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Baptismal records for the Surnames McKnight, Cusack and O'Neill.
Extracts from the Kilrush parish registers between 1827/1829 and 1880.

Title: Baptismal records for the Surnames McKnight, Cusack and O'Neill
Type: Baptismal records
Dates: Between 1827/29 and 1880
Place: Parish of Kilrush
Source: Kilrush parish registers using the microfilm held by the Latter Day Saints
(film number 979696)
Transcriber/Donator: Joanne Mitchell, Australia

The baptisms transcribed below were taken from LDS microfilm # 979696 and cover the time period from 1827 up to 1880. They include all the baptisms I could find where either the mother's or the father's surname or that of a sponsor was O'NEIL(L), McKNIGHT or CUSACK.

In the hope that I will be able to discover which (if any) of these families My Daniel O'Neill and Bridget McKnight belong to, I am attempting to piece together the different O'Neill and McKnight families in these parish registers. I would VERY much appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information at all about any of these families. I also have a variety of information on some of the families listed below which may help interested researchers.

If you can help or would like further information, please email me:

Eleanor Patrick McKnight Catherine Moloney 24/4/1833 John Healy Biddy O'Neil  
Patrick Michael  McKnight Margaret Crehan 14/5/1836 Jno O'Neill Bridget Crehan  
William Michael  McKnight Margaret Crehan 21/10/1848 Jno McKnight Kate Crehan  
Michael Patrick McKnight Mary Tubridy 20/12/1838 Peggy   Carondota?
John Pat McKnight Mary Lynch 25/5/1853     Bastard
Margt Michl McKnight Margt McGrath 16/5/1853 Michl Hanon    
Michael John Wright Margaret Carmody 14/9/1856 William Honan Sarah Carmody  
Mary John McKnight Margaret Carmody 25/2/1858 Michl Berminghm Honor Carmody Kilrush
John John McKnight Margaret Carmody 3/12/1859 John Carmody Mary Carmody Kilrush
Patrick John McNight Margaret Carmody 31/3/1862 Pat McNight Nora McNight Kilrush
James John McNight Margaret Carmody 16/5/1864 Mrs Bourke   Kilrush
Margaret John McNight Margt Carmody 18/6/1866 John Dempsey Cathe Clarey? Malthouse Lane
Thomas John McNight Margaret Carmody 21/6/1868 Patrick Best Mary Coughlin Malt He Lane
Richard John McNight Margaret Carmody 4/7/1869 Michael O'Brien Jane O'Brien Burton Street
Bridget John McNight Margt Carmody 24/12/1871 John Fitzgibbons Ellen Fox Ballalley Lane
Margt Pat McKnight Honor Frawley 11/4/1861 Pat Best Margaret Carmody Kilrush
Michael Pat McNight Honor Frawley 19/9/1863 Jas Dunleavy Bridgt McNight Kilrush
Pat Pat McKnight Honor Frawley 1/10/1866      
Mary Patrick McKnight Honora Frawley 11/10/1866      
Mary Pat McKnight Margaret Blake 26/11/1879      
John Pat McKnight Margaret Blake 20/3/1881      
Pat Pat McKnight Margaret Blake 30/1/1882      
Peter Pat McKnight Margaret Blake 2/7/1883      
Anne Pat McKnight Margaret Blake 10/11/1884      
Mary Ellen Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 27/2/1887      
John Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 31/8/1888      
Michael Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 31/8/1888      
Veronica Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 31/5/1889      
Morgan M Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 31/4/1889      
Susanna Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 22/2/1891      
Margt Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 14/9/1892      
Pat Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 15/9/1893      
Joe Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 18/11/1894      
James Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 30/11/1885      
Stephen Pat McKnight Ellen Connell 27/12/1896      
John Pat  Best Margt McKnight 3/6/1846 Pat O'Hara Rosy O'Hara Pound St.
