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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

RC Marriage Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish, 1846-1880

Registers by Groom's Surname

Source: Clondagad/Kilchreest RC Marriage Registers NLI Film 02471/04
Transcriber/Donor: Kevin Murphy, Queensland, Australia

Groom's surname Groom's first name Residence Bride's first name Bride's surname Residence Day Month Year Witness Witness Notes
? Michl.   Bridget Doody   16 Jun 1860 Michael Canny Mary Walsh  
--tyne ? John   Mary Murphy Enisdea 17 Feb 1860 Michael Murphy Bridget Minchin  
Arkin Patrick   Honor Carrane   5 Mar 1849 Michl Carrane Bridget Moroney md at the house
Baker Edmund Crusheen Honor Coffy   6 Feb 1853 Timothy Coffy Maria Coffy at her fathers
Baker ? Thomas   Mary Hehir   20 Feb 1860 John Murphy Anne O'Keefe  
Barret Michl.   Mary Fawl   17 Jun 1866 Martin Fawl Susan Dougherty  
Barry Michl. J.   Mary Beatty ?   12 Feb 1879 James Duggan Pat Carmody  
Barry Thomas   Margaret Connors   6 Jun 1867 James Chambers Bridget Sexton  
Bellen ? Peter   Mary Meany   27 Feb 1862 Patt Cully Michael Dooly  
Blake Thos.   Bridget Kelly   22 Feb 1859 James Lillis Ellen Clancy  
Boland David   Catherine Doohan   19 Feb 1878 Pat Quealy Bridget Scanlan  
Bourke Pat   Ellon Bohannon   24 Feb 1873 James Chambers Bridget Ross  
Bourke Pat   Bridget Pender   26 Feb 1878 Michl. Hadlock Kate McMahon  
Bourke Sinon Kilmurry Margaret Connors Lisycasey 18 Mar 1847      
Boyle Thomas   Mary McMahon   2 Jan 1868 James Chambers James Barry  
Boyle Tom         25 Feb 1873 William O'Dwyer Bessy Hill  
Breen ? Anthony   Bridget Clancy   3 Mar 1859 Edmond Breen Hanah Sheedy  
Breene James   Mary Kelly   16 Feb 1858 John Kelly Margaret Kelly  
Brennan John   Bridget Riely   17 Feb 1852 Susan Roche Thomas Riely at my house
Brogan Michael   Mary Hehir   13 Feb 1878 Thomas Brogan Maria Honan  
Brookes William Kildysart Elleanor Sexton   5 Mar 1848 Michael Hehir Bridget Scanlan  
Brooks James   Mary Hehir   28 Feb 1865 John McMahon Mary Grady  
Brown John   Mary Tuohy   12 Jun 1877 John Carey Lizzie Quinlivan  
Brown Patrick   Mary Carrick   21 Feb 1860 John Lynch Honor ?  
Brown Thomas   Catherine McMahon   13 Feb 1878 John Connors Ellon Connors  
Browne George   Mary Sexton   6 Feb 1877 Thomas Cullinan Johanna Sexton  
Browne John   Catharine Geary   28 Feb 1851 Thomas Geary Honor Riedy at her father's
Browne Michael   Susan Clancy   9 Feb 1866 James Coghlin Ellon Clancy  
Browne Pat   Anne Hill   9 Jun 1850 Michael Hill Catharine Coffey at the chapel Clondegad
Burke Michl.   Mary Healy   20 Feb 1859 Michael Healy Nora Kelly  
Burke Patrick Ballyea Hanora Kerin   24 Feb 1852 Dennis Kerin Mary Kerin at the priests
Burns John   Ellen Philips   3 Mar 1867 Michael Burns Ellen Dillon  
Burton Cornelius   Elon Clancy ? Lyscasey 23 Nov 1857 Thomas Giery Bridget Frawly  
Caby Michael   Margaret Dillon   3 Feb 1872 Michael Caby Mary Dillon  
Caghlan John   Margaret Daly   12 Sep 1848 John Barry Bridget Sexton at the house
Cahil Michael Kilmealy Mary McDonnel   11 May 1852 Andrew McDonnel Anne Kinnelly at her father's
Cahill Dennis   Mary Sexton   8 Mar 1859 John Sexton Margaret Sexton  
Cahill Michl.   Mary Cleary   28 Feb 1865 James McMahon Bridget Cleary  
Callaghan Connor Cloncoleman Bridget Scanlan Breafa 26 Jul 1848 John Callinan Bridget Callinan at her father's house
Canny Michl.   Margaret Nail ?   6 Feb 1860 Conor Gavan Catherine Gavan  
Canny Pat   Ellen Scanlan   20 Jun 1880 Pat Halloran Margaret McNamara  
Canny Patrick   Catharine O'Dea   2 Mar 1851 Pat O'Dea Mary Barry at her father's
Carmody John   Margaret Scanlan   28 Feb 1876 Pat O'Keefe Ellon Scanlan  
Carmody Michael   Margaret Quin Clonmore 27 Jan 1856 Margaret Quin James Fahy  
Carmody Michael   Ellen McCarthy   25 Feb 1873 William O'Dwyer Bessy Hill  
Carmody Thomas   Hanna Brassell   2 Jan 1868 James Brassell Bridget McMahon  
Carney John   Mary Clohessy   5 Mar 1859 Daniel Frawly Mary Hill  
Carrig Thomas   Bridget Heher   9 Jul 1860 John Daven Judith ?  
Carthy Michl.   Bridget Sheahen Toonlegeeha 5 Feb 1856 Thomas Carthy Mary Carthy at the chapel
Carty Patrick   Mary Carty Lanna 20 Feb 1857 Michael Hehir Bridget Fitzgerald  
Casey John   Margaret Deloughery     Jun 1864 Patt Daly Bridget Daly By special dispensation 2x2 consang.
Casey Martin   Mary Moran   4 Mar 1867 William O'Connor Jane Murphy  
Casey Michael   Margaret Collins   26 Feb 1851 Edmund Breen Fanny Hennessy at her mother's
Casey Michael Ballinashany Mary Slattery Breafa 20 Jul 1853 Daniel Mescal Betty Slattery at her fathers
Casey Michael   Ellen McNamara   27 Sep 1875 Patt Henchi Mrs. McCarthy  
Cavanagh Patrick Limerick Bridget Flannery   16 Jun 1850 Thomas Callaghan Bridget Callaghan at the house
Chambers James   Bridget Dwyer   15 Feb 1863 Thomas Salloe Fanny O'Dea  
Chambers John   Johanna Brady   14 Oct 1860 John Chambers ? Mullin ? by dispensation 3 x 3 cons.
Clancy Daniel   Bridget Collins   7 Feb 1872 Tom Shehan Mary Collins  
Clancy Dennis Burrin Mary Coghlan Furoor 25 Feb 1854 Pat Clancy Pat Coghlan at her fathers
Clancy James   Catharine Gavan Lavalla 4 Feb 1856 Conor Gavan ? Reidy  
Clancy Michael   Bridget Coghlan Lamenaliha 28 Jan 1849 John Honan Bridget Moroney md at the house
Clancy Michl.   Anne O'Keefe Lack 2 Mar 1862 James Clancy Margaret Hehir  
Clancy Michl.   Bridget Barry   27 Jan 1864 Thomas Walton Margaret Clancy  
Clancy Patrick   Anne Sheahan   18 Feb 1851 Connor Sheahan Judith Clancy at her father's
Clancy Patrick   Mary Daly   24 Feb 1852 James Daly Margaret Daly at her father's
Clancy Thomas   Susanna Breen Glaun 4 Feb 1856 James Clancy Catharine Gavan  
Clancy Thomas   Margt. Pender   31 Jan 1869 Pat Kelly Judy Donehue  
Clancy Thomas   Mary Coleman   6 May 1879 Jane Hehir Honor Hehir  
Cleary Cornelius   Mary McDonnell   4 Apr 1864 Thomas White Bridget ?  
Cleary Dennis Kildysart Bridget Clancy   24 Feb 1847      
Cleary Dennis Cahirea Anne Griffin do [Cahirea] 17 Feb 1854 Peter Cleary Anne Griffin at the priests
Cleary James   Bridget Walsh   13 Feb 1863 Synon Cleary Bridget Prendagast ?  
Cleary James   Bridget Cleary   24 Feb 1867 Patrick Cleary Kate mcMahon  
Cleary James   Bridget Cleary   28 Feb 1870 Pat Purcell Margaret Quin  
Cleary John Kildysart Bridget Gavan   6 Feb 1853 Michael Gavan Margaret Cleary at her fathers
Cleary John Deer Island Jane O'Neil Lavalla 24 Jul 1853 John Ryan Mary McMahon at her mothers
Cleary John   Mary Markham ?   1 Mar 1859 Patrick McMahon Hanah Doohen  
Cleary John   Johanna Haloran   13 Feb 1866 Patrick Molony ? Mary Dillon  
Cleary John   Bridget Larkin   23 Oct 1866 Patt McGrath Mary McGrath  
Cleary John   Mary Halloran   27 Nov 1872 Simon McNamara Mary Cusack  
Cleary Michael   Honor Darcy   11 Jun 1847 Pat Corry Catharine Hill md at the house
Cleary Michael   Catharine Scanlan   23 Nov 1852 Michl Reynolds Elleanor Scanlan at the priests
Cleary Pat   Bridget Brennan   15 Feb 1871 Michael Brennan Michael Cleary  
Cleary Pat   Mary Cusac   29 Jan 1875 Denis Torpy John Torpy  
Cleary Patrick   Bridget Kerin   16 Feb 1876 Pat Kelly Maggie Kerin Dispensation with 4x4 consang.
