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Selected RC Baptismal Records for the Parish of Kilchreest and Clondagad

Title: Selected RC Baptismal Records for the Parish of Kilchreest and Clondagad
Type: Baptism records
Main Family Names: MURPHY; PHILLIPS
Dates: 1846 to 1881
Place: United RC Parishes of Kilchreest and Clondagad
Source: NLI Microfilm No. P 2471
Transcriber/Donator: Kevin Murphy, Australia

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1846 05-Oct James Lisheen James Hill Judith Murphy Michael Murphy Jane Murphy
1846 10-Oct Honor Lisycasey John Doohen Bridget Murphy Thomas Doohen? Ellen McMahon?
1846 14-Dec John Ennisdea Michael Murphy Honor Corry Pat Murphy Sally Murphy
1847 01-Feb Susanna Ennisdea Morgan McInerney Catherine Murphy Michael ? Catherine ?
1847 21-Feb Francis Ballicorick John Egan Catharine Murphy Pat McMahon Catherine McMahon
1847 17-May John Ennisdea Pat Murphy Joanna Normile Dennis McInerney Bridget McInerney
1847 03-Jul Honoria Lanna George Phillips Margaret Feale? Michael Phillips Honor Breen
1847 13-Jul Anne Ennisdea Michael Murphy Jane Hehir Thomas Hehir Mary Hehir
1847 31-Aug John Lisheen John Murphy Anne Lynch John Nagle Margaret M?
1848 25-Jan Patrick Lisycasey Dennis Sullivan Bridget Murphy Michael Hehir Mary Doohen
1848 22-Jun Andrew Glaun Pat Collins Joan Murphy Pat Quinn Ann Coffey
1848 07-Jul Patrick Glaun John Murphy Joan Donnelan James Breen Elizabeth Murphy
1848 08-Aug Anne Ballincorick John Murphy Margaret Murphy Pat McNamara Anna McMahon
1848 26-Nov Patrick Lisheen James Hill Susan Murphy Timothy Quealy Sally Cleary
1849 18-Feb Mary Lisycasey Michael Murphy Bridget Larkin Jane ?  
1849 06-Mar Margaret Lisheen Edmund Murphy Mary Nolan Michael Murphy Bridget Murphy
1849 29-Mar Catharine Decamede John Doohen Bridget Murphy Pat Quinlivan Bridget Donnely
1849 10-Apr Anne Tonlegeeh Thomas Clancy Mary Murphy Bridget Sheahan  
1849 28-Jun John Ennisdea Michael Murphy Joan Hehir Michael Murphy Mary Murphy
1850 29-Jan Catherine Glaun Pat Collins Susan Murphy Pat Breen Susan Breen
1850 14-Apr Honor Paradise Pat Murphy Anne Laughnone Martin Meany Mary Murphy
1850 07-May Honor Lisheen Edmund Murphy Mary Nolan James Nagle Bridget Murphy
1850 15-May Susanna Ennisdea John Murphy Mary McNamara James McNamara Mary McNamara
1851 05-Jan Anne Lisheen James Hill Judith Murphy Mary Hill  
1851 29-May Dennis Ennisdea Michael Murphy Jane Hehir Thomas Shallan Anne Shallan
1851 27-Sep Michael Tonlegeeh Thomas Clancy Mary Murphy Morgan Sheahan Bridget Sheahan
1852 04-Jan Michael Decamede John Doohen Bridget Murphy Pat Quinlivan Margaret Galvin
1852 24-Feb Patrick Paradise Patrick Murphy Anne Loughnane Michael Cleary Kate K Caghlan
1852 06-Jun Mary Ballinacally John Slevin Mary Murphy Francis Stamers Maryanne Caghlan
1852 28-Aug Michael Knockboy John Murphy Mary McNamara James McNamara Mary McNamara
1852 04-Sep Mary Coolsippeen James McNamara Mary Murphy Michael ? Mary Murphy
1852 30-Dec   Ennisdea Michael Murphy Jane Hehir Thomas Shallae Jane Shallae
1853 07-Aug Peggy Cragbrien Michael Murphy Margaret Doohen John Doohen Judy Frawly?
  Missing records            
1855 25-Nov John Lisycasey John Murphy Susan Dillon Mary ?  
1856 02-Feb Jane ? Thos Cleary? Mary Murphy ? ?