Pat Pat  Best Peg McKnight 4/12/1848 Michl Bermingham Kate Neil Kilrush
Richd Pat  Best Margt McKnight 25/1/1852 P Lynch Mary Lynch  
William John Dempsey Mary McNight 8/9/1863 Michael Dempsey Mary McNight Kilrush
Pat Jams Nolan Bridgt McNite 10/9/1827 Mich Ready Cath Meehan  
Cathne John Crafind? Betty McNite 11/4/1828 Pat Lynch Mary Kean  
Bridget Pat McKnight Mary Cummins/Comyns 28/1/1863 Michael Custy Mary McNight Kilrush
James Jno Cleary Jane McNite 4/10/1831 Henery McNite Winifred Fitzgibbons  
Michl Jno Cleary Jean McKnight 31/7/1837 James Doyle Ellen Cleary Knockerra
Elizabeth John Cleary Jane McKnight 3/1/1841 Martin Hassett Bissy ?de? Kilrush
Biddy Jno Cleary J McKnight 27/10/1844 Michl Comyn Mary Comyn Dunail
Mary Thimoty Pearce Peggy McKnight 13/6/1839 Martin McNamara   Kilrush
Bridget William White Norry McKnight 9/3/1840 Mary Flaherty   Kilrush
Biddy Charls Scarry M McKnight 16/3/1842 Elizabeth Knight   Knockerra
Bridgt Thos Kean Mary McKnight 30/10/1853 William Gamble Anne Kirshaw  
John Thomas Kean Mary McNight 27/6/1856 Gammel Ivers Mary Prendergast Kilrush
Mary Thos Kean Mary McNight 13/3/1859 John Seales Mary Kean Kilrush
Anne Thos Kean Mary McNight 13/10/1861 Pat McNight Mary Keane Kilrush
Anne Thomas Keane Mary McNight 4/4/1864 John Connell Bridget McKnight Moore Street
Charles Thomas Keane Mary McKnight 8/5/1867 James Kean Bridget Kean Moore Street
          1/6/1864 Civil    
Margaret Thomas Keane Mary McKnight 18/3/1870 Civil    
Bridget Pat McMahon Honor McNight 17/1/1860 John McMahon   Kilrush
Jane Daniel Barret Nory  Night 23/7/1843 Tom Connors Bid Cullinan Moore St
John Michael Canny Margt O'Neil 6/7/1861 Pat O'Neil Margt Crotty Gower
Mary Michl Canny Margt O'Neil 9/8/1862 Michl Cooney Mary Crotty Gowerhass
Pat Michl Canny Margt O'Neil 16/8/1863 Anthony Canny Ellen Eustace Gowerhass
Mary Michael Canny Margt O'Neil 25/3/1865 John Canny Margt Crotty Gower
Bridget Michael Canny Margaret O'Neil 3/3/1867 John Crotty Mary Thompson Gower
John James Flaherty Bridget O'Neal 26/12/1855 Michael Flaherty Maryanne Flaherty Gowerhass
Sinon James Flaherty Mary O'Neal 11/10/1857 Mpat O'Dea Mary Kean Gower
Mary James Flaherty Bridget O'Neil 11/9/1859 Michael Meehan Mary Meehan Gowerhass
Michael Jas Flaherty Bridget O'Neil 17/11/1861 Daniel O'Neil Margt O'Neil Gower
Denis James Flaherty Bridget O'Neil 9/1/1864 Denis Flaherty Margt Meehan Gowerhass
Bridget James Flaherty Bridget O'Neill 30/1/1866 James Neenan Ellen Neenan Gowerhass
Stephen Willm Mangan Biddy Enright 25/12/1829 Michl Scanlan Biddy Crowley  
James Willm Mangane Biddy Enright 16/11/1831 Michl O'Donnell Mary Leary  
Michael William Mangan Biddy Enright 27/7/1836 John Reidy Ellen Leary  
Peter William Mangan Biddy Mangane 4/7/1840 Martin Fleming Biddy Martin Kilrush
Patt William Mangan Biddy Enright 13/3/1839 John Hasset M Fleming Kilrush
Mary Danl O'Neil Biddy McNite 8/6/1831 Pat Crehan Sally Bran  
Thomas Daniel O'Neil Mary McNite 6/12/1833 Jno Cusack Marg McMahon  
Biddy Daniel O'Neil Biddy McKnight 7/2/1840 Martin O'Neil Cath Quin? Kilrush
Margaret Danl O'Neil Bridget Kelly 24/11/1836 William Brew Peggy Quinlivan Kilrush
Judy Daniel O'Neil Judy Elligott 18/8/1843 Denis Culligan My McMahon Sallylave?
Bridget John O'Neil Margaret Lillis 12/6/1846 Nancy Griffith Danl O'Neal Kilrush
John Martin O'Neil Mary Halinan 8/2/1842 John O'Neill Peggy McMahon Kilrush
Margaret Martin O'Neil Mary Hallanen 28/6/1844 Michl Meany Heanna Whealon Kilrush
Margt Martin O'Neil Mary O'Halloran 8/5/1849 Daniel ? Mary Burke  
Honr? Murty? O'Neill Honr O'Brien 11/10/1827 Darby O'Sullivan    
Ellen Murty O'Neill Honr O'Brien 7/6/1829 Michael Boyle Anne O'Connor  
John Jams Lillis Margt O'Neil 27/8/1827 Owen Coghlin Bridt O'Neil  
Margt Jams Lillis Bridget O'Neil 5/7/1829 Thos Hartney Anne Burke  
Ellen Thos Spellissey Peg O'Neil 21/8/1834 Daniel O'Neil Norry O'Dea  
Cath Thomas Spelesy Peggy O'Neil 12/12/1840 Patt Shannon Biddy O'Neil Kilcarroll
Anne Tom Spellesy Margt O'Neil 14/9/1843 Anne Clune   Kilrush
Martin Pat Giltinane? Biddy O'Neil 11/11/1830 Pat O'Neil Ellen O'Neill  
Patt Patt Quillenane Bridg O'Neil 25/10/1834 Jas O'Neil Anne Clune  
Mary Patt Shanon Biddy O'Neil 10/8/1839 Darby Houlihan Jane O'Neil Dysart
Darby Patrick Giltenane Bridget O'Neill 28/1/1837      
Thomas Darby Shanon Ellen O'Neil 19/11/1837 James O'Neil Norry O'Neill Coolmeen
Patt Darby Shannon Ellen O'Neil 21/2/1841 Biddy Shannon   Kilrush
Margaret James O'Neil Bridget Normile 11/5/1866 Margaret O'Connor   Workhouse
Eulick Jno Burke Mary O'Neil 11/4/1828 Patt O'Loghlen J/Rose O'Neil  
Christopher Jno Burke Mary O'Neil 14/12/1829 Norman Tomkins ? Wiggins  
Robert Jno Burke Mary O'Neil 17/2/1833 Michl Gregg Mary Burke  
Elizabeth Jno Burke Mary O'Neil 6/12/1835 Michl Gibson Mrs Shannon  
Michael Geoe Brew Ellen Loughlen 11/9/1828 Danl Neil Ellen Miniter  
Martin Geoe Brew Ellen Coughlin 2/9/1831 Danl O'Neil Ellen O'Neil  
Thomas George Brew Ellen Coughlin 18/12/1833 Owen Coughlin Elln O'Neil  
Bridt Jas Bourke Margt Gorman 30/10/1849 Danl Neil Mary Gorman (twin of Martin)
Biddy Tim Night Mary Keane 31/7/1843 Lot Kean Biddy Knight Kilimy
Ellen John Reidy Mary McKnight 7/2/1847 John Ryan Honor Calin?
