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RC Marriage Records containing O'BRIEN and related families for the Parish of Kilmurry Ibrickan

Title: RC Marriage Records containing O'BRIEN and related families for the Parish of Kilmurry Ibrickan
Type: Marriage Records
Main Family Names: O’BRIEN
Dates: 1839 to 1932
Place: RC Parish of Kilmurry Ibrickan
Source: Parish Registers and LDS microfilms
Transcriber/Donator: Kevin J. O'Brien

Addresses given in red were not recorded in the original marriage registers
but were taken from the baptism registers or other sources.

O'BRIEN Patrick Ballylongford, Kerry Sexton Mary Clonadrum 1839 July 9 O'Brien, Michael Cragaknock Sexton, John Clonadrum Murphy, James Ennis E P Barry  
Falsey Patrick Ballanagan, Kilmacduane O'BRIEN Honora Oxmount, Shandrum 1840 Feb 16 O'Brien, John Oxmount Griffy, Anthony Oxmount Sexton, James Clonadrum E P Barry  
Walsh James Bonavilla O'BRIEN Mary Ballymackea 1840 Feb 23 Darcy, Matthew Mullagh Meade, Tom Rine O'Brien, Mary Annagh E P Barry  
Curtin Mathew Dunsallagh Collins Mary Killernan 1840 Feb 28 Collins, Patrick Killernan Collins, Thomas Dunsallagh   Rev Garret O'Connor`  
O'BRIEN John Cloghauninchy Crawford Eleanor Clonadrum 1840 Feb 8 McKnight, John Clonadrum Crawford, Patrick ClondrumCrawford, Catherine Clondrum   E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Anthony Croheny Core, Kilfarboy Kinane Mary Rath 1840 March 4 McGuane, Martin Rath Kinane, Laurence Rath Cotter, Jane Rath E P Barry  
Boyle Martin Tromera East O'BRIEN Mary Killernan 1840 March 4 O'Brien, Patrick Killernan Boyle, Parick Tromera East Talty, Ellen Coore E P Barry  
Collins Patrick Killernan O'Hallroan Ellen Knocknageragh 1840 March 4 O'Halloran, John Knocknageragh McMahon, Bernard Bonavilla   Rev. Patrick O'Brien  
O'BRIEN Michael   Mason Catherine Servants 1841 Aug 22 O'Connor, Spanish Point Ryan, Thomas      
Molony Thomas Annagh O'BRIEN Mary Annagh 1841 Feb 13 O'Brien, James Annagh Molony, Thomas Annagh Hehir, Bridget Bealcraggy, Kilmaley Parish E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Peter Oxmount, Shandrum O'Grady Catherine Dromelihe 1841 Feb 23         Certificate of Freedom
Downes James Moloskey O'BRIEN Mary Shanaway 1841 Feb16 O'Brien, Patrick Shanaway McMahon, James Cragaknock Haneen, Synan Donogan E P Barry  
Cunyham Michael Creggane O'BRIEN Elizabeth Servants 1842 July 13 Morony, Jane Meskill, James Harrison, John E P Barry  
Talty Michael Glendine, Kilfarboy O'BRIEN Bridget Shanaway 1843 Feb 16 Hurley, James Talty, Patrick   E P Barry  
Murphy Timothy Cloonboule O'BRIEN Bridget Mt Scot 1843 Feb 24 O'Brien, James Murphy, James   Rev. Patrick O'Brien  
O'BRIEN Michael Derreen Donnellan Bridget Carhuligane 1843 July 17 O'Brien, Anne Killeen,Patrick Considine, Michael E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Thomas Bonavilla Kelly Catherine Mt Scot 1843 May 1 O'Brien, Patrick Kelly, Daniel Murrihy, Honora E P Barry  
O'Neill John Killard O'BRIEN Mary Dough 1844 April 28 Gleeson, Susan Kelly, Thady McCormack, Patrick E P Barry  
