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RC Marriage Records for HICKEY for the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus

Title: RC Marriage Records for HICKEY for the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus
Type: Marriage records
Dates: May 6th, 1830 – August 26th, 1861
Place: RC Parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus
Source: Newmarket-on-Fergus RC Marriage Registers on FHL Film 979693
Transcriber/Donator: Ernene Smedley (Nee Dillon), Queensland, Australia.
Researching Dillon, Clune, Meaney, Grady,Fraley/Frawley, Liddy, Clancy, Morony.
My great great grandparents James Clancy and Honora Morony were married Newmarket-on-Fergus on 27 February 1836. James name was written as CLANCHY.( Parish Registers 1828-1865) FHL Film 979693 Item 5. Sponsors were Daniel Rourke and James Hickey.
When their daughter Margaret Clancy married James Lyddy on 26th August 1861, their witnesses were John Carthy & Kate Hickey.
I have listed below any Hickey names that I have from that register .Hickey seems to be intertwined with my Liddy, Clancy, Dillon & Morony names.
Day Month Year Groom's Forename Groom's Surname Bride's Forename Bride's Surname Witness 1 Witness 2
6 May 1830 Michael Donnelly Anne Liddy Jns. McDermot John HICKEY
9 September 1834 Patt Cusack Jean Cullinan John Clancy John HICKEY
  September 1834 Matt Roughan Mary McMahon John HICKEY Peter Morony
27th May 1836 Larry Dillon Margt. McNamara John J. HICKEY Patk. Connelon
13 September 1836 Patk. Donoghoe Mgt. Egan Thos Brassil Jn.HICKEY
3rd October 1836 John Hanneen Brgt. Clancey John HICKEY John Clancy
7th February 1839 Matt Dillon Mary Gleeson John HICKEY Tim Considine
27 October 1839 James Lynch Mary Donnellan Anne Donnellan Mary Slattery
21 February 1841 Laurence HICKEY Mary Liddy B. Liddy Mary McNamara
28 February 1843 Js. Armstrong Honora Clanchy John O'Brien John HICKEY
15 February 1844 Edward Murnane Mary HICKEY Jn.Liddy ? HICKEY
20 February 1844 Edward Morony Biddy Corbett Jn.HICKEY Ml.Liddy
3 February 1845 Ml. Coughlan Biddy Clancy Jn.HICKEY Ml.Clancy
3 February 1846 Thos. Flyn Mary Fraley Thos Gready Jns.HICKEY
23 February 1846 Wm. Lynch Mary Liddy James O'Neil Jn.HICKEY
27 November 1852 Patt Crotty Eliza Clancy Thos.Mullins Bridget Slattery
28 November 1856 Michael Cuddihy Mary Lynch Wit. Patt HICKEY John Liddy
11 February 1856 Pat Purcell Margaret Dillon John HICKEY Michael Dillon
6 March 1859 John Liddy Bridget Dwyer John HICKEY Mary McGrath
24 January 1860 Michael Dillon Margaret Halloran John HICKEY Kate HICKEY
26th August 1861 James LYDDY Margaret Clancy John Carthy Kate HICKEY
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