Patk John Reidy Mary McKnight 22/9/1848 Pat Davoren Mary Morossy  
Mary John Reedy Mary McKnight 26/13/1850 Thos Slattery Ellen Mack  
Ellen John Reidy Mary McKnight 30/12/1851 Thos Slattery Anna O'Houghlen  
Mary John Reidy Mary McKnight 15/8/1853 Pat Wallace Kate Culligan  
John John Reidy Mary McNight 22/4/1855 Bartholomew Morony Lucy Mahony Kilrush
Bridget John Reidy Mary McNight 22/6/1862 B(P)att Morony Margt Hanly Kilrush
John John Reidy Mary McNight 15/11/1864 John Morony Mary Anne Mangan Moore St.
Mary John McMahon Mary O'Neil 6/10/1838 John O'Brien Mary Mack Kilrush
Peter Peter Mangan Honor O'Neil 19/2/1845 James Moloney Joan Mangan Killimy
Bridget Michl O'Neil Mary Connors 23/4/1834 Malachy Green Mary Cooms?  
Michl Michl O'Neil Mary O'Connor 19/8/1839 John O'Neill Nancy O'Neill Carhudota
Sinon Michl O'Neil Mary Connors 12/2/1843 Peter Mangan Nelly Cavanagh Killimy
Mal Michl O'Neil Mary Connors 8/9/1845 Jno O'Neil Nelly Bermingham Killimy
Jno Stephen Bermingham Cath O'Neil 26/9/1841 Sinon Bermingham Nor Corgen? Leadmore
Margaret Stephn Bermingham Cate O'Neil 17/5/1844 Sinon Mangan Nance Mangan Leadmore
Sinon Stephen Bermingham Cath O'Neil 8/5/1846 Pat Quinlivan Cath Flanagan Pound St
Catherine Stephen Bermingham Kate O'Neil 10/7/1848 Thos Cahil Catheren O'Neil Kilrush
Ellon Stephen Bermingham Kate Bermingham 21/4/1852 Anthony Hickey Nor Roughan  
John Sinon O'Neil Mary Madigan 10/6/1847 Pat Higgins Mary Higgins Kilrush
John Sinon O'Neil Mary Madigan 16/12/1848 Jno O'Neil Mary Mahony  
Mary Sinon O'Neil Mary Madigan 12/5/1854 Michl Madigan Ann McInerny  
Sinon Sinon O'Neal Mary Madigan 13/11/1856 Joseph Flaherty Mary Madigan Leadmore
Patrick Sinon O'Neil Mary Madigan 21/2/1859 Richd Bowen Johana Bricklly? Kilrush
Sinon Sinon O'Neil Mary Madigan 11/7/1861 John McMahon Anne Behan Kilrush
Mary Laurence Lucas Kate O'Neil 22/4/1862 Sinon O'Neil Bridget Donelan Leadmore
Margaret Laurence Lucas Catherine O'Neil 19/7/1864 Sinon O'Neil Mary Flanigan Leadmore
Michael Laurence Lucas Cathe O'Neil 21/9/1868 John Kelly Catherine Kelly Leadmore
Catharine Jno O'Neil Margaret McNamara 25/4/1843 Denis O'Neil Ca O'Neil Leadmore
Sinon Jno O'Neil Margt McNamara 22/11/1848 Sinon O'Neil Lucy Bourke  
Anne Jno Flanagan Cathn O'Neil 14/10/1845 Denis O'Neil Mary Cusack Leadmore
Margaret Patt O'Neil Catherine Ryan 24/4/1837 Patt Carey Nancy Cunningham Leadmore
Pat John O'Neile Cath Mulqueen 5/2/1847 Sinon Mulqueen Mary Mulqueen Kilrush
John Jno O'Neil Kate Mulqueeney 6/3/1849 Michl Mulqueeney Bridgt Mulqueeney  
Mary Jn O'Neil Kate Mulqueen 6/10/1851 Michl Brew Margt Brew  
William John O'Neil Kate Mulqueen 23/2/1857 Sinon Mulqueen Bridget Mangan Leadmore
Sinon John O'Neil Cathe Mulqueeny 1/10/1859 Pat Nevil Mary O'Neil Kilrush
Matt John O'Neil Kate Mulqueeny 24/2/1862 John O'Neil Mary O'Neil Kilrush
Bridged Michl O'Neil Ellen Lillis 24/12/1835 Michl Mulqueeny Nancy Lillis  
