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RC Marriage Records for the parish of O’Callaghan’s Mills

Title: RC Marriage Records for O'Callaghans Mills Parish
Type: Marriage records
Dates: Jan. 4th, 1835 to December 31st, 1880
Place: RC Parish of O’Callaghan’s Mills
Source: O’Callaghan’s Mills RC Marriage Registers on LDS Film 979694
Transcriber/Donator: Ernene Smedley (Nee Dillon), Queensland, Australia.
Researching Dillon, Clune, Meaney, Grady, Fraley/Frawley, Liddy, Clancy, Morony. I have taken these as scribbled notes for my own use and cannot be certain that they are accurate. I would advise any interested person to double check the Parish registers to be sure of the accuracy of an entry.

Groom's given name Grooms surname Residence Bride's Given name Brides surname Residence Day Month Year Witness 1 Residence Witness 2 Residence
Matthew Tuohey   Catherine Liddy Kilurin 22 March 1835 James Kelliher Kilurin Thomas Driscole Kilurin
Martin Donohue Fortan? Sarah Wedhope O.C.Mills 24 February 1835 John Dillon Clonloum Dennis Donohue O.C.Mills
Thomas Couney Kilurin Bridget Moroney Kilurin 28 February 1835 Jeremiah Tuohey Cappalaheen M.Lacy Kilurin
John Meany   Bridget Lynch Kilurin 16 February 1836 Maurice Connell   Michael McNamara  
John Meany Kilurin Margaret McMahon Kilurin 16 February 1836 Michael Scanlon   James Norman Kilurin
Michael Hallinan Kilkishen Johanna Clune Kilkishen 30 August 1836 John Clune Kilkishen Patricj Halloran Kilkishen
David McDonnell Clonlea Bridget McMahon   7 February 1837 Michael Tuohy Clonlea John McMahon  
Thomas Donnellan Clashduff Cathrin Meany Oatfield 20 August 1837 Michael Donnelan Clashduff Cornelius Donnellan Clashduff
William Hehir Kilkishen Margaret McMahon Kilkishen 23 October 1837 Patrick Nevil ? Kilkishen Norry O'Brien Kilkishen
John Meany Clonlea Mary Vaughan Deerforth? 25 November 1837 John Vaughan Deerforth? John Stundon? Derra...?
Patrick McMahon Kilurin Margaret Moroney Kilurin 25 February 1838 Bessy?   Patrick O'Dea Kilurin
Patrick Meany Oatfield Mary McDonough Oatfield 4 February 1838 Michael Brady Oatfield Michael Meany Oatfield
Edmund O'Brien Kilkishen Bridget McMahon Clonlea   October 1838 Michael Fitzgerald Cappalaheen Mary Carney Lakyle
Michael Clune Kilurin Catherine Connell Kilurin 11 February 1839 John Couney O.C.Mills Darby Clune Inagh
Austin Meany Tulla Catherine Kearney Cappalaheen   February 1840 Patrick Meaney Kilkishen Edmund Kearney Cappalaheen
Patrick Meany Ballycullen Bridget Fahey Enagh O'Flynn 23 February 1840 Thomas Fahey Enagh O'Flynn Patrick Meany Ballycullen
Patrick Murphy 6 Mile Bridge Mary Meany Clonlea ? March 1840 Timothy Murphy 6 Mile Bridge Patrick Meany Clonlea
James Sexton Ennis Margaret McMahon Clonlea 2 June 1840 John Neville Clonlea Patrick McMahon Clonlea
John Cosgrun? Ennis Mary Dillon Clonbrick ? Feb. 1841 Cornelius Reddan Ennis Patrick Dillon Clonlea or Clonbrick
Michael Holloway Kilurin Bridget McMahon Oatfield       no other details      
Connor Tuohey Kilurin Catherine Liddy Kilurin 23 ? 1840 John Woland? Kiluran Patrick Fleming Kilurin
Terence Daly Clonloum Mary Donohue Clonloum 28 February 1843 John Dillon Clonloum Thomas Donohue Clonloum
John Molony 6 Mile Bridge Bridget Meany Clonlea 11 August 1843 Patrick meany Bally Vogel John Meany  
Thomas Liddy CastleConnell Bridget King Kilenena 24 September 1843 Timothy King   Patrick Carberry  
Patrick Meany Ballyvogel Bridget Egan Oatfield 11 ? 1844 John Collins Ballyvogel Patt Egan Oatfield
Patrick Liddy Femla?? Catherine Flanery Clonbrick 18 April 1844 Thos.Lynch Clonbrick Michl Donnellan Clonbrick
John Liddy Newmarket Jane Carmody Enagh O'Flynn 2 February 1845 John McInerney Newmarket Patt Carmody Enagh O'Flynn
Edmund Connell Clonlea Mary ? Clonlea ? ? ? Edmund Moloney ? Catherine Liddy ?
