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RC Baptism Records for Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) Parish, 1854-1880

Title: RC Baptism Records for Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1854 to 1880

Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) RC Baptism Registers
NLI Film 02485/06

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:

The original register is lost. This is a transcription of a transcription made in 1926 by Fr. P. Ryan. Fr. Ryan made a lot of mistakes. These become obvious when the data is sorted by the father’s surname, and again when sorted by the mother’s surname. The transcriber has not attempted to change any of his transcription, or amend any of his mistakes. Researchers now have the advantage of being able compare the names that they suspect are wrong with the civil birth records on - look under Kilrush.
All of the question marks are Fr. Ryan’s, except a few in parentheses which are the transcriber’s. All the notes are his notes and show that he took great pains with his task.

Registers by Date (.xlsx file format)
Registers by Father’s Surname (.xlsx file format)
Registers by Mother’s Surname (.xlsx file format)

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