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RC Marriage Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1835-1881

Title: RC Marriage Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1835-1881
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1835 to 1881
Place: RC Parish of O’Callaghan’s Mills
Source: O’Callaghan’s Mills RC Marriage Registers NLI Film 02476/09
Transcriber/Donor: Sharon Carberry, Virginia, USA

Registers by Date:
1835 - 1881        

Registers by Surname:
Grooms A-L Grooms M-W Brides A-L* Brides M-W *  

*Where an alias is given for brides, a record has been entered under both surnames.

Transcriber’s Note:

"This parish had a month each year when a large number of weddings (a dozen or more on one day) occurred, either February or March, as though a Pre-Cana (marriage preparation) course was involved (no further information known). Spellings of personal and location names varied among the priests making these records; shown in brackets is the usual spelling. A few brides have an alias name listed, which might show they were widows. There are several locations named outside this parish and a few outside the county, usually residences of the groom and/or witnesses. Dispensations are extremely brief notations, as this registry was made for the priests' eyes only. "Affinity" refers to being related due to a prior marriage in the broader family. When the degrees of consanguinity are the same, the common ancestor was the same number of generations away from both bride and groom. Sometimes the groom is older, so his generation and degree is closer in time to the common ancestor."

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O'Callaghan's Mills

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