1856 20-Feb James Toonlegeha Thos Flanery? Mary Murphy John Shehan Bridget Ginnane (1)
1856 14-May ?oll? Inishdea Michael Murphy Jane Hehir Michael Murphy Jane Murphy
1856 27-May John Cahirea Thomas Hoar Mary Philips Kate Philips Bridget Philips
1856 28-Nov Ellen Cragbrien John Slevin Mary Murphy Con Buckley Mary Roche
1857 30-Aug Michael Caherea Thomas Hore Mary Philips John Philips Bridget Philips
1858 09-Mar Edward Lisycasey John Murphy Johana Dundan Jane Coghlan Michael Crowley
1859 25-Jan Bridget Knoppoge Michael Murphy Hanna Calanan Edward Murphy Jane Murphy
1859 10-Apr John Cragbrien Michael MacKee Mary Murphy John Casey Ellen Casey
1859 25-Aug Ellen Caherea Thos Hoare Mary Philips Michl Hoare Ellen Hoare
1859 02-Sep Edward Lisheen Edward Murphy Anne Coffey John Coffey Mary Coffey
1859 21-Dec Pat? Bally_? John Cleary Bridget Murphy Pat Hartigan Ann Hartigan
1860 30-Jan Pat Coolsippeen Peter Murphy Ellon Cuddihy John Reidy Ann Reidy
1860 30-Apr Hugh Inisdea Michael Murphy Jane Hehir John Hartigan Cate Brazill
1860 03-May Susan Ballinacally Pat McGinane Ellon Murphy Edmond Murphy Deborah McMahon
1860 20-Jun John Knappoge Michael Murphy Honora Callinan Martin Moylan Cate Moylan
1860 05-Nov Anne Lisheen Edmund Murphy Anne Coffey Timothy Coffey Mary Coffey
1861 10-Mar John Decamede John Doohan Biddy Murphy Biddy Galvin  
1861 09-May Connor Cahirea Thos Hoar Mary Philips Michael Hill Mary Hill
1861 25-May Thomas Patrick Cragbrien Michael Mackee Mary Murphy Michael Murphy Catherine ?
1861 20-Sep Michael Knockboy Pat McGuanne Ellon Murphy John Murphy Jane Murphy
1861 06-Dec Margaret Lisheen Edmund Murphy Anne Coffey Michael Coffey Mary Coffey
1862 11-Jun John Gurty_? John Cleary Bridget Murphy Pat Daly Honor Sexton
1862 30-Sep Michael   Michael Murphy Honor Callinan Mary Conlon  
1863 02-Mar Catherine   Edmond Murphy Anne Coffey Patrick Coffey Mary Coffey
1863 11-Jun John   Hugh Hallinon Jane Murphy Edward Murphy Margaret Murphy
1864 28-Feb Anne   Edmond Murphy Bridget Roche Edmond Roche Catherine Kelly
1864 27-Mar Henry?   William Martin Ellen Murphy Patt Murphy Jane Murphy
1864 8-26-May (2) ?   Thomas Hoare Mary Philips ? Mary Hill
1864 26-Jun Mary   Michael Murphy Anne Callinan Edmond Murphy Jane Murphy
1865 12-Feb Mary   Patt Phillips Bridget Frawley Patt Frawley Ellen Philips
1865 28-Feb Mary   Michael McKinne Mary Murphy Andrew McInchan Bridget Scales
1865 28-Oct Patt   Michael McMahon Margaret Murphy James Mahon Bridget Mahon
1865 17-Nov Thos   Michael Egan Jane Murphy Ned Murphy Johanna Doohan
1866 05-Jan John? Lisheen Edmond Murphy Anne Coffey Martin Coffey Eliza Cloney
1866 12-Jan ? Ballycorick Edmond Murphy Bridget Hehir Michael Egan  
1866 15-Mar Edmond Ballinacally Michael Murphy Anne Callinan Edmund Cunnelly Mary Walsh
1866 02-Apr Michael Enishaellaun Edmond Murphy Bridget Roche Jas Roche Jane Murphy
1866 17-Aug Eliza   Stephen Doyle MaryAnne Murphy Maurice Doyle Susan Dwyer
1867 26-Jan Anne   Ned Murphy Anne Coffey Michael Coffey Mary Coffey
1867 26-Feb William   William Martin Ellen Murphy Michael Murphy Judy Hehir
1867 26-Jun Timothy   John Cleary Bridget Murphy Michael Cleary Mary O'Connor
1867 26-Jun James   Michael Mehan? Bridget Murphy Michael?  
