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Selected RC Baptism Records for the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills, Co Clare

Title: Selected RC Baptism Records for the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills, Co Clare
Family Name: TUOHY
Dates: 1835 - 1880
Place: O'Callaghans Mills Parish
Source: LDS Film 979894
Donator: Vicki Allen (

10.2.1835 Touhey Patrick Michael Johanna Cormack Silvergrove John McNamara Nancy ?
26.4.1835 Magermis Martha Daniel Mary Touhey Trugh William Hynes Anne Walker
29.1.1835 Touhey Daniel Jeremiah margaret McNamara   Bridget McCallone  
1.6.1835 Liddy Darby Owen Honora Sheedy Killuran Mathew Touhey Bridget Touhey
7.6.1835 Touhey James Michael Johanna Cunningham Butt? Patrick Shaunnessy Margaret Shaunnessy
11.10.1835 Touhey Mary John Honora Doolan   Patrick Cain Bridget Cain
31.1.1836 Touhy Bridget Mathew Catherine Liddy Moanogeena ? Liddy Catherine Dio?
31.10.1836 Markahin Daniel Patt Bridget Touhey Killurin Connor? Touhy Anne Landy?
8.11.1836 Touhy Martin Michael Mary McGrath Barfield John McGrath Catherine Touhy
8.1.1837 Michael Touhey Jeremiah Margaret McNamara Cappalahin Michael Touhey Ellen O'Halloran
10.3.1837 Magermis Catherine Daniel Mary Touhey Trugh John McNamara Mary McNamara
12.4.1837 Tuohy Hanah Mathew Mary Tuohy Silvergrove    
?.10.1837 Touhy ? Jno Mary Darby Oatfield Jno McNamara Margaret Cain
7.10.1837 Touhy Mary Mathew Catherine Liddy Killurin Michael Macalone Nancy Barry
10.1.1838 Touhey Patrick John Judy Cottaliese? Moanogeena Dennis Kelliher Margaret Kelliher
3.3.1838 Tuohy Patrick Michael Johanna Cunningham   Martin ? Bridget ?
29.4.1838 Tuohy John Darby Margaret Roughan James Grady Bridget Tuohy  
?.12.1838 Tuohy Michael Michael Mary McGrath Backfield James O'Callaghan Honora Tuohy
28.2.1839 Tuohy Dennis Dennis Mary McNamara Cluldena (erra?) John Salinger Anne McMahon
14.6.1839 Magermis Margaret Daniel Mary Tuohey Trugh Edmund Healy Mary Lynch
?.6.1939 Tuohey John Jeremiah Margaret McNamara Cappalahin John McNamara Bridget Hoolan