O'BRIEN John Annagh Corry Mary Annagh 1844 Feb 7 Corry, John O'Connor, Michael Lynch, Bridget E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Michael Kilfinora Sexton Catherine Moyglass 1844 Feb 14 Sexton, Peter Lynch, James Fraley, Patrick E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Michael Thooreen Finnor Beg Malone Mary   1844 Feb 4 O'Brien, Patrick Malone, John Kean, Hanora E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Patrick Derreen Quinlan Mary Derreen 1844 May 12 Killeen, Thomas Killeen, Michael O'Shea, Matthew E P Barry  
Sexton Martin   O'BRIEN Mary Cloghauninchy 1845 Feb 3 O'Brien, Honora Anglim, Charles Anglim, John E P Barry  
Walsh John Bonavilla O'BRIEN Margaret Quartermire 1845 Jan 23 Walsh, David Walsh, Catherine Griffy, Peter E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Cornelius   Corry Mary Tromera 1846 Feb 16 Corry, John Murrihy, Lucy Molohan, Cornelius E P Barry  
Howard Thomas Ballyvaskin, Kilfarboy O'BRIEN Mary Killernan 1846 Feb 16 O'Brien, Michael Howard, Micahel   E P Barry Family in Ballyvaskin
O'BRIEN Patrick   Power Hanora Emly 1846 Feb 16 Power, Anthony Power, James   E P Barry  
O'BRIEN James Kilfarboy Considine Susan Tromera East 1846 Feb 21 Considine, William Considine, Anne   E P Barry  
Kelly Martin Clohanbeg O'BRIEN Honora Annagh 1846 Feb 23 O'Brien, Thomas Hehir, Biddy   Rev. M Furnace  
Clune Michael Kilmaley O'BRIEN Margaret Toreen, Finnor beg 1846 Feb 24 Daley, James Doherty, Mary      
Louny William Quartermire O'BRIEN Ellen   1847 Jan 14 O'Brien, John Louney,William   E P Barry  
Keane Anthony Carhuligane O'BRIEN Anne   1848 Feb 17 O'Brien, Anthony Keane, Michael   E P Barry  
O'BRIEN Thomas   Keane Mary   1848 March 3 Walsh, David Fitzpatrick, Thomas   E P Barry  
Killeen Daniel   O'BRIEN Ellen   1850 Feb 12 O'Brien, Mary O'Loughlin, Thomas      
O'BRIEN Darby   Malone Honora   1850 Feb 12 O'Brien Michael Malone, Laurence      
O'BRIEN Michael   Shannon Mary   1851 Feb 10 Looney, William Murphy, James      
Egan Partrick   O'BRIEN Honora   1851 March 8 Darcy, Mary Egan, John      
O'BRIEN Patrick Shanaway O'BRIEN Mary   1851 Oct 12 O'Brien, Patrick O'Brien, John      
Sexton John Clounadrum O'BRIEN Hannah Cragaknock 1856 April 12 McNamara, Thady McNamara, Nora      
McDonnell Patrick Mullagh O'BRIEN Mary Mullagh 1856 Jan 27 O'Dwyer, James Murphy, Honora      
O'BRIEN John   Egan Kate Oxmount, Shandrum 1856 March 5 Egan, Anthony Griffy, Mary      
O'BRIEN Sinon   McNamara Bridget Cloghauninchy 1856 May 7 Sexton, James Anglim, Winny      
McCarthy Martin Clonadrum O'BRIEN Mary Cloghauninchy 1857 Feb 4 Sexton, Peter Downes, Norry      
Corbet Patrick   O'BRIEN Bridget   1857 Sept 1 Stack, Michael Shanahan, Bridget   T. Molony  
O'BRIEN Michael Derreen Griffin Catherine Derreen 1858 Feb 14 Darcy, Michael Woods, Mary   T.M.  
O'BRIEN James Shanaway Downes Anne   1858 Jan 23 McMahon, Patrick McMahon, Bryan   E P Barry  
O'BRIEN James   Fox Mary   1858 July 21 Donnellan, Norry McMahon, Bryan      
Downes John   O'BRIEN Bridget   1859 March 7 Downes, Thomas Talty, Ellen   J.C.  
O'BRIEN Thomas Cloghauninchy Halloran Bridget   1860 Aug 4 Shannon, Thomas Lynch, James   P.M.  
Kenny Cornelius   Collins Honora   1860 Feb 21 O'Brien, Stephen O'Brien, Catherine      
Egan Thomas H.   O'BRIEN Bridget   1861 Jan 22 O'Brien, Callaghan Egan, Michael   P.M.  