Cleary Peter   Bridget Shea   3 Mar 1859 Martin Hehir Bridget Hehir  
Cleary Thomas   Mary Boe [Bowe?]   26 Jul 1874 Pat Hoar Margaret Purcil [Both Boe and Bowe in Civ. Reg.]
Cleary Timothy   Bridget Kelly   10 Feb 1877 Pat McMahon Bridget hehir  
Cleary ? Patrick   Jane Roche Brefa 5 Feb 1860 John Cleary Mary Doohen  
Cleary ? Patrick   Bridget Roche   11 Feb 1860 Patrick Nagle Bridget Scanlan  
Cloghessy Thos.   Margaret Keane   13 Feb 1866 Martin Cloghessy Ellon Keane  
Clohessy John   Mary Ronan Clonfurrish 20 Feb 1849 Murty Kelly Catharine Walshe md at the house
Clohessy John   Anne McCarthy   16 Feb 1870 Joseph McMahon James Chambers  
Clohessy Michael Wattlehil Bridget Connellan Lavalla 24 Feb 1854 Pat Connelan Catharine Erwin at her fathers
Clohessy Thomas   Anne Griffy   3 Jul 1858 Patrick Connors Mary Hadlock  
Clohessy Thomas   Mary Kelly   17 Mar 1879 John McMahon Mary McMahon  
Coady Denis   Mary Halpin   18 May 1861 Thos? Kelly Mary Haloran  
Coady ? Mathew   Mary Egan Rosscliff 23 Feb 1862 Dennis Lynch Margaret Lynch  
Coffey Pat   Bridget Sheahan   5 Mar 1878 Pat Breen Mary Coffey  
Coffey Thady   Mary Hehir   24 Feb 1873 Edmond Murphy Mary Daly  
Coghlan Michael   Bridget Hill Furoor ? 25 Jan 1861 John Hill Margaret Coghlan  
Coghlin Martin   Mary Counay? Furroor 23 Jan 1856 Martin Laundan Hanna Clancy  
Coleman Patrick   Bridget McMahon   6 Nov 1852 Peter Daly Mary Daly at the priests
Coleman Thomas   Elleanor Cleary   5 Jun 1850 John Cleary Jane Cotter md at Ed Murphy's house
Collins Edmond   Mary Hill   20 Feb 1865 Pat Hill Jane Hill  
Collins John   Anne Browne   25 Feb 1868 Peter Cleary Bridget Cleary  
Collins Patrick   Margret Haugh Furrogh 28 Apr 1849 Pat Collins Jane Collins md at the house
Collins Patrick   Mary McCarthy Toonlegeeha 5 Feb 1856 James Kelly Bridget Kelly at the chapel
Collins Patrick   Margaret Brown   10 Feb 1877 Michl. Griffy Mary mcMahon  
Collins John   Catherine Scanlan   7 Feb 1865 Edmond Collins Catherine Collins  
Colman John   Catherine McCarthy   7 Feb 1872 Michael Tuberdy Hanna Carrig  
Conlan Daniel Kilrachtis Margaret Breen Lisduff 28 Feb 1854 Michael Blake John Breen & Bridget Breen at her fathers
Connell Pat   Margaret Meere   5 Feb 1873 James Connell Mary Henessy  
Connell Peter   Bridget Haugh   16 Feb 1878 Peter Connell Honor Grogan  
Connell Thomas   Mary Coffey   3 Feb 1869 John Crowly Honor Murphy  
Connellan Martin   Mary Considine   18 Oct 1863 Daniel Connellan Thomas Considine  
Connor Richard   Honora Garry   30 Nov 1877 Patrick O'Reilly Bridget Pender  
Connors Michael   Catherine Sexton   21 Feb 1870 John Brukes ? Mary Do.  
Considine John   Mary Considine Capanageragh? 9 Feb 1859 Daniel Considine Catherine McMahon  
Considine John   Catherine Hill   2 Jan 1868 James Considine Margaret Coghlin  
Considine John   Ellen Moroney   25 Feb 1868 Daniel McNamara Bridget Collins  
Considine Laurence   Susanna Haloran   16 Feb 1860 Patrick McNamara Bridget Lillis  
Considine Thomas   Maria Hadlock   8 Feb 1880 James McMahon Mary Keane  
Conway John   Anne Kerin   9 Feb 1866 Patrick Conway Bridget Sexton  
Conway Michael   Elon Daly   7 Feb 1858 James Myers Sara Cusack  
Conway Pat   Margaret Collins   2 Mar 1878 John Collins Kate Conway  
Cooly Patrick   Mary Quinlivan Tuber 2 Feb 1856 Honoria Connors Michael Green at the chapel
Corbet Patrick Kildysart Catharine McCarthy   8 Feb 1853 Pat McCarthy Bridget McCarthy at the priests
Corbett James   Honor Sheahan   6 Feb 1877 Pat Honan Kate Honan  
Corbett Thomas   Elizabeth Brown   10 Feb 1860 Michael Brown Michael Barry  
Corry Terence   Bridget Hassett Cragbrien 22 Jun 1855 Michael Downey Kate Carrig at the chapel
Corry Thomas   Bridget McGrath   27 Jan 1852 Thomas Launders Margaret Crawley widow at the priest's
Costello Patrick   Margaret Morony   4 Feb 1865 Henry Freeman Mary Helpin  
Costelloe Michael ? Mary Carrig   3 Jul 1868 Michael Carrick Susan Kelly  
Costeloe James   Elizabeth Moran   8 Jan 1848 John Moran John Costeloe  
Costeloe John   Margaret Cunningham   4 Mar 1848 John Cunningham Mary Cleary md at the house
Cotter William   Margaret O'Keef   30 Jan 1875 Michl. O'Leary Eliza Murphy  
Coughlan Martin   Mary Donnelly   19 Apr 1872 Sinon Coughlan Mary Scanlan  
Coughlin John   Bridget Brown   14 Jan 1865 Michael Coughlin Bridget O'Grady  
Coughlin Martin   Anne Landers   21 Feb 1871 Pat Coughlin Jane Honan  
Coughlin Peter   Anne Clancy   16 Feb 1874 John Hill Anne Shehan  
Couny John   Elon Connellon ?   22 Jun 1859 James Shea Elon Cleary  
Couny Michael   Anne Moran   20 Jan 1860 John Couny Catherine ?  
Covey James Cragbrien Anne Kinnelly Lismorris 20 Mar 1847 James Kinnelly   married at her mother's house
Craven John Quin   Kelly   7 Mar 1848 John Kelly Bridget Kelly at the house
Crawley James   Anne Purcil   8 Feb 1853 Thomas Purcil Margaret Crawley at the priests
Creagh Michael   Ellen Phillips   13 Mar 1867 William Shea Catherine Kelly  
Cronin Dennis   Bridget Galvin   3 Apr 1851 Michael Galvin James Erwin married in Ennis
Crow Timothy   Mary Connelly   28 Feb 1865 Patt Ronan Mary Cullinan  
Crowley Patrick   Catherine Hill   14 Feb 1867 James Hill Kate Collins  
Crowley Thos.   Bridget Conway Furroor 11 Feb 1857 James Crowley John Conway  
Crowly Timothy   Catherine Sexton   10 Feb 1872 William Reidy Johanna Sexton  
Cudihy Michael   Bridget Hinchy   13 Feb 1859 Andrew McMahon Bridget Sexton  
Cuggoran Thomas Killydysart Catharine Hehir Lavalla 27 Feb 1854 James Hehir Bridget Sexton at her fathers
Culligan William   Judith O'Dea   14 Feb 1859 Michael Bary Mary ?  
