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RC Marriage Records for Cratloe Parish, 1822-1877

Title: RC Marriage Records for Cratloe Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1822-1877

Cratloe RC Marriage Registers 1822-1856
NLI Film 02410/07

Cratloe RC Marriage Registers 1857-1877
NLI Film 02411/01

Transcriber/Donator: Jeff Fitzsimmons, South Australia

Transcriber Notes:
Thirteen supplementary marriages are included with the Date Register, these date from 1826 (3), 1909 (4), 1910 (3), 1919 (1), 1924 (1) and 1945 (1).
More detailed Research Editions of these Registers are available on Clare Library’s Clare Past Forum. The stored film at National Library of Ireland's website for Cratloe Parish is a transcription of the original register. It is important to note that, whilst every effort has been made to keep this transcription 'true' to the original register, there may be some points in spelling and correction which can be further enhanced by viewing the source register.
Please note that the Priests (name) column is not reliable as the Priests were not consistent attributing the author of the record, also Residence was a 'hit and miss' and thus unreliable. Filia/Filiam = 'Daughter of' and Filius/Filium = 'Son of', each record in Latin was not consistent on the standard template where the record nominates in Latin the gender of the child.
Re: Latin to English, the Priests were not consistent in which version of Latin name they used and its spelling, also extreme difficulties in understanding the implied intention of the Priest with John / Johanna, and their Latin equivalents JOHN: Joannis/Joannes and JOHANNA: and Joanna/Joanne in the Witness for Marriage Register and Sponsors for Baptism Register, it is not really believed the volume of Joannes around the townlands and very few Johns, however, transcriber faithfully transcribed the original Latin text and, in this area, each person that relies on it needs to make their own distinction between male & female versions.
Re: spellings of surnames, the priests throughout the registers were not consistent with the how they spelt Residences, Surnames or Names, furthermore there are many samples where the priests weren't consistent even on the same record, ie names/places spelt on the left columns weren't reflected as on the right.
This transcription attempted to capture what the priests historically recorded, however, there is an alternative spelling supplied as when searches were tested, the same families recurred with variations. The left is transcribed as per the original and the brackets suggest an alternative spelling, e.g. Mother's Surname: Morifoy (Murphy)

Registers by Date (.xlsx format)

Registers by Groom's Surname (.xlsx format)

Registers by Bride's Surname (.xlsx format)

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