O'BRIEN John Shandrum Corry Mary   1863 Aug 2 O'Brien, John Griffin, John   Patrick Moran  
Keane Patrick   O'BRIEN Margaret   1864 July 11 Boyle, Martin Haren, Michael   Patrick Moran  
Dowling James RIC Miltown Malbay O'BRIEN Catherine Killernan 1864 July 27 O'Brien, Stephen Healy,, Peter   Patrick Moran  
O'BRIEN Martin Shandrum Doyle Honora   1865 Feb 14 Griffin, Michael Doyle, John   Patrick Moran  
O'BRIEN Stephen Killernan O'Hallroan Margaret Mt Scot 1865 Jan 28 Halloran, Patrick McGuane, John   Patrick Moran  
Lynch Owen Mt Scot O'BRIEN Catherine Shanaway 1866 Feb 19 Looney, William Honan, Michael   PP Moran  
O'BRIEN John   Downes Kate   1866 Jan 30 O'Brien, James Donnellan, Corny   Patrick Moran  
O'BRIEN Patrick   Murphy Kate   1867 March 30 O'Halloran, George O'Halloran, James   Patrick Moran  
O'Connor Thomas Annagh O'BRIEN Mary   1868 Jan 21 O'Brien, Peter O'Connor, Michael   Patrick Moran  
O'BRIEN Michael   Guinny Honora   1868 July 15 O'Connor, Edmond O'Connor,Patrick   Patrick Moran  
O'BRIEN Joseph Mullagh McGuinness Julia   1870 Feb 5 Lynch, Michael Sexton, Thady   Patrick Moran  
br John   O'BRIEN Jane   1870 March 26 Shannon, Thomas Brennan, Michael   Patrick Moran  
O'BRIEN Thomas   Gallery Bridget   1871 Feb 6 O'Halloran, James Haren, Morty   Patrick Moran  
O'BRIEN John Finure Creahan Mary   1873 Jan 19 O'Halloran, James Kane, Thomas   Patrick Moran  
Donohoe James Cloghauninchy O'BRIEN Margaret   1875 Feb 16 O'Halloran, James Kelly, John   M. C.  
O'BRIEN NA NA Phillips NA NA 1877 Aug O'Brien Walsh   J. Cahir  
McMahon Thomas Maherintaska, Doolough O'BRIEN Mary Shanaway 1877 Feb 10 O'Brien, Ellen McMahon, Tim   J. Cahir  
O'BRIEN Michael Frehane, Knockanalban Moloney Bridget   1877 Feb 11 O'Brien, Catheine McCarthy, Michael   J. Cahir  
O'Dea Sinon   O'BRIEN Margaret   1877 Feb 13 Ryan, John McDonnell, Mary   J. Cahir  
O'Connell Michael   O'BRIEN Margaret   1878 Feb 26 O'Connell, John Looney, Mary   J. Cahir  
McMahon David   O'BRIEN Honora   1879 Dec 10 McMahon, James Kelly, Bridget   JJT  
O'BRIEN John Tromora West Crehan Elizabeth   1880 Nov 27 O'Halloran, James Gallagher, Simon   J. Cahir  
O'BRIEN James Coore Sexton Ellen   1881 Feb 26 Looney, Michael Pender, Bridget   JJT  
Murphy Michael The Hand O'BRIEN Bridget Shanaway 1882 Feb 20 Murphy, Patrick McMahon, Mary   J. Cahir  
Whelan James   O'BRIEN Margaret Shanaway 1883 May 12 Whelan, John Looney, May   J. Cahir  
Ryan Michael   O'BRIEN Honora   1885 Feb 14 Greene, Michael Ronan, Mary   J. Cahir  
Collins Partrick   O'BRIEN Bridget   1885 Feb 7 O'Brien, Susan Curtin, John   J. Cahir  
O'BRIEN James   Considine Margaret   1886 Feb 13 Sexton, Patrick Killeen, Patrick      
Gallagher Patrick   O'BRIEN Bridget   1886 Feb 20 Gallagher, Simon Gallagher, Mary   J. Cahir  
Clancy John Derreen O'BRIEN Susan   1887 Feb 13 O'Brien, Jane Meade, Michael   J. Cahir  
O'BRIEN Michael   Sexton Bridget Knockanalban 1891 Feb 10 Walsh, James Cahill, Ellen   M.G.  