Owen Michl O'Neil Nelly Lillis 25/1/1842 Jas O'Gorman Biddy Reidy Leadmore
Mary Michl O'Neil Elon Lillis 9/8/1844 Thomas Kean Mary Kean Leadmore
Sally Nathn Brew Ellen O'Neil 23/11/1827 Michl Kean Bridgt Mangan  
Jane Nathn Brew Ellen O'Neil 23/8/1829 Owen O'Neil Bridget Mahony  
Alley Nathn Brew Ellen O'Neil 2/5/1831 Pat Dundon Biddy Malony*  
Betty Nathan Brew Ellen O'Neil 20/9/1833 Darby O'Neill Marg Gorman  
Mary Darby O'Neil Bridget Mahony 26/8/1828 Michl O'Neil Cathne Brew  
Ellen Darby O'Neil Brid McMahon 18/8/1834 Bryan Turpin Brid Brew  
John Darby O'Neil Bidy Mahoney 19/5/1836 Patt Carey Mary O'Neil  
Michl Jno Pinder Sally O'Neil 12/1/11828 Darby O'Neil Mary Brew  
John Jno Pender Sally O'Neil 25/6/1830 Darby O'Neil Cathne Brew  
Thomas John Pinder Sally O'Neil 29/3/1834 Ned Sexton Mary McMahon  
Biddy John Pinder Sally O'Neil 10/12/1838 Michl O'Brien Mary O'Neil Monmore
Thomas John Pinder Sally O'Neil 10/4/1843 Pat Dualy Mary Kusley? Monmore
Anne John  Pinder Sarah O'Neil 14/2/1846 Thomas Purtill Brig Crotty Monemore
Patt Jno Pender Sally O'Neil 16/10/1848 Danl Gorman James Nolan  
Patt Michl Hallinan Mary O'Neill 1/3/1840 Darby O'Neil Peggy Brew? Kilmurry
Thomas Pat O'Neil Mary Lynch 15/12/1842 Lot O'Neil Catharine O'Neil Kilrush
Mary Michl Cavanagh Bridget O'Neil 13/3/1846 Dennis Mangan Catharine O'Neil Burrane
Pat Richd Cavanagh Mary McTygue 10/3/1829 Pat Mangane Mary O'Neil  
Bridget Mathw O'Neil Cathne Culligan 5/11/1829 Jno Mangan Mary O'Connors  
James Mal O'Neil Cathn Culligan 25/9/1845 ? Culligan? Maria Culligan? Burrane
Clon Jno Culligan Bid O'Neil 12/12/1842 Michl O'Neil Mary O'Neil Burrane
Sinnon Patt O'Neil Norry Karney 2/1/1841 Patt Mangan Norry Burrane
Patrick Thos Neil Nellie Nugent 17/11/1837 Thos Conyigh? Mary Nugent Burane
Michael Thomas O'Neil Nelly Nugent 1/1/1842 John Ryan Cato Nugent Camares?
Patt Thomas O'Neil Elon Nugent 1/3/1844 Michl Nugent Catharine Nugent Carnames
Cath Thomas O'Neill Ellen Nugent 29/3/1846 John Higgins Bid Purtill Carmanes
Ellen John O'Neil Ellen Nugent 4/6/1848 Pat Nugent Mary Callik? Carmanes
Bridget Owen Kean Peggy O'Neil 8/1/1841 William Brew Cath Tatly? Ballyiessa?
Sinon Jno Brown Ellen O'Neil 16/2/1830 Danl Cunningham Cath Culligan  
John Sinn Eustice Mary  O'Neill 6/1/1828 Fran? McM? Eustice  
Yinan? Thos Barry Margt O'Neil 11/3/1828 Patt Lynch Anne McMahon  
Mary Jno Ferry Anne O'Neil 11/4/1828 Bridgt Macnamara Bridgt ?orry  
Pat Jno Terry? Anne O'Neil 7/2/1830 Jams Hassett Mary Noonan  
Owen John Terry? Nancy O'Neil 14/3/1837 Wm Holland Peggy Butter Ballinote?
William John Terry? Nancy O'Neil 1/1/1842 Biddy Keleher Michael O'Neil Ballymote
John John Terry? Nancy O'Neil 19/4/1844 William Heigens? Norry Heigens? Ballynote
William Charls McDonnell Ellen O'Neil 11/4/1828 Michl McDonnell Bridgt Curtin  
James Meny O'Neil Cathn Sarsfield 17/7/1828 Jno Scarry Mary Keating  
Conr Jno Cahill Bridget Neil 29/6/1828 Michl Whelan Mary Molony?  
