.

CASEY: October 20, 1914. Delia, (nee Lucas) beloved wife of James Casey. Native of Kilcarroll, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her late residence 12 South 8th Avenue, Whitestone L.I. Interment in Mount St. Mary's Cemetery, Flushing.

COLEMAN: October 14, 1920. Bridget, beloved wife of Patrick Coleman (nee Keating) and sister of the late Patrick Keating. A native of Dysert, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her late residence 134 West 109th Street. Interment Calvary.

CORBETT: March 30, 1917. Harry Corbett, beloved husband of Delia Cusack. A native of Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 326 West Houston Street. Interment Calvary.

DAVIS: June 2, 1920. Josephine Davis, daughter of the late John and Helen Lynch. Beloved wife of John Davis. Native of Reehey, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her residence 69 Clarkson Street.

DAVIS: Patrick, of 18 Cherry Street, a native of Co. Clare, Ireland, aged 64. He lived for 44 years in the house in which he died. One of the first Members of Tammany Hall Committee. Leaves a wife, two sons and two daughters.

DWYER: May 9, 1921. John F. dearly beloved husband of Anne Dwyer (nee Powers) a native of Killshannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 839 West 178th Street. Interment Calvary.

EGAN: January 30, 1918. Dennis A. beloved son of the late John and Bridget Egan. A native of Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 24 Clinton Street, Brooklyn.

EGAN: February 13, 1920. At his residence 362 St. Nicholas Ave. Timothy Egan, beloved husband of Ellen McInerney, native of Cahermurphy, Co. Clare, Ireland.

FOSTER: December 28, 1921. Theresa (nee Howard) a native of Tulla, Co. Clare, Ireland. Beloved mother of Kenneth, sister of Mrs S. O'Connor and Mr T. Myers. Funeral from her sister's residence 507 West 159th Street.

FITZPATRICK: August 12, 1841. In this city New York, James Fitzpatrick, aged 26 years a native of Co. Clare, Ireland

FLANAGAN: September 3, 1908. At St. John's Hospital. John Flanagan, native of Drim, Co. Clare, Ireland.

GEDNEY: October 31, 1920. Mary (nee Moran) beloved wife of John Gedney. A native of Co, Clare, Ireland. Interment Mt. Kisco.

HASSETT: August 31, 1920. At his home 331 Sackett Street, Brooklyn. Michael Hassett, beloved husband of Julia Hassett (nee Green) a native of Kilkeshen, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

HORAN: August 1860. In the city of Brooklyn, Patrick Hogan, late Alderman of the Twelfth Ward. A native of Co. Clare, Ireland, aged 46 years.

HORAN: September 26, 1920. Patrick Horan of Scariff, Co. Clare, Ireland. Beloved husband of Mary Horan (nee McLoughlin) and brother of John and Bartholomew Horan. Funeral from 462 West 33rd Street.

HOWARD: June 6, 1919. Dr. Edward H. Howard, seventy four years old veterinary surgeon of the Brooklyn Fire Dept until 1910, when he returned with the rank of Battalion Chief died Friday. He is survived by his widow and two daughters. Funeral services will be held at his daughter's residence 75 South Grove Street, Freeport L.I. Dr. Howard was born in Co, Clare, Ireland and come to this country with his parents when a year old.

HYNES: February 8, 1920. Robert, son of the late John Haynes and Hanora Cusick, relative of Mary McMahon. Native of Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland.

KEAVY: October, 1918. Corporal James Keavy 165th Infantry died of disease, is one of seventeen members of an informal brotherhood who joined Company G of the old 69th N.Y. at the outbreak of war. He and his comrades came from Dunsallath, Co. Clare, Ireland and on arriving in America pledged an oath to stick together always. When war was declared, they met here and declared war on their on account.

KERWIN: June 23, 1918. Margaret Kerwin (nee Ryan) daughter of the late Patrick and Bridget Ryan, Co. Clare, Ireland. Devoted wife of John P. Kerwin and fond mother of Christopher G, US Army, John P. Jr, US Navy, and Marion C. Kerwin. Funeral from her late residence 215 East 57th Street. Interment Calvary.

LANDERS: January 27, 1920. Jennie, beloved wife of Patrick Landers (nee Clanters) native of Monmore, Moyasta, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her late residence 1133 Longfellow Avenue, Bronx. Interment St. Raymond's Cemetery.

LYNCH: January 28, 1920. Harry P. Lynch, son of Michael J and Catherine Lynch (nee McInerney) native of O'Callaghan Mills, Co. Clare, Ireland. Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

MADIGAN: July 28, 1892. Stephen Madigan, native of Kilmurry, Co. Clare, Ireland, aged 55 years and 7 months. Funeral from his late residence 219 Monroe Street.