19.7.1839 Tuohey Ellen Mathew Catherine Liddy Paulanuca Thomas Liddy Bridget Tuohey
21.11.1839 Tuohy Thos ? Hanora Dooly ? Martin McNamara Morgan McNamara
3.10.1840 Tuohy Mary Michael Judy Cunningham Belvoir ? ?
18.4.1841 Vandelure William Laurence Mary Tuohey Kilkishen ? Harrison Catherine Harrison
7.6.1841 Purcil Andrew Michael Bridget Tuohey Bally? Martin Tuohy Mary Toughy
4.7.1841 Tuohy Michael Denis Mary McNamara   Michael Tuohy Mary McMahon
29.9.1841 McNamara Anne ? Michael Catherine Tuohey Ceal? patt Salinger Mary Percy
11.10.1841 Tuohy Thomas Michael Mary McGrath Bel? Denise McGrath Mary McNamara
1.1.1842 Tuohey Mathew Connor Catherine Liddy Dromiff? Michael Murphy Nanty Barry
2.36.1842 Tuohey Patrick James Bridget Keefe Enagh George Bethel Catherine Bethel
16.3.1842 Tuohey Biddy Darby Margaret Rohan Ocallaghans Mills Jane Bolton  
20.3.1842 Tuohey Mathew Mathew Catherine Liddy Gortasserra Owen Liddy Margaret Tuohy
23.4.1842 Tuohy Jeremiah Jn Mary Doly Drescaveegh Patt McInerty Mary Dealy
29.4.1832 Tuohy Catherine Thomas Mary Mason Guse? Catherine ?  
21.7.1842 Reddan Catherine Patrick Catherine Dononue Oatfield James Tuohey Mary Reddan
4.1.1843 Tuohy Rodger Jeremiah Margaret McNamara Lake Biddy Tuohy  
?.1.1843 Courny Catherine   Mary Touhy Cappalahin Thomas Tristol Bid Liddy
30.4.1843 Tuohy James John Honora Dooley Derranaveagh John Doyle Mary McNamara
18.7.1843 Purcell Ellen Michael Bridget Tuohy   Mary Littleton Bally McDonald?
2.9.1843 McMahon Thomas Michael Marg McNamara Rack? Jno Tuohy Bid McMahon
4.12.1843 McNamara Martin Michael Cath Tuohy   Thos Kell? Marg ?
10.12.1843 Hallirin James Patt Catherine Moloney Oatfield Martin Tuohy Winifride Moloney
15.12.1843 Vaughan John Michael Catherine Tuohey Violethills Timothy Vaughan Mary Vaughan
1.2.1844 Tuohey Mary James Bridget Frawley Belvoir Cath Hickman Catherine Gleeson
24.2.1844 Tuohy Matt Hugh Mary Courny Clem? Cornelius Tuohy Cath Sweeny
24.3.1844 McInerny Norry Patt Mary Tuohy Bal? Edmund McInerny Cath Markihin
24.3.1844 Tuohy James Michael Mary McGrath Backfields Patt Tuohy Patt Barry
12.5.1844 Tuohy James Connor Catherine Liddy Kilurin John Tuohy Mary Liddy
25.9.1844 Tuohy Patt John Betty Cullijan Cappalahin Mary Tiuan John Caurall
20.10.1844 Minoge Johanna John Mary Tuohy Silvergrove Nina Enright  
15.10.1844 Purcell Bridget Michael Bridget Tuohey   Bridget? Bally McConnell
7.12.1844 McInerny Bridget Thomas ? Tuohey Poulamina Cath Markam Catherine Liddy
31.1.1845 McMahon Elin John Biddy Tuohy Ballybrinigil John? Peggy Sheedy
1.4.1845 Tuohy Patt Patt Biddy Moloney Back? Michael Tuohy Mary McGrath
11.6.1845 Vaughan Edmund Ml Michael Catherine Tuohey Ballybringil Mary Hogan Mary Donald
12.10.1845 Tuohey Ellen James Bridget Frawley Belvoir Cath Donohue Patt Donohue
7.11.1845 Tuohey Martin John Honora Dooley Derranaveagh Patt Sheedy Catherine Sheedy
5.4.1846 Tuohey James James Bridget O'Keefe Enagh Stephen Boyce ? Bethel
22.11.1846 Toohy Cath Connor Cath Liddy Killurin Ellen Toohy  
13.12.1846 Toohy William John Betty Cullinin Cappalahin Mary Fitzgerald  
12.5.1847 McCormack Margaret Patt Mary Tuohey Silvergrove Margaret Mannix  
24.3.1848 Tuohy Bridget John Judy Callahan Killuran Michael Murphy Judy Murphy
14.3.1848 Tuohey Connor John Honora Dooley Derranaveagh Michael Keane Mary Keane
28.8.1848 Tuohy John Patt Biddy Moloney Backfields Michael McMahon  
15.9.1848 Tuohey Mary Michael Margaret Reddan   Martin Corbett Sally Corbett
18.4.1848 Touhy Denis Michael Margaret McGrath Backfields Patt Doogan Catherine McMahon
23.11.1851 Touhy Bridget Hugh Honora Couney ? Mick Couney Bridget ?
20.2.1852 Couney Margaret Michael Margaret Tuohey Cappalahin Martin Tuohey Marg ?
29.6.1852 Touhy Thomas Patt Bridget Moloney Backfield John Tuohy Mary McGrath
24.4.1854 Touhy Mathew Michael Mary McGrath Backfield Michael Tuohey Mary Tuohey
16.3.1855 McCormack Bridget Denis Margaret Tuohy Silvergrove Thomas Perry Thos Connell
25.8.1855 Tuohy Michael Pat Bridget McIlhone Backfield Patrick McMahon Mary McMahon
1.1.1857 Tuohy Mary Hugh Mary Couney Taureen Bridget Hogan  
7.8.1857 Tuohey Catherine Patrick Bridget McMahon Backfield James McMahon Catherine McMahon
10.8.1858 Tuohey Mary Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove Denis McCormack Mary McMahon
1.1.1860 Touhey Bridget Patrick Bridget McMahon Backfield Margaret McGrath  
?.3.1860 Tuohey Patrick Daniel Mary Lynch Silvergrove Patrick McCormack ?
?.6/1860 Tuohey Johanna Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove ? ?