Pat Michl Whelan Mary O'Neil 15/2/1829 Jno Kinnell Mary Cahill  
Anne Michl Whelan Mary O'Neil 1/5/1831 Pat Dundon Biddy Malony*  
Biddy Michael Whelon Mary O'Neil 23/9/1842 Jno McMahon Sera K(H)eays Kilrush
Michl Michl Whealon Mary O'Neil 14/9/1843 Jno McMahon Biddy McMahon Burton St.
John Michl Whealon Mary O'Neil 14/11/1844 John O'Neil Mary O'Grady Kilrush
Biddy Tom McNamara Peggy O'Neil 11/5/1830 Jams O'Neil Mary McNamara  
Michael Michl O'Neil Mary O'Neil 16/7/1848 Thos Kean Mary O'Neil Kilrush
Margaret Austin O'Neil Cathne Driscoll 27/7/1833 Andrew Moloney Mary Scanlan  
Eleonor Austin O'Neil C. Driskol 25/9/1843 Pat Kean Nelly Driskol Knockerra
Sinon Austin O'Neil C Driskol 20/1/1846 Jno O'Neil C Driskol Knockerra
Patt Patt O'Neill Mary Culligan 28/4/1834 Michl Regan Biddy McMah  
James Patt O'Neall Mary Culligan 4/12/1836 Pat Ryan M. Kie..n? Kilrush
Mich Michl Crotty Nancy O'Neil 16/3/1837 John Crotty Mary O'Neil Monmore
Catherine John O'Neill Norry Mangan 10/10/1838 Pat Mangan Mary Sullivan? Killimy?
Mary John O'Neil Norry Mangan 28/11/1838 Pat Mangan Mary Sullivan Kilrush
Sinon John O'Neil Mary O'Flaherty 11/2/1840 John O'Flaherty iddy O'Flaherty? "Do Knockerra
Margaret Patt Moloney Biddy O'Neill 29/4/1840 Wm Moloney Biddy Moloney Bonratta
Catn Michl Kean Mary Neil 10/3/1842 Jno Caughlin W. O'Neill Knockerra
Patt John Rissell Bridgt O'Neil 10/2/1841 Thos Rissell Ellen Lynge? Kilmurry
Bridget Patt O'Neill Kitty Scanlan 21/2/1842 Dan Boland Susan Boland Kilrush
Sinon Patt O'Neill Cath Scanlan 10/2/1844 Pat Kean Mary Mangan Kilrush
Geo John Blackal Judy O'Neil 21/11/1842 Pat Cullinan Mary Cullinan Kilrush
Bridget John O'Neil Driscoll 4/2/1843 Patt O'Neil Margaret Driscoll F?relig?
Honor Millm O'Neil Mary O'Donnell 21/6/1844 John Dundon Eliz Kilrush
Honor John Ryan Norry O'Neil 26/6/1844 Henry Henkman Bid Behan Kilrush
Sinon James O'Connor Mary  O'Neil 27/2/1845 Peter Mangan Nancy Mangan Killimy
Bridget Garret Shaugnessy Bridget O'Neil 5/3/1846 Bridget Miniter Stephen Henessy Kilrush
Margaret Hugh O'Neil Mary Mahony 12/4/1846 Denis Gorman Mary Gorman Kilrush
Cath Pat O'Neile Mary Driscol 7/12/1846 John O'Neile Nanc Driscol Kilrush
Thos John Denis Behan Mary O'Neal 19/12/1846 Dennis O'Mergame? Anne Behan Kilrush
Bridget Pat Haherts? Jane O'Neal 15/1/1847 Nanc English John Foran Kilrush
Andw Pat O'Neile Bridget Mahony 3/5/1848 Austin Creiv? Anne Mahony Carnacalla
Nance Pat O'Neil Ellen O'Neil 17/7/1848 Jno Hartrrery? Mary O'Neill Ballykett
Maryann Bryan Neil Ellen Barry 23/8/1849 Jno Kean Ann Barry  
Martin John Neil Ann Bergan 11/11/1849 Martin McDonnell Ketty  
John John O'Neil Anne O'Neal 3/5/1857 Bridget O'Brien Gurthee  
Margt Wm Quinlivan Margt O'Neil 6/6/1850 Mary Donohoe    
Mary Wm Fitzgibbon Mary Neil 6/8/1850 Wm Croffora? Margt Croffora?  