MALONEY: September 2, 1920. Michael J. beloved husband of Annie Maloney (nee Burke) and brother of Patrick and Thomas Maloney. Native of of Parish of Sixmile Bridge, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 457 East 138th Street. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

MEANY: Born in 1802, died 1902. After passing the century mark, Mary died last Tuesday from old age and was buried in Calvary Cemetery yesterday afternoon. the old woman lived in the Home for the Aged of The Little Sisters of the Poor at 16th Street and 8th Avenue, Brooklyn. Then minutes before her death the old lady threaded a needle without the aid of spectacles. She was born in Co. Clare, Ireland in 1802.

MORRISSY: July 29, 1922. Patrick, beloved son of the late Michael and Ann Morrissy, natives of Scariff, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

MURRAY: July 25, 1922. Margaret (nee Ryan) Native of Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her residence 334 East 93rd Street.

McGRATH: February 4, 1888. Patrick McGrath, a native of Co. Clare, Ireland and for many years a residence of the Sixth Ward N.Y.C. in the 66th year of his age. Funeral from his nephew's residence, Dennis McGrath 285 Broome Street. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

McMAHON: February 25, 1917. Patrick, beloved husband of Kate McMahon (nee Travis)and father of Eileen McMahon and Ann Doyle and brother of Michael, Mary, Nora, Daniel, Delia and Gretta McMahon. Native of Maugherbawn, Feakle, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 475 west 57th Street.

McNAMARA: February 11, 1908. Michael, beloved husband of Hanorah McMann in his 60th year. Born in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence 61 Jackson Street. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

O'BRIEN: June 6, 1920. Delia (nee Madigan) beloved wife of Timothy O'Brien and daughter of James and Margaret Madigan, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her late residence 588 East 141 Street. Interment St. Raymond's.

O'BRIEN: December 22, 1918. Corporal Corneilus J. O'Brien (D.Company) 4th Engineers. From Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland.

O'DONNELL: January 15, 1920. Louis, at his residence 141 Keap Street, Brooklyn. Son of Owen and Mary O'Donnell, brother of Peter, Elizabeth, Bridget, Mary, Patrick, Eugene and Sister Amelia. Native of Kilmihill, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

PURCELL: April 2, 1918. Mary O'Meara, beloved wife of Thomas Purcell, native of the Parish of Cratloe, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her late residence 202 East 43rd Street.

PURCELL: April, 1922. Tthomas, beloved husband of Ellen (nee Crowley) native of Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Father of Edward, Mary, John, Martin, Margaret and Thomas, brother of Johna and Mrs M. Moylan. Funeral from his late residence 305 West 145th Street.

REEVES: October 16, 1911. Daniel, at 538 West 124th Street. Beloved husband of Norah Reeves (nee Brooks) native of Scariff, Co. Clare, Ireland, aged 38 years.

RYAN: May 12, 1892. Thomas, beloved brother of Joseph and John Ryan, born Co. Clare, Ireland, aged 29 years and 3 months. Funeral from his brother Joseph's residence 571 Washington Street. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

SHANAHAN: November 22, 1922. Patrick J. Native of Miltown Malby, Co. Clare, Ireland. Interment Calvary Cemetery.


FALLAHER: January 20, 1914. Richard J. Fallaher, who was a political lieutenant of the late Robert Davis in N.J. died yesterday afternoon in St. Francis Hospital, Jersey City. He kept a saloon at 577 Grove Street that was the rendezvous for Democrates' of the downtown part of the city. He was born in Co. Clare, Ireland, fifty eight years ago and was brought to America by his parents when he was a year old. He served for four terms in the Hudson Co. Board of Freeholders and was for years a member of the Hudson County Democratic Committee. His wife and eight children survive him.

MARTIN: July 15, 1914. William Martin, beloved husband of Nora Martin (nee Howe) native of Henry Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Funeral from her late residence Montgomery Street & Clark Avenue, Ridgefield, N.J. Interment Calvary, N.J.

MORONEY: November 3, 1918. At Englewood, N.J. Michael T. Moroney, native of Miltown Malby, Co. Clare, Ireland aged 39 years. Beloved brother of Delia Moroney and Nellie Moroney. Interment Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Englewood. N.J.


GREEN: April 9, 1885. Donley Green died at his residence in Ridding Ridge, Con, at the remarkable age of 101, 5 mths and 7 days. He was born in Kilbaha, Co. Clare, Ireland and came to America 20 years ago. He leaves seven sons, the oldest is 66 years of age.


