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RC Marriage Records for Drumcliff (Ennis)Parish

Title: RC Marriage Records for Drumcliff (Ennis) Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1837 to 1880
Place: RC Parish of Drumcliff (Ennis)

Drumcliff RC Marriage Registers 1837-1880
NLI Film 02472/05

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:

A transcription made by Clare Roots Society is also available on the Ennis Parish website, the transcription here includes witnesses and placenames. Placenames are given from 1849 only and then it is usually just “Ennis” and not the street or the townland. In regard to witnesses: one James Morrissy appears so often that transcriber thinks he must have been the parish clerk. This means that the names of the witnesses are not as fruitful as they would normally be for anyone looking for clues as to relatives of the bride and groom.

From 1864, when civil registration of marriages began, the addresses and witnesses can be found on the General Registry Office site also. Transcriber noticed that the priest (celebrant) uses the word “vagus” more often that the registrar does and has noted the occasions when the registrar gives an occupation instead.

Transcriber has used an invented address/residence, “Military”, so that men whose occupation was in the army can be easily found by people researching that subject – look under “Registers by Groom's Residence”..

Some pages of the register (early 1840s) must have fallen out and put back, but in a higgledy-piggledy way, so that the dates are not in sequence. I have transcribed according to the sequence of pages given in NLI online but subscriber thinks the Clare Roots Society transcription may have transcribed these pages according to date.

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