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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

RC Baptismal records for the parish of O’Callaghan’s Mills:
Registers by Family Name

Title: RC Baptism Records for O'Callaghans Mills Parish
Type: Baptism records
Dates: Jan. 4th, 1835 to December 31st, 1880
Place: RC Parish of O’Callaghan’s Mills
Source: O’Callaghan’s Mills RC Baptismal Registers on LDS Film 979694
Transcriber/Donator: Ernene Smedley (nee Dillon), Queensland, Australia.
Researching Dillon, Clune, Meaney, Grady, Fraley/Frawley, Liddy, Clancy, Morony. I have taken these as scribbled notes for my own use and cannot be certain that they are accurate. I would advise any interested person to double check the Parish registers to be sure of the accuracy of an entry.

Family Surname Child's Forename Father's Forename Mother's Forename Mother's Maiden Name Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Residence Day Month Year
? John ? Bridget McMahon Michael McMahon Mary Liddy Ballyvogel 24 April 1836
? Margaret Edmund Bridget Liddy Bridget McInerney   Killuran 15 April 1838
? Biddy ? Catherine Mcnamara Patt McKinnon? Mary Morony   29 March 1840
? Thos Patt Peggy O'Shea Michael meany Cath? ? 29 December 1843
? Thomas John Maria Liddy John Carmody Anastasia Carmody Clonbrick ? ? 1875
Bauhon? Charley Thomas Biddy Cunnun ? Jns.McNamara Cath Meany Kilkishen 24 January 1843
Boland James Jns Margaret Liddy Pat Canny Kate Liddy Killernan 19 January 1840
Bourke unreadable ? Winifred Purcil Michl.Purcil Margt.Coony     May 1840
Boyce Cathrin James Margaret McMahon James Haspeth Mary Dillon Enagh O'Flynn 31 March 1836
Boyce Robert John Robert Bridget Frawley Mary Cunningham Timothy Cunningham Kilkishen 28 June 1857
Boyce Robert John Robert Bridget Frawley Timothy Cunningham Mary Cunningham ? 28 ? ?
Brennan Bridget Patrick Bridget Haspeth ? Patrick Marrinan Mary Marrinan Clonbrick ? April 1835
Cain ? Ellen Timothy Nancy Meeny Mary Ma.......? Silvergrove 22 August 1837
Caine Bridget Timothy Anne meany John Perry Ellen Keefe Silvergrove   April 1840
Callaghan ? Patrick John Mary Malone James Meany Catherine Meany Clounloum 8 March 1835
Callahan Cornelius Cornelius Mary Marinan Patrick Mangan Margaret Marinan Enagh. ? April 1835
Callahan Bridget Laurence Ellen McMahon Dennis McNamara Mary McNamara ? ? April 1835
Callahan Bridget Patrick Mary Grace Thomas Mcnamara Johanna Mulla...? Clonlea 9 September 1837
Callahan Johannah John Margaret Grady Ned Callahan N.Calahan Clonlea? 30 December 1845
Canny/Carney Margaret Daniel Hanna ? PatrickHalloran Mary Sheahan Kilkishen 30 August 1837
Carberry Mary Peter Catherine Tynan Daniel Linehan Mary Carney Lakyle 29 January 1835
Carney Patrick Patrick Honora Laughlin Edmund Carney Mary Meany Kilkishen 19 November 1842
Carter Patrick Michael Mary Keefe John McCarthy Margaret Barron ? 29 January 1835
Casey Thomas Thomas Johanna Dillon John McInerny Kate McInerny Killeen...? 15 May 1877
Clanchy Michael Patrick Meehan Mary Timothy Burns Margaret Molony Lakyle 8 September 1837
Clancy Michael John Bridget Donohue Michael Donohue MaryAnne Donohue Kilkishen 4 July 1880
Clarke/Clune? Patt Patt Ellen Moloney Thomas Clune Bridget McNamara Cl..... 23 January 1875
Clune Bridget Patrick Bridget Mulcuny ? John McGrath Mary Carney Lakyle 22 March 1835
Clune Nancy Patt Bridget Mulchura Michl.Caton/Catane Cath Dinan Lakyle 26 September 1837
Clune Jeremiah Thomas Bridget McMahon Jeremiah Clune James O'Halloran O'Callaghans Mills   ? 1838
Clune Thomas Michael Catherine Connell Jeremiah Clune Anne McMahon Kilurin 24 November 1839
Clune Mick Mick Catherine O'Connell Nancy Cowny   Killuran 30 March 1840
Clune Catherine Patt Bridget Moncundea? David Linehan Hannor Molony Lackysle 8 April 1840
Clune Catharine Patt Bridget Moncundea? Daniel Linehan Hanna Molony Lackisle   April 1840
Clune Thomas Thomas Biddy McMahon Dan McNamara Mary Kinn Fox ? 3 October 1841
Clune Connor Michael Anne Grady W.Donovan Margaret Carroll Kilkishen 29 January 1843
Clune Norry Patt Biddy Mulkunry?? Hanna Considine   Coppol? 20 June 1843
Clune Patrick Cornelius ? Murphy Margt Carmody   Belvoir 4 December 1843
Clune Mary Michael Mary O'Connell Darby Murphy Mary Moloney ? 2 December 1844