Cullinan Daniel   Anne Griffy   18 Feb 1863 Thomas Cullinan Ellon Brown  
Cullinan Mathew Kilmealy Margaret Scanlan Cragbrien 14 Apr 1847 John O'Dea John O'Connor  
Cullinan Thomas   Ellen Clancy   20 Jun 1867 Michael Casey Mary Roche  
Cumneen Daniel Ballyea Bridget Scanlan Lisycasey 5 Mar 1847 Michl Cleary Ellen Scanlan married at her father's house
Cunneen Pat   Bridget Breen Lisduff 5 Feb 1856 William Kunneen Catharine O'Brien  
Cunningham John   Bridget McNamara   20 Jan 1860 Frank Grady Susan McInerny  
Cunningham Michael   Ellen Scanlan   9 Feb 1869 Pat O'Kean Susan O'Callaghan  
Curtin Francis   Margaret Reily   15 Oct 1864 Thomas Fitzpatrick Mary Heher  
Curtin Michael   Catharine Connors   1 Nov 1846 Pat O'Connor Touhy married at the house
Cusac Patrick   Bridget Bourke     Sep 1870 John Doolan Peter Cleary  
Cusack George   Mary McNamara   10 Sep 1855 Bridget McNamara Mary McNamara  
Cusack James   Honor McInerhny   15 Jun 1865 Richard O'Connor Margaret O'Connor  
Cusack John   Mary Neylan   19 Jul 1850 Thomas Kelly Hanoria Purcel at my house
Cusack Patrick   Anne Ryan   23 Feb 1851 John Ryan Mary Shea at her father's
Cusack Patrick   Elizabeth Reynolds   11 Sep 1852 Michael Browne Mary McInerny at the priests
Cusack Patrick   Anne Fitzgerald Lisseen 6 Jul 1855 James Breen Mary Nile at the chapel
Custy Michl.   Mary Walsh   15 Feb 1863 Edmond Murphy Jane Murphy  
Daffy Danl.   Mary Connors   9 Feb 1858 John Roche Ellen Sullivan  
Dalon ? John   Ellen Loghlan ?   25 May 1862 Michael Dalon ? Loghlan  
Daly Andrew   Catherine Collins   12 Feb 1870 James Daly Conor Collins  
Daly James   Margaret Freeman   16 Feb 1858 William Daly Anne Freeman  
Daly James   Catherine Hayes   2 Mar 1867 Thomas Hassett Ellon Daly  
Daly Michael   Margt. Landers   20 Jul 1864 John Landers Mary Lynch  
Daly Michl.   Margaret McKew   31 Aug 1879 Michl. Hadlock William Dwyer in 2x2 gradu affinitates
Daly Patrick   Mary Mahon   16 Jan 1860 Patrick Brown Bridget Lynch  
Daly Patrick   Bridget Ronan   20 Feb 1860 Patrick Daly Mary Galvin  
Daly Patrick   Bridget Casey Drumquin 11 Nov 1860 John Casey Mary Dolohery  
Daly Peter   Anne Doohen   5 Feb 1869 John Doohen Catherine Sexton  
Daly Robert   Mary Russell   21 Nov 1868 John Finucane Kate Lahiff  
Darcy Dennis   Bridget Murphy   5 Mar 1848 Thomas Murphy Catharine O'Brien  
Darcy James   Mary Lahiff   10 Feb 1872 Pat Darcy Kate Considine  
Darcy John   Catherine Considine   31 Jul 1860 Tim Darcy Mary Considine  
Davine Peter   Susan Malone   20 Apr 1874 Andy Kelly Mary Ryan  
Dillon James   Catharine Normile   21 Jan 1857 Denis O'Dea Mary O'Dea  
Dillon Pat   Bessy Glin Lanna 4 Mar 1862 Michael Dillon Anne Griffin  
Doherty Thomas   Mary Sheahan   9 Feb 1869 John Price Bridget Sheahan  
Donnellan James   Bridget Burke   24 Feb 1857 Michael Donellan Margaret Ryan  
Donnellon Michael   Mary Dillon   24 Feb 1868 Jeremiah Sheen ? Ann Dillon  
Donnelly Daniel   Bridget Reily   3 Nov 1858 Sinon Cleary Bridget Cleary  
Donnelly Danl.   Maria McMahon   5 Nov 1865 Patt Burke Bridget O'Connor  
Donnelly John   Catharine Scanlan   7 Mar 1848 Michael Scanlan Bridget Callaghan md at her father's house
Donohue Patrick   Elon Kelly   12 Feb 1861 Patrick Conway Catherine Brown ?  
Doody John   Mary Kildea   11 Feb 1872 James Chambers John Normile  
Doody Pat   Bridget O'Connor Clondrina 26 Aug 1848 John Moroney Bridget Moroney at the house
Doohan Hugo   Joney Rinan ?   18 Nov 1875 Billy Dwyer Mrs. Mary Doohan  
Doohan James   Kate Quinlivan Furoor 4 Mar 1862 Michael Dillon Ellen Shannon  
Doohan Pat   Margaret Mullins   18 Feb 1872 Pat Kenny Mary Roach  
Doohan Thomas   Mary Blake   29 Feb 1876 James Chambers Michl. McMahon  
Doohen James Ennis Ellen Daly   14 Feb 1852 Patrick Doohen Catharine Meer at her father's - Dispensed in 3x4 [consang.]
Doohen Michael   Bridget Brown   24 Feb 1857 Patrick Markham Mary Markham  
Doohen Patrick   Mary Scanlan   16 Feb 1858 ? Ryan Margaret Ryan  
Doolan John   Honor Purcell   28 Feb 1865 John Tool Bridget Frawley  
Dowling Richard   Anne Cusack   26 Nov 1872 Maurice Doyle Bridget O'Connor  
Doyle Edmond   Susan Connellan   8 Jun 1863 Patt Reilly ? Mary Considine  
Doyle Thomas   Mary Gavin   9 Feb 1875 Robert Heaphy Mary Gavin  
Doyle Thos.   Catharine Roche Dromquin 29 Jul 1855 Edmund Doyle Ellen Roche at the chapel
Duggan Thomas   Mary Purcel Glaun 3 Mar 1862 Michael Halvey John Purcel  
Dundon Michael   Bridget Fitzgerald   16 Sep 1871 Tom Fitzgerald Bridget McMahon  
Dwyer William   Margaret O'Dea   17 Mar 1879 John O'Dea Bridget Gavan  
Egan John   Ellen Meer   3 Feb 1874 Michael Egan Margaret O'Dea  
Egan Michael   Johanna Murphy   24 Nov 1864 Thomas Egan Mary McMahon  
Ervin Thomas   Mary Dillon   5 Mar 1867 Patrick Doyle Mary Dillon  
Eustace Pat   Mary Considine   10 Feb 1872 Tom Sullivan Mary Sullivan  
Eyres Laurence   Honor Landers   5 Feb 1878 John Ryan Anne Landers  
Fahy John   Honor Riedy Cragbrien 30 Feb 1847 Michael McMahon Bridget Haugh md at the house
Fahy Peter   Bridget Cunneen   24 Oct 1868 James Chambers Bridget Carmody  
Fall Thomas   Mary McNamey(Halloran)   23 Aug 1863 William Doherty Anne Murtagh  
Farrell James (Constable) Lucy Moran Ballinacally 23 Dec 1848 Pat Shalloe Sinon Mangane md at Kilmurry
Faul Thomas   Honor Browne   28 Aug 1847 Peter Hartigan Catharine Healy md at the house
Faulls Pat   Bridget Howe   26 Jul 1875 James Chambers Susan Faulls  
Fawl Martin   Honora Callanan   2 Nov 1877 Thomas Reilly Agnes Reilly  
Feehen Thomas   Margaret Moran   7 Jul 1864 Michael Moran Anne Moran  
Finn Michael   Bridget Doohan   12 Feb 1870 Tom Considine Kate Melican  
Finn Patrick   Margaret McMahon   16 Jun 1879 John Conlan Catherine Sheahan  
Finucane John   Bridget Frawley   24 Nov 1868 Patrick Purcell Bridget Fitzgerald  
Finucane John   Margaret Cleary   11 Nov 1879 James Kelly Margaret Cleary  
Finucane Michael   Anne Griffin   16 May 1847 Honor Breen Bridget Moroney md at the house
Finucane Thomas   Kate Hogan   4 Jan 1880 William Dwyer Kate Breen  
Fitzgerald Andrew Kilmihil Margaret Grady Ballinacally 18 Sep 1848 James Whelan John Moroney  
Fitzgerald Pat   Ellen Clancy   10 Feb 1872 John Fitzgerald Hanna Nealon  
Fitzgerald Thomas   Mary McNamara   7 Jan 1864 James McNamara Margaret McNamara  
Fitzgibbon Martin   Mary Cleary   30 Jan 1858 Michael McCarty Mary ?  
