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RC Marriage Records for Sixmilebridge Parish, 1829-1881

Title: RC Marriage Records for Sixmilebridge Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1829-1881

Sixmilebridge RC Marriage Registers 1829-1839
NLI Film 02474/04
Sixmilebridge RC Marriage Registers 1840-1864
NLI Film 02474/05
Sixmilebridge RC Marriage Registers 1865-1881
NLI Film 02474/06

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:

When the name "Joanne" appears among the witnesses, transcriber has found it impossible to decide whether it is male or female. The witnesses are given in the dative case, she reckons, but the smattering of Latin transcriber learned long ago is very rusty now. All she can say is that the chances of "Joanne" being Joannes (John) are far higher than the chances of it being Joanna.
Transcriber found 7 baptisms which had been entered by mistake in the 1840 marriage register. Three had been entered also in the baptism register. The other four have been added in to the transcription of the baptism register - those entries are in red.
The 1865 register of marriages is in very clear handwriting - transcriber thinks it is a transcription of the original register.

These marriages can be checked against the civil records of marriages:, but transcriber has not done that.

Registers by Date (all .xlsx format)
1829-1839 1840-1864 1865-1881

Registers by Groom's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1829-1839 1840-1864 1865-1881

Registers by Bride's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1829-1839 1840-1864 1865-1881

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