Clune Matthew Darby Mary K...? Matt McMahon Peggy ?     December 1845
Clune Ellen Patrick Bridget Mulconny?? Patt Quaid Honora Brown Lakyle 19 December 1845
Clune John Cornelius Hanna Carmody John Flemon? Mary Carmody Belvoir 5 May 1846
Clune Michael Jerry Mary Kennedy Matt Clune   unknown 16 August 1847
Clune Margaret Patt Bridget Mulcouny ?? John Frawley Nancy Cusney? Tulah 25 October 1847
Clune Mathew Michael Catherine Connell Michael McMahon Margt. Connelon Kily? 2 July 1848
Clune James Connor Hanora Carmody Mick Brogan   Belvoir 18 April 1850
Clune Patrick Patrick Mary McNamara Michael Mangan Bridget Mannix? Kilurin 27 May 1856
Clune Michael Peter Hanna Giltinane Michael Clune Mary Giltinane Kilkishen 24 July 1857
Clune John Patrick Mary McNamara Patt McMahon Mary McNamara Killuran 18 January 1858
Clune Thomas Peter Anne Giltinane Patt Daly Mary Vaughan Kilkishen 12 December 1858
Clune Michael Patt Mary McGra....?? James Mcnamara Cath McInerny unreadable ? September 1860
Clune MaryAnne Peter Anne Giltinane Michl. Hann? Catherine Kilkishen 29 September 1860
Clune Patrick Peter Anne Giltinane James Mullins Margt.McNamara Kilkishen 21 April 1862
Clune Mary Patt Mary McNamara John O'Brien Mary Kelly Clar...? 17 September 1862
Clune Martin Peter Anne Giltinane Thomas Carroll Anne Clune Kilkishen 24 June 1864
Clune Patrick Patrick Mary McNamara Michael McMahon Bridget Moroney Keald... 22 April 1865
Clune Ellen Peter Anne Giltinane James O'Brien Bridget Hogan Kilkishen 29 August 1866
Clune Margaret Patrick Mary Mcnamara Thomas Walker Mary Minogue unreadable 26 March 1867
Clune Margt Peter Anne Giltinane John Clune Anastasia Grady Kilkishen 4 August 1869
Clune Bridget Peter Anne Giltinane John Hannan Anne Clune Kilkishen 5 August 1871
Clune George Thomas Maria Mullins Robert Stan....? Mary Hynes Kilkishen 20 April 1873
Clune Michael Thomas Maria Mullins Patrick ? Margaret ? 30 January 1875
Clune Mary Kate Charles Maria Mullins ? Miller? Bridget Kelly Kilkishen 1 December 1876
Clune Catherine Peter Anne Giltinane Martin neville Maria Neville Kilkishen 27 April 1877
Clune Anne Thomas Maria Mullins ? Dwyer Kate Mullins Kilkishen 3 October 1879
Cody Bridget Michael Mary Clune Michael McNamara Bridget McNamara Enagh 28 December 1859
Coffy Patrick James Jane Loughlin Thomas Coffy Margaret Shaughnefsy? ? 23 March 1835
Collins James John Nancy Marrinan Patrick Meany Sally? Clonlea 3 October 1835
Collins Bridget Michael Cathrine Fahey Thomas Mcmahon Mary Haloran Enagh O'Flynn   April 1840
Collins unreadable Michl Mary Connel Thady Anglim Ann Anglim Claremount   May 1840
Collins Mary Catherine John Mary Meany John Meany Sally Meany Ballyor? 17 March 1845
Collins Mary William Catherine Meany James Meany Mary Connellon? Oatfield 4 March 1857
Collins Bridget William Catherine Meany Patt Meany Mary Healy Oatfield 22 April 1858
Collins Cathrine William Cathrine Meany Peter Meany Ellen Meany Oatfield 19 October 1859
Collins William Michael Kate Meany James Meany Mary Connellan Oatfield ? February 1861
Collins no name William Catherine Meany Peter Meany Margaret Meany Oatfield 12 July 1863
Collins Sally William Catherine Meany Michael Walsh Margaret Meany Oatfield 21 May 1865
Collins Patt William Margaret Meany Martin Hanrahan Bridget Meany Oatfield 2 June 1867
Collins no name William Catherine Meany Peter Meany Margaret Meany Oatfield 29 October 1871
Collins Stephen William Catherine Meany John Ryan Margaret Fitzgerald ? 4 June 1874
Collins William William Catherine Meany John Sullivan Ellen Collins Oatfield 8 April 1877
Connell MaryAnne Jns Grace Bethel Maria ? Jns Bethel Moun...?   June 1843
Connell Johannah James Johanna Morony Patt ? Anne Morony Cappalaheen   November 1847
Connelon Mary James Nancy McInerny Mary Ryan   Oatfield 3 September 1837
Connors Jane Martin Catherine Madden John Clune Anne McNamara Kilkishen 6 June 1877
Corbett Judy John Betty McNamara James Liddy Mary McNamara Lorgees? 29 June 1836
Cotter James Michael ? McMahon James McMahon Nancy McMahon Cra.... 24 march 1835
Cotter Mary Andrew Bridget Murinun ?? James Dillon Ann Murinun? Clonbrick 29 June 1853
Couney ? Michael Mary Tuohey Thomas Dristil ? Bid Liddy Capalu? ? ? ?