1867 29-Aug Michael   Michael Egan Jane Murphy Edmond Murphy Susan Egan
1867 22-Nov Patrick   Edmond Murphy Bridget Hehir Patrick Hehir Jane Egan
1868 22-Jan Mary   John Byrns Ellen Phillips Stephen Collins Kate Collins
1868 16-Feb Michael   Michael Mackee Mary Murphy Michael Murphy Mary Browne
1868 23-Mar Kate Ballycorick Michael Murphy Honor Callanan Mrs Connolly  
1869 24-Feb Michael   Michael Mahon Margaret Murphy Philip Meere Bridget Connors
1869 02-Mar Mary   Michael Egan Jane Murphy John Egan  
1869 05-Mar Pat   John Byrne Ellen Philips Tom Byrne Mary Anne Philips
1869 23-May Mary   Tom Hore Mary Philips Mary Griffy  
1869 12-Sep Ellen   Pat Philips Bridget Frawley John Hoar Bridget McMahon
1870 25-Jul Bridget   John Byrnes Ellen Philips John Hoar Ellon Hoar
1870 21-Aug Pat   Michael Murphy Honor Calanan Michael Murphy Mary Meany
1870 05-Oct Martin   Michael McKee Mary Murphy Kate Doyle  
1870 17-Oct John   Ned Murphy Bridget Hehir Margaret Hehir  
1870 22-Oct Jane   Ned Murphy Bridget Roach Margaret Roach  
1871 24-Jun Mary   Martin Doohan Honor Murphy Michael Murphy Mary Doohan
1871 24-Jun James   William Nolton Ellen Murphy William Molony Margaret Molony
1871 16-Jul Michael   Pat Philips Bridget Frawly Pat Kean Ellen Kean
1871 13-Oct Margaret   Ned Murphy Bridget Hehir Bridget Griffy  
1871 15-Nov Edmond   Michael Mahon Margaret Murphy Bridget Meer  
1872 30-Mar James   Michael Murphy Honor Callanan Ned Murphy Bridget Callanan
1872 27-Oct Martin   Michael Egan Jane Murphy Bridget McMahon  
1872 01-Nov John   William Nolton Ellen Murphy Richard Dowling Lucy McMahon
1872 18-Dec Margaret   Ned Murphy Bridget Roach John Murphy Mary Roach
1873 14-Apr Pat   Michael McKee Mary Murphy Margaret Cusac  
1873 26-Jun John Tom   Pat Philips Bridget Frawly Tom Hogan Margaret Cahill
1873 22-Oct Jane   Ned Murphy Bridget Hehir Margaret Hehir  
1873 23-Dec Tom   Michael Mahon Margaret Murphy Margaret O'Connor  
1874 17-Mar Thomas   Michael Murphy Honor Callinan John Hassett Bridget Meany
1874 16-Sep James   Ned Murphy Bridget Roach Michael Roach Mary Roach
1874 29-Dec Bridget   Martin Doohan Honor Murphy Mary Doohan  
1875 03-Jan Pat   Michael Egan Jane Murphy Patt Murphy Mary Murphy
1875 14-Apr John   John Burns Ellen Philips Thos Hennessy Mary Philips
1875 20-Aug Catherine   Edmond Murphy Bridget Hehir Margaret Griffen  
1876 09-Feb Bridget   Pat Gavin Mary Murphy Margaret Murphy  
1876 13-Feb John   Michael Mahon Margaret Murphy Kate O'Dea P McDonnell
1876 12-Mar Anne   Patrick Phillips Bridget Frawley Michael McMahon Margaret McMahon
1876 18-Mar   Cragbrien Michael Mackay Mary Murphy Ellen Brennan P McD
1876 29-Mar Margaret   Michael Egan Jane Murphy Mrs E Murphy P McDonnell
1876 07-Apr Jane   Michael Murphy Honoria Callinan Edmund Connolly Mary Callinan
1876 01-Nov Ellen   Pat Murphy Jane Dundon? James Grady Ellen ?
1877 14-Nov ? Lack Martin O'Keefe Eliza Murphy Dan Clancy Mary Clancy
1878 08-Jan Edmund   Edmund Murphy Bridget Hehir Bridget Meany  
1878 18-Jan James   Pat Gavan Mary Murphy Bridget King  
1878 13-Mar William   Michael Mahon Margaret Murphy Kate O'Connor  
1878 29-May John   Michael Daly Bridget Murphy Margaret Daly  
1878 15-Aug Margaret   Michael Murphy Honor Callinan Ned Murphy Mrs Murphy
1878 17-Aug Bridget   Michael Egan Jane Murphy Mary McMahon  
1878 29-Sep Tom   John Byrne Ellon Philips Bridget Hoare  
1878 01-Dec Thomas   Pat Normile Catherine Murphy Margaret Walsh  
1879 05-Jan Ellen   Pat Murphy Bridget Kelly Kate O'Hern?  
1879 15-Oct Kate   Michael McKey Mary Murphy Mrs Thomas Doyle  
1879 10-Nov James   Pat Normile Kate Murphy Kate McMahon  
1880 01-Jan Patrick   Pat Gavan Mary Murphy Margaret Murphy  
1880 03-Apr Mary   Michael Mahon Margaret Murphy Bridget Coghlan  
1880 15-Aug Michael   Edmond Murphy Bridget Hehir Margaret Meany  
1880 11-Sep Sinon   Michael Egan Jane Murphy Susan McMahon  
1880 30-Oct Mary   John Murphy Mary Kelly Mary Sexton  
1881 02-Jan John (born 1 Jan) Pat Murphy Bridget Kelly Jane Honan  

(1) This entry may have been a rewrite of the previous line in the registry
(2) 8 May & 26 May were first readable dates either side of entry. suggests child's name was Susannagh.
? Indicates interpretation doubtful or impossible.
Register Pages empty late 1853 thru July 1855

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