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Marriage records for the Surnames McKnight, Cusack and O'Neill.
Extracts from the Kilrush parish registers between 1827/1829 and 1880.

Title: Marriage records for the Surnames McKnight, Cusack and O'Neill
Type: Baptismal records
Dates: Between 1829 and 1880
Place: Parish of Kilrush
Source: Kilrush parish registers using the microfilm held by the Latter Day Saints
(film number 979696)
Transcriber/Donator: Joanne Mitchell, Australia

The marriages transcribed below were taken from LDS microfilm # 979696 and cover the time period from 1829 up to 1880. They include all the marriages I could find where either the bride, groom or sponsor's surname was O'NEIL(L), McKNIGHT or CUSACK.

In the hope that I will be able to discover which (if any) of these families My Daniel O'Neill and Bridget McKnight belong to, I am attempting to piece together the different O'Neill and McKnight families in these parish registers. I would VERY much appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information at all about any of these couples. I also have a variety of information on some of the families listed below which may help interested researchers.

If you can help or would like further information, please email me:
Patrick McKnight   Carran Catharine Molony   Doonaile 23/2/1830 Pat Connell Johanna Murphy  
Michael McKnight   Burrane Margaret Crehan   Burrane 14/2/1833 Martin Crehan Pat Ryan Martin Deloughery
John McNight     Margaret Carmody     1/12/1855 John Houlihan Bridget Daly  
John Dempsey   Kilrush Mary McKnight   Kilrush 15/2/1863 Michael Comyn Mary McKnight  
Pat McKnight     Mary Cummins   Kilrush 3/9/1861 Michl Coffee Mary Kean  
Scarry   Tarmon McKnight Widow McKnight Doonaile        
Daniel O'Neill     Bridget McTigue     14/2/1830 Mat Kelly Mary Canty Mary Kelly
Daniel O'Neil     Bridget Inreight     18/9/1850 Pat McMahon Johanna Thurrington?  
Thomas Spellissy (a servant at John Mulquiny's)   Mulagha Margaret Lillis (widow)   Thomastown 20/2/1832 Daniel O'Neill Anne Clune John Healy
Patt Shannon   Dysart Bridget O'Neill   Ballykett 21/2/1830 Oliver Coughlen John Couglan Ellen O'Neill
Darby Guiltenane Darby Giltenane Disert Ellen O'Neill James O'Neill Kilcarrol 25/1/1837 James Giltenane his brothers Patrick, Thady James O'Neill
Michl Gilooly (soldier)     Anne Connors   Cappa ?/2/1851 Mary Enright Danl O'Neil  
Michael Walsh   Kilmacduan parish Bridget Madigan d/o Widow Madigan Ballinote 6/2/1834 John Lillis Daniel O'Neill Thos Cusack
Pat Whelan     Eliza Bergen   Kilrush 2/5/1851 Winifred Bohanan Daniel O'Neill  
Thady Knight   Donogrogue Kean     1/3/1840      
Sinon Kelly   Limerick Bridget McKnight William McKnight Donogrogue 10/8/1844 William Knight James Mulvihill Catharine Nolan
John O'Neill     Margaret Mangan     17/2/1844 Michael Mangan Bridget Casey  
John O'Neill John O'Neill Carhudota Marg Knight William Knight Donogrogue 29/2/1832 William Knight John O'Neill Pat Connell
Thady Flaherty   Kilmurry Parish Catharine Knight William Knight Donogrogue 27/2/1838      
John Reidy   Kilrush Mary Knight William Knight Donogrogue 12/4/1846 William Knight Martin Scanlon Marg/Mary Nolan
John Leuane   Donagrogue Anne O'Neill John O'Neill Donogrogue 3/3/1840 Ellen Leuane Matt O'Neill  
Matthew O'Neill John O'Neill Killeymer Briget Costello Servant to Mr. Michl Brew   30/1/1840 Edward Costello John O'Neill Anthony O'Dea
Terence Meehan   Donagrogue Mary O'Neil John O'Neil Carhudota 8/2/1834 William Night Nelly Night John Linane
Peter Mangan Pat Mangan Carran Honor O'Neill John O'Neill Carhudota (Killeymer) 6/2/1831 John O'Neill Pat Mangan Revd McBrowne?
Michael O'Neill John O'Neill Carhudota Mary O'Connor Js O'Connor Carhudota 23/2/1832 John O'Neill Cath Mangan Richard Cavanagh
Stephen Bermingham   Carhendota Cathne O'Neil Jno O'Neill Carhendota 16/2/1833 Jno O'Neil Anne Clune Sinn Bermingham
Sinon O'Neill     Mary Madigan     27/8/1844 Michael Madigan Anne Scanland Sinon Madigan
Laurence Lucas     Catherine O'Neill     13/12/1860 Patrick Henessy Catherine McCarthy  
Michael O'Neill Darby O'Neill Leadmore Ellen Lillis   Thomastown 13/2/1831 Darby O'Neill Michael O'Neill Michael Lillis
John Lillis   Kilcarrol Mary O'Neill Michael O'Neill Leadmore 9/2/1831 Michael O'Neill Darby O'Neill Patrick Lillis
Michael O'Halloran   Kilmurry parish Mary Lillis (O'Neill) Widow of ___ Lillis Thomastown ?/2/1839 Darby O'Neill (brother) Michael O'Neill (brother) James Hanrahan