McMahon Timothy Doolough O'BRIEN Catherine Quartermire 1891 Feb 6 Halloran, Michael Moloney, Margaret   J. Cahir  
O'BRIEN John   Looney Catherine Mt Scot 1894 Feb 6 Gleeson, Margaret Carey, Patrick   J. Cahir  
O'BRIEN Martin Shandrum Downes Margaret Rhine 1894 Oct 21 Murrihy, John Morrissey, Mary   M.M.  
Stephens Thomas   Brien Mary Shanaway 1894 Oct 30 O'Brien, James O'Dea, Honor   M.M. nee Conlan
Ryan John Dromoher, Kilnaboy O'BRIEN Catherine Killernan 1895 Feb 12 McGuane, Bridget Healy, John   M.M.  
O'BRIEN Jeremiah   Considine Anne Donogan 1897 Jan 29 O'Brien, Peter O'Dea, Maey   J. Cahir  
O'BRIEN Patrick   Walsh Catherine Killernan 1899 April 29 O'Brien, M Walsh, Sarah Fergus, W. JS  
O'BRIEN Daniel Killernan/Mullagh King Sarah   1899 Feb 11 Fitzpatrick,John Scanlon, Margaret   PG  
O'BRIEN Michael   Flanagan Mary Shanaway 1899 Feb 14 O'Brien, Patrick Curtin, Bridget   ESS  
O'BRIEN James Coore O'Neill Mary Shanaway 1900 Feb 27 McInerney, Michael Looney, Bridget   PG  
O'BRIEN Cornelius   Foran Ellen Quilty West 1900 Sept 26 O'Dwyer, Patrick Fennell, Margaret      
Egan Michael   O'BRIEN Margaret   1901 July 6 Egan, Patrick Ryan,Katie   PG  
O'BRIEN John   Killeen Bridget   1901 Nov 5 O'Brien, Anthony Corry, Mary   JC  
Sullivan Peter   O'BRIEN Bridget Shanaway 1902 April 1 White, Andrew Lynch, Bridget   EJS  
Hehir Terrence   O'Halloran Bridget Ahey Bridge 1902 Feb 4 O'Brien, Mary Garrihy, John   EJS  
O'BRIEN Anthony   Clancy Bridget   1902 Feb 4 O'Brien, Mary Garrihy, John   EJS  
O'BRIEN John Shanaway Devitt Catherine Clounlaheen 1903 Feb 10 McMahon, John Devitt, Anne 2nd marriage J. Maxwell  
Moroney Patrick   O'BRIEN Mary Mt Scot 1903 Feb 17 Talty, Patrick Creehan, Ellen   EJS  
McMahon James Cloghauninchy O'BRIEN Honora Cloghauninchy 1903 Nov 3 Montgomery, Patrick McMahon, Honora   EJS  
McCarthy John   O'BRIEN Mary Finnor more 1905 Nov 14 O'Brien, Jane McCarthy, Martin   JC  
Keane Patrick   O'BRIEN Mary   1914 April 22 Madigan, Michael McCarthy, Sarah   JPOG  
O'BRIEN Michael   McDonnell Bridget   1914 Feb 17 McCarthy, Michael O'Keefe, Elizabeth   J Con  
Hanrahan Michael   O'BRIEN Catherine Knockanalban 1916 March 4 Fitzmartin, Michael O'Connell,Elizabeth      
Morrissey Michael   O'BRIEN Honora   1919 Feb 4 O'Brien, Mary Morrissey, John      
O'BRIEN Patrick Frehane, Knockanalban Looney Anne   1920 June 9 Moloney, Michael Cleary, Margaret      
O'BRIEN Peter Kilmurry O'Connor Maria Annagh 1922 Feb 8 Looney, John O'Connor, Elly      
O'BRIEN Michael   Considine Ellen Craggane 1924 Feb 10 Mongarvan,Michael Downes, Mary A      
O'BRIEN Peter Annagh Sexton Bridget Ahey Bridge 1928 April 28 Sexton, Thomas Sexton, Mary   TN  
O'BRIEN Patrick Shanaway Hurley Anne Mt Scot 1932 Feb 2 Fennell, John Looney, Catherine   T Neylan  
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