12.1.1861 Tuohey Patt Hugh Catherine Tuohey Taureen Michael Tuohey Bridget Carter
11.8.1861 Kelliher Michael Patt Ellen Tuohey Killuran Patt Murphy Margaret Murphy
6.12.1861 Tuohey Michael Daniel Mary Lynch Silvergrove John Jones Margaret Tuohey
26.12.1861 Tuohey Anne Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove Patt McCormack Bridget Flanagan
25.4.1862 Kennedy Pierce Michael Margaret Tuohey Killuran Patt Kelliher Bridget Kennedy
20.7.1862 Nugent Thomas Edmund Anne Tuohey Newtown Michael Vaughan Brigid Vaughan
15.9.1862 McCormick Johanna Dennis Margaret Tuohey Silvergrove Michael Tuohey Margaret Tuohey
15.11.1862 Tuohey Martin Patt Bridget McMahon Backfield John Tuohey Mary McMahon
15.11.1862 Tuohey Mary Anne John Mary Hogan Kilenena Thomas Tuohey Anne Hogan
3.5.1863 Tuohey Michael Hugh Catherine Tuohey Taureen Dennis Tuohey Bridget Tuohey
28.5.1865 Touhey Ellen Hugh Catherine Tuohey Killurin Michael Kelliher Catherine Kelliher
24.8.1865 Tuohey Margaret Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove James Flanagan Johanna Tuohey
13.9.1865 Tuohey Michael John Mary Hogan Killanena Thomas Tuohey Margaret Kearney
10.12.1865 Markham Patt Daniel Cathrine Connors Kilurin Patt Tuohey Margaret Tuohey
31.12.1865 Tuohey Johanna Daniel Mary Lynch Silvergrove John Lynch Anne Lenihan
6.8.1867 Tuohey Catherine Hugh Catherine Tuohey Kilurin Michael Tuohey Bridget O'Brien
5.2.1868 Tuohey Bridget John Mary Hogan Killanena Mathew Touhey Mary Tuohey
28.2.1868 Tuohey John Daniel Mary Tuohey   Rory Maloney Margaret McCormick
17.3.1868 Linehan Bridget Daniel Agnes Riuny Lakisle Michael Tuohey Bridget Tuohey
18.5.1868 Tuohey Daniel Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove Daniel Tuohey Mary Tuohey
19.12.1868 Kelliher Patrick Patrick Ellen Tuohey Killurin Patrick Tuohey Ellen Tuohey
31.5.1869 Tuohey John Hugh Catherine Tuohey Killurin Michael Tuohey Ellen Tuohey
5.12.1869 Tuohey Michael Patrick Bridget Conheady Paulashera John Conheady Margaret Conheady
30.3.1870 Tuohey Bridget Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove Denis Driscoll Mary Driscoll
20.4.1870 Tuohey John John Mary Hogan Killurin Matthew Hogan Anne Hogan
16.5.1870 Tuohey Mary Daniel Mary Lynch Silvergrove Michael Tuohey Margaret Tuohey
4.10.1870 Tuohy Jeremiah Patrick Bridget McNamara Backfield James Tuohy Mary McMahon
18.2.1871 Tuohy Johanna Pat Bridget Conheady Killurin James Tuohy Bridget O'Brien
19.2.1871 Vaughan Catherine John Mary Tuohey Kilkishen Patt Tuohey Bridget Vaughan
29.9.1871 Tuohy Michael Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove William Flanagan Maria Tuohy
16.3.1872 Tuohey Pat John Mary Hogan Killurin James Tuohey Kate Tuohey
5.9.1872 Tuohey Catherine Daniel Mary Lynch Silvergrove Michael Tuohey Margaret Cooney
24.12.1873 O'Brien Bridget John Ellen Tuohey Claremont Cornelius O'Brien Ellen Kelliher
14.3.1874 Tuohey John Michael Margaret Flanagan Silvergrove ? Margaret Cooney
8.4.1874 Tuohey Ellen Patrick Bridget Conheady Poulanuca Michael Kelliher Ellen Tuohey
27.8.1874 Tuohey Anne Daniel Mary Lynch Silvergrove John McCormick Margaret Flanagan
30.10.1874 Moroney Daniel Daniel Mary Tuohey Realding Denis Tuohey Hannah Tuohey
21.11.1874 Tuohey Michael Jeremiah Mary Clancy Cappalahin Thomas McInerney Anne McMahon
16.8.1875 Tuohey Sarah Patt Bridget Conheady Poulanuca Patt Kelliher Ellen Tuohey
10.10.1875 Tuohey Thomas Patrick Ellen Donnellan Backfield Pat McGrath Kate Tuohey
17.11.1875 Tuohey Winifred Patrick Catherine Ryan Cappalahin Edmond Tuohey Bridget Tuohey

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