Couney Patt James Bridget Shea Rody Frahey Margaret Couney Cealdarra 21 March 1862
Cunningham Patrick John Bridget Mcnamara Michael Meany Judy Bush Clounloum   ? 1835
Dillon Mary Patrick Honora Meany Matthew Hehir Bridget McMahon Coolistoonan 29 March 1839
Dillon Biddy Patt Horry Meany Catherine Carberry   Coolistoonan 23 April 1842
Dillon Bridget James Anne Neal James Neal Ellen Neal Clonbrick 18 April 1854
Dillon Bridget Mick Mary Ryan John Dillon Mary Donohue Kn.......... 12 June 1854
Dillon John James Anne Neal Mick Dillon Mary Neal Clonbrick 9 April 1855
Dillon Patrick James Anne Neal James Neal Margaret Neal Clonbrick 8 November 1856
Dillon Margaret William Bridget Clune Thomas Roach Joney Roach Lackyle 23 September 1857
Dillon Michael James Anne Neal Patrick Neal Ellen Neal Clonbrick 20 June 1858
Dillon Patrick William Bridget Clune Michael Dillon Anne Clancy Lakyle 16 September 1859
Dillon Thomas James Margaret Neale Thomas Mcmahon Bridget McMahon Cl...... 2 February 1867
Dillon Mary James Margaret O'Neill Patrick O'Neill Mary O'Neill unreadable 22 July 1868
Dillon James James Margaret O'Neill James Dillon Bridget Dillon Clonbrick 12 February 1870
Dillon Michael James Margaret O'Neill       25 June 1871
Dillon Margaret James Margaret O'Neill James O'Neill Margaret Dr....? unreadable 25 March 1873
Dillon Bridget James Margaret O'Neill John Dillon M.McMahon Clonbrick 2 November 1874
Dillon Timothy James Margaret O'Neill Thos McMahon Margaret McMahon Clonbrick 23 June 1876
Dillon Anne James Margaret O'Neill Thomas Dillon Maria Dillon Clonbrick 12 ? June 1878
Donnellan Michael Michael Anne Connell John Connell Grace Bethel ?   September 1837
Donnellan James Thomas Catherine Meany Cornelus Donnellan Mary White Clashduff 5 February 1843
Donnellon Michael Thomas Catherine Meany/Meaney Patrick Donnellon Mary White Clashduff 31 June 1839
Donohue Catherine patt Margt. Mark Dennis Donohue Catharine Donohue Tulla   April 1840
Donohue bridget Thomas Margaret O'Connor Peter Carberry Margaret Walker Kilkishen   October 1859
Doolin William Jns Mary Molony Patt Donelon Margaret Molony   17 April 1842
Dooly John Thos Margt. O'Brien Thos. Keliher Nancy O'Bryan Killuran   April 1840
Driscoll Daniel James Judy Moloney Patrick Carbery Mary Magrath ?   June 1843
Driscoll Kate James ? Molony Dan Hallison?     20 January 1846
Droney Ellen Thomas Honora Moroney Thomas Mcnamara Ellen Keefe Clouncule? 28 September 1837
Egan Thomas Patt Bridget Clancy L....... Egan Catherine Egan Oatfield 27 November 1860
Egan Mary Patt Bridget Clancy John Clancy Mary Clancy Oatfield 26 October 1861
Egan Bridget Patt Bridget Clancy Peter Egan Ellen Egan Oatfield 17 January 1865
Enugent Bridget Edmond Anne Tuohy Michael Naughtin ? Bridget Nugent Newtown   October 1857
Fitzgerald Biddy Edmond Cate Vaughan John Drony? Anne D.... O.C.Mills 24 December 1845
Flyne/Flynn? Ellen Michael Mary Cunneen Patrick Cunneen Ellen Kelly Ballyvogel   January 1846
Frahey/Fahey? Thos John Ellen Neal Thos? McInerny Bridget Fahey Kilkishen ? November 1847
Frawley James James Mary Bush Ellen Angliss   Claremount 10 June 1839
Frawley Owen Owen Ellen Linehan Patrick Meehan Johanna Linehan Lakyle 11 August 1853
Frawley Thadeus Owen Ellen Linehan James Leanny? Bridget Magrath Lakyle 11 May 1855
Frawly Bridget Owen Ellen Linehan John Frahy Johanna? Lakyle 10 February 1850
Frawly Catherine Patrick Margaret O'Brien William O'Brien Cathrine O'Brien ? ? November 1859
