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Selected RC Marriage Records for the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills, Co Clare

Title: Selected RC Marriage Records for the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills, Co Clare
Family Name: TUOHY
Dates: 1835 - 1880
Place: O'Callaghans Mills Parish
Source: LDS Film 979894
Donator: Vicki Allen (

22.2.1835 Matthew Tuohey Kilurin Catherine Liddy   James Kelliher Killurin Thomas Driscoll  
5.2.1837 John Lynch Tulla Bridget Touhey Killuran Michael Tuohey Killuran John Lynch Tulla
6.2.1837 John Tuohy Killuran Judy Callaghan Killuran John McNamara Killuran Patt Tuohey Clonlea
7.2.1837 Michael Tuohey Clonlea Mary McNamara Clonlea Martin Tuohey Clonlea Patrick McMahon Clonlea
7.2.1837 James Wall Kilnoe Bridget Couney Killuran John Wall Kilnoe Patt Couney Killuran
?.2.1838 Denis Tuohy Silvergrove Mary McNamara Silvergrove John Malony Silvergrove Patt McMahon Silvergrove
11.2.1838 Daniel Tuohy Kilnoe Hanna Linehan Coolnahela Daniel Linehan Lakile Hanna Flanagan Silvergrove
12.2.1839 Michael Vaughan Killurin Catherine Tuohey Killurin Edmund Vaughan Killurin Cornelius Tuohey Killurin
14.7.1840 Thomas Tuohey Feakle Mary Mason Kilkishen Patrick Mason Kilkishen Betty Purcell Kilkishen
8.2.1842 Thomas McInerney Kilurin Margaret Tuohey Kilurin Cornelius Tuohey Kilurin Patrick Markahan Kilurin
8.2.1842 Patrick McCormick Silvergrove Mary Tuohey Silvergrove Daniel Tuohey Silvergrove Michael Flanagan Silvergrove
8.2.1842 Jeremiah Tuohey Dooragh Bridget Tuohey OCallaghans Mills Darby Tuohey Dooragh Darby Tuohey Callaghans Mills
26.11.1842 Patrick Tuohey Backfield Bridget Maloney Backfield Michael Tuohey Backfield John Frawley Killuran
20.2.1844 Dennis McCormick Silvergrove Margaret Tuohey Silvergrove John McCormick Silvergrove Michael Tuohey Silvergrove
11.6.1845 John Sallinger Calaberra Mary Tuohey Cappahaline Darby Tuohey Mills Margaret Tuohey Mills
16.2.1847 Michael Tuohey Kilkishen Mary McDonagh Kilkishen John Tuohey Backfield James McInerney Clonlea
7.2.1848 Jerry Tuohey Cappahaline Mary Lynch Cealderra Darby Tuohey Mills John Connors Cealderra
29.6.1852 Cornelius Tuohey Paulanurra ? Murphy Killuran Patt Markahin Kilurin Johanna Murphy Kilurin
4.1.1856 James Kennedy Tragh Honora Tuohey Silvergrove Michael Tuohey Silvergrove Johanna Tuohey Silvergrove
1?.4.1856 Patrick Kelliher Kilurin Ellen Tuohey Paulanucea Patrick Murphy Gurtalrapa Sally Tuohey Paulanucea
11.2.1858 Thomas Meany Drummid Judy Tuohey Silvergrove Patt Tuohy Silvergrove Johanna Connell Bally McConnell
18.1.1860 John Tuohey Inagh Mary Hogan Inagh James Hogan Inagh Pat Tuohy Inagh
2.2.1861 Michael Kennedy Kilurin Margaret Tuohey Kilurin Matt Trevors OCallaghans Mills Bridget Kennedy OCallaghans Mills
11.2.1861 Patt Cudmore Tulla Ellen Tuohey Dooras John Couney Fox & Geese Mary Couney OCallaghans Mills
14.5.1870 John Vaughan Clonlea Mary Tuohey Kilkishen John Connell Clonlea Bridget McNamara Knockatureen
20.4.1871 Dennis McGrath Lakyle Honora Tuohey Clonlane Jeremiah Tuohey Cappalahine Bridget Tuohey Cappalahine
17.2.1874 Thomas Carrole Cappahaline Bridget Tuohey Cappahaline John Lenihan McAllen? Catherine Lenihan  
24.2.1878 Isaac Bethel SixMile Bridge Bridget Tuohey Oatfields Clarence Fitzgerald   Mary Egan  
25.2.1878 Dennis Neville Kilmurry Catherine Tuohey Backfield John Neville   Margaret McGrath  

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