John Martin Kelly Ann O'Neil 16/5/1854 Hanora Kelly    
Peter Patt O'Neil Bridget Haugh 21/6/1854 Jas Boland Julia Carroll  
John William O'Neil Mary O'Donnell 22/6/1854 William Ginnane Sally Mahony  
Michl Michl Loughlen Mary O'Neil 28/7/1854 Patt Kelly Bridgt Griffin  
Mary Sinon Boland Margaret O'Neal 5/8/1855 Thady O'Neal Margaret Griffin Kilrush
Bridget Sinon Boland Margaret O'Neal 9/4/1857 John O'Neal   Kilrush
Margaret Sinon Boland Margt O'Neil 9/4/1860 Michael O'Neil Winifred O'Neil Kilrush
Honora Sinon Boland Margt O'Neil 9/8/1861 Bryan O'Dwyer Mary O'Dwyer Kilrush
Wm Henry Sinon Boland Margt O'Neil 22/4/1863 Joshua Dowling Eliza Culhane  
Cornelius Sinon Boland Margaret O'Neil 30/12/1864 John Gallaher Mary Gallaher Kilrush
John Michael O'Brien Eliza O'Neal 14/4/1856 Pat Browne Anne Doherty Kilrush
Bridget Michl O'Brien Eliza O'Neil 24/11/1857 John O'Brien Mary O'Brien Moyada
Patrick Michael O'Brien Eliza O'Neil 21/5/1860 Pat O'Donnell Jane O'Brien Moyada
Michael Michael O'Brien Eliza O'Neil 5/3/1865 Martin O'Brien Bridget O'Donnell Moyada
James Patrick Browne Hanora O'Neill 11/7/1859 Joseph O'Connor Bridgt Browne Knockerra
Mary Michael Green Bridget O'Neil 8/3/1862 Thos O'Neil Honor O'Neil Kilrush
John Michael Greene Bridget O'Neil 22/5/1864 John O'Neil Anne Sullivan Glin?
George Patrick Callaghan Anne O'Neill 24/12/1865 William Finnell Margaret Finnell Kilrush
William John Crowley Bridget O'Neil 27/12/1867 William Crowley Ellen Crowley Carnanes
Thomas Michl Gallaher Kate McMahon 17/12/1868 Pat O'Neil Mary O'Neil Crofton Street
Mary John Cusack Brigt Griffy 3/3/1841 Martin Cahill Bridgt McMahon Kilrush
Catharine John Cusack Bridget Griffin 12/1/1847 Pat Griffin Jenny Mguitd? Kilrush
Richard Joe Griffin Mary Ann Cusack 8/8/1852 Michl O'Dea Brigt Carmody  
John Denis Griffin Margaret Cusack 8/10/1864 John Mc???cuddy? Eliza Enright  
Hanorah Sinon Culligan Margt Cusack 12/5/1867 Patrick Griffin Mary Griffin  
Catherine Sinon Culligan Margt Cusack 17/3/1870 Wm Hunt Eliza Culligan  
Jane Sinon Culligan Margt Cusack 14/1/1873 James Carmody Bridget Sullivan Burton Street
Maryanne Sinon Culligan Margaret Cusack 28/7/1878 Peter Henehy(Hinchy?) Jane Henehy (Hinchy?) Burton Street
John John Cusack Mary Fitzpatrick 8/6/1876 Michl McMahon Eliza Cusack Carnanes
Thomas Thomas Cusack Mary Fitzpatrick 20/4/1879 John whelan Bridget Cusack Carnanaes
James Sinon Meehan Jane Cusack 7/5/1847 John Madigan Cathe ? Kilrush
John Antony Gurry Mary Hill 14/12/1834 Thos McMahon Eliza Cusack  
Jane James Cusack Eliza Cusack 12/8/1827 Willm Ware James Cusack  
John Jams Cusack Bess Cusack 14/8/1831 Pat Miniter Margt Cusack  
Margaret Jams Cusack Eliza Cusack 4/6/1834 Antony McGarry Anne Cusack  
James Jas Cusack Eliza Cusack 19/6/1836 Michl Cusack Anne Cusack  
Michl Jas Cusack Ellen Cusack 23/9/1838 Michl Kelly Sally Cusack Kilrush
Eliza James Cusack Eliza Cusack 5/10/1839 Mast? Mahony Sara Cusack Kilrush
Eliza James Cusack Eliza Cusack 11/8/1842 Michael Cusack Cusack Kilrush
Bridget James Cusack Eliza Cusack 9/1/1845 Pat Shannon Mary Cusack Kilrush
Mary Martin Cusack Biddy Curtin 10/12/1835 Pat Curtin Biddy Hynes  
Maryanne Martin Cusack Biddy Curtin 18/1/1837 Michl Cusack Honora Hurley Kilrush
Marcella Martin Cusack Biddy Curtin 6/9/1839 Pat Scanlon Bdt Hynes Kilrush
Mary Thos Kelly Biddy Crehan 7/1/1834 Martin Cusack Mary Dorling?  