Gleeson Penelope Michael Margaret Vaughan John Mullins Margaret Hafset Enagh O'Flynn 7 March 1835
Gleeson Honora Michael Bridget Connelon John McInerny Mary Liddy Botfield ? 6 July 1835
Gleeson Michael Michael Margaret Vaughan Martin Liddy Bridget Toole? Enagh   January 1846
Glynn Margaret Patrick Bridget Neal Terence ? Anne Loughlin Botfield 25 August 1837
Goodwin Edward Edward Mary Hanrahan Patt Clune Mary Donohue Clonlea ? March 1848
Goodwin Margaret Alick?? Mary McMahon Mick Clune Mary Clune O'Callaghans Mills 10 May 1849
Grady Bridget Patrick Bridget McInerny Edmund ? Catherine O'Brien Cappa 15 March 1835
Grady Patrick Dennis Mary Mulconry Patrick Morgan Mary Callaghan     April 1840
Grady Patt Thomas Cathrine O'Brien Michael Grady Bridget Grady Coppa? 23 February 1862
Grady Edmund John Margaret Callaghan Michael Grady Anne Grady Oatfield 7 April 1867
Halloran Margaret Michael Isabelle
(looks like)
Molony Maurice Magrath Mary Brien Clonloum 14 September 1837
Haloran Thomas Thomas Hon ? Grady Thomas McNamara Nancy Haloran Clounloum ? April 1835
Hanfsett? James Michael Ellen Cunningham Martin Liddy Margaret Liddy Clonbrick 8 June 1856
Harrason? Johannah Thomas Ellen Allen?? Jns.Dugan? Mary McDonnell Kilkishen 22 August 1837
Heffernan Michael James MaryAnne Frawley Patt Frawley Anne Frawley Cragg... 26 September 1869
Heffernan John James Mary Frawley John Frawley June Frawley ? 4 December 1872
Heffernan James James MaryAnne Frawley Michael Heffernan Katie Heffernan Cragg.. 11 June 1880
Hehir Michael Jns. Mary Mony? John Haneen Mrs McMahon Kilkishen 15 September 1837
Hehir Mary William Margaret McMahon John O'Brien Elizabeth Frahy Kilkishen 18 April 1839?
Hehir Mary John Mary Morey ? Edmund Carney Mary? Kilkishen   April 1840
Hehir William William Margaret Mcmahon Martin Creagh       April 1842
Hehir Catherine Matthew Bridget Carberry Peter Carberry Jane Roach Cappalaheen 8 December 1855
Hickey Laurence Laurence Mary Hiney?? Michael Brady Ellen ?? Oatfield 29 March 1835
Hickey James John Johanna Hogan Michael Liddy Catherine Liddy Kilkishen 11 December 1842
Higgins John Dennis Bridget McMahon John McMahon Mary McMahon Claremount 18 December 1835
Higgins John Patrick Winifred Liddy Owen Liddy Catherine Liddy Kilurin ? 7 June 1836
Hogan Bridget Patt Mary Fahy Mathew Cunningham Nancy Coony Kilkishen   April 1840
Hogan John Patt Mary Tuohey Mick Cusack Cathrine Liddy Kilkishen ? ? 1846
Hogan Ellen John Margaret Frawley Patrick Frawley Maryanne? O.C.Mills 23 September 1865
Hynes Anne Michael Margaret Moroney Thomas Boucher Mary Grady Kolaudy? 13 December 1835
Kane James Edm Mary O'Dea Don Madden Mary Donohue O.C.Mills   June 1843
Keliher Cornelius Cornelius Honora Fitzgerald Patrick Murphy Catherine Murphy Kilkishen 10 September 1857
Kelly Michael Michael Mary Kelly John Dillon Anne Dillon Clounla ? 8 October 1835
Kennely Michael John Bridget reardon Matt Tuohey Catherine Tuohey     June 1843
Keogh ? James Mary Minehan John Mcnamara Mary Touhy ?   ? 1835
Liddane James John Mary Walsh John Mcnamara Mary Fin? Enagh O'Flynn   April 1840
Liddane Mary James Bridget Donnelan Patt Tinne? Mary Liddane Clonbrick   October 1859
Liddy Nancy Patrick Mary Lillis Francis McMahon Bridget Liddy Inagh 3 July 1836
Liddy Darby Owen Honora Sheedy Matthew Tuohey Bridget Tuohey Kilween ? 1 June 1836
Liddy Mary Patrick Mary Lillis James Liddy Bridget McMahon cannot read 11 August 1837
Liddy Thomas James Mary Whelan Patrick Liddy Mary Madigan Callaghans Mills ? ? 1838
Liddy Thomas James Mary Whelan Patrick Liddy Mary Madigan O'Callaghans Mills 4 November 1838
