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RC Marriage Records for Liscannor Parish

Title: RC Marriage Records for Liscannor Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1866 to 1884
Place: RC Parish of Liscannor

Liscannor RC Marriage Registers 1866-1884
NLI Film 02440/03
Liscannor RC Marriage Registers 1873-1881

NLI Film 02440/04

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:

Two separate registers exist for Liscannor with overlapping dates. One is 1866-1884 and one 1873-1881. The 1866-1884 transcription is taken from a Fr. Fahey transcription made in 1913 - the original register has not survived. All the question marks are his. The second register of Liscannor marriages, 1873–1881 has survived and any question marks are transcriber’s own.

Registers by Date
1866-1884 1873-1881

Registers by Groom's Surname
1866-1884 1873-1881

Registers by Bride's Surname
1866-1884 1873-1881

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