Fitzmartin Michael   Anne Meenihan   14 Feb 1874 Michael Eustace Margt McMahon  
Fitzpatrick Thomas Lisycasey Bridget Markham Clooncoleman 25 Feb 1854 Pat Markham Margaret Doohen at the priests
Flanagan James Ennis Bridget Sexton Decamade 18 Oct 1849 Pat Meehan Mary Sexton  
Flynn John   Bridget Guinane   18 Feb 1860 John McGann Honor Flynn  
Flynn John   Ellen Halloran   17 Feb 1874 William Neylon Mary Dillon  
Flynn Thomas   Mary Chambers   25 Jul 1871 Rev J Vaughan C.C. James Chambers  
Flynn Thomas   Mary Sexton   23 Nov 1879 Pat Crowley Mary King  
Flynne William   Margaret Daly   5 Mar 1878 Pat Crowley Mary Daly  
Fodge Michl.   Ellon Brew   10 Jul 1870 Thomas Shalloe Ned Kenny  
Ford Patrick Kildysart Bridget Connelly   27 Feb 1854 James Cullinan Honor Behen at the priests
Fox Martin   Bridget Murphy   15 Feb 1858 John Murphy Mary Murphy  
Frawley Mathew Kilmealy Bridget Halloran   18 Mar 1850 Pat Frawley Mary Philips md at her father's house
Frawly Andrew   Elon McInerny   19 Feb 1858 John Meagher Mary McInerny  
Frawly David   Catherine Gavan   5 Feb 1865 Michael Frawly Catherine Gavan  
Frawly Michael   Bridget O'Connor   18 Feb 1860 Andrew Frawly Mary Connelly  
Frawly Patrick   Mary Gavan   3 Feb 1864 Michael Frawly Catherine Gavan  
Frawly Thomas   Mary Spellissy Lavalla 2 Feb 1856 Martin Ridy Bridget Spellissy  
Gallaway John H.M.Ship Pluto Honor McInerny   21 Jul 1847 Pat Guinane Mary Guinane  
Galvin John   Mary McMahon   29 Feb 1876 James Chambers Mick Hadlock  
Garry John   Judith Clancy   23 Feb 1851 Patrick Garry Margaret Shea at her father's
Garry John   Susan Roche   23 Apr 1866 Martin Roche Kate Roche  
Garry Michael Kildysart Margaret Guinane Coney Island 27 Feb 1854 Jeremh. Guinane Daniel Garry  
Garvy Thomas   Mary Flyn Deer Island 30 Jan 1856 Michael McInerny Mary Kelly  
Gavan Michl.   Margaret Halloran   26 Feb 1867 Michael Do. ? Kate Cahill  
Gavin John   Jane O'Dea   14 Nov 1874 Pat O'Dea Mary Gavin  
Gavin Michl.   Kate McMahon   22 Feb 1870 John Gavin James Chambers  
Gavin Patrick   Mary Doohan   3 Feb 1864 Michael Gavin Mary Scanlan  
Geary Thomas   Mary Coffee   5 May 1860 Margaret Coffee Bridget Heher  
Gilligan William   Margaret Touhy   17 Jul 1852 Daniel O'Dea Bridget Meany at the priests
Ginane Jeremiah   Mary Neagle   6 Feb 1864 James Ginane Susanna Neagle  
Glynn Darby   Catharine McCarthy   25 Nov 1847     md at the house
Gorman Sinon   Ellon Malone Coney Island 29 Apr 1855 John Crowley Judith Malone  
Grady Henry Ballinacally Ellen O'Connor do[Ballinacally] 7 Feb 1847 John Grady Kitty Wolfe married at their house
Grady James   Mary Brassil   30 Aug 1852 Connor Brassil Honor McNamara at the priests
Grady James   Anne McNamara   25 Feb 1868 Charles McCauley Margaret Doherty  
Grady John   Mary Meer Ballinacally 24 Jan 1855 Michael Grady Hanna Madden at the priests
Grady Patrick   Margaret Fitzgerald   19 Sep 1852 Pat McNamara Margaret McInerny at the priests
Grant Thomas   Anne Murtagh   26 Jan 1869 Michael O'Dea Mary O'Dea  
Green Pat   Bridget Cusac   13 Feb 1877 Michl. O'Brien Anne Curry  
Griffin James   Catharine Scanlan   5 Feb 1853 James Hehir Michl Scanlan & Bridget Doody at her mothers
Griffin John   Margaret Cleary   21 Feb 1871 Sean Roach Norry Roach  
Griffin Patrick   Kate Kennedy   13 Feb 1871 Gerald Griffin Mary McMahon  
Griffin Thos.   Mary Ginnane Coney Island 19 Feb 1855 Pat Griffin Mary Guinane  
Griffy James   Bridget Clohessy Cahirea 21 Feb 1854 Thomas Clohessy Thomas Sullivan at the priests
Griffy Malachy   Mary Daly Musichill 2 Feb 1856 John Daly Mary Daly  
Guinane John   Bridget Kerin Coney Island 14 Feb 1855 Thomas Kerin Mary Guinane By a special dispensation 3to v 3to consang.
Guinane Pat Coney Island Catharine Guinane do [Coney Island] 10 Feb 1850 Terry Guinane Mary Guinane at her father's house
Guinane Tom   Bridget Guinane   3 Mar 1878 William Dwyer John Murphy  
Hadlock Michael   Bridget Culligan   24 Feb 1852 Daniel Honan Margaret O'Donnel at the priests
Hadlock Thomas   Mary Ronan   10 Oct 1852 Daniel Hasset Margaret Connors at the priests
Hadlock Thos.   Elizabeth Hartigan   5 Mar 1856 Michael Spelissy Mary Hartigan at the chapel
Hallinan Thomas   Bridget Larkin   3 Mar 1878 Pat Clancy Michl. Kelly  
Halloran John   Bridget Sheahan   28 Jan 1866 Michael Reidy Susan Clancy  
Halpin John   Margt. Callaghan   8 Mar 1859 Stephen McMahon Bridget Shea  
Halpoole Michl.   Kate McMahon   26 Jul 1870 John Meany Anne Meany  
Hannon Michael   Margaret Markham   31 Jan 1871 Pat Coffey Honor Markham  
Hartigan Thomas   Bridget McInerny   30 Nov 1860 John Lynch Bridget Lynch  
Hasset James Ennis Mary Browne Ballyclohessy 3 Feb 1847 Pat Haren Slattery md in Ennis
Hassett John   Mary Sexton Decamede 10 Feb 1855 John Sexton Bridget Spellissy  
Hastings Thos.   Bridget O'Dea   26 Oct 1864 Thomas Shalloe Fanny Lahive  
Hays Martin   Honor Quinlivan   17 Mar 1873 Michael O'Dea Margaret Quinlivan  
Heafy Robert   Margaret Glynn   9 Feb 1861 Thomas Glynn Catherine Glynn  
Healy Michl.   Mary Murphy Lisycasey 5 Feb 1859 John Haloran Mary Pursell  
Healy Simon   Bridget McNamara   20 Feb 1870 William Carey Bridget Healy  
Heher Patrick   Margaret Ryan   26 Jul 1868 John Heher Catherine Ryan  
Heher Stephen   Margaret Heher   22 Feb 1868 James Heher Margaret O'Keefe  
Hehir James   Mary Clancy   22 Feb 1870 Tom Clancy James Chambers  
Hehir James   Anne Gavan   15 Feb 1873 Pat Finucane Bridget Cusack  
Hehir John Kilmealy Anne Crowe   12 Mar 1847      
Hehir Michael   Mary Sullivan   27 Feb 1851 Darby King Catharine Riely at my house
Hehir Michael Kildysart Mary McMahon   17 Apr 1853 John King Anne Hehir at the chapel
Hehir Patt   Susan Clohesy   4 Jul 1875 Michael Hehir Mary Hehir  
Hennessy John   Mary McGrath   18 Aug 1848 Michael Scanlan James Lawlor at the house
Hickey Thos.   Catherine Cushin     Jun 1864 John Lany Bridget Fraly  
Higgins Thomas   Honor Coghlan Farroor 15 Apr 1849 Michael Frawley Bridget Coffy  
Hill John   Mary Crowly   5 Feb 1867 John Crowly Catherine Halvey  
Hill John   Margaret Landers   23 Feb 1870 John Hill Tady Landers  
Hill Michael   Ellen Carty   25 Feb 1870 Pat Considine Mary Murphy  
Hill Michl.   Margaret Clohessy   27 Feb 1867 John Hill Ellen Cain  
Hill Pat Lisheen Mary Kinnane Ballinacally 9 Feb 1848 John Kinnane Catharine Erwin at her father's house
Hill Patrick   Anne Riely   5 Feb 1859 Patrick Hill Honor Cahill  
Hinchy Patrick   Margaret Toole   19 Nov 1852 Pat Riedy Bridget Riedy at the priests
Hinchy Peter   Ellen Moran   15 Jan 1857 Luke Moran Margaret Moran  
Hoare Patrick   Catharine Doody   20 Nov 1847 John Doody Mary Doody md at the house
Hoare Patrick   Mary Gavin   4 Mar 1851 Patrick Gavin Mary McMahon at my house
Hoare Thomas   Mary Philips   17 Oct 1851 Connor Phillips Mary McDonnel married at her father's house
Hogan John Lisheen Mary Barry Coolsippeen 19 Feb 1854 Thomas Barry Mortimer Kelly at her fathers
Hogan Pat   Catherine Halvey   1 Mar 1870 Michael Cahil Bridget Reidy  
Honan Darby   Honoria Scanlan Brefa 29 Jan 1856 Mathew Honan Mary Scanlan at the chapel
Honan Mathias   Anne Carthy   8 Mar 1859 Michael Honan Sally Cleary  
Honan Michael   Bridget Walshe   25 Feb 1851 Richard Walshe Margaret McMahon at my house
Honan Pat Lack Elleanor Sheahan   5 Mar 1848 John Honan Ellen Sheahan at her father's house
Horn Lawrence Kildysart Mary Clohessy   30 Jan 1852 Catharine Kelly Darby Honan widow at the priest's
Houlihan Patk.   Bridget Sexton   5 Mar 1859 Thomas Guinane Kate Brassell  
Howard James Kilmurry Sarah Hehir   23 Feb 1851 Sinon O'Keefe Mary Ronan at her mother's
Hurley William   Bridget McMahon   18 Jan 1865 William Hurley Mary mcMahon  
Huston ? Michl.   Bridget Clanchy   13 Feb 1858 John Hehir Judy Sullivan  
Kean Edward   Mary Howe   12 Nov 1872 John Hare Bridget Daly  
Kean Michl.   Margaret Coghlin   8 Feb 1861 Elon Coghlin Patrick McMahon  
Kean Pat   Kate Flynne   25 Feb 1877 Sinon kean Bridget Flynne  
Kean William   Bridget Meehan   16 Feb 1874 John Kean Kate Kean  
Keane James   Honor Hill   6 Feb 1864 John Keane Mary Hill  
Keane John   Catherine Meehan   26 Jan 1863 Daniel Moran Anne Meehan  
Keane John   Catherine Landers   22 Feb 1873 James Keane Bridget Meany  
Keane Pat Lavalla Bridget Crawley   16 Feb 1847     married at her father's house
Keane Pat   Mary Gavan   15 Feb 1873 Pat Keane Wm. Quinlivan  
Keane Patrick   Margaret Considine   29 Jan 1866 John Keane Margaret Ryan  
Keane Peter Kilmichael Mary Scanlan   17 Feb 1850 John Scanlan Sarah Scanlan md at the house
Keane Synon   Bridget Shea WatleHill 12 Feb 1861 John McMahon Elon Philips  
Keany Thomas   Mary Carrick   1 Dec 1855 Martin Fitzgibbon Susan Kelly  
Keating James   Mary McGuanne   5 Feb 1878 Tom Keating Anne Pender  
Kelliher Stephen   Mary O'Leary   2 Jul 1874 Rev James Vaughan Mary Lacey ?  