Liddy James Timothy Mary Callaghan Michael Callaghan Mary Couney Clonlume 28 March 1839
Liddy Darby Michael Mary O'Connell James Cowny Mary Carter K ? 1 December 1843
Liddy Patt James Mary Whelan Patt Liddy Mary Liddy ? 20 December 1843
Liddy Patt Thady Mary Callihan Michael Skeahan Mary Skeahan Clonloum 5 May 1844
Liddy Margaret Patrick Mary Liddy D.Flynn Hanagh Flyn? Loughboran? 27 June 1844
Liddy Michael Thos Biddy King Mary Skeahan Patt McMahon Knok ? 26 August 1844
Liddy John Patrick Mary Lillis Daniel McMahon Bridget McMahon Inagh 29 July 1846
Liddy Martin Timothy Mary Calahan John Meany Mary Hayes Clonloum 18 October 1846
Liddy Jeremiagh (sic) James Mary Whelan Thady ? Ellen Fenerty? Cala?? 28 October 1846
Liddy Patrick Patt Mary Lillis Patt Bently? Mary A. McNamara ? 20 November 1848
Liddy Anne James Mary Whelan George Crowe Ellen Dender? Dorry ... 28 May 1849
Liddy Mick Timothy Mary Callaghan John Connell Judy Connell Cappalaheen ? ? ?
Liddy John James Mary Whelan Thos Liddy Ellen Pendegast ? 29 January ? July? 1851
Liddy Mary Martin Honora Shea DanielHalloran Catherine Mullins Kilenena 3 April 1858
Liddy Bridget Martin Hanna O'Shea John Mullins Sarah O'Shea Killenena 9 October 1861
Liddy Honora Martin Honora Shea Michael Mcnamara MaryAnne McNamara Ki....? 27 June 1869
Liddy Catherine Martin Honora O'Shea James Mullins Honora McNamara Enagh 25 June 1871
Linehan Patrick James Mary Riedy Michael Linehan Bridget Riedy Newtown 9 March 1835
Linehan Michael Michael Ellen McInerny Michael Mcnamara Catherine Morony Cool? 27? October 1857
Loughlin Thomas John Margaret Shaughnefsy Michael Shaughnefsy Mary Loughlin Enagh   April 1840
Lynch John Joseph John Susan McCormick MaryAnne Lynch   Belvoir 3 June 1843
Lyons Ellen Terence Mary O'Brien John Magrath Anne Riedy Drum ? 31 March 1835
Maher no name Patrick June Halloran Michael Clune Anne Coffey Kilkishen 12 June 1858
Maley unreadable Roger Bridget Vaughan Patrick Donnellan Cathrine Lyons Backfield 30 August 1837
McCormick Jns Patt Mary Tuohy Jns. McCormick Bid Tuohy Silvergrove   June 1843
McDonnell no name Patrick Biddy McMahon Darby Dillon Margaret Dillon ? 19 March 1849
McDonough Mary Patrick Bridget Mcmahon Michael McMahon Mary McMahon Ballyvogel   April 1840
McInerny John Miles Mary Grady Dennis McInerny Nancy McInerny     ? 1835
McInerny Thos. Jns Bridget ? Monia Jns.Morony ? O'Brien O.C.Mills 21 August 1837
McInerny unreadable Patt Margt. Hogan Jns.Driscoll Fanny Shaughnessy Claremount   September 1837
McInerny Mathew Patt Mary Tuohey Thomas Murry Harry? Bellinab....?   April 1840
McInerny Patrick Patrick Mary Tuohey Catherine Liddy   Bellin.... 22 April 1842
McInerny Bridget Thomas ? Tuohey Cath Markom? Catherine Liddy Powlan? 7 December 1844
McInerny Catherine Patt Hanna Connors John Fitzgerald James Walker Knock   September 1847
McInerny Michael Edmund Catherine Gore James Moloney Mary Moloney Clonloum   October 1859
McInerny Patrick Dennis Ellen Moroney Patt McInerny Maria McInerny O.C.Mills 5 March 1874
McInerny Mary Dennis Ellen Moroney Roger McInerny Mary McInerny O.C.Mills 24 December 1876
McInerny Ellen Dennis Ellen Moroney Honora Madden ? McInerny O.C.Mills 4 March 1880
McMahon Mary James Nancy Harrison William Carter Betty Carter Kilgoney? 14 August 1835
McMahon Bridget Martin Catherine McDonough John McGrath Margaret Moloney   18 July 1836
McMahon Mary Patrick Hanna Clancy Jn.Donnellan Margt.Clancy Bally Vogel 28 April/May ? 1836/37?