CONLIN: April 8, 1905. Mrs Hannah Conlin retained her faculties until she died in Bethlehem, PA. She died at the age of 104. She enjoyed her pipe to the last. She came to this country from Co. Clare, Ireland forty years ago. She never wore glasses. On Wednesday she threaded a needle, sewed and read for an hour.


Info wanted of Agnes and Maria Stacpoole, natives of Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland. When last heard from they were in N.Y. Any info respecting them will be thankfully received by their brother Francis R. Stacpoole, Oakdale, MA. August 17, 1866.

Death of a native of Ireland at the age of 121.
November 10, 1883. St. Paul.
Mortimer Danaher, aged 121 years died at the home of his son in Derrynan Lesueur Co. Danaher was the last surviving brother of a remarkable family. His mother died in her 101 year, his oldest brother at the age of 108, his second at the age of 117 years 7 mths and 20 days. The father was the shortest lived of the family, having died at the age of 80. Danaher was a remarkably healthy and active man, never having been really sick in his life. He got up and dressed himself on Wednesday last. The old gentleman came from Co. Clare, Ireland and could speak nothing but the Celtic tongue of his ancestors. He possessed full use of all his faculties until his last.

Info wanted of Dennis Michael or Daniel Leaden by their sister Catherine Leaden who arrived in N.Y. from Feakle, Co. Clare, Ireland August, 1853. Address Elisha Sealy, 200 Cherry Street, New York. July 6, 1868

Mrs Ann O'Brien, a good natured matron who came from Mullagh, Co. Clare, Ireland, wishes to hear from her sons Michael and James. "They left me many years ago, when I was strong and able to care for myself, now I am old and need their assistance." said Mrs O'Brien with tears in her eyes. Mrs O'Brien resides at 545 Pearl Street rear. June 2, 1871.

Info wanted of John Kane, Margaret Kane and Eileen Kane from Co. Clare, Ireland by Thomas Conway, 118 Willow Street, Hoboken, N.J. March 23, 1872.

Immigrants come to seek their fortune.
Two immigrants arrived by steamship "Germanic" last week who have great expectations in Montana. The are Bridget Mooney, age 73 years and her niece Catherine Flannagan aged 45 years from Co. Clare, Ireland. They say that they have fallen heiresses to a large ranch etc, a fortune of some £30,000 in Fieldbrook, Fergus Co, Montana. They show a letter from Probater Judge Winters of that place to that effect. Having only £5 with which to reach the place, they were sent to Washington to join another legatee there who had inherited £500. August 21, 1887.

Farmer Lynch of Carrickaholt, Co. Clare, Ireland has been found brutially murdered. October, 1890.

Ottawa, Canada.

September 9, 1890. Patrick O'Neill aged 108, died at Toronto on Friday last. He was born in Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Was married when 45 years of age and came to Canada five years later with his wife and 2 children. He settled in Yorkville over 50 years ago.

Col Vandeleur has made a final proposal to the tenants on his Estate in West Clare, Ireland. He offers to accept one year's rent in cash in settlements of all claims. Unless the tenants accept this offer by February 16, 1889 it will be withdrawn. January, 1889.

Mary Fegan, who left Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland on June 29, 1892 for Brooklyn in America, will please the folks in the old country by lettering them to know how she does. Her brother John has written to this Editor of 'The Sun' paper from Ennis asking for word of her. Any information of her says will be thankfully received by her brother John Fegan, Market Street, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland. May, 1904.

Info wanted of Patrick Lynch, when last heard of was in Hamilton Co. State of N.Y. If this should meet the eye of him, he would confer a great favour by calling or addressing a letter to his sister Ann Lynch of 195 East 85th Street, N.Y. who is lately landed from Ennis in the County of Clare, Ireland.

Info wanted of Margaret Quigley, a native of Feakle, Co. Clare, Ireland, daughter of the late Lanslett and Mary Quigley (nee Dinan) was last heard of as a residence of NYC in 1860. Any info concerning said party will be gratefully received by her Aunt Mrs M. Ryan (nee Quigley) 1468 Grove Street, San Francisco. Cal. June 11, 1904.

Dennis Scott reputed to be 107 years old died at his home near Shieldsville, Minn, a few days ago. His age was said to be well authenticated. His hair had never turned grey and until a few weeks ago, he had always had good health and had daily worked about his farm. Less than a year ago he rode ten miles on horseback to the city, transacted some business there and then rode back again. He was born in Co. Clare, Ireland. November, 1895.


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