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Marriage Records for Clonlea Parish (Church of Ireland), 1845-1946

Title: Marriage Records for Clonlea Parish (Church of Ireland), 1845-1946
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1845 to 1946
Place: Clonlea Parish.
Source: Marriage Registers
Transcriber/Donator: Michael McNamara, Sixmilebridge, County Clare

A column headed "Age" has been left out. Other than nos. 10 & 12, all entries are "Full Age".

B is batchelor, S is spinster, W is widow(er)

No. Date of Marriage Names Condition Trade or Profession Abode Fathers' Occupation Celebrant Recorder's Notes
1 8/8/1845 Thomas Harwood B Policeman Kilkishen Policeman [not clear]  
    Maria Courtney S Policeman's daughter Kilkishen RIC Pensioner    
2 17/10/1846 Sam. Hutchinson W Surgeon Dentist Limerick Gentleman [not clear]  
    Emma Bevan S Lady Scarth House Gentleman    
3 9/10/1849 James Armstrong W Policeman Tulla Shoemaker [not clear]  
    Mary Ryan W [blank] Clonbrick Labourer    
4 5/3/1853 Hugh Jackson B Policeman Kilkishen Farmer Wm. R. Bluett For convenience, Rev. Bluett's name is written as WRB from now on.
    Sarah Courtney S [blank] Kilkishen Policeman (Vicar)  
5 16/4/1853 Lucas Wade B Policeman Kilkishen Farmer WRB  
    Mary Hardgrove W [blank] Kilkishen Farmer   Mary Hardgrove's maiden name was McDonnell
6 11/8/1856 Thomas Flynn B Hairdresser Kilkishen Farm servant WRB  
    Bridget Neary S [blank] Kilkishen Farm servant    
7 22/3/1862 Patrick Philpott W Constable Fenloe Gentleman WRB  
    Jane Blane S [blank] Kilkishen Farmer    
8 3/7/1866 James Ievers B Gentleman Mount Ievers Gentleman Richard Studdert  
    Elizabeth Blackwell S Gentlewoman Kilkishen House Gentleman Vicar of Quin  
9 25/2/1868 Michael Roberts B Esq Mount Rivers, Carrigaline, Co. Cork Gentleman Richard Studdert  
    Eleanor Blackwell S Gentlewoman Kilkishen House Gentleman Vicar of Quin  
10 30/5/1875 James Lewis B Constable Crusheen Farmer WRB  
    Elizabeth Warrell S [blank] Kilkishen Constable    
    [age 16 years]            
11 12/4/1879 Lucas Wade W Shop-keeper Kilkishen Farmer Edward Lloyd This is the same Lucas Wade as in no. 5 above
    Mary Caldwell S Servant Kilkishen Constable    
12 25/6/1879 William Hudson B Coachman Belvoir Coachman Edward Lloyd  
    Annie McGlynn S Servant Kilkishen Gardener    
    [age 20 years]            
13 3/8/1889 Chris. Somersett B Constable Kilkishen Agent Edward Lloyd  
    Helena Warrell S [blank] Post Office, Kilkishen RIC Pensioner    
14 4/6/1896 William McCreedy B Constable Kilkishen Farmer Samuel Waldron King For convenience, Rev. King's name is written as SWK from now on.
    Matilda Warrell S [blank] Kilkishen Postmaster    
15 31/07/1906 Arthur Roberts B Gentleman Holmfirth, York?? Gentleman R. P. Baylee M.A.  
    Susanna Baylee S [blank] Mount Baylee Gentleman    
16 22/02/1909 Frederick Kennedy B Surgeon Limerick Gentleman SWK  
    Rose Mary Studdert S [blank] Cullane Gentleman    
17 21/07/1909 Robert Le Clerk B Doctor Irlam, Liverpool Gentleman SWK  
    Edith Baylee [blank] [blank] Mount Baylee Gentleman    
18 29/7/1916. James Neill B Constable Broadford [blank] SWK  
    Olivia Warrell S [blank] Kilkishen Postmaster    
19 20/10/1945 Alec [Statham] Lee B Flt. Lt. RAF Kilkishen [blank] Hadley [Webster], Killaloe Groom's occupation is Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force.
    Doreen Ferguson S PMRAFNS Rectory, Kilkishen Rector   Bride's employer is Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service]
20 27/12/1946 Istvan Balent Lipóczi B Doc. of Economics Kilkishen Bank Official S.F. Ferguson M.A.  
    Iris Ferguson S [blank] Rectory, Kilkishen Rector    

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