Michael Cavanagh   Burrane Bridget O'Neill   Burrane 20/2/1844 Bridget Cavanagh Lot O'Neill Mary O'Neill
Michael O'Neill   Burrane Mary Houlihan   Kilrush 29/2/1846 Patt Houlihan Matt O'Neill Cath O'Neill
John Culligan Murty Culligan Burrane Bridget O'Neill Widow O'Neill Burrane 11/2/1839 Murty Culligan Ellen Culigan Patrick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill   Burrane Honor Hartney   Burrane 3/3/1840 Den Hartney Sinon O'Neill Brig Culligan
Thomas O'Neill     Ellen Nugent John Nugent Ballyket 24/1/1837 John Nugent Connor Higgins Daniel MacMahon
Owen Kean   Kilrush Margaret O'Neill John O'Neill Limekiln 25/2/1840 Pat Crehan Cath Quilty  
Augustine O'Neill   Kilmacduan parish Catharine Driscol Michael Driscoll Frelig 20/2/1832 Michael Driscoll Darby O'Neill Michael Morrissy
John O'Neill   Knockerra Mary Flaherty   Knockerra 16/1/1838 Owen Brennan Eliza Flaherty of Kilrush Edw? Flaherty
John Ryan    of the Glin Honour O'Neill   at Mr. Peacock's 1/2/1839 Catharine Peacock Jam? O'Brien  
William Fitzgibbon   Scabby Lane? Briget O'Neill Patt O'Neill Scabby Lane? 7/2/1839 Patt O'Neill Wm Crawford Mary Cusack
Michael O'Brien     Betty O'Neill     23/7/1855 John O'Brien    
Patrick Brown     Honora O'Neill     20/2/1844 Michael O'Neill Ellen O'Neill  
Michael Green     Bridget O'Neil     15/1/1861 ?? Mahony Danl Mulred?  
Thomas O'Donnell   Weaver at Moyadda Margaret O'Neill   Servant at Stephen Behan's, Kilrush 23/1/1839 Pat Neill Brig Conway Patt Miniter
Henry O'Neill     Honour O'Brien     1/2/1845 Tim Kean John O'Neill Pat Carrig
Pat Carmody     Mary O'Neill     25/9/1849 Kitty O'Neill Thom Connelly  
Dennis Kean     Johanna O'Neill   Monmore 17/6/1855 Michael Maher Michl Pinder  
Francis Falkner     Johanna O'Neill     29/9/1858 Michael Fitzgerald Bridget Normile  
John O'Neill   Glen Maria Morony   Glen 5/7/1877 John Kelly Pitic? McInerny  
John Cusack   Kilrush Honour Griffin Martin Griffin Kilcarroll 18/1/1840 Michael Griffy Honour Cusack  
John Quinlivan     Margaret Glyn?     3/9/1836 Martin Cusack Brig Culligan  
Pat Molony   The Glin Bridget Connors Michael Cusack's neice Chapel Lane 13/2/1831 Martin Cusack Pat Cusack  
Sinon Meehan   Kilrush Jane Cusack   Kilrush 4/5/1846 James Cusack Eliza Culligan  
Jame Cusack     Eliza Cusack     1822      
Martin Cusack Michael Cusack   Bridget Curtin Pat Curtin  Kilrush 6/2/1835 Pat Curtin    
Andrew Kelly   Kilrush Honora Hurley   Kilrush 17/6/1836 Patrick Cusack John Keary  
Martin Cusack   Kilrush Mary Gallery   Kilrush 1/3/1870 Martin Keane Bridget Keane  
John Cusack     Bridget McMahon   Kilrush 23/6/1856 James Cusack Peter McMahon  
James Cusack     Johanna Quinlivan Austin Quinlivan Balliket 16/2/1847 William Waters Catherine Quinlivan  
William Waters   Henry Street Honour Cusack     13/2/1847 Thomas McMahon Margaret Cusack  
John McMahon   Monemore Eliza Cusack   Ballinote 8/1/1838 John Cusack (brother) Darby Holohan of Leadmore Daniel McMahon
John McMahon   Tullabrack Honora Cusack   Ballynote 6/2/1872 Sinon Molony Susan McInerny  
James Cusack   Ballynote Anne McMahon   Dysert 3/4/1870 John McMahon Honora Cusack  
Charles MacCarthy   Kilmurry Parish Jane Cusack   Ballinote 17/2/1844 Michael Cusack Mary Cusack  
Thomas Browne   Mullagha Mary Cusack   Ballinote 9/2/1846 Michael Cusack James Cusack  
John Brown     Sarah Cusack   Ballynote 7/2/1854 Michael Cusack Tom Brown Tom Cusack
Thomas Reidy   Kilmichael Parish Margaret Cusack John Cusack Ballynote 4/2/1834 John Cusack Thomas Cusack Michael Cusack
Martin Culligan     Anne Cusack   Ballynote 21/2/1852 Laurence Culligan Tom Brown Michael Cusack
Pat Coffee Darby Coffee Dunagrogue Biddy Nugent Pat Nugent Ballyket 19/2/1833 Pat Nugent John McMahon John Cusack
Michael Walsh   Kilmacduane Parish Bridget Madigan Widow Madigan Ballinote 6/2/1834 John Lillis Thos Cusack Daniel O'Neill
Patrick Nolan John McInerny (step-father) Cool???gh Mary Mingane Cusack? Conner Mingane Cusack?   28/2/1829 Connor Madigan Michael Culligan John MacInerny
Pat Cleary Pat Cleary Ballymacrinan Mary Sullivan Widow Sullivan Burrane 12/2/1833 John Cusack Tim Cleary Mary Lillis
John O'Dea   Kilmacduane Parish Margaret Keary John Keary Monemore 13/2/1836 Michl Keary Andrew O'Dea Pat Cusack
George Bowler   Kilrush Mary Anne Bulger   Kilrush 15/1/1838 Mat Scanlon Pat Cusack Stephen Grogan
Pat Cusack     Margaret Gormon     29/3/1851 Tom O'Connell Ellen Gorman  
Pat Cusack     Johanna Mangan     21/8/1867 Michael Foley Mary Thompson  
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