Kelly Daniel   Frances Lahive   12 Feb 1874 Thomas Shalloe Margaret Purcill  
Kelly John   Margaret Daly   14 Feb 1852 Thomas Kelly Bridget Kenny at her father's
Kelly John   Bridget Quinlivan   22 Apr 1878 Thomas Daly Bridget O'Keefe  
Kelly John   Mary Considine   28 Aug 1879 Thomas Considine Mollie Mahony  
Kelly Martin   Mary Falvey   24 Feb 1852 John Kelly Susanna Callaghan at her father's
Kelly Martin   Catherine Walsh Lisheen 28 Feb 1857 Mathew Kelly Bridget Rusell by dispensation in 2d & 4th degree of consanguity
Kelly Martin   Sarah Donohue   10 Mar 1867 John Donohue Anne Pender  
Kelly Michael   Joanna Kinnane   25 Aug 1852 Pat McNamara Jenny Donnelan at the priests
Kelly Michael   Mary Connolly   17 Feb 1874 Pat Kelly John Fahey  
Kelly Michl.   Mary Ginane   24 Feb 1857 William Dwyer Anne Philips  
Kelly Pat   Kate Ryan   7 May 1878 Pat Roache Bridget Casey  
Kelly Patrick   Winifred Doody   2 Mar 1859 James Doody Bridget Sheehan  
Kelly Patrick   Bridget Kelly   11 Feb 1863 Patrick McNamara ? Bridget Galvin  
Kelly Patrick   Catherine Coghlin   5 Feb 1864 Martin McGrath Mary Roche Dispensation 3x3?
Kelly Synon   Catherine Moylan   15 Feb 1863 James Lillis Mary Kelly  
Kelly Thomas   Catharine Curtin   20 Jun 1847 John Barry Bridget Haugh md at the house
Kelly Thomas   Mary Hool-?   7 Mar 1859 Michael Fahy Bridget Kelly  
Kelly Thos.   Mary Haloran   12 Feb 1861 Patrick Haloran Mary Dillon ?  
Kelly Tim   Mary Herbert   5 Mar 1878 John Casey Kate Ronan  
Kelly       Sexton Decamede 10 Feb 1847     married at her father's house
Kelly ? Andrew   Maria Crowly   4 Feb 1878 Michl. Kelly Mary Corry  
Kennedy John   Mary Scanlan Ballinashanny 6 May 1855 John Crowley Mary Murphy  
Kennedy Thomas   Kate Howe   4 Feb 1868 Patrick O'Neil Mulvihill  
Kenny ? Martin   Anne Cleary   4 Mar 1859 ? Cleary Bridget Cleary  
Kerin John Drumquin Bridget Nagle Island 19 Feb 1854 Pat Nagle Michael Murphy & Anne Kerin at her fathers
Kerin Michl.   Catherine Conway ? Furoor 9 Feb 1861 John Conway Mary Couly ?  
Kerin William   Catharine Burton   31 Jul 1856 Timothy Gardner George Huston  
Kerin ? ?   Bridget Chambers ?   20 Feb 1860 Andrew Kerin Eliza Grady  
Kilminter ? Patrick   Margaret Cunill Furoor 10 May 1862 ? Carny Mary ?  
Kinane John   Anne Purcell Lack 23 Jul 1855 John Mongovin Mary Hehir at the chapel
King [Patrick]   Margaret Quinlivan   12 Feb 1870 Thomas Quinlivan Pat Barry [cf Civ. Reg.]
King Daniel   Bridget Casey   1 Aug 1875 Peter Casey Mary hartigan  
King Darby   Mary Kelly   17 Mar 1851 John Kelly John King By dispensation in time & consanguinity at my house
King Michl.   Judith Gilligan   18 Feb 1859 Martin Philips Ellen Philips  
King Michl.   Bridget Maddigan   4 Apr 1864 Michael Sheehan Honor Grady  
King Patrick   Bridget Hill Lavalla 1 Apr 1861 Connor Gavan Patrick Cusack  
Kinnane James   Susanna O'Brien   13 Nov 1852 John O'Brien Michael Kelly at the priests
Kinneally Stephen   Ellen Keane   16 Feb 1874 Pat Collins Kate Keane  
Lahiff John   Johanna Kelly   7 Mar 1859 Michael O'Dea Susan Lahiff  
Lambert John   Jane Collins   19 Mar 1850 James Collins Mary Collins md at the house
Landers [Patrick]     Cassen [Cushin ?] 5 Mar 1878 Michl. Hadlock Wm' Dwyer [cf Civ. Reg]
Landers John   Bridget Honan Furroor 5 Feb 1856 Pat Honan Bridget Crowley at the chapel
Landers Martin   Mary Quinlivan   17 Mar 1879 John Pindar Kate Quinlivan  
Landers Patrick   Catherine McGuan   9 Feb 1866 Michael Landers Catherine Hehir  
Larkin John   Mary Bourke   12 Feb 1877 Thomas Honan Mary Quealy  
Larkin Michael Killane Bridget Meere   11 Feb 1848 her father John Meere Bridget Callaghan at her father's house
Larkin Pat   Margaret O'Donnel   21 Jan 1853 Michael Hadlock Margaret Scanlan at the priests
Larkin Pat   Bridget McMahon   12 Jan 1880 John Carey Michl. Hadlock  
Larkin Patrick   Ellen White   5 Feb 1867 John Honan Bridget White  
Leyden John   Bridget Ginnane Coney Island 27 Jul 1855 James Leyden Catharine Ginnane at the chapel
Lillis James   Anne Guinane   1 Mar 1859 Denis Tuohy Catharine Guinane  
Lillis Thomas   Margaret Griffy Caherea 7 Feb 1860 Thomas Frawly Bridget Griffin  
Loghnan Patrick   Mary Browne Capangeragh 30 Jan 1856 Thomas Flynn Bridget Meany  
Loghnan John   Margt. Quinlivan   16 Feb 1858 James Loghnan Margaret Brown  
Loughlin Andrew   Bridget Dooly   10 Feb 1861 Denis Sullivan Michael Bary  
Loughlin Martin Lisduff Catharine Farrell   12 Nov 1848 Miss Ellen O'Brien Mrs Michl O'Brien md at Mich O'Brien's house
Loughlin Richard M (Constable) Bridget Culligan   13 Nov 1848      
Loughlin Thomas   Mary Slattery Ballinacally 4 Feb 1855 William Ryan Hanna Madden  
Lynch James   Lizzie Dillon   5 Mar 1878 Michl. Dillon Margret Cahill  
Lynch John   Catherine Ronan   17 Jun 1870 John Kelly Bridget Quinlivan  
Lynch Michael   Ellen King   25 Feb 1868 Patrick McInerney Hannah Hogan  
Lynch Michl.   Bridget Caughlin   28 Feb 1865 John Scanlan Bridget Meany  
Lynch Pat   Honor Cleary   4 Feb 1872 Tim Cleary Winifred Kelly  
Mackee Michl.   Mary Murphy   3 Jul 1858 Patrick O'Reily Susan Daveen ?  
Mahon Henry   Judith Molone     Jun 1859 Michael Sullivan Susanna Brown  
Mahon Michael   Margaret Murphy   24 Nov 1864 Thomas O'Connor Mary Roche  
Malone Patrick   Catherine Clancy   3 Mar 1859 Thomas Kelly Hanah Gaffey  
Marian Pat   Honor Hastings   16 Sep 1877 Mary Purcel Kate Kelly  
McAuliff James   Mary Herbert?   26 Feb 1855 Michael Barry Hannah Madden  
McCabe Pat   Anne Ginnane Coney Island 19 Feb 1855 Martin O'Connor Bridget Guinane  
McCarthy Owen   Bridget Meany   29 Nov 1851 Pat McMahon Bridget McGrath widow at the priest's
McCarty Andrew   Catherine Gavin ? Paradise 2 Mar 1862 Michael Cleary Alicia Roache  
McCoy John   Elen Murchu ?   11 May 1858 Bridget Heaphy William Daly ?  
McDonnell Michael   Mary Curtain Lisycasey 1 Feb 1859 John Sheen ? Mary Curtain  
McGrath Dan   Margaret Murphy   13 Feb 1872 John Fennole Margaret Marinon  
McGrath Martin   Bridget Clancy   19 Jul 1866 Synon McNamara Mary Sheehen  
McGrath Pat   Margaret Galvin   17 Feb 1874 Pat Quinlivan Pat McGrath  
McGuan James   Ellen Daly   18 Apr 1873 John Daly Ellen Hoar  
McGuan Patrick   Elon Murphy   12 Feb 1859 John McGuan Deborah Doherty  
McGuane John Kilmichael Margaret Carrane   5 Mar 1853 Pat Carrane Bridget King at her fathers - By dispensation in P.T.