Mary Andrew Kelly Honor Hurly 17/9/1837 Patt Cusack ? Hynes Kilrush
Patrick John Connors Ellen Kelly 26/3/1846 Michl Hallinan Jane Cusack Kilrush
Michael Pat Cusack Ellen Roderick 11/7/1828 Michl Cusack Bridget Hynes  
Martin Pat Cusack Ellen Roderick 22/6/1830 Martn Cusack M Anne Hynes  
Anne Patt Cusack Ellen Roderick 17/9/1834 Frank Hynes Jane Hynes  
Joseph Patt Cusack Ellen Roderick 21/7/1836 Jas Hyndes Honna Hurley  
Margaret Patt Cusack Ellen Roderick 30/5/1839 Jno Kelly Cathne Hynes Kilrush
Thos Patt Cusack Ellen Roderick 31/1/1841 Eliza Moloney   Kilrush
John Pat Cusack Ellen Roderick 19/7/1846 Thos F.Gerald Anne Davoren Kilrush
Francis Pat Cusack Ellen Cusack 19/11/1848 Jno Kelly Mary Cusack  
Jane Pat Cusack Ellen Cusack 22/5/1850 Sinon Boland Ellen Fitzgerald  
John Martin Cusack Mary Gallaher 24/5/1870 Matt? O'Loughlen Mary Gallaher  
Mary Martin Cusack Mary Gallagher 16/4/1872 Terrence Morrissy Bridget McDonnell  
Bridget Martin Cusack Mary Gallaher 15/4/1874 Martin Cahill Mary Haugh Glen
Patrick Martin Cusackk Mary Gallaher 15/3/1876 Mary Gallaher   Ballalley Lane
Margaret Martin Cusack Mary Gallaher 15/5/1878 Margaret Parkinson   Stable Lane
Martin Martin Cusack Mary Gallaher 24/11/1880 Mary Bunfield   Stable Lane
Bridget Mat Sexton Mary Cusack 24/7/1828 Pr? Cusack Bridgt Hough  
Margaret Mat Sexton Mary Cusack 1/8/1829 John Cusack Ellen Cusack  
Michael Mat Sexton Mary Cusack 18/9/1830 Michl Cusack Biddy Sexton  
Patt Matt Sexton Mary Cusack 18/1/1833 Martin Cusack Margt Cusack  
Thomas Matt Sexton Mary Cusack 2/12/1843 Michl Sexton Matilda Sexton Moor St
Mal Matt Sexton Mary Cusack 15/7/1845 John Sexton B Sexton Moore St
Mathias Michl Hough Biddy Sexton 25/4/1829 Martin Cusack Mary O'Brien  
Charles John Cusack Bridgt McMahon 12/5/1829 Michl O Connors Margt ?  
Mary John Cusack Biddy McMahon 26/5/1833 Michl McMahon Margt Hassett  
Michael John Cusack Bid McMahon 31/3/1835 Jno Cusack Ellen McMahon  
James Jno Cusack Biddy McMahon 27/7/1837 John Hassett Judy McMahon Ballinote
Thos John Cusack Biddy McMahon 7/1/1840 Sinon Shannon Bdy Crotty Ballynote
Biddy John Cusack Biddy McMahon 5/3/1842 John Haset John McMahon  
Martin John Cusack Biddy McMahon 21/4/1844 Nelly McInerny    
Honor John Cusack Bridget McMahon 13/7/1846 Pat Hasset Wimy? Hasset Kilrush
Patt Jno Cusack Brigt McMahon 10/5/1850 Kate McMahon    
Jane John Cusack Bridget McMahon 14/6/1855 Timothy McMahon Catherine McMahon  
Mary John Cusack Bridgt McMahon 15/7/1857 Bryan McManon Cath McMahon  
Thomas John Cusack Bridgt McMahon 8?/10/1858 Peter McMahon Honor McMahon  
John John Cusack Bridgt McMahon 22/7/1860 Bryan McMahon Cath McMahon  
James Wm Waters Honor Cusack 25/11/1849 Thos Kelly Ellen Nona?  
Margaret John Cusack Margaret Meagher 5/7/1846 John Considine Jane Mahony Kilrush
Ellen John Cusack Margt Maher 17/3/1848 Will Water? Bridget Delaney Kilrush
Ellen Jno Cusack Margt McMahon 19/5/1850 Jno Mear Brigt Quilty  
John Jno Cusack Margt Mara 20/6/1852 Jno Roughan Mary McGrath  
Anne John Cusack Margt Mahon 17/3/1854 Jo Flannery Mrs. Brown  
John John McMahon Bessy Cusack 5/5/1840 Pate McMahon Kelly Houlihan Monmore
Thomas Jack McMahon Bess Cusack 6/4/1847 Biddy Houlihan   Glyn
John Jno McMahon Betty Cusack 16/5/1850 Martin Murry Brigt Scales  
Mary James Boland Honora Flaherty 3-8/3/1856 Michael Cusack Mary Flaherty  
James James Boland Honora Flaherty 1/11/1869 Sinon Madigan Margt Cusack  
Mary Michl Cusack Mary Boland 23/3/1852 Jas Boland M. Cusack  
Margt Michl Cusack Mary Cusack 24/2/1854 Jo Cusack Anne Reedy  
Bridget Michl Cusack Mary Boland 9/2/1856 Anthony Boland Margt Cusack  
Jane Michl Cusack Mary Boland 11/4/1857 Thos Browne Margt Boland  
John Michael Cusack Mary Boland 6/10/1858 John Valance? ? Riedy  