Edmund Hanneen 6 Mile bridge Mary Egan Cloughoula? 3 June ? Michael Fahey   T.McNamara  
? O,Neal   Mary Liddy Kilurin 22 January 1846 Michael Liddy Kilurin John Fahey/Frahey? Kilmurry
Michael Meany Killuran Bridget Flemor? Kilurin 23 February 1846 Maurice Connell   Andrew Gleeson Killuran
Patrick Murphy Bodyke Mary Liddy Killuran 22 February 1846 Patt Higgins Bodyke Michael Liddy Killuran
John Boyle Kilkishen Margt Carmody Enagh O'Flynn 22 February 1846 Patt Boyle Enagh Patt Clune ?
Michael Roche Deeramar Mary Meany Kilkishen 7 November 1846 Owen Meany Kilkishen John Pr....? Cappalaheen
Peter Meaney Inagh Ellen McInerney Derra?? 16 February 1847 Patrick McInerney Derrano?? Martin Meany Clonlea
Michael Connell Clonlea Catherine Liddy ? 12 June 1847 Patt Brennan ? James McInerney Knock ??
James Mullins Kilkishen Mary Liddy Enagh 25 November 1849 John Carmody Enagh Ellen Collins Enagh
James Hanneen Kilmurry Hanna Meaney Clonlea 6 February 1850 Martin Clune Kilkishen Mary Clune Kilkishen
James Liddy Newmarket Margaret Donnellon Clashduff 23 February 1852 John Clancy Newmarket Margaret Corbett Limerick
Michael Hannan Kilmurry Anne Hehir Kilkishen ? May 1854 William Vaughan Kilkishen Margaret Hannan Kilmurry
Patrick Clune Kilmore Mary McNamara Silvergrove 29 October 1854 John Madigan Silvergrove Honora Madigan Silvergrove
Michael Meany Clonloum Ellen Pendergast Enagh 4 February 1855 Daniel Callaghan Enagh James McNamara Bally??
William Mack? Kilkishen Mary Glyne Kilkishen 15 October 1855 Peter Clune Kilkishen Ellen Clune Kilkishen
James Vaughan Kilmacduane Honora Meaney Kilkishen 1 June 1856 Peter Clune Kilkishen Margaret Walsh Kilkishen
Peter Clune Kilkishen Anne Giltinane Kikkishen 24 July 1856 Michael Cunneen Kilkishen Mary Vaughan Kilkishen
Patrick Sheehan Enagh Anne Rourke Enagh 29 November 1856 Martin Liddy Enagh Margt.Liddy Enagh
Michael Cody Enagh Mary Clune Enagh 24 January 1857 Michael Clune Kilkishen Mary Shaughnessy Enagh
William Creagh Kilkishen Cathrine Hanneen Kilkishen 10 February 1857 Michl Fallon Kilkishen Margt Kelly Kilkishen
Thomas Meany Drummal? Judy Tuohey Silvergrove 16 February 1858 Patt Tuohey Silvergrove Johanna Connell Bally??
Thomas Kenny?? Tulla Bridget meany Clonloum 23 February 1859 John Greene Tulla Maria Mullins Enagh
John Wh??? Tulla Anne Clune Kilkishen 8 March 1859 Edward Donovan Kilkishen Anne Carmody Kilkishen
Patrick Liddy Tulla Mary Couney Kilurin 1 February 1861 James Liddy Tulla Bridget Couney Kiluran
Michael Mcnamara Kilkishen Bridget Reardon Kilkishen 13 April 1861 Thomas Liddy Kilkishen Mary Liddy Kilkishen
John Moloney Kilkishen Mary Kiltinane?
Kilkishen 16-Jan February 1863 James Hennefsy Kilkishen Anne Clune Kilkishen
Cornelius Kenneally Clonlea Sally McMahon Clonlea 16 May 1863 Michael Dillon Clonlea Margaret Noonan  
Patrick Liddy Cragroe Mary Halloran Clonloum 10 February 1865 James Liddy Tulla Bridget Hoyan Tulla
Michael McNamara Killaloe Mary Liddy Kilkishen 22 July 1865 John McNamara Kilkishen Cathrine Mills Kilkishen
Michael Clune Kilkishen Anne McMahon Belvoir 5 March 1867 James Roughan Kilkishen Maryanne Reynolds Belvoir
Patrick Kealy O'Gonnelloe Catherine Sheedy Kilurin 25 January 1868 John O'Brien O'Gonnelloe Margaret Lynch O.C.Mills
? Sheahan Meelick Margaret King Enagh O'Flynn 7 July 1869 Michael King Enagh Catherine Dillon Meelick
Thomas Clune O.C.Mills Mary Mullins Kilkishen 27 January 1872 John Boland O.C.Mills Bridget Walsh Kilkishen
Patrick Loughery ? Sarah Cotter Cragg 23 February 1878 Michael Dillon ? Mary Carney/Couney? ?
John Clancy Kilkishen Bridget Donohue Kilkishen 9 February 1880 Michl Walker ? Mary Neville ?
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