McGuane John   Anne Griffy   17 Feb 1863 Patt McGuane Susan ?  
McGunley Charles Kildysart Bridget Doherty Ballinacally 18 Jan 1854 Thomas Cahil John McMahon at the priests
McInerny Dennis Kildysart Catharine Flynn   18 Feb 1852 Thomas Flynn Maria Flynn  
McInerny James   Mary Cleary Lisheen 1 Feb 1849 Darby McInerny Anne Cleary md at the house
McInerny John   Bridget Lynch   7 Feb 1858 Martin Murphy Bridget Donohue  
McInerny John   Mary Guinane   15 Feb 1859 Thomas Guinane Mary Guinane  
McInerny Michl.   Bridget Hehir   7 Jun 1876 John McMahon Bridget McMahon  
McInerny Pat   Mary Crowley Furroor 5 Feb 1856 James Crowley Bridget Crowley at the chapel
McInerny Simon   Bridget Ryan   25 Feb 1873 Connor McInerny Margaret Toole  
McInerny Thomas   Susanna Burke   9 Jan 1848 Susanna McInerny Maryanne McInerny at their house
McMahon Antony   Honor Meany   15 Feb 1871 Pat Quin Margaret Purcell  
McMahon Darby Cragbrien Catharine Finucane Glaunogonee 3 Feb 1848 Peter Cleary Michael McMahon  
McMahon Dennis   Mary Cleary   4 May 1853 Timothy Cleary Bridget McMahon at her fathers
McMahon James   Bridget Dohery   4 Feb 1872 John Carmody Anne Chambers  
McMahon James   Bridget Keranne   17 Feb 1874 Pat Corry James Chambers  
McMahon John   Jane Keane   23 Oct 1852 Michael Sheahan Honor Sheahan at the priests
McMahon John   Anne Roche   3 Feb 1858 William Shea Catharine McMahon  
McMahon John   Margaret Molone   10 Jan 1859 John Gorman Mary Pursell  
McMahon John   Ellen Cudihy   17 Jan 1863 John Kenny Mary Costeloe  
McMahon John   Catherine McNamara   12 Feb 1870 Martin Moylan Biddy Sexton  
McMahon John   Mary Guinane   28 Feb 1870 Michael Murphy Mary Guinane  
McMahon John   Mary Ryan Breafa 28 Jul 1848 Michael Barry? Mary Doohen  
McMahon Martin Kildysart Elleanor Connelan   12 Jul 1848 John McNamara Mary Clancy at the house
McMahon Michael   Mary Doody   21 Feb 1859 John Shea Mary McMahon  
McMahon Michl.   Bridget ?   10 Feb 1860 Patrick McMahon Bridget Donohue ?  
McMahon Mortimer   Margaret Meany   13 Feb 1867 Simon Grogan Bridget Dohen  
McMahon Nicholas   Ellon Quin   5 Mar 1867 Thomas McMahon Ellon Clancy  
McMahon Pat   Lizzie Moylan   23 Feb 1876 Michl. Meehan Bridget McMahon  
McMahon Pat   Mary Casey   11 Feb 1877 John Casey Bridget Scanlan  
McMahon Patk.   Catharine Meere Cloncoleman 26 Feb 1855 Henry McCarty Mary Flinn?  
McMahon Patk.   Bridget Purtill   3 May 1858 John McMahon Anne Fox  
McMahon Patrick   Catharine Lahiff   21 Feb 1859 James Clanchy Margaret Coghlan  
McMahon Patrick   Bridget McMahon   1 Feb 1868 Michael Quinlivan Ellen Fall  
McMahon Richard   Elon McGuire   17 Nov 1858 James Hennessy Elon Kelly  
McMahon Stephen   Bridget Callaghan Cloncoleman 20 Feb 1849 Connor Callaghan Ellen Scanlan md at her father's house
McMahon Thomas   Bridget Cleary   30 Nov 1851 Tim Cleary Mary Cleary at the priests
McMahon Thomas   Honora O'Connor   21 Feb 1860 Patrick Egan Mary Kelly  
McMahon Thomas   Mary Collins   2 Mar 1878 James Shea Bridget Kinnelly  
McMahon Tom   Mary Barrott   18 Feb 1872 Dan Clancy Anne Clancy  
McMahon ? Martin   Bridget Carrick   29 Jan 1858 Michael McKeen Anne Burke  
McMahon ? Michael   Margaret Hennessy   29 Jan 1858 Michael Doody Bridget McMahon  
McNamara Daniel   Kate Neagle   8 Feb 1877 Pat O'Dea Bridget Kerin  
McNamara John   Honor Brown Decomade 12 Jul 1856 Daniel Glynn Michael McMahon  
McNamara John   Ellen Daly   6 Feb 1869 Michael Daly Margaret Daly  
McNamara John   Catharine Kelly   20 Jun 1854 Mathew Horan Catharine Roche at the priests
McNamara John   Margaret McMahon   28 Feb 1876 Murty McMahon Lizzie Quinlivan  
McNamara Michael Kilmealy Mary Canny   10 Apr 1847 William Canny Bridget Canny  
McNamara Pat Lisduff Mary Browne Ballicorick 28 Apr 1854     at the priests
McNamara Patrick   Elleanor Daly   20 Jan 1851 Michael Kildea Michael Fitzgerald at my house
McNamara Patrick   Mary Walsh   18 Feb 1860 Michael McMahon Nancy Walsh  
McNamara Simon   Susan Donohue   12 Feb 1872 Dan McGrath Sarah Kelly  
McNamara Sinon   Mary Lawler Ballinacally 5 Feb 1856 Henry Chambers Anne Chambers  
McNamara Synon   Susan Burke   12 Feb 1863 James Chambers ?  
McNamara Thomas Kildysart Fanny Hennessy   26 Nov 1853 James Hennessy Judith Breen at her fathers
McNamara Thos   Mary Hanlihan alias McMahon   31 Jan 1854 Martin Kelly Pat Kelly at the priests
McNamara Timothy   Mary Kelly   4 May 1851 Michael Kelly Catharine Kelly at my house
Meany James   Margaret Bohanan   6 Aug 1867 Patrick Barry Margaret Fitzgerald  
Meany John   Catherine Lahiff   29 Jan 1871 Pat Cusack Margaret Molony  
Meany Thomas   Honor Colman   11 Feb 1865 James Landers Bridget O'Connor  
Meehan William   Lucy Grady   10 Feb 1874 William Flynn Kate Grady  
Meer Martin   Catharine Carrick   11 Sep 1855 Thomas Carrick Cath Sullivan at the chapel
Meer Pat   Bridget Walshe   7 Feb 1853 Michael Meer Catharine Meer at her fathers
Meer Patrick   Mary Meer   24 Feb 1852 John Meer Bridget Larkin widow - 2nd v 2nd affinitatis - at the priests
Meer ? John   Margaret Mullins ?   16 Feb 1858 Patrick Ma-? Mary Denham ?  
Meere James   Bridget King   23 Feb 1857 Pat Meere Bridget Shea  
Meere Pat   Bridget Collins   6 Nov 1872 Philip Meere Mary Scanlan  
Melican Murtagh   Mary Launders   24 Feb 1852 Andrew Daly Bridget Daly at her father's
Melican Pat   Bridget Roache   8 Feb 1877 Sinon Malone Margaret Roache  
Mescal James   Mary Kelly   9 Feb 1875 James Chambers Bridget Kelly  
Meskell Danl.   Mary Doohan   30 Jul 1859 Michael Meskell Margaret Ryan  
Minahan Thomas   Margaret McMahon   5 Nov 1879 Michl. Hadlock Mary Murphy in 4x4 gradu affinitates
Minahan[sic] Mathew   Jane Murphy   31 Jan 1875 Michl. Minahan Eliza Moylan [Appears in Civ. Reg. As both Minihan & Monahan]
Minogue Patrick   Johanna Kelly   1 Nov 1856 Sinon Keefe Mary Kelly  
Moloney Patrick Kildysart Bridget Cleary   16 Feb 1852 Dennis Cleary John Gavan at the priests
Moloney Willm.   Catharine Reidy Knockboy 29 Aug 1855 James Moloney Anne Dillon at the chapel
Molony Cornelius   Mary Donnelly   24 Jul 1866 Patrick O'Donnell Mary McDonnell  
Molony John   Mary O'Connor   6 Jul 1877 James Chambers Lizzie Quinlivan  
Molony Mathew   Mary McMahon ?   21 Feb 1860 James McMahon Mary Moran  
Molony Michl.   Mary Scale   2 Apr 1864 Patt Scale Bridget Scale  
Molony Thomas   Catherine Browne   24 Feb 1868 Michael Browne James Chambers  
Molony John   Bridget Walsh   4 Feb 1862 Daniel Lynch Bridget Walsh  
Monahan Pat   Kate Considine   27 Feb 1876 James Chambers Bridget Lahiffe  
Moore Pat   Bridget Finucane   27 Feb 1876 James Chambers John Finucane  
Moran David   Mary Daly   20 Aug 1850 John Barry Elleanor Faul at my house
Moran Martin   Margaret Corry   21 Apr 1872 Michael Reynolds Mary Anne Carrig  
Moran Michl.   Kate Brennan   22 Feb 1867 Michael Brennan Kate Connors  
Moran Pat   Honor Slattery   10 Feb 1876 Tim Hehir Mary Slattery  
Moran Thomas   Bridget McMahon   20 Feb 1876 Pat Monagan Anne brennan Dispensation with 4x4 consang.