Michael James Cusack Anne McMahon 3/1/1871 Pat Cusack Honor McMahon  
John James Cusack Anne McMahon 27/1/1872 Thos McMahon Maria McMahon  
Bridget James Cusack Anne McMahon 10/9/1873 Pat Cusack Mary McInerny Ballynote
Thomas James Cusack Anne McMahon 23/8/1875 Patrick McMahon Margt O'Dea Ballynote
Patrick James Cusack Anne McMahon 13/7/1877 Thomas McMahon Margaret McMahon Ballynote
James James Cusack Anne McMahon 15/6/1880 James Hartney Ellen Coughlan Ballynote
Thomas Michael Finucane Margt Cusack 5/7/1863 Jas Cusack Mary Browne  
Michael Michael Finucane Margt Cusack 24/2/1867 William Kelly Mary Cusack  
Mary Michael Finucane Margt Cusack 18/5/1868 Francis Browne Cathne Kelly  
Margaret Michael Finucane Margt Cusack 24/5/1870 Patrick Kelly Mary Walsh  
John Michael Finucane Margt Cusack 31/3/1872 Thomas Browne Mary Browne  
Daniel Michael Finucane Margaret Cusack 12/9/1874 Patrick Kelly Maryanne Ford Chapel Street
Thomas Sinan Cusack Sarah Bennett 20/1/1873 Thomas Bennett Maria Touchstone Leadmore
Pat Jas Cusack Jane Cunningham 28/1/1830 Sinn Cusack ? Moran  
Sinan Jas Cusack Norry Cunningham 13/11/1834 Thos Kennelly Nancy Canning  
Johanna Jas Cusack N Cunningham 22/6/1837 Jas ?   Kilrush
Marg Jas Cusack Norry Conyngham 12/8/1838 Jas Hassett Biddy Conyngham Cappa
Mary Jas Cusack Nell Cunningham 24/6/1841 Mary Cunningham Pat Howly? Cappa
James James Cusack Norry Cunningham 27/11/1843 Jno Cusack Bid Cunningham Cappa
John James Cusack Honor Cunningham 19/6/1846 Michl Comyns Cath Comyns Square
Honor Jas Cusack Honor Cunningham 9/3/1850 Michl Comyn Kate Comyn  
Biddy Thos Quin Honr Cusack 28/6/1831 Martin? Hassett Biddy Mangane  
Sinan Dennis Whelan Margt Quin 7/3/1833 William Cusack Peggy Mann  
Bridget John Nash Mary  Walsh 3/1/1873 Pat Murrahy Jane Cusack Ballynote
Thomas Willm Spotworth Sally Cusack 20/12/1829 Michl Carmody Mary Collins  
Mary Andy Bourke Mary Cusack 9/7/1840 James Ahern Biddy Bourke Kilrush
John Martin Cahil Mary Cusack 12/5/1846 John Cusack Margt Connors Pound Lane
Mary Martin Cahil Mary Cusack 17/1/1852 George Mangan Mary -  
Michl Martin O'Brien Honor Cusack 11/2/1847 Micl O'Brien   Moyadda
Anne John O'Neill Biddy Peg Cusack 20/3/1838 Mick Conway Mary Crotty Kilrush
John Martin Cullinan Mary McNamara 4/5/1861 Sinon Shea Ellen Cusack  
Kate Pat Considine Mary Mack 17/5/1852 Michl Cusack Brigt Bourke  
Joseph Thos Gallus? Anne Fitzgerald 14/7/1846 Michl Fitzgerald Mary Cusack Kilrush
Bridget Silvy? Roughan Mary O'Brien 11/12/1842 Honor Cusack    
james John Driskol Mary Brown 31/7/1844 Patrick Cusack Cathne ? Kilimy
Anne Jno Hanagan Cathne O'Neil 14/10/1845 Denis O'Neil Mary Cusack Leadmore
Mary Danl Kenny Jane Scanlan 6/3/1846 Pat Mangan Jane Cusack Kilrush
Martin Patt Holland Mary Freeman 19/7/1836 John Cusack Ellen Mangan  
Michl John McInerny Biddy McTigue 6/8/1837 Pat Cusack Mary ?? Kilimy
Michl Geo Brew Ellen Hough 3/9/1828 Danl O'Neil Ellen Miniter  
John Jno Leary Eliza Holohan 25/7/1828 Darby Holohan ? Cusack  
Connor Darby Holohan Ellen Rochford 17/1/1830 Thos Cusack Ellen Wallace  
Catherine Michl Rochford Mary Slattery 15/11/1833 Pat Cusack Ellen Kenny  
Mary Thos Hunt Cathne Gerane 6/8/1828 Jno Cusack ??  
Catharine Danl Corce? Mary Shaughnessy 19/5/1829 John Cusack Thoms Cusack  
David Pat Scully Catherine Kearney 21/7/1829 Pat Canny Eliza Cusack  
Michael Pat FitzGerald Anne O'Connor 25/1/1830 Pat Cusack Ellen O'Connor  
Biddy William Cusack Cathne McInerny 28/5/1830 Tom O'Dea Mary McMahon  
William John Donnelly Cath McCormack 21/8/1846 John Morony Mary Anne Cusack Kilrush
John William Mahony Maria Culligan 5/6/1879 Denis Mahony Jane Cusack Moore Street
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