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RC Baptism Records for HICKEY for the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus

Title: RC Baptism Records for HICKEY for the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus
Type: Baptism records
Dates: November 28th, 1830 – July 1864
Place: RC Parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus
Source: Newmarket-on-Fergus RC Baptismal Registers on FHL Film 979693
Transcriber/Donator: Ernene Smedley (Nee Dillon), Queensland, Australia.
Researching Dillon, Clune, Meaney, Grady,Fraley/Frawley, Liddy, Clancy, Morony.
Day Month Year Child's Forename Father's Forename Surname Mother's Forename Mother's Maiden Name Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Residence
28 November 1830 Michael Michael Dillon Ellen Lynch John HICKEY Sally McDonel??  
13 September 1838 Mary Js. Neil?? Judy HICKEY Margaret Liddy    
20 April 1839 Cathrine Pat Morony Marg. Fitzgerald John HICKEY Mary Moroney  
28 April 1839 Anne Michael Morony Honora McMahon John HICKEY Mary HICKEY  
28 May 1839 Jno. Jno. HICKEY Biddy Fraley Anne HICKEY ????  
17 November 1839 Thos. Tom Moroney Biddy HICKEY ? Patt Mary Morooney  
1 November 1840 Norry Jern ?? Meehan Judy Liddy Edm. Fraley Mary HICKEY  
  February 1841 Thos. Jas. O"Neil Judy HICKEY Biddy Liddy    
30 May 1841 Anne Dennis Hynes Anne Moroney Patt HICKEY Biddy HICKEY  
6 June 1841 Ann Lawrence Dillon Margt. McNamara Patt Shaughnefsy Ann HICKEY  
26th December 1841 Bridget W. HICKEY Biddy O'Neil Kitty Dillon    
18 February 1842 (no name) Laurence HICKEY Mary Lyddy Tim Mack Mary Mack  
    1842 Ann ? Morony Biddy HICKEY Thos. Mcmahon Mary Murray  
15 September 1843 Mary Laurence HICKEY Mary Liddy Thos.Mack Mary McMahon Killula
15 April 1844 Daniel John Reddan Biddy McMahon Patt HICKEY Mary McMahon  
11th July 1845 Michael Laurence HICKEY Mary Liddy Patt Lyddy Eliza McMahon Killisla???
13th April 1846 Cath. Jn. O'Dea Nancy Kennelly Jn. HICKEY Biddy Liddy  
28th June 1851 John Michael Russell Mary O'Brien Patt HICKEY Anne HICKEY Clena????
30th September 1852 Bridget Michael Dillon Eliza McInerny John HICKEY Mary McInerney  
13th November 1852 Ellen Patt. Crotty Eliza Clancy John Rourke Mary Slattery Newmarket
24th July 1854 Margaret Laurence HICKEY Mary Liddy Patt Liddy Mary Liddy  
24th April 1856 John Lawrence HICKEY Mary Liddy Pat F.......... Eliza ....................  
6th January 1863 Michael Andy Brennan Anne Slattery James Liddy Mart Anne Liddy  
  July 1864 Michael Thomas Cacey Johanna Dillon John HICKEY (Senior)   Rhalahen
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