Moran William   Honor Browne   3 Feb 1874 Pat Moran Mary Browne  
Morgan Joseph   Margaret Walsh   29 Jul 1864 James Chambers Mary Russell  
Morony Pat   Mary Brennan   9 Feb 1875 Michl. Brennan Mary Brennan  
Morony Thomas   Anne Kerin ?   21 Feb 1860 Michael Barry Bridget Keen ?  
Mungovan Pat   Bridget Philips Cahirea 4 Mar 1862 Michael Mungovan Mary Dillon  
Mungovan Patrick   Johanna O'Connor   18 Feb 1860 John Connellan Alice Carey  
Murphy Edmund   Susan Breen Ballycorick 9 Jul 1855 John Murphy Susan Daly at the chapel
Murphy Edmund   Anne Coffee   25 Nov 1858 John Murphy Mary Meany  
Murphy James Kilmealy Bridget King Balliclohessy 25 Feb 1854 John King Michael Murphy at her fathers
Murphy John   Bridget Doohen   25 Feb 1868 Michael Egan Mary Doohen  
Murphy John   Margaret Kelly   11 Nov 1879 Sinon Grogan Anne Murphy  
Murphy Michael   Bridget McMahon   9 Sep 1868 Thomas Healy Mrs Tom Shalloo Senr  
Murphy Pat   Margt. Hill   28 Feb 1865 Michael Clancy Margaret Coughlin  
Murphy Pat   Bridget Meany   29 Feb 1876 Michl. Flynne Ellon Chambers  
Murphy Patrick   Bridget Kelly   12 Feb 1878 Pat Honan Catherine Aherne  
Murragh John   Mary McNamara   28 Feb 1865 Michael O'Dea Honor Cleary  
Murtagh James   Bridget Purcell   15 Feb 1871 Pat Purcell Kate Halloran  
Naish Michael   Bridget Kelly   9 Feb 1872 Dan McNamara Mary Naish  
Neagle Pat   Honora Roache   11 Feb 1877 Pat Neagle David Roache  
Normile James   Bridget Connolly   10 Feb 1877 Pat Normile Anne Torpey  
Normile Patrick   Mary Guinane   31 Jan 1866 Patrick Normile Bridget Guinane  
O'Brien John   Margaret Gavin   8 Feb 1871 James Frawly Mary O'Brien  
O'Brien Patrick Clare Margaret Meany   7 Feb 1853 John Meany Mary Browne at her fathers
O'Brien Patrick   Catherine Hogan   22 Jun 1867 Patrick O'Meara C.C. Michael Kilmartin  
O'Connell Daniel   Catherine Roche   22 Feb 1868 John Moylan Eliza Blake  
O'Connell Patrick   Margaret Fox   8 Mar 1848 Thomas Cahil Mary Costoloe  
O'Connor Ignatius Ballyea Margaret Roache Breafa 14 Feb 1854 John Roache Anne Brookes at her fathers
O'Connor James   Catherine O'Dea   20 Jan 1860 Bryan O'Dea Frances Meehan ?  
O'Connor James   Bridget Gavan Lavalla 28 Jan 1862 John Gavan Catherine Gavan  
O'Connor Johannes   Maria Leyden   18 Jun 1879     By dispensation 4x4 consang.
O'Connor John   Mary Leyden   18 Jun 1879 Peter McMahon Maria Ginnane  
O'Connor Michael   Bridget Cleary   10 Aug 1852 John Cleary Bridget Griffy at the priests
O'Connor Michl.   Ellen Browne   2 Nov 1858 Bryan Reynolds Mary Grady  
O'Connor Timothy   Mary O'Shea   21 Feb 1859 John Browne Mary McNamara  
O'Connor ? Thomas   Mary Meehan Lisheen 28 Feb 1862 William Walshe Kate Meehan  
O'Connors Pat   Margaret Cleary   24 Apr 1872 James Cleary Kate McMahon  
O'Dea Cornelius   Mary Lynch   16 Jan 1878 Pat Canny Mary O'Dea  
O'Dea John   Margaret Garry   12 Feb 1872 James Chambers Wm. O'Dea  
O'Dea Martin Ennis   Sexton Decamede 20 Mar 1847     married at her father's house
O'Dea Michl.   Bridget Connelly   14 Jul 1865 James Chambers Bridget Meehan  
O'Dea Pat   Bridget Fahy Wattle Hill 8 Feb 1862 James Shea Mary Russell  
O'Dea Pat   Ellon McMahon   25 Feb 1879 Patrick O'Dea Bridget McMahon  
O'Dea Patrick   Bridget McCarthy   2 Feb 1851 Michael McCarthy Margaret Fitzgibbon at my house
O'Dea Patrick   Mary Kerin   10 May 1856 Patrick McMahon Catharine O'Dea  
O'Dea Thomas   Maria Doohen   25 Feb 1868 Michael Lynch Mary Lynch  
O'Dea Thos.   Mary McNamara   13 Apr 1858 Patrick McNamara Bridget McNamara  
O'Dea William Lavalla Margaret Costeloe   23 Apr 1854 Pat O'Dea   at the priests
O'Gorman James   Anne Fitzpatrick   14 Feb 1868 Sinon McCarthy Bridget McCarthy  
O'Haty? Michl.   Margt. Cleary Lavalla 5 Feb 1855 Andrew McCarty Anne McCarty  
O'Keef Martin   Eliza Murphy   6 Feb 1877 Dan Clancy Anne Murphy  
O'Keefe Daniel   Catharine O'Connor   20 Jul 1852 Pat Quin Mary Sullivan at the priests
O'Loughlin Patrick   Maria Fahy   24 Nov 1858 James Cudihy Susanna O'Connor  
O'Neil John   Eliza Chambers   18 Jul 1875 William Moloney Lizzie La-?  
O'Neil Michl.   Margaret Sullivan   9 Aug 1879 James Morissy Miss Guinane  
O'Neil Patrick   Bridget Coffee Lavalla 28 Apr 1860 Patrick O'Neil Mary Bassett  
O'Shea Michael   Catherine O'Dea   28 Jan 1879 Matt Honan Honor Honan  
O'Shea William   Anne Sexton   15 Feb 1870 Patrick Quinlivan Biddy Sexton  
Pierce Marchus   Mary Coughlan   9 Jan 1870 Thomas Quinlivan Thomas Higgins  
Purcell John   Honor Connors   12 Jan 1879 Michael Doolan Margaret Purcell  
Purcell Pat   Margaret Meany   13 Feb 1872 Michael halloran Kate Halloran  
Purcell Thos.   Mary O'Dea Lissicasey 5 Feb 1855 Thos Gasnane Mary Crowley at the house
Purcil Thomas   Mary McMahon   27 Aug 1852 Pat O'Dea Mary Donnelly at the priests
Purtill Pat   Margaret Browne   18 Feb 1871 Martin Considine Kate Grady  
Pyne William Kilmealy Mary Chambers   23 Feb 1852 Thomas Pyne Sybilia Chambers at her brother's
Qualy John   Bridget Quinlivan   27 Feb 1859 John Sexton Elona Shannon  
Quin John   Margaret Corry   4 Mar 1851 Pat Quin Mary Corry at my house
Quin Tady   Mary Roche   29 Feb 1876 Mick Roche Bridget Hill  
Quinlivan James   Anne Daly   21 Feb 1860 Michael Barry John Daly  
Quinlivan James   Mary Freeman   21 Mar 1850 John Gavan Jane O'Neil md at the house
Quinlivan John   Jane Connell   9 Feb 1875 Sinon Brogan Anne Hunt  
Quinlivan Michael   Elleanor Collins   12 Feb 1850 John Galvin Nelly Sexton md at her house
Quinlivan Michael   Margaret Lynch   6 Feb 1853 Pat Quinlivan Mary Browne at the priests
Quinlivan Michl.   Bridget Toole Drumquin 2 Jul 1855 Michael Spelissy Mary Hartigan at the chapel
Quinn Michl.   Bridget Daly   21 Feb 1860 Martin Daly Anne Connellan  
Reddan John   Ellon O'Grady   9 Feb 1864 Michael Flynn ? Enid ?  
