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Selected RC Baptism records for the Parish of Ennistymon

Title: Selected RC Baptism Records for Ennistymon Parish
Type: Baptism records
Dates: 1870 to 1880
Place: RC Parish of Ennistymon
Source: Ennistymon RC Baptismal Registers on LDS Film 0926067
Transcriber/Donator: John Foran, Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

Fa Given
Fa Family
Mo Given
Mo Family
Sp 1 Given
Sp 1 Family
Sp 2 Given
Sp 2 Family
Ba0047 James   Marinan 22APR1870 James Marinan Bridget Marinan Derrymore 23APR1870 William O'Dwyer Timothy Marinan Eliza Marinan  
Ba0080 James   Marinan 25JUL1870 Patrick Marinan Mary Neylor Loughnagowan 28JUL1870 William O'Dwyer William Neylan Catherine Neylan  
Ba0137 Jacob   Marrinan 28DEC1870 Cornelius Marrinan Honor O'Gormon Derrymore 29DEC1870 Timothy Geoghan Timothy Marrinan Mary Marrinan  
Ba0148 Patrick   Marinan 15JAN1871 Michael Marinan Mary Daley Carrowtedaun 17JAN1871 William O'Dwyer Jacob Baekey Bridget Beakey  
Ba0242 Michael   Marrinan 16SEP1871 John Marrinan Bridget Droney Ballyculleeny 17SEP1871 Timothy Geoghan John Droney Margaret McMahon sub[lab] conditione bapturatus
Ba0494 Thomas   Marrinan 01MAY1873 Ted Marrinan Mary Kerin Derrymore 02MAY1873 Timothy Geoghan Jacob Marrinan Johanna Keating  
Ba0892 Honor   Marinan 18FEB1876 Conor Marinan Honor Forman Derrymore 20FEB1876 Thomas Burke John Marinan Anna Marinan  
Ba0906 Michael   Marrinan 15MAR1876 Ted Marrinan Mary Kerin Derrymore 15MAR1876 Thomas Newell Michael Marrinan Bridget Marrinan  
Ba0926 Susan   Marrinan 29APR1876 Jacob Marrinan Bridget Marrinan Derrymore 30APR1876 Redmundo Newell Michael Marrinan Elizabeth Marrinan  
Ba1009 Honor   McNamara 23DEC1876 Patrick McNamara Bridget Layden Fahanlunaghta 01JAN1877 Redmundo Newell John Marrinan Mary Marinan  
Ba1070 Hannah   Marrinan 07MAY1877 John Marrinan Bridget Droney Ballyculleeny 07JUN1877 Thomas Burke John Linnos? Catherine Hatier?  
Ba1146 Bridget   Devitt 14DEC1877 Patrick Devitt Honor Maddigan Fahanlunaghta 15DEC1877 Thomas Newell Michael Marrinan Anne Marrinan  
Ba1205 Cornelius   Marrinan 17APR1878 Cornelius Marrinan Honor O'Gorman Derrymore 18APR1878 Redmundo Newell John Marinan Mary Marinan  
Ba1329 Mary   Marinan 21FEB1879 Timothy Marinan Mary King Derrymore 22FEB1879 Redmundo Newell Jacob Marinan Bridget Marinan  
Ba1332 Patrick   Leahy 21FEB1879 Patrick Leahy Bridget McMahon Clooney South 23FEB1879 ? Michael Marrinan Mary Marrinan  
Ba1498 John   Marinan 22MAY1880 Jacob Marinan Bridget Marinan Derrymore 22MAY1880 Redmundo Newell Timothy Marinan Mary Marinan  
Ba1504 John   Leahy 07JUN1880 Patrick Leahy Bridget McMahon Clooney 08JUN1880 Redmundo Newell Michael Marinan Margaret Foran  
Ba1554                     Transcribed by John Foran 1999 Edited March 2009 Last Entry 1554 08SEP1880.