Mcmahon ? James Mary McInerny Patrick McMahon Mary McNamara Cealdarra 14? Sptember 1837
McMahon Bridget John Bridget Toohy Bridget McMahon   Ballvoir 14 February 1839
McMahon Thomas Jns Mary McInerny Patt O'Driskl ? Mary Caufield? Kilkishen 24 January 1843
McMahon Elisa Jns Nance Harrason Martin McMahon Mary Mason Kilgory   June 1843
McMahon Bridget unreadable Hanna Clancy no other details     29 August 1847
McMahon Mary Matthew Anne Clancy John Grady Bridget McMahon Kealderro 6 February 1865
McMahon Michael Matthew Anne Clancy Dennis Linehan Bridget Linehan Cealdarra 31 march 1871
McMahon Bridget Matthew Anne Clancy Patt McMahon Mary Tuo...? ? 30 May 1874
Mcnamara Michael John Hanna Collins Martin Mullins Cathrine Collins Cragg 30 August 1837
Mcnamara Michael Harry Mary Cudman Wm. Carter Bessy Carter O.C.Mills   September 1837
Mcnamara Ellen Edmund Mary Moloney Darby Murphy Bridget Kenely/Henely? Inagh   April 1840
Mcnamara Nance Miles Mary hehir James Mcnamara Biddy Mcnamara Newpark 4 June 1843
McNamara Michael Michael Ellen Rufsell John Moloney June Moloney ?   June 1843
McNamara no name Patrick Ellen Mangan Mary Halloran       June 1843
Mcnamara Bridget John Mary Walsh James O'Brien Maria? ?   June 1843
McNamara Mary R Honora O'Mara Mick Liddy Cathrine Meany Enagh 10 February 1850
McNamara Mary Dan Bridget Frawley Rody McNamara Honora McNamara Enagh 16 December 1854
McNamara Michael Daniel Bridget Frawley John McNamara Mary Fitzgerald Killuran 4 August 1856
McNamara cannot read ? Hanna Morony Patrick Liddy Margaret Liddy Enagh ? February 1857
McNamara Bridget Daniel Bridget Frawley P. Rody? Ellen McNamara Kilkishen 24 December 1858
Mcnamara John patt Sally Mcnamara John McNamara Margaret Mcnamara Ballyvogel   October 1859
McNamara John Daniel Bridget Frawley John Mcnamara Maria McNamara Kilen.... 27 January 1861
McNamara Michael Michael Mary Liddy John Gleeson Elizabeth Gleeson unreadable 9 August 1867
Meaney Patrick Patrick Bridget Frahey John Meany Catherine Fahey? Bally Doyele ? 18 March 1843
Meaney Mary Austin Catherine Carney John Carney Johanna Meaney Kilkishen 29 April 1843
Meaney Margaret James Cathrine Foley Honora Brown   Enagh 1 May 1847
Meany John Patrick Bridget Hanneen Bridget McMahon   Cappalaheen 6 March 1835
Meany Michael John Mary Couney Michael Naughton Bridget Noonan Kiluran 14 August 1835
Meany Catherine Michael Catherine McNamara Martin Meany Mary Meany Oatfield 7 August 1836
Meany Bridget John Mary Couney Dennis Daly Mary McGrath Bellan? 22 December 1837
Meany Michael James Cathrine Foley Thomas Meany Bridget Garvy Bally Cutter? 12 August 1838
Meany Bridget Owen Margaret Roughan Patrick Moloney Bridget McNamara Kilkishen 9 May 1839
Meany James James Bridget Mc ??? P.Meany Bridget Meany Oatfield? 28 August 1842
Meany Patt Jns Margaret Michael? Margaret Kogh   Bally Willin ? 31 March 1843
Meany Martin Michael Mary Deoley ? Michael Callihan Cath St.Ledger Clonlea 7 September 1843
Meany Ellen James Catherine Foley Edmund Donovan Nancy Meany Enagh 22 October 1843
Meany Michael Michael B Fleming ? Connelly   Kiluran 11 April 1844
Meany Bridget James Bridget McDonough Mich.G.Meany Bridget Meany Oatfield 13 April 1844
Meany Biddy John Biddy Lynch Betty Meany   Drummeen 20 May 1844
Meany Mary Patrick Bridget Hanneen John Meany Bridget McMahon Ballyorg 2 June 1844
Meany Mary John Mary Keogh John Collins Sally Meany Bally ? 8 August 1844
Meany Michael Austin Catherine Carney Michael McNamara Catherine Culleeny? Kilkishen 20 September 1845
Meany Mary Patt Biddy Egan Michael Egan Ellen Meany Baly ? 28 December 1845
Meany Ellen Patt Bridget Frahy?(not sure) James Meany Betty Fahey Bally? 22 March 1846/48?