Reidy Danl.   Susan Moylan   29 Jan 1864 Martin Reidy Mary Kelly  
Reidy James   Hanna Corbett     Jun 1863 Patrick Reidy Margaret Reidy  
Reidy John   Ellen Browne   6 Feb 1869 Tom reidy Margaret Browne  
Reidy Martin   Hanna Crowley Furroor 19 Jan 1856 Thomas Reidy Mary Breen at the chapel
Reilly Patrick   Bridget Dohen   18 Feb 1868 Mortimer McMahon Mary McMahon  
Reily Thos.   Ellen Dillon Cahirea 3 Feb 1856 Thomas Reily Michael Dillon at the chapel
Reynolds Bryan   Mary Purcell   17 Feb 1871 Michael Reynolds Bridget Hehir  
Riedy Michael   Bridget Coffy   4 Mar 1851 Pat Coffy Catharine Riedy at my house
Riely Patrick   Anne McMahon   29 Sep 1851 Connor Whealon Mary Breene at my house
Rite(sic) Michl.   Maria Doherty   7 Nov 1865 Edmond Doherty Honor Grady [possibly Wright]
Roberts Daniel   Mary Jennings   11 Nov 1851 Margaret Culligan Michael Lanyan? widow at her house
Roche Michael Clanmore Betty Doyle   17 Feb 1847     md at her mother's house
Ronayne Michael   Mary McNamara   24 Nov 1868 Andrew Ronayne Mary Heher  
Rotchford Thomas Kilmurry Mary Collins   17 Feb 1847     md at her brother's house
Ryan James   Mary Slattery     Sep 1866 Michael Cloghessy Anne Shalloe  
Ryan John   Bridget Hehir   7 Feb 1860 Patrick Hehir Mary Murphy  
Ryan Patrick   Mary O'Keefe   17 Mar 1858 Sinon O'Keefe Mary Hehir  
Ryan Patrick   Bridget Couney   15 Feb 1865 John Ryan Bridget Tounsell  
Ryan Thomas   Catherine Ryan   10 Feb 1861 Michael Doohan Margaret Considine by dispensation 3 x 3 cons.
Ryan Thomas   Bridget Sexton   8 Feb 1871 Lary Reily Catherine Sexton  
Ryan Thomas   Margaret Sullivan   30 Jan 1876 Pat Sullivan James Quinlivan  
Ryan ? Pat   Mary O'Dea   17 Feb 1874 Dan Reidy Kate McMahon [Appears in Civ. Reg. as Wren]
Ryan Esq M.D. John   Anne Doherty   31 Jul 1852 John Ryan Maryanne Haire at her mother's
Scanlan John   Bridget Scanlan   20 Feb 1852 Michael Scanlan Kate Scanlan at her father's - 4to v 4to consangenuity
Scanlan John   Mary Duhan Decomade 26 Jan 1856 Daniel Duhan Mary Duhan at the chapel
Scanlan Tom   Margt Gavan   8 Feb 1874 Pat Corry Mary Gavan  
Scanlan William   Elon Scanlan Tulleen 18 Feb 1857 Michael Scanlan Winifred Doody  
Sextan James   Bridget Cleary Burren 24 Nov 1847 Honor Cleary Danl Sextan at her father's house
Sextan Michael Mullagh Mary Sextan Lavalla?   Apr 1847 Michael Killeen Susan Sextan md by Re? E Barry
Sextan Thomas Lavalla Mary O'Dea Lisycasey 16 Feb 1847 Daniel Sextan Pat Kelly, Jenny Collins  
Sexton John   Bridget Normile Coney Island 3 Feb 1856 Martin Keating Catharine Rowland at the chapel
Sexton John   Bridget McMahon   30 Jul 1858 Patrick O'Dea Margaret O'Dea  
Sexton John   Bridget Hehir Decomade 5 Feb 1856 John Hehir Mary Philipps at the chapel
Sexton Mathew Kilmealy Elleanor Hasset Decamede 10 Feb 1850 Daniel Hasset Bridget Hasset md at her father's house
Sexton Patrick   Elleanor O'Connor   21 Feb 1852 Richard O'Connor Bridget King at the priests
Sexton Sinon   Catherine Collins   18 Feb 1868 John O'Connor Bridget Sexton  
Shalloe Tom   Cathrine McGavan   21 Feb 1871 Peter McGavan Mary Pender  
Shaughnessy Michael   Anne Murphy   20 Jun 1868 James Morrissey Mary ?  
Shea James Kildysart Margret Sexton   12 Feb 1850 John Kelly Pat Coffey md at the house
Shea Martin   Catherine Byrnes   28 May 1862 Patt Byrnes Hanna Colman  
Shea Michael Wattlehil Mary Conway do[Wattlehil] 7 Feb 1847 Edmund Murphy Mary Guinane married in the chapel
Shea Tom   Bridget Haugh   7 Feb 1874 Martin Ronan Bridget Haugh  
Sheahan Connor   Mary Clancy   29 Jul 1851 John Clancy Catharine Sheedy at her father's
Sheahan Cornelius   Honor Walsh   25 Feb 1879 Michael Meskill Mary Haugh  
Sheahan John   Margt. Reidy   24 Feb 1857 John Gavan Ann Gavan  
Sheahan Pat   Mary Kelly   11 Nov 1878 Anne Hehir Kate McMahon  
Sheahan Patk.   Anne O'Connor Tonlegeh 25 Jul 1855 John Sheahan Mary Quinlivan at the chapel
Sheehan ?   Mary Clanchy   24 Jul 1858 Patrick Sheehan Margaret Garry  
Sheehen Jeremiah   Mary Clancy   18 Feb 1860 Thomas Clancy Bridget Honan  
Slattery John   Margaret Murtough   5 Mar 1878 Pat Murtough Kate McMahon  
Slattery Michael   Margaret Mescal Lavalla? 23 Mar 1847 Daniel Mescal Margaret Griffy married at the house
Slattery Michael   Mary McCormack   23 Feb 1868 William Doherty Anna Hickey  
Slattery Thomas   Catherine Kennelly   12 Feb 1878 John P. Murphy Mary Collins & Elizabeth Curry  
Slattery Thos.   Sarah Kelly   13 Feb 1866 Denis Slattery Sarah Frawly  
Smith James   Bridget Kerin   23 Feb 1859 John McInerny Mary Kerin  
Spellissy Patrick   Catherine Spelissy ?   20 Feb 1860 Patrick Spellissy Mary Spellissy  
Spellissy Patrick   Anne Brown   28 Jan 1866 James Sullivan Honor Brown  
St Lance ? Michl.   Bridget Cusack Ballinacally 22 Apr 1861 Daniel McManus ? ?  
Sullivan James   Bridget Clancy   5 Mar 1878 Pat Clancy Kate Honan  
Sullivan John   Margaret Connelly   9 Feb 1872 John O'Dea Bridget Murphy  
Sullivan Michael   Margaret Crowe   13 Feb 1859 Thomas Fitzgerald Ellen Rice  
Tanby Dennis   Bridget Gilligan Ballinacally 3 Aug 1854 Thomas Cahil Elizabeth Cahil at the priests
Thomson John   Susan Barry   27 May 1877 Michl. McInerny Anne Corry  
Thomson Pat   Mary Gavin   5 Mar 1878 John Eustace Sinon Eustace  
Toole Joseph   Margaret Lahiff   5 Mar 1867 Michael Doyle Margaret Doherty  
Toole Michael   Anne Hewson Paradise 28 Feb 1847 Terrence McMahon John Barry married at her father's house
Torpey Michael   Margaret Tuohy   14 Sep 1874 Frank Nelson Mary Lepper  
Torpy Dennis   Catharine Galligan   23 May 1849 Cleary Bridget Torpy  
Torpy Thomas   Anne Meany   7 Feb 1852 John Meany Mary Breen at the priest's house
Touhy Denis   Mary Geary   24 Oct 1858 William Lahiff Bridget Meany  
Touhy James   Anne Kelly   12 Feb 1858 Michael Carmody Mary Kelly  
Townsel Pat Lisycasey Mary Griffin   28 Jul 1854 Bridget Cleary Bridget Riedy at the priests
Tuohy Pat   Ellen Madigan   21 Feb 1871 Con Cleary Kate Scanlan  
Tuttle Stephen   Mary Hore   23 Feb 1867 John McDonnell Bessy Blake  
Vaughan Thomas   Bridget Laundan Kilmealy 17 Feb 1855 John Green Margaret Laundan  
Wallace Thos. (piper) Hanna Nolan Ballinacally 30 Jul 1855 Peter Hinchy Mary Meany at the chapel
Walsh Michael   Eliza O'Grady   9 Feb 1869 John McNamara Lucy O'Grady  
Walsh Thomas   Bridget Guinane   18 Feb 1863 Michael Kelly Bridget Lorigan  
Walsh Thomas   Margaret Barry   23 Jan 1864 Patt madden Bridget Clancy  
Walsh William   Jane Haugh   10 Feb 1877 Thomas Reidy Bridget haugh  
Walshe Edmund   Bridget O'Loughlin   10 Oct 1847 Tim Walshe Bridget Walshe md at Murphys
Walshe John   Catharine Bourke   7 Feb 1853 John Walshe Catharine Walshe at Edmund Walshes
Warren James   Bridget Kelly   24 Jan 1872 Dan Ryan Susan Malone  
Wing John   Mary Craven   30 Sep 1848 John Moroney Bridget O'Dea at the house
Wright David   Bridget Kenny Knapogue 7 Feb 1847 Edmund Healy Michael Murphy married in the chapel
Wright David Redgate Bridget Coffy   26 Oct 1854 Honoria Breen Bridget Cleary at the priests
      Mary Glynn   11 Jul 1847     married in Ennis [to Michael Garry]
      [Anne] Coughlin   14 Feb 1870 John Coughlin   [cf Civ. Reg.]

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RC Marriage Records for Clondagad/Kilchreest Parish, 1846-1880