Ba0354 Patrick Joseph Marrinan 24MAR1872 Ted Marrinan Mary Kerin Derrymore 26MAR1872 Timothy Geoghan Ted White Honor White  
Ba0421 Mary Anna Marrinan 23OCT1872 Cornelius Marrinan Ellanor Kerin Derrymore 24OCT1872 ? Martin Spellissey Mary Kerin  
Ba0426 Martin   Marinan 05NOV1872 Michael Marinan Johanna Marinan Muckinish ? 07NOV1872 Redmundo Newell John McCormack Bridget Marinan  
Ba0445 John   Marrinan 08JAN1873 Michael Marrinan Mary Daley Carrowtedaun 09JAN1873 William O'Dwyer Patrick Finucane Margaret Finucane  
Ba0620 Bridget   Marrinan 08FEB1874 Conor Marrinan Honor O'Gormon Derrymore 08FEB1874 Redmundo Newell Michael Marrinan Elizabeth Marrinan  
Ba0490 Marie   Marrinan 28APR1873 John Marrinan Bridget Walsh Ballyculleeny 29APR1873 Timothy Geoghan Cornelius Howard Bridget Howard  
Ba0864 Hannah   Marinan 25DEC1875 Michael Marinan Johanna Marinan Clooney South 26DEC1875 Redmundo Newell Patrick Marinan Winifred Marinan  
Ba1060 William   Marrinan 14MAY1877 Patrick Marrinan Winifred Neylan Clooney 16MAY1877 Redmundo Newell Flanamis? Neylan Anne Flannagan William m. Margaret Marinan 29JUL1910
Ba1400 Patrick   Marinan 04SEP1878 Patrick Marinan Winifred Neylan Clooney South 07SEP1878 Redmundo Newell Flavsavo? Neylan Mary Howard  
Ba0001 Denis   Foran 14JAN1870 Mathew Foran Johanna Marrinan Rinneen 15JAN1870 John Madden Pat Foran Mary Malone  
Ba0126 Thomas   O'Brien 08DEC1870 John O'Brien Bridget Foran Rinneen 10DEC1870 William O'Dwyer Michael Barrett Bridget Barrett  
Ba0430 Patrick   Foran 22NOV1872 John Foran Bridget O'Brien Rinneen 23NOV1872 Redmundo Newell Michael Foran Mary Foran  
Ba0499 Winifred   Leahy 12MAY1873 Patrick Leahy Bridget McMahon Calluragh 13MAY1873 Redmundo Newell Thomas Foran Margaret Foran  
Ba0631 John   Foran 01APR1874 John Foran Bridget O'Brien Rinneen 04APR1874 Redmundo Newell Ted Foran Mary Foran  
Ba0630 Honor   Halloran 02APR1874 Michael Halloran Catherine Tuttle Rinneen 03APR1874 Redmundo Newell John Foran Bridget Foran  
Ba0780 Michael   Leahy 28APR1875 Patrick Leahy Bridget McMahon Clooney 28APR1875 Redmundo Newell Patrick Costello Margaret Foran  
Ba0801 Michael   Foran 29JUN1875 John Foran Bridget O'Brien Rinneen 03JUL1875 Thomas Newell Patrick Foran Mary Foran  
Ba0870 Bridget   Keleher 04JAN1876 Jacob Keleher Bridget McNamara Clooney North 05JAN1876 Redmundo Newell Andrew Foran Catherine McNamara  
Ba0900 Patrick Joseph O'Brien 06MAR1876 Edward O'Brien Bridget Corbett Ennistymon 07MAR1876 Thomas Burke Jacob O'Brien Margaret O'Brien  
Ba0980 Jacob   Foran 29SEP1876 John Foran Bridget O'Brien Rinneen 02OCT1876 Thomas Burke Michael Connell Glenora Connell  
Ba1128 Mary   Blair 06NOV1877 Michael Blair Margaret Fuin ? Ballagh 06NOV1877 Redmundo Newell Michael Foran Bridget Foran  
Ba1234 Thomas   Foran 07JUL1878 John Foran Bridget Foran Rinneen 11JUL1878 Redmundo Newell Patrick Foran Bridget Foran Thomas m. Mary Malone 9FEB1916,
Ba1314 John   Tarsnane 26JAN1879 Cornelius Tarsnane Margaret Green Clooneybreen 29JAN1879 Redmundo Newell Patrick Foran Margaret Foran  
Ba1345 Mary   Foran 08FEB1880 John Foran Bridget O'Brien Rinneen 10FEB1880 Redmundo Newell Patrick Foran Helen O'Connell  
Ba1234 Thomas   Foran 0           0           Wit. Michael Foran, Bridget Malone
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