Meany Seragh James Cate Foley Seragh Meany   En ?? ? April 1846/48?
Meany Honora John Bridget Lynch John McNamara Bridget Crotty Dromien 6 December 1846
Meany Hanna Austin Catherine Carney Michael Shaughnessy Ellen Meany Kilkishen 24 February 1848
Meany Margaret Michael Ellen Pendergast Charles Pendergast Mary O'Connor Clonloum 5 December 1857
Meany Michael Michael Ellen Pendergast Patrick Hynes Margaret Hynes Clonloum 14 September 1859
Meany Mary Michael Ellen Pendergast Edmund Meany Mary Meany Clonloum 2 September 1860
Meany Thomas Michael Ellen Pendergast Michael Moloney ? Murphy Clonlea 26 December 1863
Meany James Michael Ellen Pendergast James McGrath Margaret Moloney Clonlea 17 April 1865
Meany Bridget Michael Ellen Pendergast Thomas Collins Margaret O'Dea unreadable 30 August 1867
Meany Maria Dennis Bridget Hawkins Martin meany Anne Hawkins Clonloum ? December 1869
Meany Anne Dennis Bridget Hawkins John Hawkins Catherine Hawkins Clonloum 6 March 1871
Meany Michael Dennis Bridget Hawkins John Meany Anne Hawkins Clonloum 15 November 1872
Meany Bridget Martin unreadable   Dennis Meany Mary Meany Clonloum 15 February 1873
Meany Nancy Martin Anne Hawkins John Hawkins Catherine Hawkins Clonloum 24 July 1874
Meany Bridget Dennis Bridget Hawkins Patt Hawkins Margaret Hawkins Clonloum 26 November 1874
Meany Catherine Dennis Bridget Hawkins Patrick Hawkins Catherine Hawkins Clonloum 18 January 1877
Meany Margaret Dennis Bridget Hawkins Pat Collins Margt.Hawkins Clonloum 4 February 1879
Minogue Jns John Margaret Tuohy ? Fitzgerald Margaret Reddin Silvergrove 15 April 1842
Molony John James Bridget Owens Mary Owens   Cappalaheen 20 August 1837
Molony Jns Jns Biddy Slattery Thomas Mcnamara Mary Vaughan Silvergrove   June 1843
Molony Michael Patrick Honora Murphy Edmond Connell Bridget Connell Clonlea 24 September 1857
Moroney Michael Michael Margaret McNamara Timothy Anglim? Anne Roch...? Cealdarra 14 September 1837
Moroney Anne James Bridget Hanneen Mary Moroney   Coaldarra 2 February 1843
Moroney Mary John Mary McInerny Patt O'Brien Mary Moroney Claremount? 12 May 1844
Moroney Michael Dan Maria Tuohey Thomas Morony Anne Clancy Kialderra ? 30 September 1878
Morony Thomas Thomas Nancy Dillon Peggy Kelly James Dillon Clonloum 12 April 1845
Morony Dennis Rody Mary Anglim Thomas Carney Mary Carney   17 August 1857
Mullins Catherine Michael Honora O'Grady John Liddy Catherine Meany Enagh O'Flynn ? October 1844
Mullins Mary Michael Bridget Frolly ? John Frolly Anne Gorman Kilkishen 28 ? ?
