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RC Baptism Records for Kildysart Parish

Title: RC Baptism Records for Kildysart Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1829 to 1880

Kildysart RC Baptism Registers 1829-1866
NLI Film 02475/04

Kildysart RC Baptism Registers 1866-1880
NLI Film 02475/05

Transcriber/Donator: Kevin Murphy, Queensland, Australia

Transcriber Notes:

A more detailed explanation of the 1829-1866 register and its transcription can be found on Clare County Library's Clare Past Forum.
The microfilmed register is a transcript of the original register which was reputed to be in a "rather dilapidated" state. The transcript was compiled by Sr. M. Gertrude of Cahercon Convent some time in the 1940's.
The Date files are the raw transcripts in chronological order (by month). Often the days within each month were not recorded, and do not necessarily follow in order. There are many gaps in the register and these are noted where they occur. There is a separate worksheet labelled UNDATED which contains those pages and page fragments that could not be allocated to a particular year. In some cases the correct year could be identified (eg by comparison with the civil register or other analysis) and these were included in the main group.
The Gertrude Transcript also has two large gaps. The latter portion of the index (names "T" to "Z") is missing along with pages 1 to 6 of the transcript. In addition pages 204 to 208 which cover most of the year 1860 are also missing from the microfilm. There is, however, one saving grace. The surviving part of the index ("A" to "S") contains references to the missing page numbers. So the names referencing these numbers have been listed in an additional worksheet labelled INDEX.

In the Registers by Father's or Mother's Surname, the records have been ordered first by name, then by year. This sort process is enhanced by first eliminating abbreviations of the father's first name. For instance, the abbreviations Ml, Mch, Mic, Mich, Mick, Michl were all converted to Michael, and so on. This may sound very longwinded but it doesn't take that long with the Find and Replace facility.
These registers contain a Notes worksheet that the transcriber made whilst wading through the Gertrude transcript, and they may assist any researcher trying to make sense of it all. Finally, there is a data map which portrays in graphical form the transcribed versus missing data.

The later (and smaller) part of the register runs from Nov 1866 to Jan 1881. A feature of this part is that from 1870 onwards it provides (for the most part) the birth date as well as the baptism date.

Registers by Date (all .xlsx format)
1829-1866 1866-1880  
Registers by Father's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1829-1866 1866-1880  
Registers by Mother's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1829-1866 1866-1880  

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