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RC Marriage Records for Kilfiddane Parish

Title: RC Marriage Records for Kilfiddane Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1869-1880
Place: RC Parish of Kilfiddane

Kilfiddane RC Marriage Registers
NLI Film 02485/05

Transcriber/Donator: Kevin Murphy, Queensland, Australia

Transcriber Notes:
Kilfiddane Parish commenced in 1868, being formerly part of Kildysart Parish. Although the Marriage register covers only 12 years, it is quite informative, with the names of both parents of bride and groom plus their place of residence. Rev Bartholemew Scanlan P.P. of Kilfiddane Parish celebrated the first mass at Cranny Church on 15 August 1868, and the first baptism was performed on that day.
The first marriage in the parish was celebrated on 8 January 1869. Around this time few marriages happened in the second half of the year, with most being arranged in January or February. Transcriber has not attempted to decipher the scribbled Latin notes regarding dispensations, but noted the occasions where they do appear.
? indicates low confidence in decipher. [see note] indicates Latin note in register re dispensation.

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