Murphy Patrick Patrick Bridget Moroney J.W.peppard Bridget McMahon Claremount 24 February 1843
Murphy Roger ? Thomas Bridget Mcnamara John Couney Mary Grace     December 1845
Murphy John William Bridget O'Brien John Madigan Bridget Madigan Silvergrove   November 1847
Murry Anne John Mary Mcnamara Patt Hickey Mary Mcnamara Cragg   June 1843
Murry John Thomas Bridget Collins Michael McMahon Ellen Murry Cragg   June 1843
Murry Bridget James Mary Moroney Michael Moroney unreadable   ? June 1860
Naughton Patrick James Bridget Walsh? Martin Meany Mary Meany De....... 22 March 1835
Neville Elizabeth Patrick Mary Muqueeny Patrick Neville Johanna Bingham ? 29 March 1835
Neville John James Catherine Cunningham Michl Connell Bridget Neville Clonlea 15 January 1846
Noonan Patrick Patrick Mary Meehan Thomas Lucas Mary Lucas ? 15 March 1835
Noonan Patrick Michael Judy Ryan cannot read     17 March 1835
Noonan Margaret Patrick Mary Meehan Bridget Meehan   Gurta...? 5 September 1837
O'Brien Dennis Edmund Bridget McMahon Christopher O'Brien Sally O'Brien Kilkishen 4 June 1843
O'Brien John John Bridget Healing?? Tim Dillon Bridget Dillon Dromien 1 April 1847
O'Brien Michael Christopher Mary Clancy Michael Clancy Serah Crowe Kilkishen 13 February 1848
O'brien Catherine Thomas Ellen Giltinane Dennis Giltinane Margaret? Dungg..?   October 1857
O'brien James James Hanna Mulqueeny Michael Mara Bridget Harkins? Claremount   October 1859
O'Brien Margaret Michael Bridget Grady James Connell Catherine Meany Coppa? 2 March 1862
O'Brien James Patrick Margaret Falcon John Nash Bridget Clune Kilkishen 10 March 1872
O'Brien Matthew Michael Margaret Liddy unreadable Bridget Sali??? unreadable 4 March 1874
O'Connell Maurice Maurice Biddy Meaney Mic Sceahon? Joh ? Morony ? ? October 1840
O'Connell Mary John Anne Mcmahon Michael Naughton Judy Lacy   28 May 1843
O'Halloran Mary Patrick Catherine Kelly Daniel Mcnamara Mary McNamara Kilgory   April 1840
O'Halloran Mary Thomas Ellen O'Grady Catherine O'Holleran       June 1843
O'Neil Patrick James Bridget McGrath Pat Dillon Bridget McInerny Kilkishen 4 February 1878
Pendergast Thomas Charles Mary O'Connor Patt Liddy Bridget Liddy Inagh ? 22 July 1857
Peppard ? Michael ? Patrick Margaret Fitzgerald Daniel Mulqueeny Bridget?       1835
Philips Ellen John Honora McNamara Peter Clune Nancy Clune Kilkishen 11 June 1856
Quinlivan Margaret Edmund Bridget Corb...? Dennis Touhey Hohora Couny Silvergrove   September 1837
Riely/Riedy? Cathrine Edmund Ellen McInerny Patrick O'Connor Mary Moroney Inagh 15 September 1837
Roughan Mary Thomas Bridget Cunneen Peter Clune Margaret Cunneen Kilkishen 22 August 1852
Russell Cathrine James Bridget Blake James Gallaher Cath Russell Kilkishen 26 September 1837
Russell ? Ml Hannan McGrath Patt McGrath Norry Morony Silvergrove   September 1837
Ryan James George Marg't Liddy Andy & Mary Nevill     Kilkishen 29 November 1842
Ryan Jns George Margaret Liddy Mary Novell ?   Kilkishen 29 November 1842
Ryan Stephen George Mary Liddy Cate Hollinan ?   Kilkishen 20 November 1844
Ryan John Michael Bridget Meany John Ryan Margt.Ryan Oatfield 30 March 1848
Shaughnessy Thomas Patrick Mary O'Brien Mathew Hourigan Hanna O'Brien Oatfield   April 1840
Shearman ? Bridget John Mary Meany John Meany Bridget Holoran? Gurta? 29 October 1835
Sheehan Peter Patt Biddy O'Halloran Patt Dillon   ? 15 June 1842
Sweeny Biddy Edmond Biddy Liddy Thomas Kenny Cath Liddy   27 May 1842
Tierney Bridget Michael Mary Kirkman Michael Clune Anene Clune Kilkishen 31 December 1859
Toohy Cath Conner Cath Liddy Ellen Toohy   Kilurin 29 November 1846
Touhey Michael Pat Bridget McMahon Patt McMahon Mary McMahon Backfield 25 August 1855
Tuohey Daniel Jeremiah Margaret McNamara Mrs. ?   Cappalaheen 29 January 1835
Tuohey Matthew Connor Catherine Liddy Michael Murphy Nanty? Barry? Drom??? ? January 1842
Tuohey Mary James Bridget Frawley Cath Hickman Catherine Gleeson Belvoir ? February 1844
Tuohey James Connor Catherine :Liddy John Tuohey Mary Liddy Kiluran 12 May 1844
Tuohey Ellen Francis Bridget Frawley Patt Donohue Cathrin Donohue Belvoir 12 October 1845
Tuohey Michael Jeremiah Mary Clancy Thomas McInerny Anne Mcmahon Cappalaheen 21 November 1874
Tuohey James Jeremiah Mary Clancy James Tuohey Mary Fleming Lackyle 12 July 1876
Tynan Mary Thomas Catherine Collins John Haloran Catherine Donohue Oatfield ? April 1835
unreadable Mary John Mary Grady John Grady Ellen Grady unradable 1 May 1842
Vaughan Mary Patt Mary McDonaugh Patt Molony Mary McDonnaugh Kilkishen 23 August 1837
Vaughan Dennis Owen Ellen Callaghan John Callaghan Honora Grady Cealdarra 21 March 1862
Vaughan Margaret John Mary Halloran Patt Liddy Eliza Liddy ? 16 September 1874
White James John Catherine Molony Patrick Considine Catherine Considine Inagh   October 1857
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RC Baptismal records for
O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish